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Graysen Foxx and the Treasure of Principal Redbeard

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I really enjoyed Graysen Foxx and the Treasure of Principal Redbeard for many reasons. 
Gray Fox is a legendary 5th grade treasure hunter at Ordinary Elementary, where each grade is famous for something.  He is aided by his 3rd grade twin assistants,  Maya and Jack. Maya is very smart and the voice of reason.  Jack does not normally talk,  except to Maya. 
Great has an arch enemy,  the Red Raven, another 5th grader, who is constantly vying for Gray's treasures.  
The story is full of adventure and lessons in the value of being a nice person and caring friend over selfishness.
The book is also chock full of metaphors and similes and would make an excellent elementary school read aloud. I hope this is part of a series as Gray and friends are very likeable and fun.
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Something about the narrative voice in this book just didn’t work for me. Maybe it was the over-use of comparisons, metaphors and similes. Sometimes it’s better just to say things straight, not constantly make humorous comparisons. The comparisons were cute, but Savage really laid it on thick. Too thick.

The story itself is a sort of elementary school Indiana Jones, adventuring through the myths and legends of his school in search of treasure. I would definitely classify it as fantasy, although firmly rooted in the real world. Some of the interpersonal dynamics are true to elementary school life; others are greatly exaggerated for comic effect.

I think my favorite characters were sidekicks Maya and Jack. Their loyalty and dogged determination to help Graysen to prevail over Red Raven were a nice touch. 

The conclusion of the adventure was appropriate, with some twists and turns along the way, as people don’t always act the way Graysen assumed they would. Who is really helping…and who has an ulterior motive?

In the end, this is a solid series starter, but not one I think I’ll need to continue in.

Possible Objectionable Material:
Lots of sneaking around and Indiana Jones-style booby traps. And yet, somehow Graysen is never actually injured! Young children eat crayons, other immature behavior.

Who Might Like This Book:
Anyone who likes adventure, particularly fans of Indiana Jones.

Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for providing an ARC in exchange for my opinion.

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I quite enjoyed reading this story from beginning to end. the riddles of Principal Redbear's treasure has always kept me curious.
It didn't stop there, the involvement of Graysen Foxx, his friends and his nemesis Raven in the search for the treasure turned out was ridden by one of the school staff who also wanted that treasure. So what exactly were that hidden treasures? Then where were they? Who did mastermind the searching for the treasure of principal Redbeard?
It was An adventurous and quite-exciting-puzzle-solving story. The element of friendship, co-operation, competition and jealousy in the children point of view that actually was interesting, but I still need more excitement in the story, such as challenges that should have made me think more.
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This book was fabulous! I read it out load to my kids and they loved every mischief filled page! We were all laughing out loud at times! I loved that the scenarios were humorous, but relatable to kids and there were so many recognizable pop culture phrases that the kids absolutely loved! We are definitely picking up more of this authors books!
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this was a really well done story, it was a fun adventure novel and I was hooked from the first page. Graysen Foxx has a great spirit to him and he reminded me of why I enjoy Indiana Jones and those types of stories. The story itself was what I was hoping for and did everything I needed for. The characters are great and they work in the story.

“Maybe,” I said. “I’m starting to wonder if Principal Redbeard’s sudden disappearance, the missing toys, and the Midnight Moth’s clues are all related somehow. We could be walking into a danger greater than any of us can imagine.”
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