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Diary of a Lonely Demon

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Great introduction to a new author for me, and a wonderful addition to our collection for our patrons. I look forward to more! THANK you!
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Okay read. Interesting synopsis. Poorly executed. Characters unlikable.  There's a difference between quirky and unlikable. The book didn't make that much of an impact. I'm sure there's a target audience out here. It just didn't work for me.  #diaryofalonelydemon #jondavid #NETGALLEY
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This book was definitely odd. A demon that hates hell and wants to live a normal life among humans is just wow. I honestly don’t have the words to explain how odd this book is. This one ended up being a DNF for me I just couldn’t finish it. I thought it was going to be different from what it turned out to be
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This was a very middle-of-the-road book for me. But I do know people I can recommend this book to that will love and enjoy it.
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So the last few chapters, I felt like I was living the New York alien invasion scene from Marvel's The Avengers 😅 And it was the last few chapters that actually saved the book,albeit it was not as climactic as The Avengers movie but still it had some pretty strong moments.

Backtracking a little bit, [blurb @goodreads] Sunshine, chocolate, puppies. These aren't the typical words found in most demon vocabularies. But then again, Morgalla isn't your typical demon. She's a teenager with a good heart and a terrible secret: she doesn't like being a demon and wreaking havoc is the farthest thing from her mind.

Upon her many visits to Earth disguised as a human, she meets a boy who shows her kindness that she's never known before. Does she dare show her true self? Is it possible that a demon could find love?

That being said, it's a typical demon fell in love with a human. Demon has an evil dad and a secret kept all throughout her life, although not really a secret coz her characterization is already a giveaway. Enter wizards and other magical human folks into the story to make it a little bit complicated. Human boy stuck to his demon FMC cause he is a nice guy and truly loves her.

There's so much that can be explored conceptually speaking and although the first book is not bad as a bait, the transitions could have been stronger.
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The politics of Hell, one lonely demon that only want to be with humans, and the humans that are mainly clueless to the reality, except for a few and one special one.  Has Morgalla finally found what she truly wants?
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The description for this book wasn't bad. A demon who hates Hell and just wants to live a normal life. A human who maybe teaches her about love.  However the execution was very oddly done. We jump perspectives with no warning or story cohesion. Then randomly almost halfway through two new perspectives are thrown in. This also happened inside a chapter where we had already seen the main to and would go back to them.

You are given the most information about the "main" character Morgella. Her scenes in Hell are the most irritating parts. We get it, male demons all want a piece of her. Can we not have to see the same scenes thrown at us again so many times. Seems like nothing but filler content. Life is hard as a lady or demon lady sure lets move on to other aspects. 

Jasper has another end of the abuse spectrum. Apparently his professor is biased and blatantly fails him for not haring views. The jocks want to beat him up and his coworkers actively seem to be hostile. So pretty much the whole world is against him. It is just to such a ridiculously over played level. 

After 37% I just couldn't keep going hoping it would get better. There was nothing connecting me to the characters and the writing was not drawing anyone in either.
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I felt that the world-building, setting and story idea were good. I liked the characters and some of the action sequences were quite good. But I am not sure what this book wanted to be. Parts were horror, parts theology, and parts urban fantasy and it did not form a cohesive whole. To me, the romance part of the story was not done well and some of the action scenes were too long. Thank you to Netgalley and BHC Press for the digital review copy.
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From the description I was super intrigued by this book but it jusy fell flat for me. 
The idea of the story is fab, the demon world, very interesting, the out of place demon finding a place with humans, love it.
It's just not well written. It doesn't flow, the transitions are awkward and take you out of the story, and it feels like a rough first draft. 
There are a few points where the author is describing a situation then all of a sudden the next paragraph starts with "then later she had moved and was now here"
There was also a few points that made me thought there was a bit of woman hating between the lines here, bitchy women not giving MMC a job (even though sounds like he wasn't qualified), vapid young girls getting screamed at for being shallow and vapid. 

Overall it's a shame the premise was great but it was jusy executed poorly
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I was provided an ARC of this novel in exchange for an honest review. DNF at 50% on Kindle edition.

I did my best to try and complete this book but it is very clearly still in its early stages (at least I hope so).  I had to check back a few times to ensure that this book was intended for an adult reader but the syntax in it was very middle-years. First, the characters feel very 2D and have no real substance behind them, this could definitely be improved on by added more context to their motivations and developing their personalities. Secondly, the banter was corny and felt unrealistic, people do not talk that way to each other. My best description of it would be that it was robotic mixed with 90's sitcom. Finally, the female characters fell flat and came off as whiny and dry.  There wasn't anything of substance to hold onto with them. I would not continue on with this series as it stands.

I think the premise has promise but there is so much development needed for the characters and storyline before release.
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