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Khadeen and DeVale have grown into social media’s sweetheart couple, and I’ve grown to love them. So it was a no brainer for me to read their book. I am happy to say that it was like no other relationship book I’ve ever read. It didn’t feel force or pushy with “This is what you have to do” information. They were extremely relatable and transparent. I initially thought this book would be heavily targeted to married people. Wrong! The content of this books spans across all demographics, because there is so much to learn from all levels of being in a relationship. I thoroughly enjoyed the read and was using some of their gems before finishing it.

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This book gives a great, intimate look into Khadeen and Devale’s story. A very transparent look into their lives before and after marriage. They used their real life experiences and how they overcame them as learning experiences for the reader. They do not claim be relationship experts at all, but simply share what has worked well for them.
If you follow them on social media, you know there are sure to be some humorous parts of this book.
I enjoyed learning more about the Ellis’ through this book.

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“Marriage is signing up to being on a team where submission to the overall greater good and goals of the family supersedes and solo mission.”

10/5 ⭐️

Wow!!!! When I say I sat with this book for two days after finishing it up just rereading and soaking up every word I did. I have followed Khadeen & Devale story since their Brooklyn apartment days with their first son. I am so proud of their growth as a family so getting to read an ARC felt really special because I was holding one of their manifestations.
I truly can’t say enough great things about this book. Khadeen & Devale both poured their hearts into this book allowing us to be included in some of the most real & raw issues they over came within their marriage together. Stories that I was not aware of even being a long time follower. I related HEAVILY to so much in this book just being a Black, millennial wife and mother. We Over Me made me reflect a lot on myself & my own marriage.

We Over Me is a book I will recommend to all of my single, dating or married friends because there is a little something for everyone in this book. Thank you Khadeen & Devale for your transparency in sharing this journey and allowing me feel I spent two days in a safe place talking with close friends who understood.

Dead Ass this book is AMAZING!!

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This charming little book is written with finesse. As their marriage was about to sink into the ocean, this beautiful couple found the key to revive their relationship. As you read this precious book, We Over Me, you will find throughout the book the miraculous key which contains all of what you need to bring back your relationship to life. In a more modern way, you will also discover how Beauty and the Beast became One. Priceless book to read. Good Reading!

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I thoroughly enjoyed this read. I know the Ellises do not want to be called couple goals, but the vulnerability and honesty they show to the world is astounding and much appreciated. They wrote this book for everyone on the relationship spectrum, whether that's single and not looking or all the way to married for years.

I hope they continue to share content and write more books for this generation of individuals just trying to make it in a society with way too many influences in a digital world. Especially with their emphasis on black love and what that looks like today with each other and raising black children.

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The Ellises have long been influential and inspiring for a generation of millennials curious about what marriage could look like in today's day and age. It's no surprise that in their book We Over Me they are as generous and honest with their process as they've been on their social media platform and podcast. In this love offering to young people curious about marriage and whether or not lifetime partnership is right for them, Devale & Khadeen illuminate some hard and painful truths about the journey towards building a relationship based on honor and service as opposed to selfishness.

Khadeen honestly talks about growing up excited to become a wife and having her own dreams and fantasies established long before becoming a young woman. She admits that the fantasy was there but did not match up with the reality of what it takes to be a wife. After falling in love with Devale in her teens and becoming pregnant at the age of nineteen, the relationship survived many challenges that made it apparent that this was the person she wanted to be with for the rest of her life often despite her mother's uncertainty.

Devale shares his journey as a young man who was brought up by his own father to be a good provider and to cover his family. Through the ups and downs of his career in the NFL and as a new actor he always did what he had to do to ensure his family had the financial stability needed to thrive. I admire and respect the perspective he shares with young men about the courting process and sharing the spotlight with your spouse. In one of Devale's "hot takes" which are shared by both husband and wife throughout the book he shares: "Taking the next step in your relationship- whether it's declaring exclusivity, an engagement, a marriage, or beginning your family- requires that you give yourself the time to be serious, thoughtful, and forward-thinking about the kind of future you want to create."

Devale & Khadeen have a beautiful family and a triumphant love story that is sure to inspire other young people hoping to build their own union based on friendship, love and trust. I enjoyed reading about the events leading up to their engagement, the birth of their beautiful boys, and the testimonies of challenges that ultimately strengthened their bond each step of the way.

Thank you to the authors and publisher for the e-arc copy!

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