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I always think there’s no way Emily Henry can possibly outdo herself, and then she does. Happy Place is a masterpiece.

I wasn’t sure what to expect going in, based on the synopsis, but the dual timeline worked so well for me. I loved getting to fall in love with Harriet, Wyn, and their friends in both timelines.

Every character was so well fleshed out and all of them could have easily stone alone as the main character. I would jump at the chance to read a book from Sabrina or Cleo’s POV. But Harriet was the perfect main character. When Emily Henry said this one was for the mirrorball swifties, she wasn’t kidding.

Watching Harriet become more and more weary and on the edge of burnout as the story progressed was incredible. Emily Henry handled it so well and it’s something that I’m sure most Millennial people-pleasers will relate to. (I suddenly have a laundry list of things to bring up in my next therapy appointment.) And Wyn was great. Although we saw him through Harriet’s eyes, I still feel like we got a really good idea of how he saw himself.

Aside from the characters, the romance was spot on. The chemistry was there in both timelines and I was rooting for Harriet and Wyn from page one.

I also really loved that we got to see a few of the places that were important in Harriet’s life, while still feeling rooted in now timeline.

Emily Henry is my favorite romance author, so it’s no surprise that I loved this, but I am surprised to have a new favorite Emily Henry book. I’m going to be re-reading this over and over until I have the next one in my hands.

Content warnings: Break ups, divorce, anxiety, depression, death of a parent, illness (Parkinsons,) sexual assault, pregnancy, drug/alcohol use.

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It is difficult to articulate how great this second chance/fake dating romance actually is - it left me pining for a Wyn of my very own. I consumed the whole book in a single sitting and Emily Henry has now officially moved into my 'automatic/read everything of hers Author list'. Along with the compelling romance which really does pull on the heartstrings, the story deals with familial expectations and growing apart.

There is nothing I did not love about this book - At the moment, thinking about this story is my Happy Place - I
highly recommended you pick up a copy when it is out on April 25th 2023.

With so many people dying for a copy of this book, I really do feel like the chosen one - I feel so incredibly lucky to have an early copy of the book - so a massive thanks to NetGallery and Penguin Random House UK for the widget .

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Not me sobbing at midnight because this book was so good!

I loved the friend group, and while they were all idiots, they were lovable, relatable idiots. I also really liked the discussion of the more serious topic of growing apart and how to be happy.

This might be the Emily Henry book that hit me the hardest and the one I could relate to the most.

5/5 glorious stars for this amazing novel. I might have to re-read it before it releases in April.

It was the best and most needed surprise when the team at Penguin send me the download link to this book out of nowhere! So THANK YOU Penguin for sending me this!

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Thank you to Viking for my earc of this HIGHLY anticipated book!
In the least surprising turn of events ever, Emily Henry has written another absolute banger of a book that I devoured in less than a day.
I loved the plot, I thought that the characters were brilliant and realistic, I loved their dynamic!
I think the romance element is so romantic, yet realistic and messy and wonderful.
The way Henry writes love and friendship and family is somehow both gritty and real and imperfect and also shows all the best bits without trivialising all the very real things real people have to deal with.

I loved this book, I only wish I had taken my time with it because I’m bereft now it’s gone.

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