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Emily Henry has a way of drawing a reader in and making them feel every emotion possible with every single page. I think what fell flat for me was the extensive miscommunication in this one, but the rollercoaster of emotions i felt made up for it. I really enjoyed the time jumps and going back and forth, it helped me understand certain motives and i could really resonate with harriet and wyn's relationship. I did think the ending was rushed and i wish it could've been established slowly, but i really enjoyed it nonetheless.

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Emily Henry’s books are my happy place and this latest story from her is no exception. Depicting characters with heart and backstory, she creates the most immersive romcom reads.

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Happy Place by Emily Henry is a contemporary fiction story with a second chance romance plot that follows Harriet and Wyn - a once happy couple that have separated and find themselves forced together during a friends vacation. The only problem? None of their friends know they've separated.

Emily Henry is a very consistent storyteller. While her adult titles are often promoted as romance because they feature those plotlines, they're usually very centered around the growth of the characters - making them more contemporary fiction - with a relationship being part of that story. Which is great, if you go into them with that perspective. Happy Place is a book about a relationship rife with miscommunication, and the complexities of growing up, figuring yourself out, and deciding if you're willing to take a risk on a second chance. It also explores friendship dynamics and how people grow over time as their lives start to branch out, and the notion of millenial anxiety around holding on to the past that has always been a source of comfort.

That was the part I appreciated the most about Happy Place - a group of friends trying to reconnect in a place that has shared history and meaning, that's coming to a close, while still opening new doorways for the future.

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This was a lot sadder and more confronting, but I loved it all the more for it. Made me laugh, made me cry. Would definitely pick up another Emily Henry.

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Another wonderful novel by Emily Henry. I think this might be my favourite to date. I love that it wasn’t just centred around a struggling long term relationship, but around strained friendships too. I found the characters charming and interesting and read 90% of the book in one sitting. Such a lovely read. Thank you netgalley

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I haven't read any other Emily Henry novels but liked the premise of this and also judged the book by it's very pretty cover! The perfect beach read with great characters who I was rooting for. The story slowly unfolds so you figure out why things have happened, however I did think the ending was a little rushed. Overall I really enjoyed it and will be checking out other books by this author.

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Emily Henry does it again. This is my favourite book of hers yet – fun, heartfelt and the perfect summer read. I always struggle a little with second chance romances and them feeling believable from a conflict perspective, and still rooting for the couple to get back together, but this was handled so well and had some really lovely emotional moments too.

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I swear Emily never misses. This is the perfect mix of finding yourself, love and friendship written in the way that can only be done by Emily Henry. One of my favourite reads of the year so far, and my new happy place.

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Emily Henry never fails to disappoint. I had been so looking forward to this one and it was just as I had hoped for. A perfect summer read. Happy Place takes you on the holiday with the characters. The relationship between Harriet and Wyn was so beautifully told with many heart wrenching moments. Emily Henry is my auto buy author.

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Emily Henry is an author that is known in Poland for her book Book Lovers, which was well received by my fellow readers and made me excited for this one.
Our main characters are Harrier (Harri) and Wyn had a good relationship, but it has unfortunately ended... so now they decide to pretend that everything is well between them as no one knows about what happened. They want to keep it hidden for the well-being of the group that meets each other once a year - the same date, the same place - a tradition, their happy place. So now the game begins, but the question is if they can be in the presence of each other and still give vibes of being in love with each other.
At first, it works (probably), but later on, as they are not actors, what they were showing was like an imperfect caricature of the relationship. And nothing could cover those small things that were out of the picture and giving vibes of not being a pair.
I wanted to love this book as it was well-written and enjoyable, but I could not connect with those characters as it's nothing I had ever experienced, so I think I was not exactly the target group here.

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Honestly, this may be my least favourite out of all of Emily Henry's books. I can understand why other people like it but it just wasn't for me. Our central character goes to visit her friends for their yearly annual retreat to find they've secretly invited her ex-fiance (who no one knows is her ex fiance yet) and it's the last time they can visit the cottage as it's getting sold.

Eventually, there's drama with the friendship circle and the relationship ends up mending itself. But honestly I found most of the characters unlikable and hard to get to know.

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"Happy Place" by Emily Henry is a captivating book that received four out of five stars based on my experience. The story introduces us to Harriet and Wyn, a couple who used to be perfect but now face a mysterious separation. Despite this, they decide not to reveal the breakup to their best friends during the last week they will spend together at the Maine cottage, where they gather annually.

The plot involves a mix of emotions, especially when we get to know Harriet's family. These parts of the book were heartwarming and touching, further engaging the reader with the story. Wyn's character is wonderfully portrayed, and his family is also charming, adding an extra layer of depth to the narrative.

The friendships depicted in the book are an intriguing element, although at times they seem distant and lacking in communication. This duality may confuse the reader, but it also adds a touch of realism, as not all friendships are perfect and flawless.

The only point that bothered me a little was the rushed ending. It felt like some aspects of the plot were resolved too quickly, leaving some loose ends. However, despite this caveat, the conclusion was satisfying and brought a sense of closure to the story.

"Happy Place" evoked a strong emotional connection in me, especially during the reflections on Harriet's family. Emily Henry's writing is engaging, and her ability to create captivating characters is evident. After reading this book, I am eager to explore more of the author's works.

Overall, "Happy Place" is an exciting and immersive read, with interesting characters and a story that blends friendship and romance in a captivating way. I recommend this book to fans of heartfelt and complex stories, filled with emotion and family connections.

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This review appeared in the Irish Times summer reads 2023:
Harriet and her fiance Wyn have broken up, but they haven’t yet told their close-knit group of college friends the sad news. Unwilling to spoil the vibe during their gang’s last ever group holiday in their “happy place” in Maine, Harriet and Wyn decide to fake it for one final week. With its sparkling, snappy dialogue and genuine heat, romance queen Emily Henry’s delicious new novel is a “comedy of remarriage” full of the sparky tension that drives all the best screwball comedies, with added emotional depth.

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When I tell you that this book gave me all the feels - don't doubt a word. I was laughing, sobbing and cheering along the way with this one. It's quickly become one of my favourite reads from this year!

I knew going into it that there would be more than meets the eye to Harriet and Wyn's relationship, and as the book progressed I obviously found out all the answers to my questions.

I started of hating Wyn. Breaking up with Harriet over a four minute phone call after 8 years? Get in the bin. But as the plot thickened and I read the flash back chapters - which are referred to as Harriet's 'Happy Places' (love this concept), he grew on me. Everything eventually fell into place and I fell more in love with the both of them.

Happy Place isn't just a book about mending a relationship. It's about finding family within friendships, and how they can change throughout the years but the cores will still be the same. Harriet and her best friends grew as people, and they continue to be there for each other even though they're all going through things privately.

I was just gripped throughout! Loved the flashbacks, loved the adventures the friendship group got up to during their week in their favourite place. I of course loved the secret moments and conversations between love interests. I was just grasping onto that prospect of a happily ever after, and I wasn't let down by the ending.

This book makes me feel mushy inside, and I'm so happy I read it. I felt like I learnt a lot too! About how single moments and random places can become core memories and rather important times to us.

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current mood: screaming crying throwing up

Gosh dammit, every single year Emily Henry destroys me but then adds another ten years to my lifespan. I just never recover but I’m always grateful to have my heart stomped on when it’s by Emily Henry *sighs*

Btw Goodreads only allows 5, but this book gets about 1000 stars. Every single one in the universe! Ha, get my inside book joke? I know I’m a genius. You can just never get enough of me, admit it.

Anyways, yeah so this book punched me in the gut, ripped out all of my insides, stomped on those and then shoved them back in. Then it gave me a hug. Tis a great feeling folks.

So this book. This. Freaking. Book. A rollercoaster is the only way to describe it. Never liked a rollercoaster before today. But if Emily writes it, then I’ll ride every rollercoaster. From the very first page, I knew I was going to love this one. The power she has to just completely pull you in truly astounds me. Once I started, I could not put this book down. And the best part is how easily I can connect to this story, her writing, these characters and their emotions. UGH ITS JUST CHEFS KISS

I have praised her writing before but I shall do so again because honestly, no one else is doing it like Emily Henry. She is an absolute writing wizard and I shall forever be in awe. How she manages to balance one-of-a-kind belly-aching witty humour and also THE MOST tender, heartwrenching emotional vulnerability blows my mind. She reads my brain like nobody else because that is ME. I’m a funny but anxious girlie *wink wink*

I think what’s most special about this book and which stands out from her other ones is I mean obviously the focus on friendships, but I also feel like the setting is so much more transportive than all of the others? Idk if that’s just me, but this group experience of going to the beach was so vivid and wonderous and I LOVED IT.

Oof truly impressed at how Ms Henry managed this rather large group of characters and it makes me more excited to read When The Sky Fell On Splendor which is also about a group of friends. But there are literally 6 different characters in this book and they all feel so well-fleshed out and interesting and full of life and I LOVED THE ALL. Especially Wyn and Harriet. But what else did we expect? Anyways, Emily Henry can just do anything and it’ll be brilliant. Magic in those fingertips.

As I mentioned, the setting was everything but I don’t think that you understand that I was IN this town. Or at least that I wanted to go there. Or just a small beach town. Basically, I want to BE in this book and we can make that happen right? Great, I thought so. The town was just magical and I loved exploring it with such a stunning set of characters, I felt like I was literally walking alongside them.

Speaking of friendship, she’s definitely touched on this in past books, but what I loved and appreciated so much about this one was how it really placed value on those friendships. Not necessarily over romantic relationships, but it discussed how friendships can hold as much value as those relationships. Which was just the most precious feeling.

I was not sure how Ms Henry would handle second chance romance and kinda fake dating, but she can do no wrong and it was executed perfectly. I FELT their past pain, I FELT their current pain, it was a lot. My heart was beating extremely fast. Almost had a heart attack. It was a lot. I was in the hospital. I know. Thanks, Emily. But she takes this trope further than I thought it could go and that just I can’t comprehend. It talks about how relationships constantly need to change, how they can naturally sometimes come apart at the seams but also how they can be sewn back together. But what struck me most is the anxieties one can experience in existing, happy relationships because it’s natural *screams into oblivion*

Hehe, I’m full of jokes. But yes, Harriet and Wyn had THE most electric chemistry and it leapt off the page. The past-present dual narrative was written to perfection. Those chapter headings were a punch to the gut. She did this with People We Meet on Vacation which I had not seen coming at the time and I think it threw me. Anyways, this was the absolute best way to write this story and I have no complaints!!!

The romance. OOF HOW GOOD?!?!?!? I don’t know what emotions I’m feeling. But ugh THEY WERE SO GOOD I LOVE THEM. And this kind of ties into the emotional aspects of this book, but the way that mental health was handled was so accurate it was hitting me. The way Harriet feels I FEEL THAT. The way Wyn feels, SAME BISH. WHAT THE F?!?!? And the angst this brings!!! CHEFS FREAKING KISS!!! I loved them so hard, separately and apart. Did I mention the chemistry? Because omggggg. They were just so good and I,,, loved it <3<3<3<3<3

Also, I would like a Sabrina / Parth spin-off, I want ALL THE DETAILS ABOUT THEM PLS AND THANK YOU




Can you tell I loved it? Yeah, not really hey. Definitely not my new favourite book of the year. No ways. If you’re looking for a breathtakingly transportive book that deals with the importance of friendships, finding the person you fit with and working through your insecurities and the most stunning second-chance romance HERE’S YOUR BOOK. Read it right now and thank me later xoxoxoxo

K imma go back to crying now

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Gosh, I loved this book! Emily Henry's best to date for me. This kind of story can easily become overly schmaltzy but this really didn't. Definitely a summer holiday must for 2023!

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My favourite Emily Henry book yet! When I found out that this was a second chance romance, I was a little unsure - I don't usually like ex's getting back together, as I feel like if someone is an ex, they're an ex for a reason - but this was such a good take on this trope, so well done and very believable! There was loads of chemistry and a nice amount of spice, but the romance was really wholesome at times too, and I loved the friendship aspect of this book as well. It's the perfect holiday read - I've already recommended it to everyone.

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I'm a big fan of Emily Henry, so this was a very anticipated read of mine!

There was a lot of good to the story, but it didn't hook me like Beach Road, People on Vacation or Booklovers did.

I enjoyed elements of the story, but overall it was just an okay read for me.

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This book was all about my favourite trope. Second chance romance. I connected with her writing style and her characters. SO much love for this book. My first of Emily's book and definately not my last.

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Harriet and Wyn are a dream couple, together for 8 years and going strong… or so their friends think, they actually broke up 5 months earlier. When Harriet arrives to meet her friends the last person she expects to see is Wyn, we then embark on a dual timeline story exploring when they first got together to now and then the present.

I liked it, I didn’t love it. Maybe I’ve outgrown these types of books, I’m not sure.

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