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I gotta get my hands on one of those chocolates 💕💕💕

Right when I saw "Soon to be a Hallmark movie" I knew this would be the book for me. Lucy and Dean were so cute and this drama less book was the perfect read to cozy up to with a box of chocolates 😉 Seriously, I loved the storyline and how Dean's views on love change as he investigates the 'How Sweet It Is' and the couples who have experienced it's "magic". While, I am not a huge fan of slow burn romances, this was actually fun to read.

“Good night, Chocolate Siren, luring men to their doom with your delicious treats.”

Side note: one of my favorite things in books is when the side characters are just as great as the main ones, and I loved the side characters, they were fantastic!

Sweeter Than Chocolate: 4/5 ⭐️
🗓 Release Date: January 17th, 2023
🎥 Soon to be a Hallmark Movie
🍫 Rom Com
🍫 Hallmark Movie Esque
🍫 Slow Burn
🍫 Enemies-to-Lovers

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Dean tv reporter who specialist in expose fraud and corruption get assigment to dig into story of Cupid chocolate. Dean already think that is fraud and waste of time. Dean and Lucy first encounter not so meet cute, Dean was blurbing about not believe in Cupid chocolate without knowing Lucy was the owner. They help each other to gain personal aim but dosnt realise the cupid already realase the arrow.

I love how Dean develop feeling to Lucy. Both have similiar think of love. Getting know each other was so smooth. Dean being biggest cheerleader to Lucy, Lucy make Dean more loose change into better and less cynic about love. Therefor the doubt about love still strong, after listening succssecful stories about cupid chocolate is more coincident than magic from chocolat.

For me, its more like divine timing. i wish there are reciep for mexicain hot chocoa!! How author describe it sound delicious!

Thank you to NetGalley for provide this book, it is pleasure to review this book.

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Lizzie Shane brings us the sweet story of Lucy and Dean. Lucy is in charge of her family's chocolate store making sweet treats that bring joy to her customers with a good dose of love thrown in especially during Valentine's Day. Dean is a local reporter skeptic about the legend of Lucy's chocolates. Together they seek the truth about the chocolates and their power of love. With each day that passes bringing them closer to that special day, Lucy and Dean must learn to put their past behind them and be open to possibilities. Will they be able to do this in time, or will their insecurities be too much to overcome?

Lizzie Shane brings us a story filled with the magic of chocolates and legends with help from family and friends. What will Lucy and Dean find out about love and the support of those around you? As you follow along on their journey to uncover fact versus fiction, will it truly matter in the end? You keep wanting to see what happens next and then you realize that you have come to the end of their story while wishing for more.

I have voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I would like to thank NetGalley and Hallmark Publishing for this privilege.

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This is exactly the type of book I expect from Hallmark Publishing. It is a sweet and clean rom com. The chemistry between the two main characters builds nicely and reads so much less cheesy than a Hallmark movie. Overall, a feel-good romance book. 4⭐️, 0🌶

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This would be a great valentines recommendation! Ladies love a happy ending with a bit of magic, oh and chocolate! Hello!!

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This book was such a fun, easy read! The writing is great and I loveddd how cute this story is! I typically don’t read friends to lovers but this book executed it so well! The main characters banter was so good and the tension between them was GREAT. I also like how all the side characters brought something to the book and really helped make the book better. Such an adorable, fun, romcom and I’m excited for anything else this author puts out!

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Thank you to Netgalley for an eARC in exchange for my honest review!

Lucy Sweet is the owner of How Sweet It Is, a chocolate shop that has been in her family for generations, one that is home to magical cupid chocolates. The legend says that if you eat one of the cupid chocolates on Valentine’s Day with an open heart, you will find true love. In comes Dean, a news reporter and cynic when it comes to anything love related. Their story starts with Dean being instructed to write a cute story about her shop and the chocolates, so they go on an adventure to discover the magic behind the magical chocolates.
This was a slow-burn romance, which is my favorite, and it was so wholesome. It was a perfect, no-drama, hallmark-inspired movie that I think anyone would enjoy. It was an easy read and one I would recommend to anyone who wants a love story that’s simple and sweet. I loved that there weren’t any real miscommunications between the couple and they were open about their feelings for the most part. I also loved how the couple's relationships with friends and family were clearly shown, it made you feel closer to all of the characters in the book.
Both Lucy and Dean have their reserves, but you see them grow as individuals, both together and separately, throughout the book. I am so excited to see how this book will translate on screen when the Hallmark movie comes out

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This was just the CUTEST cover and I immediately requested. I adored the story and can't wait to own the paperback on my shelves. This will be the perfect Valentines Day read! It was just such a sweet story and made me crave some yummy chocolate.

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“People may not cross the street for any old candy, but they’ll come for love.”

Sweeter Than Chocolate by Lizzie Shane is the perfect Valentines Day read - I suspect that the publication for this book with coincide favourably with every romantics favourite holiday. Exactly as I expected - a sickly sweet, easy to follow read. If you enjoy reading those feel good “when in love” tropes then you’ll definitely enjoy this.

The Cupid Chocolate success stories (and with it the legendary Wall of Love) see customers flock to ‘How Sweet It Is’ - the chocolate shop that Lucy’s taken the reigns from her family’s legacy on. The promise of the chocolates is simple: on February fourteenth, anyone who eats a Cupid chocolate with an open heart is guaranteed to find their true love.

But this year for Lucy is worrisome with La vie douche aka the sweet life opening up directly across the road. She’s got loans to pay back and a family name to do proud, for her there is no time for love outside of work.

Like every good romance story, this is exactly the perfect time for our main love interest to enter the picture: say hello to Dean, Channel Five News.

Thank you to NetGalley for providing me with an advanced copy in exchange for a review.

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This novel was a short fun read, Lucy and Dean's relationship starts off a little complicated but then their love blossoms and it's sweet to see. I enjoyed the friendships and family bond this book presents. It's always nice learning about other family's traditions and beliefs. I will say the magic aspect of it wasn't really for me. But overall the book and romance offered was sweet and entertaining.

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This was such a cute story I loved it so much and couldn't put it down it took me about a day to read and I was hooked from the first page.

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This is very much what you would expect. It's a cute hallmark movie in a book format. I wish that we got a little bit more depth for the characters but it's fine, I had a good time.

I received an arc through netgalley.

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This is quite literally one of the sweetest romance novels I’ve ever read and I don’t just mean because I was craving chocolate the entire time I was reading it. This once in a lifetime romance all starts with the legend of the Cupid chocolate and expands into learning to opens one’s self to the possibility of “what if”. A perfect romance for Valentine’s Day and a story I quite literally couldn’t put down and read in a single sitting; it’s a 10/10 and a must read!

I received a free advanced copy review of this book and am offering my home at opinion voluntarily.

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“Every year on February fourteenth, anyone who eats a Cupid chocolate with an open heart is guaranteed to find their true love”
“Dean had never done a cooking segment in his life. But a man and to do what a man had to do”
I am absolutely in love !!! Tell me where to find “How Sweet It Is” right now please before it is too late!!! I need to have to chance to taste those Cupid chocolates and find out for myself if Lucy Sweet is right !!! A hopeless romantic and an investigative journalist together in a story of chocolate, family, magic, hope and love … I am obsessed with how this book turned out !!!
Starting with an enemies to lovers, Lucy and Dean’s relationship starts a bit complicated but then it gets more and more sweet just like the chocolate she sells !!! I loved how their story is written to turn every love cynic in a believer. And even if at the end of the book, you haven’t changed your mind, at least you will have had a beautiful experience !!!
And before you ask, no, there was no spice in this book. But honestly … the tension between these two characters due to their forced proximity in the kitchen was OTHERWORLDLY!!!! I loved every second of it !!! There’s something so great about a romance book where the tension develops while they’re cooking together !!! A moment of intimacy like no other !!!
And when there’s a grandma in the middle … things are about to get funny !!!
I’m so grateful I had the chance to read this book and I hope the author will write more books just like this !!
“Good night, Chocolate Siren, luring men to their doom with your delicious treats”
“Love is a choice … We choose whether to accept it or not. Whether to fight for it. We decide what it means to us. The magic isn’t the choice”

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I love chocolate and I like hallmark movies so this was a fun book. J won't go into detail but if you like a l story and a candy a shop Is thr setting you will love this book. It makes you hungry too far choolates pn how they describe it. This book was approved by netgalley and the publisher for me to read and review it.

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Just reading the description of this story, had me saying YES, I want to read this one.
Such a sweet and cute story . What could be better than the legend of eating a Cupid chocolate on Valentine's Day will have you meeting "your true love"?
Yes, it's a nice thought and there are some doubters who really have to check it out to see if it's true.
Weather you believe it's just "coincidence" or really is "magical, you will have fun just relaxing and enjoying this delightful "Hallmark" type story.
Warning: you may want to have a cup of hot chocolate or a box of yummy chocolates while reading. I enjoyed quickly turning the pages to see how Dean and Lucy's story would turn out.

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"Dean Chase was about to become Lucy Sweet’s number-one customer. Right until he got his story."

This was a sweet, lighthearted and drama free book. The chapters were short and enjoyable. The flow of the story was satisfying and the setting was well plotted. Dean & Lucy had a palpable chemistry and made good main characters. Though some parts towards the end were cheesey and the change in Dean's opinions on love and relationships was sudden and came out of nowhere which is why it was a bit unbelievable to me. But I liked the overall vibes that the book radiated off. So it was a 3.5 star read for me.

I received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review

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I read and fell in love with the entire Pine Hollow series by Lizzie Shane. I didn’t think there could be anything sweeter than cute dogs and puppies. But a chocolatier who owns a sweet shop I couldn’t say yes fast enough. Lucy Sweet runs How Sweet It Is, a chocolate shop started by her great grandmother. She worries about keeping the shop going as competition and rents increase. The legend of the shop is that if you eat a special Cupid chocolate on Valentine’s Day you will find love. Her best friend gets engaged a few weeks before Valentine’s and shares the legend in telling how she met her man. The post goes viral bringing a lot of attention to the shop.

Dean Chase is an investigative reporter. His boss assigns him to do a puff piece on the shop wanting him to show a softer side. His initial skepticism puts him at odds with Lucy but eventually she agrees to the story. Between interviewing her and then couples who are the success stories for the chocolates, Dean opinion on love changes. Lucy starts off just as closed to love as well. All her time is spent on the shop. She isn’t someone who takes risks. These two are adorable together.

This is a slow burn, clean romance. Perfect for a Hallmark movie, which it is going to be. It is also inclusive in the love stories shared. I love that there isn’t big angst or miscommunications. Both Dean and Lucy have pasts that have shaped them into they are. And you get to see them change during the story becoming the biggest believers in hoping for love.

Thank you to NetGalley and Hallmark Publishing for an eARC in exchange for an honest review.

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This is a very "sweet" story. It's exactly the sort of book that Hallmark would make into a movie and Hallmark is smart enough to be doing just that. I enjoyed the conflict between the two main characters and the journey that they take through the course of the story.

I also enjoy the side characters of Lena and her fiancée. I'm not going to share why due to spoilers but I like the way they deal with things. If you want a light read that is a dose of comfort on a rainy day - this is your book.

I receive complimentary books for various sources including, Netgalley, Authors, and other such sources. I am not required to write a positive review and have not received compensation.

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Sweeter than Chocolate by Lizzie Shane

Plot: 'How Sweet It Is', a chocolate shop owned by Lucy Sweet at Warner Corner, has gone viral after her best friend, Lena, posted about how she met her 'One True Love' after eating 'cupid chocolates' on Valentine's Day.
Lucy Sweet has always been a bit skeptical about advertising and profiting from the cupid chocolates, as she feels the magic would backfire if she did so.
Dean, an investigative reporter at Channel Five, has been assigned to report a special Valentine's Day segment, to soften his image.
'Ambitious' Dean interviews people brought together by chocolates, even though he doesn't believe in it or even in 'love', along with Lucy, who wants to save the Family Legend, though she is not sure, whether it's magic or simply romantic optimism. And together they find out matters of the heart are not as simple as it seems!

My thoughts: I don't think any other story would be as suited for a Hallmark movie based on Valentine's Day as this one! 'Sweeter Than Chocolate' is a sweet story for all hopeless romantics. The writing was effortless, which made it such an easy read. I loved Lucy and Dean as the main characters, and the conversations that they had with each other were pretty much insightful. I really liked the side characters; they were all so genuine and adorable. Overall, this was a sweet and fun read, and I would be looking forward to more books from the author, as I enjoyed her writing style

I'm grateful to NetGalley and Hallmark publishing for providing me with an eARC copy of this one!

I'm publishing this review on my GR right now and will post the same on my Instagram account, upon publication.

PS- This is an unbiased and honest review, and all opinions are my own.

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