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Ah, I'm so happy to have gotten ahold of this book from NetGalley and the lovely author. I work in tech, so it's always really interesting to see how AI influences the likes of other industries, an clearly linguists and writers are interested in how stories an the art of storytelling will impact the likes of our world, when considering how AI gets involved. AI Can Feel is set to hit shelves on August 1, 2023.
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I don't typically read poetry, but I savored ai can feel. It is both a semi-autobiographical exploration of the human experience as well as a glimpse into how AI may be used to produce art. Every (human-composed) poem is accompanied by an AI-generated image and organized into chapters based on themes, like love and faith. The images are fascinating to look at - sometimes they reinforced the impression I got from the poem, and sometimes they prompted me to think about it differently.

I enjoyed Jacqueline Ann's style the most in the poems that are just a few lines long - just long enough to suggest a new idea, but short enough to give the reader's imagination room to roam. The experiences she writes about are new yet simultaneously feel familiar. The book is full of encouragement, and speaks to perseverance through uncertainty and adversity as often as it speaks to the hope that comes from good times. The chapter on love broke my heart!

At the end of the book the author has a conversation with ChatGPT, and ChatGPT has some advice for the reader:  "I encourage your readers to continue learning and seeking out new knowledge and perspectives, as this can be a valuable and enriching way to expand one's understanding of the world." I can’t think of a better way to end the book, because this quote sums it up nicely. ai can feel is a thought-provoking, heartening exploration of an author’s perspective and of possibilities for the future.
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A collection of mediocre poems. There is no experimentation in style, form, or rhyme. The themes of the poems are all similar that is in the praise of the Christian god. 
Moreover, the book is filled with art generated by artificial intelligence. AI is inherently exploitative and it has no place in the writing community. The poetess needs to accept that and has to stop infringing upon the rights of artists. There are many many good illustrators out there who could have done the pictures but the insistence on using AI was what irked me the most.
Overall, 1/5 stars for the bland soulless poetry.
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omg, I didn't liked this at all... I feel very disconnected with this book. unfortunately it was not for me. some of the poems were good and others were really basic :(
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i enjoyed this book. very insightful. I enjoyed how the poems were formatted and how the sections were put together.
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This book was a slow burn for me ... I found that the first part of the book was difficult for me to get through as the poems didn't feel meaningful to me. I enjoyed the images produced by the AI for each poem, but didn't see the ai/i connection until the end. I honestly skipped the first bit of the book so maybe this was more thoroughly explained there, I knew there was an exchange between the author and the AI at some point because of the description but otherwise it was unclear for me.

The exchange included at the end definitely tied the collection together. I enjoyed the latter half of the collection and glad I didn't DNF it after the second part.
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Thank you to NetGalley and the author for passing along this ARC for an honest review. 

These poems are beautifully written, however found myself disappointed and unable to connect with the writer or the poetry for being so focused on God. Absolutely not what I was expecting in a book about AI, nor was it mentioned in the synopsis.
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Oh Gosh! Where do I start?

So, this book of Jacqueline's, shows her writings with her AI Art Creations to portray what the poem is about. It is split into several sections,


As mentioned above, each poem is matched with an art piece that shows a vision of what the poem is about. I create my own AI Art and I have to say that Jacqueline's Art is very beautiful and detailed. Some very moving as well.

The format of this book is very simple, and I loved that. It was spaced well which made me feel no pressure as normal books do with clustered pages of writing. It made me feel like I was flying through the book quicker, which actually made me more excited for what I was going to be reading on the next page.

I have always said that her poetry is by far the best I've known. As soon as I started reading this book, I was shaking my head in agreement with what she was writing about. Her way of expressing how we feel is so relatable. She helps us understand what we go through in personal lives in a creative sense. I think that is a powerful way of grabbing someone's attention and also with helping us grasp what is said.

We can ultimately take a deeper look into how we interpret what we read, and she covers that in a neat way at the end of the book. I won't ruin the surprise. But when we can take what is written and focus on how that is portrayed in our lives, we will see how we are all alike. It also helps us feel our emotions better.

When she tackles each subject in these sections, you will instantly find one's that you want to share with others, your favorites, and one's that you will silently hold close to your heart. She reaches all your emotions, and I cannot express enough how amazing this book is. I am so Blessed I gotten the chance to read this. I Pray that you will get that chance as well. This was a very positive and satisfying experience that I recommend 100%.

Keep Up the Great Work Jacqueline!
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I very well resonated with love and self identity section.
I really feel the poet has a great way with words.

This book will be great for those who are strong believer of God.

But I think everyone will find 'love' and 'self identity' section relatable.

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This book is really unique and so relevant to the boom of AI in our world. The artwork and poetry are really powerful; everything from passions & career to love & relationships are covered in this collection.
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First, thank you to NetGalley and Jaqueline Ann for the opportunity to read and review this e-ARC.

I must admit, it completely went over my head that this was categorized as Christian when I requested to read and review this collection. I saw science-fiction, poetry, and had a concept regarding AI that piqued my interest. As an individual that is not religious by any means, I struggled through the first section /Imagine faith. The words were beautifully crafted and chosen, but the messages regarding God and faith were a struggle for me.
That is a personal preference however. 

That being said, once I got past the collection of poems specifically targeted towards faith, I fell in love with Jaqueline Ann's writing style. There were two that stood out to me the most and I would count as part of my favorites of all time. Those were "Depression is a silent killer" and "unearthing the past". When I read these two particular pieces, it was like Jacqueline Ann had reached into my chest, and yanked on a string tied to my innermost thoughts and feelings and brought them to the surface. 

The concept of AI having feelings and emotions is great and I would have loved if the collection had explored that further. It felt a little flat because the only mention of the AI and how the AI interpreted the poetry was at the very end of the collection. I felt that if there were conversations with the AI woven in between the sections it would have tied it together better. I also feel like the conversations with the AI were surface level and did not engage with it beyond that.
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As someone who is not religious and does not have any affinity toward religious poetry;
but is open to an unspecified power that be, I found this collection to be innovative. The author's duality
in her religious beliefs and appreciation of technology is refreshing. Not all of the poems stand out as exceptional, but they do read of time and will jibe with contemporary readers and social network users; 
as it can be interpretative to transpose any modern belief IMO. There are Ai generated art, interfiled with the poems. The messages of the poems are hopeful and not strongarmed. I did think the collection was a bit lengthy, but the segment at the end where the AI was fed the author's poem and their dialogues was interesting.
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In the faith chapter I loved the poems: WE HAVE MUCH TO LEARN, YOU WILL LOSE YOURSELF IN LABELS, AND ONE DAY WE'LL AVE TO ANSWER WHY, I MUST BE GLASS. The mix of AI art and these poems really touched me. I enjoyed being able to interpret the meaning behind the images, and what the AI took from the poem and how that related to what I took from the poem. 

I did not enjoy any of the poetry from the love chapter, but I really expected that because I have no interest in my book consuming to involve romance or romanticized anything. So, I wouldn't say my opinion is a reflection of the actual writing. Just not my thing

HOWEVER, the life chapter was my absolute favorite! I loved the poems: THE BEAUTY YOU'VE SOWN, THE GREATEST MISTAKE I EVER MADE, ALL YOUR MOMENTS MATTER, DEPRESSION IS A SILENT KILLER, UNEARTHING THE PAST, THE HIGHLIGHT REEL, and PLEASE DON'T KILL IT. These poems and AI art impacted me the most. They felt so tangible and relatable. Truly a joy to experience if I am being honest.

Thank you so much to the publisher and the author for allowing me early access to this book. I very much enjoyed it!
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Thank you NetGalley and Jacqueline Ann DeStefano-Tangorra for the chance to read and review this collection.

While I really do appreciate the intersection of poetry and technology and the use of AI art in this book, and certainly think that the author is incredibly talented (and I would love to work with her IRL) the poetry, which is the main purpose wasn't that outstanding to me. That being said, I do respect what the author has tried to do over here and I'm curious to see what else they come up with in the future!
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This book is so enriching, thought provoking. I love how it pulls you in and takes you along life's journey with the written. This author has awakened the written in me that I had thought was long gone.  Thank you to the author for valuing my thoughts and opinions, and for rekindling the fire and passion to start writing again. It made me smile, laugh,cry,and soul search. A+ top notch. If you open yourself up while reading it too will take you on a journey
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I absolutely adore this book! Jacqueline Ann has written other wonderful books of prose that always move me and fill me with fresh air from a new perspective. The poems are strong, heartfelt, and intermixed with AI generated images that help to show the emotion being portrayed in the verse. The images are exquisite and show a variety of things from landscapes, people, sculpture, etc. depending on the poem. There are so many wonderful pieces in this book, but one of my personal favorites is "because you believed in yourself". This poem gives me a sense of accomplishment and feels like I'm being validated for my experiences. The poem feels like a hug and someone saying "I'm proud of you," and I didn't know I needed that until I read this poem and it moved me so much that I physically did a sigh of relief to help release some of the tension within me. There are many beautiful gems such as "because you believed in yourself" in this book and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to be so throughly touched and moved through poetry that they may end up crying on their reading device.
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"Ai can feel" is a beautiful and awe-inspiring book of poems that truly touched my soul as a journalist with 15 years of experience. The depth and meaning in each piece left me breathless, and I can honestly say I have not read anything like it before. The themes explored in this collection are timeless and universal, yet they are presented in a fresh and captivating way. The language used is simple, yet powerful, making it easy for readers to connect with the emotions and thoughts behind each poem. Overall, I highly recommend "Ai can feel" to anyone looking for a meaningful and thought-provoking read. This book is a true masterpiece and I am grateful to have had the chance to experience it.
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I was transfixed by this new collection of Jacqueline Ann’s.  I was asked to read this pre-publication copy, and what an honor it was.
I read this in one sitting as I could not put it down. And the fact that AI was used to generate art solely using the words of a poem is absolutely mind blowing!

I love her poetry and have been following her for some time now. I adored her first volume, Water Lilies.  Her poetry is gorgeously created and written. I especially enjoyed the poetry about faith.  They really spoke to me and encourages me to continue on my own journey.  I didn’t come across a single poem I didn’t enjoy.  I plan on buying a copy of this book when published so I can keep it by my reading area.  This will be read often.

I highly recommend this book to any and all poetry lovers.  Jacqueline Ann is one of the best writers in poetry today.  I think this can easily take off.  Such a extreme pleasure to be personally selected to read this in advance.

Trust me, you will enjoy this!!
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As a seasoned literary critic with over 35 years in the television industry and extensive experience reviewing books for various celebrity book clubs, I was absolutely captivated by this haunting and exciting poetry book, by Jacqueline Ann which focused on the theme of artificial intelligence. 

Each page was a feast for the senses, offering a glimpse into a futuristic world that was both breathtaking and thought-provoking. Jacqueline masterfully blends cutting-edge technology with introspective themes to create a truly unique and memorable work. 

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who appreciates the art of poetry and the wonders of technology. It is truly a 5-star, 2-thumbs-way-up masterpiece that deserves recognition and praise. An exceptional read, this may very well be one of my all-time favorite poetry books to date.
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AI Can Feel is a masterpiece for today's time. Author and poet Jacqueline Ann brilliantly marries the soul of poetry and emotions with the advancement of AI. Each poem is beautifully and transparently coupled with AI-generated artwork. This is the future - keeping one hand held tight on the pulse of honest poetry while at the same time peeking into the future of what an AI-encompassed vision of such beauty and transparency looks like. Jacqueline masterfully keeps both in balance while allowing the reader to effortlessly walk alongside her upon each poem, emotion, experience, truth. This is a must read!
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