ai can feel

a poetry collection

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Pub Date Aug 01 2023 | Archive Date Jul 31 2023


ai can feel is a ground-breaking poetry collection that offers a unique lens into the relationship that exists between humans and artificial intelligence (AI). Through training both an AI language model and an AI art model on themes of humanity such as faith, life, love, and self-identity, the book invites readers to consider the ways in which AI is able to comprehend complex human emotions and thoughts. Is the AI truly sentient or is it simply imitating human behavior? This question is at the heart of the book, and one that readers are invited to contemplate as they journey through.

In addition to the thought-provoking poems, ai can feel also stands out for its use of its aesthetically stunning AI-generated images throughout the entire book, where they serve as a visual accompaniment to Jacqueline Ann’s poetry and add another layer of contemplation for readers. For every poem written by Jacqueline Ann, there is an AI art generated image that offers a response to her poetic words on the opposite page by providing an artistic depiction of how it interprets her poetry. This methodology is carried throughout the collection, which then leads the reader to the final component of the book.

In the last chapter, an AI language model is challenged by Jacqueline Ann in a conversational format to evaluate and analyze the meaning behind her poetry, exploring her intentions of word choice, metaphors, themes, and other poetic devices utilized. Ultimately, after the AI performs its analysis, Jacqueline Ann then prompts the AI language model to write its own poem, in her style, based on the training of four key themes of humanity.

ai can feel breaks barriers and provides a seamless integration–bringing poetry to technologists to grow their literary perspective, and bringing technology to the writing community to enhance their creative process. ai can feel storms the poetry community as an innovative, timely, and novel collection that fearlessly tackles the intersection of these two worlds, and is a must-read for anyone interested in a stimulating and introspective debate.

ai can feel is a ground-breaking poetry collection that offers a unique lens into the relationship that exists between humans and artificial intelligence (AI). Through training both an AI language...

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Featured Reviews

AI Can Feel is a masterpiece for today's time. Author and poet Jacqueline Ann brilliantly marries the soul of poetry and emotions with the advancement of AI. Each poem is beautifully and transparently coupled with AI-generated artwork. This is the future - keeping one hand held tight on the pulse of honest poetry while at the same time peeking into the future of what an AI-encompassed vision of such beauty and transparency looks like. Jacqueline masterfully keeps both in balance while allowing the reader to effortlessly walk alongside her upon each poem, emotion, experience, truth. This is a must read!

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To truly appreciate this piece as it ought to be, I had to read it twice. as a Deep Learning expert,  I enjoy graphics, therefore I was blown away by the exquisite artwork that precedes each poem. FUTURE is HERE.
I was amazed to see how precisely many of the illustrations portrayed the primary sources of the poetry as a person who is extremely interested in the emergence of Artificial Intelligence. ChatGPT portion was amazing. its really going to change the future of story telling.

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This is the second volume of poetry I have read by Jacqueline Ann and it does not disappoint! This volume is very timely and relevant due to its focus on a topic that is dividing opinions in the world of art and literature, namely AI-generated content. The poems in this book explore our relationship with AI in a deep and nuanced manner, and raises questions we as readers may not have considered before.

Jacqueline Ann’s mesmerizing and skillful use of language is once again evident, and is enhanced by the amazing AI artworks that accompany each poem – each artwork inspired by the poem it accompanies. I was particularly fascinated by how she concludes the volume with a “conversation” with the AI. This book demonstrates conclusively that it is possible to create truly unique, original and meaningful art with AI when the creator/poet/artist guides the creative process in a novel and thought-provoking way, as Jacqueline Ann does. Highly recommended!

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As a seasoned literary critic with over 35 years in the television industry and extensive experience reviewing books for various celebrity book clubs, I was absolutely captivated by this haunting and exciting poetry book, by Jacqueline Ann which focused on the theme of artificial intelligence.

Each page was a feast for the senses, offering a glimpse into a futuristic world that was both breathtaking and thought-provoking. Jacqueline masterfully blends cutting-edge technology with introspective themes to create a truly unique and memorable work.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who appreciates the art of poetry and the wonders of technology. It is truly a 5-star, 2-thumbs-way-up masterpiece that deserves recognition and praise. An exceptional read, this may very well be one of my all-time favorite poetry books to date.

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I absolutely adore this book! Jacqueline Ann has written other wonderful books of prose that always move me and fill me with fresh air from a new perspective. The poems are strong, heartfelt, and intermixed with AI generated images that help to show the emotion being portrayed in the verse. The images are exquisite and show a variety of things from landscapes, people, sculpture, etc. depending on the poem. There are so many wonderful pieces in this book, but one of my personal favorites is "because you believed in yourself". This poem gives me a sense of accomplishment and feels like I'm being validated for my experiences. The poem feels like a hug and someone saying "I'm proud of you," and I didn't know I needed that until I read this poem and it moved me so much that I physically did a sigh of relief to help release some of the tension within me. There are many beautiful gems such as "because you believed in yourself" in this book and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to be so throughly touched and moved through poetry that they may end up crying on their reading device.

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Oh Gosh! Where do I start?

So, this book of Jacqueline's, shows her writings with her AI Art Creations to portray what the poem is about. It is split into several sections,


As mentioned above, each poem is matched with an art piece that shows a vision of what the poem is about. I create my own AI Art and I have to say that Jacqueline's Art is very beautiful and detailed. Some very moving as well.

The format of this book is very simple, and I loved that. It was spaced well which made me feel no pressure as normal books do with clustered pages of writing. It made me feel like I was flying through the book quicker, which actually made me more excited for what I was going to be reading on the next page.

I have always said that her poetry is by far the best I've known. As soon as I started reading this book, I was shaking my head in agreement with what she was writing about. Her way of expressing how we feel is so relatable. She helps us understand what we go through in personal lives in a creative sense. I think that is a powerful way of grabbing someone's attention and also with helping us grasp what is said.

We can ultimately take a deeper look into how we interpret what we read, and she covers that in a neat way at the end of the book. I won't ruin the surprise. But when we can take what is written and focus on how that is portrayed in our lives, we will see how we are all alike. It also helps us feel our emotions better.

When she tackles each subject in these sections, you will instantly find one's that you want to share with others, your favorites, and one's that you will silently hold close to your heart. She reaches all your emotions, and I cannot express enough how amazing this book is. I am so Blessed I gotten the chance to read this. I Pray that you will get that chance as well. This was a very positive and satisfying experience that I recommend 100%.

Keep Up the Great Work Jacqueline!

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