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Brynn and Sebastian Hate Each Other

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i think the cover was so freaking cute and i really liked reading about brynn and sebastian’s love story. i thought brynn was a very interesting character and this was a very cute read.

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In Brynn and Sebastian Hate Each Other, Brynn is a morning talk show host who makes a giant blunder getting caught on air bad-mouthing her hometown in Colorado. She is sent home to try and make things right, and Sebastian, a former top journalist dealing with PTSD, is in charge of taking her around. He already has preconceived notions of her, and she’s too wrapped up in herself, so they basically hate each other, hence the title.

While it was nice reading about Brynn’s hometown and the interesting characters there, I didn’t like Brynn, and I didn’t really feel much for Sebastian. Brynn had her own issues from childhood which made her hate it, but she was vapid and rude. Sebastian just decided to be a jerk without really knowing her, and honestly, I don’t entirely blame him.

I think their relationship morphed into something romantic without any real reason from what I could see. There was no chemistry or sexual tension. They just went from being rude to each other to all of a sudden falling in love.

This really just wasn’t my story. I love a good enemies to lovers trope, but this wasn’t it for me.

I thank NetGalley for the ARC, as well as Thomas Nelson publishing firm.

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I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

It was fine. The characters were fine. The plot was fine. The setting was fine. It was all fine. I did think the storyline was a bit overwrought. Brynn didn’t need to go to Adelaide Springs to apologize and her romance with Sebastian was just a bit much for me. I didn’t really buy the ending either. I don’t know.
I was inordinately annoyed by the “Thomas Nelson since 1798” insignia plastered on practically every page. It just took me out of the story completely. I’ll try again with another book by this author (or maybe test the library version and see if I feel differently without the Thomas insignia everywhere). My opinion was strongly affected by the insignia.

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Brynn is a morning-show TV host who makes a mistake on air and then has to fix her image by going home to Adelaide Springs, her small home town in Colorado. While there she is paired up with local grump, Sebastian. They instantly dislike each other but obviously being that this is a rom-com— the more time they spend together and learn about each other—they start to fall for each other.

Overall Brynn and Sebastian Hate Each Other was cute. I enjoyed the read, but I did feel like the character development for Brynn was a little slower than I would have liked—she was a little annoying at first. Would make a good Hallmark movie! Haha

Thanks to NetGalley and Thomas Nelson for the digital ARC.

3 stars.

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ARC READ THROUGH NETGALLEY. I liked the plot of this book, but I didn’t really like the characters. They were annoying and also seemed to lack depth. After an on-air screw up, Brynn Cornell must return to her hometown to apologize and hopefully save career. She does not expect there to be a “newcomer” there. Sebastian ended up in Adelaide Springs after a career fallout of his own, and he has made it home. He loves the town and doesn’t want anything to happen to it, so the arrival of Brynn worries him.

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Think of those "fail" videos we see where a news anchor doesn't realize their mic is on, and turn it into a romance novel. I loved this, and how flawed (but lovable) our characters are! Brynn is said cohost, and it seems like her dismissing her hometown in Colorado is going to cause her hard work to slip through her fingers. Enter Sebastian, who's a powerhouse journalist hired to drive her around the town. The ensuing enemies-to-lovers, grumpy/sunshine romance was not only believable, it was FUN. I loved Brynn and how determined she was (while still remaining self-aware), and I just wanted to give Sebastian a hug. The setting was also very well-written. I felt like I was there in Adelaide Springs. These two are an incredible couple whose story deserves to be read. I cannot wait to buy my copy and have it in my hands!

If you're questioning this one, I vote read it! :)

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This was a cute, quick read that gave me "Sweet Home Alabama" vibes. I liked a lot of the story and the characters, but it read a little too much like a Hallmark movie for me (which is fine and good, just not my cup of tea).

This book has so much of what I love: enemies to lovers, small town, grumpy x sunshine, and the idea of going home. Brynn Cornell is the co-host of a popular morning show, who accidentally sticks her foot in her mouth and insults her hometown of Adelaide Springs live on air. As part of her redemption tour, she goes back home for the first time in 20 years to try to make amends and reconnect. Sebastian Sudworth is a former (and highly awarded) journalist who has been living in Adelaide Springs for the past 6 years, completely off the grid and doing odd jobs around town for a living. The two meet when he effectively becomes her tour guide, and there's instant animosity between them.

Brynn was supposed to be the sunshine character, but on the surface was stuck-up and a bit full of herself. As she came to terms with her past, her behaviour softened a bit and I actually ended up liking her as a character. Sebastian was meant to be the grump, but he was my favourite from the start - he had a traumatic experience, and a rough few years, but was trying to get back to right again. There were a lot of side characters, and the town itself was charming in that Stars Hollow way.

While I liked the characters and the world created, the thing I struggled with most was the dual-voices (first person for Brynn, third person for Sebastian)...that was hard to get into. This book had a lot of potential (the title and cover alone were fantastic!), but it didn't fully break through for me.

Thank you NetGalley and Thomas Nelson Fiction for this book, in exchange for an honest review.

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This is such a cute premise and enemies to lovers is my catnip, but this story fell a little flat for me. I found myself much more interested in Brynn's reunion with her old friends and neighbours than I was with the central romance.

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Brynn and Sebastian Hate Each Other. Why? Brynn Cornell is a famous morning show host who has an unfortunate hot-mic moment and has to go home to her small town in Colorado to make things right. Sebastian is guiding her around town (why? I don’t really know. She grew up here and I don’t think his actual job is personal chauffeur, so I missed the reason he’s even needed) and he seems to have a massive chip on his shoulder. Honestly, I got halfway through and realized that I don’t care about any of the characters or what happens to them, so I gave up. If you’re into the enemies to lovers trope, you might like this book so give it a shot.

I received an advanced copy of this book in exchange for a review and opinions are my own.

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Read if you like:
♥️ Romances
😬 Enemies to Lovers
⛅️ Grumpy x Sunshine
🔥 Slow Burn Romances
🧼 Closed Door/ Clean Romances

This one is a small town romance that feels a bit like a hallmark movie and I really enjoyed the grumpy sunshine trope and the way it was done in this one.

It is a slow burn with only closed door scenes so if you are looking for that this one is for you!

This one also features found family and a well done redemption storyline.

Thank you Thomas Nelson for my arc in exchange for my review.

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Thank you for the ARC.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

I didn’t love this book. I didn’t enjoy the quirky small town and its quirky side characters.

I didn’t really feel the chemistry between the 2 MC but I feel like this just wasn’t for me.

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I received this ARC in exchange for my honest review.

I go back and forth on this and ultimately I think it has good potential but falls short.

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well, i really wanted to enjoy this book more than i did. i tried so hard. i read the entire thing and it just still wasn't for me. tragic, but it happens! so. that's that. thank you so much, netgalley! you're the bees knees!!!

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I need all the side stories for Brynn’s graduating class of 5 like yesterday. I am obsessed with Adelaide Springs. The story was great but I could have used 3-5 more chapters throughout to give the relationship more time to develop. Things went from enemies to lovers in about 36 hours. There were a few things that felt a little like I was having to read into them as well…. I’m still not sure if Brynn was physically abused by her mother and the boyfriends or if she was more just neglected and emotionally abused. There were also maybe a few too many pop culture references that I’m not sure any reader younger than an older millennial will grasp. As someone the same age as the main character I even had to look up one or two of them to make sure I knew what the reference/joke was. Those were small issues for me and I really did love the writing and story.

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3.5⭐️ rounded up.
This cute, small town, enemies to lovers romance is like a mix of Morning Glory (news anchor MC), Sweet Home Alabama (enemies to lovers/homecoming) and Gilmore Girls (because of the town hall meetings).
What worked for me:
—A reminder that everyone has a story that has shaped them. This played a part in the enemies-to-lovers story unfolding, and it worked for me.
—found family/community
—sweet, slow burn romance
What I wished were different:
—I had a really hard time connecting with Brynn in the first half. Everyone makes mistakes, but for me, it took too long for her to take responsibility and show some self-awareness.
—The storyline about Sebastian’s past seemed a bit far-fetched. Google anyone?
—The first half moved really slowly and the ending felt rushed. The story did grow on me, but I wish the pacing was the other way around.

I’d recommend this if you’re looking for a grumpy/sunshine story with hallmark vibes and a closed door romance.

Many thanks to Thomas Nelson and Netgalley for the advanced review copy. Brynn and Sebastian Hate Each Other releases in September.

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Thank you for allowing me to read this book early. Unfortunately this title was not for me.

I can see patrons enjoying it but for me personally it was not the right choice.

Also, the publishing logo was on every other page and very distracting. Please consider changing for future galleys.

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Thank you to Netgalley and Thomas Nelson for an ARC of this book.

I was so disappointed by this book. The description and cover got my hopes up, but I just couldn't get into the story. The characters fell flat and I couldn't connect with them at all. I found myself just skimming the pages and not really feeling anything towards what was on the page. I guess this book would be okay to read if your looking for something that won't consume your whole mind.

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Brynn Cornell, popular co-host of Sunup has messed up with one on-air mishap. The once America's Ray of Sunshine, now has to go back to her hometown of Adelaide Springs to make peace with her old acquaintances and friends that she has trashed on live TV.
Sebastian Sudworth used to be the face of TV, with a reputation for being a superstar journalist, until he vanished and no one ever saw him on TV again. No one knows, but Sebastain resides in Adelaide Springs to escape his past, working odd jobs and slowly falls in love with the beautiful town.
With Adelaide Springs in common, the two are forced together whilst Sebastian is assigned to be Brynn's chauffer (which he is not pleased about at all).
Determined to charm Sebastian, win over her old pals, and ultimately save her career, Brynn has to work hard.

This was quite a slow starting book. At the start I really didn't enjoy it as it seems to drag on a little, but as soon as I was about half way through, the pace picked up and I began to love reading it.
The dual POV style is typically very interesting; however, this book had me puzzled. Brynn's sections were in first person (which I enjoyed heavily and felt very immersed in) but Sebastian's sections were told in third person (which I did not like). I've never read a book with this style before, and I'm not entirely sure I liked it.
Nevertheless, as the book continued, I found it easier to read.

The characters have a lot of depth to them and were easy to like. Once you found out their back stories, everything seemed to click into place.
Plot wise, the story was interesting! It started off with a disaster, but I loved that there was no build up to it, instead, it was done instantly and then I could focus on the 'aim' of the story.

Ultimately, I did enjoy this book, but the writing style did let it down a bit!

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If you love a good Hallmark movie, you will love this book!

Super clean rom-com. A little slow at time but very cute!

Brynn is a little hard to like but Sebastian won me over :)

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This book was just not for me. I don’t know why but I couldn’t connect with the characters and the story fell kind of flat for me.

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