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Brynn and Sebastian Hate Each Other

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The book centers around Brynn, a morning talk show host who suffers a major on-air blunder, prompting her to return to her hometown to make amends.

While I enjoyed the book overall, I found that it moved slowly in certain parts. Additionally, I wasn't entirely convinced by the romance between Brynn and Sebastian. By the end of the book, I felt that I still didn't fully understand Brynn's character. For example, she shared a touching story about her path to television that seemed to play a role in Sebastian's feelings for her, only to later discover that it wasn't true. I found it challenging to empathize with Brynn as a character due to her constant rudeness and meanness towards those around her, even when it was unwarranted.

While reading, I wished for more exploration of the characters in her hometown and greater development of her relationship with her mother. Despite these criticisms, I still consider it a good book and one that I may read again.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publishers for this ARC. All views are my own.

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This was a fun and charming read! This books is about a television morning news anchor, Brynn, who meets former Pulitzer-winning Sebastian back in her very small town in Colorado, where she has been sent to make amends for a hot mic situation.

I loved the character development of Brynn especially, and I was a big Sebastian fan all the way through. I was a little disappointed that the end seemed a little rushed to me — I’d have loved to see a little more of them together, and gotten a little bit more of the town accepting Brynn back. Overall, though, this was a very fun read, and I’m grateful for the arc!

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Another hit by Bethany Turner! I absolutely loved Brynn and Sebastian…and everyone in the quirky little town of Adelaide Springs!

Bethany’s books make her writing seem effortless and the stories always draw me in and flow so well. This book was no exception.

I’d hate to know the things that people would hold against me if my life were to be lived in front of a live camera. While Brynn did “mess up,” her brutal honesty turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Watching her grow and heal from her childhood trauma was so rewarding and it was impossible not to root for her!

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I wanted to badly to love this book. But it kinda fell flat for me. I had a hard time believing the chemistry and relationship between our two main characters. I didn't love the switch between the third person and the first person narrations. I felt disconnected the whole time I was reading this.

It was Brynn and Sebastian that I had a hard go around with. For one, the very first time they interact with one another, it ends in a screaming match. What was that? It felt like the animosity between them was ramped up and just never quite ramped down.

I was at 75%, and they've had maybe one civil conversation. How am I supposed to believe that these two end up together?? There's not enough time left for the author to build their relationship and make it feel real. Cause right now, it just feels like animosity.

The jump from them being adversaries to in love was wild and so quick that it felt forced. I wanted to love them. I wanted to root for them, but I just couldn't.

However, I did LOVE the ensemble characters. From Brynn's hometown friends to substitute parents, they were so lovely and charming and funny. They made this book for me, and I would love to read stories for each of them.

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I really thought that this was going to be an awesome read for me, but it fell a little flat. I had a hard time with the characters and the romance wasn’t really believable.
Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for this arc ebook in exchange for an honest review.

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Review in progress and to come.

I received a free copy of this book via NetGalley and am voluntarily leaving a review

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What a title! That's what initially drew me towards this book (I was expecting Ten Things I Hate About You vibes). And they did, really hate each other. So much so that three-fourths of the way through this book I was wondering where the turn around would be. Then there it was, very sudden and very late in the game. It seemed forced and a bit awkward. For me it was too much of a build up for too little of a happy ending. The ending was thrown together very quickly and haphazardly. A lot was in the last few chapters and it was too little, too late.

Brynn is an interesting character. At surface level she is bratty and unlikable. But, as you peel back her layers you see the reasons she is the way she is and she has depth. I like that she's not a typical FMC that you would find in this type of story although I don't think she will be well received by most. I really didn't start to like her until almost the end of the story.

Overall, this story was hard to get into because of the slow start, very fast finish and unlikable characters. There was too much hate and not enough romance for a romance book.

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ughh i wanted to like this so bad but their relationship was so rushed. it took about 75% for him to show ANY interest in brynn and then he was madly in love her with her….? most of the time i saw more chemistry between sebastian and laila than brynn lol. cute ending though i guess. also um why were brynns pov's in first person and sebastian's in third...

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This romance fell flat for me. It just wasn't what I was hoping for. I think the premise had potential, just didn't grab me.

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Firstly the layout made this really hard to read which affected my enjoyment a lot although I assume this will be fixed in editing and the final edition. This was a fun, cute very much a typical rom-com, which didn't blow me away but this was written well with an adorable romance and good characters (although cringey in parts) so I would recommend for an easy read.

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It was sweet, funny and entertaining book, but for some reason I felt like I couldn’t really connect with the characters or the story, but overall I enjoyed it.
I want to thank NetGalley and the author for providing me with an ARC of this book.
I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Loved the cover and the title! The story was really cute and I enjoyed the characters and their development.

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There’s so much I wanted to love in this Colorado based and celeb romance (two of my fave tropes). While I appreciated the premise of the story, I struggled to “like” the characters or adjust to the pace of the book. Thank you for the ARC in exchange for an honest review! This comes out in Sept.

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I must admit, I am quite conflicted over this review. To be blunt, I hated the first 20 percent of the book and I was dying for it to be over. By the end, though, I actually found myself enjoying it. I think that the biggest thing that perturbed me in the beginning was the long, unnecessary dialogue (e.g. the long parts where Sebastian argues with the town council over absolutely nothing or when we get a peak into one of Brynn's mornings at Sunup, the news station where she works, for pages on end). After we got past all of the introductions to the different characters and the pages of meaningless conversations as previously mentioned, I fell in love with the two main characters and their story.

Unlike most of the reviewers so far, I actually liked Brynn. Yes, she annoyed me to no end at times, but, more than anything, I empathize with her and can see where she's coming from. If anything, Sebastian's character fell flat for me sometimes and I wish he had a bit more development. As a couple, though, I thought Brynn and Sebastian were adorable and found their banter hilarious. I especially loved the scene with them at the end.

So, to summarize, I despised the first 20 percent-ish of the book, tolerated another 20-30 percent after that, and fell in love with the last half. Overall, I would recommend this book to my fellow rom-com lovers but also want to caution that it takes a great deal of patience and perseverance. 4 stars.

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I loved these characters. I loved their hate to admire to love dynamic. I love the world Bethany Turner created in this book.

I thought the ending was rushed. I blinked and almost missed the characters’ self realizations. I wanted to know more about what happened going from point B to point C.

Enjoyable read, I just wanted more of it. :)

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I wanted to like this soooo badly but I’m embarrassed to say it was a DNF for me. I got to about 42% and i just couldn’t get into it. I’m sorryyyyy

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I enjoyed this! Brynn commits an on air blooper and returns to her tiny hometown to rehab her image. She meets Sebastian, a newcomer, with a secret past.

Hate turns into like… turns into love. I liked the chemistry and how the story didn’t center a physical relationship to explore belonging together.

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The writing here was not great and the story kind of read like low-budget Hallmark movie. As a whole, it was a cute book but Brynn and Sebastian are two full grown adults in their upper 30s (Seb was 40!) with the maturity level of 15 year olds and I just couldn’t get over that.

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What a cute story of successes and failures.

As a Journalism graduate, I really enjoyed the plot of this book. Brynn was an interesting character who you at first feel like you can’t relate to, but when the story goes on and you learn about her past, her small town life and her struggles, you realize she is just as human as the rest of us. Coming from a small island, I can totally relate to her escape from her small town and staying away from it and the people for so long. It wasn’t so much that she hated the town, but she hated the life she had to endure because of her mother while she lived in that town. I love seeing her remember all the positives of her life there once she finally returned. The fact that Sebastian was a journalist too who had escaped that world and ended up in Adelaide Springs made for a good story. I enjoyed reading about his struggles as well and find out the reasons why he ended up in that small town in Colorado. Seeing these two characters, who seemed like total opposites, fall in love was heart warming and entertaining. I really enjoyed the double POV, but found it confusing at times. There were a lot of journalism references, which I appreciated, but it made the beginning half of the book kind of drag on, but once things started to pick up I just couldn’t wait to find out how everything panned out!

Thank you NetGalley, Thomas Nelson and Bethany Turner for this ARC. #BrynnandSebastianHateEachOther #NetGalley

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i enjoyed most of this book but i think i liked the town of adelaide springs more than i liked the story of Brynn and Sebastien.

i wanted to slap Brynn for most of the book, all she thought and cared about was herself. i would have liked for a bit more of her back story to come out and for her to have a little more self awareness.

I felt like the switch from hate to not-hate happened a bit to fast for my liking but it was still a cute read. I did love Sebastien's character and Murrow!!

thank you to netgalley for the opportunity to read this book

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