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Brynn and Sebastian Hate Each Other

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Unfortunately did not like this book at all. From the blurb I thought it would be a great read however it was executed poorly. Brynn is absolutely terrible and nothing she does throughout the book redeems her at all. The two characters hate each other for about 70% of the book and then suddenly fall in love

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My all time favorite trope is enemy to lovers so I knew I needed to read this book!

Overall, I enjoyed it!

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I really tried with this one, but I hated our main characters. Brynn from the start was an awful mean girl and well...not so sunshiny as was expected. Our grump was just awful instead of the quiet, but kind that I so love reading. This one didn't work for me at all and I ended up dnf-ing at 50%

Thanks the NetGalley, the author and the publisher for a copy of this book.

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I really enjoyed this book! Brynn and Sebastian’s rivals to lovers arc was so fun - the banter was great and their coming together was so sweet. It was really nice to see them work through their personal traumas throughout the book while simultaneously watching them fall in love. I also loved the setting! Adelaide Springs was super cute with fun, charming locals. I also really enjoyed the third person POV with both perspectives. Overall I thought this was a fun read and would definitely recommend!

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This is my favorite book I’ve read in a while! It’s cute, funny, and a wonderful feel good story. I finished it in a day and can’t recommend it highly enough. The characters are both likable and relatable, and the author uses the dual POV perfectly to accomplish this. The narration is also fantastic, I’m immediately going in search of other books by this author.

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Cute enemies to lovers rom com!

Brynn has just been promoted in her dream job to co-host on a popular morning news show. She's known as America's Ray of Sunshine and is portrayed as quirky and funny by her news station. But who is Brynn really?

After a major fumble by her news team, her snarky comments about her hometown are heard by viewers all around the world. Now America's Ray of Sunshine is America's most despised woman in news. Amid demands from viewers for Brynn to be fired, she asks her boss to send her back to her hometown to hopefully repair her image with the public. The goal is to show she's not the heartless, mean girl everyone now thinks she is. But when the grumpy Sebastien Sudworth picks her and her cameraman up from the airport in podunk Adelaide Springs, Colorado and he seems to hate her, Brynn is worried her goal to repair her image is doomed from the start. Not to mention the people she grew up with aren't her biggest fans at the moment either. However, as Brynn and Sebastien spend more time together they begin to get to know the real people behind the walls they've built.

This story was a lovely reminder that people aren't always what they seem. We don't know everyone's life story and it's important to get to know someone first before jumping to conclusions about who they are. I also loved the theme of forgiveness that the author wove into the story. When ties run deep, sometimes it's harder to forgive. But when forgiveness is given, the restoration is beautiful.

**I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.**

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This book was definitely not what I was expecting. First of all, I did not like Brynn in the beginning she definitely was not the type of character. I did like when she started to grow and realizes what she was really running from at all. Sebastian’s reactions early on seemed pretty justified to me in the beginning but his approach needed some tact for sure. I also like how as Brynn opened up and got to know herself again that is when the relationship started to develop. It was cute and a good read

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Brynn Cornell is one of America’s top morning show hosts known as “America’s Ray of Sunshine”. But, her snarky side is accidentally shown on national television and she is instantly labeled a fraud. She determines to win back her position by going home to Adelaide Springs, Colorado and win back the favor of the town she ran away from 20 years ago. Sebastian Sudworth is a famous investigative journalist who disappeared from the public ey6 years prior and ended up in, you guessed it, Adelaide Springs. He’s living a simple life as a member of the small town and is definitely not impressed by a fake morning show host. He gets appointed by the town council to be her “chauffeur” around town and then the fun begins.
The first meeting between Brynn and Sebastian starts with a case of mistaken identity that is probably the funniest thing I’ve ever read. She’s such a brat and he’s just giving it right back at her. Her “speak first and get the facts later” approach is so hilarious because it’s so true for a lot of people. His enjoyment of riling her up is so much like my husband that I couldn’t help but relate to him as well. Of course, as the reader, we see there’s more to each of them than either other person thinks. Brynn is running from a past of abuse and the consequences of her actions. You start to feel a little sorry for her, despite her bratty behavior. Sebastian has been dealing with PTSD from a traumatic event he investigated and the consequences of his actions in his previous life. There’s nothing graphic, but you get the picture of the things that shaped them from childhood to adulthood.
I loved this book. The brokenness of the main characters, their fighting, the love that grows between them, and the healing they bring out in each other kept me reading until almost midnight the day I started reading. I knew that there would be a happy ending, but I couldn’t see how it would work out until the last chapter. The only downside for me are all the pop culture references. It was a bit annoying. Other than that, I highly recommend this book for anyone who loves a hilarious and heartwarming enemies to lovers romcom.
This is my honest opinion based on the complimentary review copy sent by #Netgalley and #ThomasNelson . I was not required to give a favorable review.

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Brynn and Sebastian Hate Each Other by Bethany Turner is another solid entry in the enemies-to-friends-to-romantic love genre. Brynn embarrasses her small hometown while on a morning talk show. To win back the public, she goes to her hometown to make amends. Her tour guide is an old acquaintance, Sebastian, a famous journalist who has retreated to the small town to run the local newspaper. Turner fills the pages with witty banter, humorous situations, and small-town charm to create an enjoyable read.

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This is a clean fun read that starts out a little slow but picks up quickly. It has wonderful characters, a beautiful small town, and just the right amount of conflict to keep you turning the pages. I really enjoyed reading Brynn and Sebastian's story.
I received a complimentary copy from Thomas Nelson--FICTION via NetGalley and was not required to write a review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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First days on the job are tough for everyone, but no one has had it worse than morning show host, Brynn Cornell. An accidental on-air rant about her hometown of Adelaide Springs, Colorado, lands her in hot water with the network and viewers. In an effort to make things right, Brynn must return home and convince everyone she is truly sorry. Can Brynn make things right, or will her first day as morning host be her last?

Brynn and Sebastian Hate Each Other, written by Bethany Turner is a clean romance that features:
•grumpy sunshine
•small town (mountains)

****Despite touching on some difficult subject matter (PTSD and emotional/ verbal abuse) this book is rather light-hearted. Turner does not go into great detail about either subject besides offering character development.*****

I had the pleasure of both listening to and reading Brynn and Sebastian Hate Each Other. While my preferred format will always be physically reading, I did enjoy the audiobook version. I felt Talon David did a great job narrating and making the story come to life.

Special thanks to Netgalley, Bethany Turner, and Thomas Nelson- Fiction for allowing me to read/ listen to this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

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This is probably the third book I’ve read by this author. And she never fails to deliver. She created a protagonist whom the usual reader wouldn’t ever get near - a presenter at the major morning program in America. But she gives her character enough foibles and challenges that we root for her and even relate to her.

The romance is assured but that doesn’t take away from the enjoyment. This felt comforting to read when I needed an escape.

Note, not a big faith element included.

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Loved this book! I was especially drawn to this story because of the awesome storyline of news personalities, such a clever idea for a rom com! The heroine initially drove me crazy, but the hero endeared himself to me right off. I loved how the two met in the middle for an awesome love story!

Thanks to NetGalley for the opportunity to review this book, all opinions are my own!

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I really enjoyed this book. Even though I didn't necessarily like Brynn initially, once I got a better understanding of her background, it definitely made a difference.

Brynn and Sebastian are like two negatives of a magnet. They continually bounced off of each other because they couldn't understand why the other person did what they did. Any thing one person would say or do was automatically heard or received in a negative way by the other person. This all made for a true enemies to lovers trope.

I really enjoyed seeing Brynn fall in love with her hometown all over again. After learning some of the things her mother had done, it was easy to understand why she'd left Adelaide Springs and never looked back. Yet, you do feel for the friends she'd left behind. The fact that they will talk to her at all when she goes back speaks volumes about their history and how close they'd all been.

The slow burn way that Brynn and Sebastian go from being "enemies" to somewhat friends and eventually lovers was well done and gradual. This made it believable and more satisfying.

I found this story to be heartwarming and a testament to the resilience of friendship and love.

AUDIOBOOK REVIEW: I thought the audio was done well. I enjoyed the narration and felt it fit the characters. 4 stars

Thank you to NetGalley for early copies of both the ebook and audiobook. I voluntarily chose to read/listen to and review them both and the opinions contained within are my own.

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Morning news on air entertainer Brynn torpedoes her career with disparaging remarks about her hometown on a live mic she thought wasn’t on. To keep her job and her reputation to her audience, she must return home to apologize and reunite with those she left behind. Sebastian has been hiding out in that same small town since he walked away from his own National News job six years ago and is given the job of driving her around town. Immediately from the start, they dislike each other.

Brynn and Sebastian Hate Each Other is a wonderfully funny enemies-to-lovers romance with fabulous character development and growth, a beautiful setting, and perfect chemistry between the two main characters. I think it’s a must read (or listen) in my opinion!

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I unfortunately DNFed this at 18%. I wanted to like it, but the writing was clunky and I couldn't get into it.

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I am a firm believer that enemies to lovers doesn’t work outside the fantasy genre. Or at least I was. Brynn and Sebastian make enemies to lovers work in a RomCom world. I spent the majority of this book BEGGING for any semblance of yearning or longing or simply wanting to kiss, it was painfully perfect. Sebastian had me giggling at the bare minimum of complements.

This story is a slow burn worth waiting for. It’s a clean romance with no real spice but plenty of action to distract you from that fact, if that’s something you’re looking for. As an avid reader of all things spicy and hot, I didn’t even realize there was nothing more than a few perfectly placed kisses until the story was over and done. I have no complaints, complements to the chef (or Bethany Turner). Now if if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to read every book Bethany Turner has ever written.

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Brynn and Sebastian Hate Each Other is a fun, easy, quick read. It's definitely a sweet read that I think it's much like a Hallmark movie. It's fun, predictable, with enough drama to keep you interested. Definitely recommend for light reading.

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I wanted so much to like this story based off the synopsis and mixed tropes, but sadly, did not entirely enjoy it. I believe books are subjective though, so I suggest you give this story a try and see what you think for yourself!

For me, the pros were the beautiful, mountainous small-town setting. It had definite Virgin River vibes and the author brings it to life well. I also enjoyed the news anchor/ tv personality / journalist careers of the two main characters; that was unique and fun. Their backstories were solid and entertaining. In the second half of the story, the romantic and heartwarming elements were there - a hunky hero rescue moment, a swoon worthy kiss, tender reconnecting with long lost friends and a moment to save the day - but I didn't enjoy them as much as I would have if the first half of the story had been delivered differently. The secondary characters are totally lovable and support the small town vibes. Lastly, the cover is gorgeous and drew me in right away.

Now for me, the cons outweighed the pros. While I don't mind some pop-culture references, the ones in this story were far too frequent and constantly used as metaphors, making me skip over many of them simply because I didn't understand the reference.

Next, I was surprised to find I strongly disliked the FMC, Brynn, especially in the first half of the story. Her character is selfish, rude and obnoxious. She makes a huge mistake, setting up the possibility for definite character growth and redemption, but that didn't happen early enough for me nor was it heartfelt. Instead, her actions appeared to be swept under the rug to be ignored and she makes no grand gesture to right her wrong. Her attitude and behavior ruined the romance for me and the enemies to lovers trope that I chose this book for. The proverbial hate is forced, based off no prior interaction, and instead of flirty and fun, it's aggressive and mean-spirited. Then, it ends abruptly, and suddenly the lead characters are moving towards romantic emotions.

Also, the POV shifts between 1st person for Brynn and 3rd person for Seb. It got a little tiresome switching back and forth. I believe I'd have enjoyed 1st person POV for Sebastian much more!

Lastly, the subplots were only so-so. At times they felt overpowering to the actual romance, sometimes I wanted to learn more but never did and other times they were underwhelming.

In short, I liked the second half of the story much better than the first but did not care for the FMC overall, making the romance and tropes forced and less enjoyable than I hoped for.

*I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary e-copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley. All thoughts are my own and I was not required to post a positive review.

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Brynn Cornell has just become co-anchor on America's number one morning show. Something she has been working towards her entire career. When there are technical difficulties during her first broadcast and she is accidentally exposed saying some hurtful things live on air, and her entire sunshine personality goes up in smoke. She goes back to her small hometown, a place she vowed never to go back, a place she left without saying goodbye, and a place where some of her worst and memories were made as a kid.

Sebastian Sudworth was a world renowned investigative journalist, but things happened and 6 years ago he ended up in a small town in Colorado to lick his wounds and start new. It has become his home and he is very protective of the people and the town.

Sebastian is tasked to chauffeur Brynn around town, as she tries to make amends and save her career, but he sees right through her charade, and she is determined to win him over.

My big problem with this novel was how unlikeable Brynn was most of this story, she made me so angry, and had no redeeming qualities, and her redemption arc was not enough for me. Having trauma, and a hard homelife is not an excuse to be mean, rude, and ingenuine.

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