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I really liked this cookbook and it has helped me add amazing flavor to some of my ordinary dishes. If you want flavor that is out of this world then you need this book
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Fans of AMT and Milk Street will really appreciate this cookbook that strives to kick recipes up a notch by incorporating 65 ingredients from around the world (e.g., oyster sauce, Benton's bacon, marmite, harissa) into familiar dishes. Authors hope to offer readers alternative ways to use these ingredients that might have been picked up for a specific dish then languish in the pantry for lack of other uses.

Recipes are well written and most are easy to follow, a few seemed more complicated than necessary but that seems due more to the passion and general foodiness of the authors than anything else. There could have been more pictures of finished dishes. As is often the case when there aren't pictures for each recipe, the ones I wanted to see the most were often the ones sans photo. This might not have been worth noting except in several cases there were non-dish pictures accompanying the recipe (like a pic of the packaged ingredient used in the dish) so why not show the finished dish instead?

Most recipes were hits in how the ingredients were used but there are a few misses (like using banyuls vinegar on a tomato salad or panko bread crumbs on top of mac & cheese, of course you would use these products in these ways!). The authors provide a great deal of useful information for each dish but at times I found the layout a bit busy and overwhelming. Despite this, cooks of all levels will likely find inspiration in these recipes.

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Highly informative cookbook, but maybe a bit too beginner-level for me personally. I already use quite a few of the ingredients they mention, so I didn't discover anything too wild.

That said, I can definitely see this work for a cook who's taking their first steps outside of their comfort zone.

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I knew I was going to like this cookbook from the first recipe (Ann’s smoky pimento Kim cheese)

This cookbook puts a global spin on some well known classics. Giving each recipe a unique spin. I mean to go back to the very first recipe. I’m southern I never would have thought to add kimchi into my pimento cheese! And that’s just one example!

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I always love a cookbook that expands my skills and knowledge, even if it stretches me outside my comfort zone! This cookbook did just that.

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I wanted to love this one more than I did. While it had plenty of recipes utilizing spices and other under-urilized ingredients, I found the book and its recipes to be a bit underwhelming. Maybe it’s due to my own cooking style and having already incorporated many of the ingredients this book touts as a new and exciting way to spice up your food, but I wished there was a bit more pizazz.

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As a girl who loves to read, travel and cook, this title of this spoke to me on all levels. I'm always on the hunt for unique ingredients from around the world and I love the challenge of how to construct a new and unfamiliar dish. This book is full of inspiration and far-flung ingredients. It's definitely work a look!

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Enjoyable, informative cookbook with interesting recipes, and a great primer in the front of the book about global spices and foods. With nice pictures accompanying the recipes, this was an enjoyable read!

Thank you Netgalley and Workman Publishing Company for the ARC!

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I received a copy of this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

I liked the concept of this book, but it wasn't quite what I expected. The book focuses on some staple spices and dishes from various countries but doesn't have pictures of each dish which is kind of a bummer. The book talks about shopping and stocking your pantry which is helpful, but a lot of the recipes are pretty basic. Overall not for me, but I can see how it could be helpful to someone just learning about global flavors.

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Thank you to the authors, the Workman Publishing Company and NetGalley, for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

I was thrilled to be granted access to an ARC of this title, as cooking with "global ingredients" is absolutely my jam, and our household loves experimenting. The first part of the book is fantastic, providing a listing of pantry staples, including shopping tips and ideas for how to use them (other than the recipes in the book). However, the main part of the book was a disappointment - although there were definitely some recipes I would love to cook, many were well-established recipes with one "global ingredient" switched in. And, my huge frustration when it comes to cookbooks: Why, why, why - particularly in a cookbook with a global focus - are the measurements US-centric? Yes, there are tables in the back of the book to convert the measurements from cups, ounces etc. to grams and liters - but honestly, I have no interest in first doing all the math, before being able to cook. This is a cookbook I would have loved to have, but that spoiled it for me.

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Book Review: The Global Pantry Cookbook by Scott Mowbray & Ann Taylor Pittman

Rating: 4 stars out of 5

The Global Pantry Cookbook, written by James Beard-Award winners Scott Mowbray and Ann Taylor Pittman, is a culinary treasure trove that unlocks the secrets of the global pantry. With over 120 recipes, this cookbook provides readers with the knowledge and inspiration to elevate their favorite dishes using 65 common pantry items sourced from around the world.

One of the standout features of this cookbook is its diversity of ingredients. From familiar items like miso, preserved lemons, and smoked paprika to lesser-known treasures such as Banyuls Vinegar and Makrut Lime Leaves, the authors introduce readers to a wide range of flavors and spices. This variety will undoubtedly pique the interest of adventurous home cooks eager to expand their culinary repertoire.

The book is thoughtfully organized into chapters that cover snacks, appetizers, salads, stews, and various meat categories like beef, lamb, pork, and poultry. There are also sections dedicated to fish, meat-free options, sandwiches, bread, vegetables, and desserts. With such a comprehensive collection of recipes, readers can easily find dishes to suit their preferences or dietary requirements.

In addition to the recipes themselves, The Global Pantry Cookbook provides invaluable guidance on working with these unique ingredients. The authors offer insights into essential cooking tools and techniques, ensuring that even novice cooks can confidently experiment with new flavors. A glossary of terms further enhances the reader’s understanding of global pantry items, making this cookbook not only a source of delicious recipes but also an educational resource.

While the book’s content is undeniably impressive, the visual appeal falls slightly short. Though the photographs are enticing and mouthwatering, they appear somewhat small and lack the captivating pop against the stark white background. A more visually striking presentation could have brought the recipes to life and further engaged readers.

Overall, The Global Pantry Cookbook is a valuable addition to any food lover’s collection. Its wealth of recipes and diverse range of ingredients make it an excellent resource for both experienced cooks and those looking to expand their cooking horizons. While the visual presentation could be improved, the wealth of knowledge and inspiration within these pages more than compensates for this minor flaw. This cookbook would make an ideal gift for anyone seeking to explore new flavors and techniques in their culinary adventures.

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Two James Beard-Award winners show how to unlock the secrets of the global pantry and elevate all your favorite foods. From appetizers to desserts, in more than 120 recipes, here’s how—with just a dash here or a tablespoon there—you can elevate your cooking using 65 common pantry items from around the world.

This cookbook is an interesting take on fusion cooking. From appetizers to desserts, there are tweaks to known recipes and some recipes that may not be familiar to some readers. I admit, I would not have thought of using fish sauce on ribs or oyster sauce with a roast, but I will have to try those ideas now. The list of pantry ingredients and where to find them if they aren't available locally is also helpful.
A neatly arranged, well thought out cookbook that will appeal to those interesting in global cuisine.

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This would make a great gift, I know I am attracted to fun ingredients like these but could use more instruction on how to use them. This also gives context that can help you learn about where they came from!

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An exploration of your palate!

This is a great book to have if you love cuisines from all over the world. A delectable and full of wondrous marvel to introduce new and veteran readers to the love of cooking.

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3.5 rounded up

Loved the concept of this one, and I still think it's solid, but I'm not sure I'm quite the target market for it. There just weren't a ton of recipes that really appealed to me, purely from personal preference. It did feel a bit more meat-heavy than I tend to prefer (though that could just be perception) and there was something about the design here that felt a little dated and old-fashioned in a way that didn't totally speak to me. I wish there were photos for every dish (I will keep beating this drum, #sorrynotsorry) but what we got was lovely. Despite not bookmarking many recipes to make, I've already made one and absolutely loved it, so I think this is probably an excellent cookbook, just not quite for me.

Recipes I've Tried:
Roasted Asparagus with a Savory Butter Sauce - Fast, easy, minimal ingredients, and super tasty! Everything I'm looking for in a side dish!

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Makes sense...

Growing up in Hawaii, the ultimate melting pot, this is how we cooked. It wasn't taught, but was just intuitive. For those that did not grow up with a global influence, this is a great cookbook of thinking outside of the same old spice box. So instead of reaching for the same old, reach for the Asian sauces, reach for the spicy hit, to mix it up.

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The Global Pantry Cookbook isn't exactly what I was expecting. I thought I would find a wide array of recipes from around the world. Instead, there are a lot of what I would consider basic recipes with one or two of the global pantry ingredients incorporated. To me the most useful part of the cookbook is the introduction, where the authors introduce many commonly used global ingredients. They include some background, shopping information and list the recipes that use that ingredient. There are photos for most recipes but not all.

It's an interesting approach, but I'm not sure how much I will use the cookbook overall. I would prefer to look for a certain type of recipe rather than starting with an ingredient and finding a recipe from there.

Thank you to #Netgalley and #WorkmanPublishingCompany for a free copy of #TheGlobalPantryCookbook by Scott Mowbray and Ann Taylor Pittman. All opinions are my own.

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The Global Pantry Cookbook is an accessible overview of the many delectible flavors of the world, thoughtfully simplified for the home chef using easily sourcible ingredients. Many of the recipes blend traditional American ingredients like grits with global flavors in creative fusion dishes like a South-Asian take on shrimp and grits. Many of the recipes are designed to be quick and easy, simplifying dishes which can sometimes take a whole day in their traditional contexts. While as an experienced cook I found the text a bit broad in theme, this is the type of cookbook I might grab for a fast week-day meal when I am in the mood to try something new and quick with the international ingredients I have on hand. For those just getting their feet wet in global cooking, this book would be a great place to start, although at the outset it might require purchasing a wide range of international ingredients to stock your pantry. Overall, a broad and interesting peak into the many distinct flavors the world has to offer with insight into how to incorporate these ingredients into daily cooking.

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As someone always looking to expand my palette and explore tastes in the kitchen, The Global Pantry Cookbook was a home run for me. I thought the book was detailed, interesting, and so fun to read through!

Thank you to NetGalley and to the publisher for this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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An interesting book for those who buy random jars of that something and then don't know how to use it up. Also a great intro to some of the best pantry items from around the world, if you're looking to explore. Recipes are not that exciting, unfortunately.

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