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ace of Greed by James L’Etoile is a fast peace detective mystery with a fantastic twist! I would say very suspenseful book. This is my first James L’Etoile book, but I believe will be not the last one! I loved that there wasn't too much "empty text" when it feels that author just trying to fill the space but the information is not beneficial to the storyline. James L’Etoile made things straightforward and provided just relevant information!

This book is about detective Emily Hunter and her partner, Javier Medina who must investigate a crime that more complicated than it's looks. As deeper Emily digs as deeper she gets sucked into the dark world of violence! And all this while she must look after her mother. I loved how the author shows the struggle to balance work and personal life! It gave me that sense of reality and made it easy to connect with the main characters. Sometimes that's the most important thing for me!

Most of the chapters are long. Good job I picked up this book on my day off so I wasn't stressed about it so much but on a busy day, when you have limited time and all you want is to squeeze in one quick chapter, it would irate me. So my advice - grab this book when you have time and don't read before bedtime as "one more chapter" will take you past midnight :D It gets better by the end of the book, and you get that feeling that you can fly through them.

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Thank you for the opportunity to read this arc in exchange for my honest review.
This is my first James L'Etoile novel. To say I am impressed is an understatement. Extraordinary writing. I loved the characters and the development of them. Being able to see them as both detectives and ordinary humans made for such a great storyline. Their partnership was amazing.
The corruption, the drama, the murder, the brick walls and the ability of Emily to go against the grain and find a way made this a real page turner.
I would love to see this become a series!

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First and foremost, a large thank you to NetGalley, James L’Etoile, and Oceanview Publishing for providing me with a copy of this publication, which allows me to provide you with an unbiased review.

New to the world of James L’Etoile, I eagerly reached for this police procedural. L’Etoile has a great way of setting the facts out in a blunt fashion and allowing the reader to digest things at the breakneck speed his narrative presents them on the streets of Sacramento. When a business tycoon is found murdered in his home and his wife is brutally attacked, Detectives Emily Hunter and Javier Medina arrive at the scene to investigate. Things get off to a rocky start, as both the mayor and Chief of Police seek to rush the case to closing. Hunter and Medina do not work that way, pulling up any proverbial rugs to find all the dirt. While Hunter pushes back a little too hard, it will take her diligence to get answers in a case that runs far deeper than simple murder, L’Etoile shines with this novel and sets the scene for what could be a great series.

After being called to the scene of a brutal murder and attack, Sacramento Homicide Detectives Emily Hunter and Javier Medina discover that money talks. Roger Townsend is in a pool of his blood, while his wife, Lori, is consoled by the mayor and Chief of Police. After taking some initial statements, both Hunter and Medina feel that there is more Mrs. Townsend is not sharing, but she plays the grieving widow and has powerful friends willing to play the shield. Neither detective is ready to let this go, though it is Hunter who pushes well past what some would call acceptable.

While trying to push through a case that the politically connected want closed as swiftly as they can, others hope to bury it by any means. Hunter and Medina are in the middle, trying to find justice and answer, as walls are built. Add to that, Hunter is trying to handle her ailing mother, whose mental acuity is becoming questionable.

When the detectives follow a lead that could open new motives, they are quickly shut down, especially when a homeless man is fingered as the murderer. Still, Hunter and Medina refuse to stand down and discover that there are gang ties and some crooked members of the legal community who are paving the way for a complete cover-up. As Hunter and Medina make some accusations, they find themselves threaten with suspension, though neither is concerned if it will bring about the truth. A great start in which James L’Etoile keeps the punches coming until the final reveal.

While I am not familiar with the author’s work, it did not take me long to get accustomed to his swift delivery. The narrative flows easily and quickly in a piece that evolves with every chapter. The momentum increases the more Detectives Hunter and Medina are stifled, making this one of the great police procedurals I have read in a long while.

Characters develop and evolve with ease throughout the piece adding flavouring to an already great story. I can see some great initial traits to Emily Hunter, who I surmise has a lot to offer readers should this flourish into a series. I am eager to see how things develop, as well as what Javier Medina brings to the larger series. He appears to have a great personality worth exploring as well.

The plot of a police procedural is usually quite easy to follow, though it is the stumbling blocks along the way that add greatness to the story. L’Etoile adds effective twists to keep the reader guessing and some sub-plots to entertain away from the gruesome nature of the central story. The reader can find something they enjoy and latch on, while things progress and regress throughout. I am eager to flow this series, should it happen, and will keep the author on my radar.

Kudos, Mr. L’Etoile, for being a shining beacon throughout this piece.

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When a prominent Sacramento businessman is killed and his wife injured in a brutal home invasion, Detective Emily Hunter and her partner Javier Medina are called in to investigate. At first glance, it seemed like a crime of opportunity gone wrong, but Emily soon finds there might be more to both the crime and the dead man. The high-stakes investigation also comes at a time when Emily is caring for her mother, who has early-inset Alzheimer's, and Emily struggles to balance her job with her personal life

Detectives Emily Hunter and Javier Medina are investigating the murder of Roger Townsend. Emily has also to try and balance her work and personal life as her mum has early-onset Alzheimer's. We get twist after twist in the fast=paced read. We aslo get some backstory. This is a well-written, multi=layered and action-packed read. The characters are well-developed and likeable. I loved the author's writing style.

I would like to thank #NetGalley #OceanviewPublishing and the author #JamesLEtoile for my ARC of #FaceOfGreed in exchange for an honest review.

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Terrific page turner. Just when I thought things were wrapped up something more happened. Many surprises along the way. Exciting moments. Clever murder mystery. Thanks to the publisher for providing a copy via NetGalley. My review is voluntary.

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This is the first book I have read by this author and really enjoyed the fast-paced detective story. This book was full of crime, corruption and betrayal with gang related violence. An extensive research project had to be completed to be able to place the clues and detectives in the right places. Impressive writing!

Emily is the main character and a very strong competitor in a male dominated world of detectives. Her and her partner Javier are called to the scene of a very prominent businessman's death. Roger's wife, Lori, had been hit over the head and unable to help with the scene investigation. Roger had been stabbed and shot. The safe randomly scrambled through leaving some valuable items behind, and clues that it was not a random act of violence. There had been a few gang-related home invasions that Sacramento had been known for. The Twists along the way will have you second guessing who to trust.
As the investigation grows stronger, they meet resistance from the police force and political influence. Greed plays a huge role as the title suggests. "Money is the root of all evil." "Cell phones should be added to that statement." It appears to be the theme lately with political influence covering corruption.
I loved the character Emily and could feel sympathy for her struggles. Her mom and a caretaker live with her to help with her dementia. She coped well to balance all she had on her and always out to prove she was one of the best detectives and deserved recognition for always doing what is right.
Thank you Netgalley and Oceanview Publishing for this ARC in exchange for my honest review.

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Thank you Net Galley and the publisher for an ARC of this book.
This is a page turner with Emily and her partner Javier they investigate a home invasion where the man is killed and his wife injured. Emily knows there is more to this. Not long after their lawyer is killed.,
Emily also has to balance taking care of her mother with early onset dementia.
This book did not disappoint.

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Was it a random home invasion or a calculated murder plot? This is what detectives Emily Hunter and Javier Medina must figure out after a prominent San Francisco businessman is killed, and his wife injured, during a brutal attack in their home.

As Emily and her partner Javier dig deeper, it is soon evident that there is more to the story. For one thing, shortly after the first incident, the businessman's lawyer is also murdered.

And the fact that the first victim was a good friend of the Mayor's and wielded influence in high places means the case is a political hot potato, adding a further layer of complications to an already charged situation.

The novel also brings up the issue of work life balance - or the lack thereof - very nicely. The reader is given the information that Emily's mother is suffering from early onset dementia and requires constant care. This is making Emily's life very difficult. And naturally, also interfering with her focus.

This story is a well-written and fast-paced police procedural. Emily, in particular, is enormously likeable and relatable, and the chemistry between her and Javier is impressive - funny and warm without being in the least suggestive of sexual undertones. An enjoyable read, all told.

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I liked this book but I just couldn't get into the story. I didn't like the writing style but overall the story was good.

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It's tough enough to work a complicated case, but when crooked politicians ( especially the mayor) tell the police chief how to manage the case and the detectives working it there is so much more. It isn't as though Detective Emily Hunter doesn't have enough problems at home with her mother's AD worsening. Fortunately her partner Detective Javier Medina's mother is great help. The case would be a nightmare even without the political hindrances, but the due diligence and a few helpful connections do help. A great read that will make an addictive series.
I requested and received an EARC from Oceanview Publishing via NetGalley. Thank you!

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Ambition, corruption, political and greed collide in Face of Greed, a police precedural/thriller by James L’Etoile. When Detective Emily Hunter and her partner Javier Medina arrive at the scene of a deadly home invasion, they find the body of a prominent businessman, philanthropist and political fundraiser dead on the floor. His throat has been slashed and his wife is being comforted by an overly familiar Mayor. Although Hunter and Medina find links to other cases, their investigation is quickly shut down. However, they continue and what they discover is far worse than they could imagine.

Face of Greed is a page turner and, I hope, the beginning of a new series. I liked the relationship between Hunter and Medina. Emily’s problem’s with her mother’s memory loss makes her a sympathetic character, one I would like to see more of. 5 stars.

Thank you to NetGalley

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Thank you NetGalley for giving me the chance to read this book ahead of time in exchange for a review. It didn't disappoint! Must read!!

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Thank you NetGalley and Oceanview Publishing for the copy of Face of Greed by James L’Etoile. I really liked the relationship between Emily and her mother and Emily’s struggle to balance her job with her personal responsibilities. I didn't connect with the crime until about the middle of the book when the story finally grabbed me. I think it took so long because I didn’t enjoy the writing style. In the end, this was a good book, just not great for me.

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What does the face of greed look like? This image stayed with me through out this novel. Written by a gifted author, this story moves quickly with realistic characters. The images are fascinating and lifelike. This book of fiction reads like nonfiction at times. Despite the interference of higher ups such as the mayor, this case is solved by talented officers. Red herrings kept me guessing, but always the face of greed kept appearing. Something about that title intrigued me. Thanks to the publisher and author for this electronic copy from Netgalley. I look forward to more novels by this author. This is a keeper.

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Face of Greed is an exciting and fast paced mystery/police procedural about a murder of a well known businessman and the brutal attack on his wife.

The two main characters a female and male detective are well developed and believable. The detectives are both struggling to balance their work and personal lives, and the difficult family dramas that affect them are ones many of us face today. The female detective’s relationship with her mother who is suffering from dementia showed sensitivity and compassion not often found in books of this genre. The depth of the writing shows the author has deep knowledge of the criminal justice system which makes the story very compelling.

The twists and turns in the story will keep you glued to the book until you finish the last word!

Thanks to NetGalley, publisher and author for the opportunity to read the book in exchange for my honest review.

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Thanks to the publisher and author for this ARC from Netgalley.. I've already posted my review on Goodreads. This is my first book from the author and was a page turner. I liked the female lead Emily who is very spontaneous and keen on her job. I also liked the way the story was told. It was like watching a crime/cop tv series in my head the whole time i read. and when you think you are done with the climax, there is another plot keeping you on the edge. The partnership between Emily and Javier was amazing, would love to see more of it coming if the author wishes to write a sequel.

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“Faces of Greed” by James L’Etoile is the latest book I have read and finished in just 3 sittings. This book is a classic police procedural novel that is written impeccably. I can hardly believe L’Etoile isn’t a bigger and well-known author than he already is. I really enjoy his attention to detail without going on too long with complicated police intricacies. This book was a fast read and it had some great twists along the way.

Faces of Greed is set in Sacramento, California which is my own hometown. It was really fun reading about places that are near and dear to my heart. The novel is centered around Detective Emily Hunter and the case she is currently working on, as well as her personal challenges at home with her mother’s advancing Dementia. Her partner Javier Medina is a well-rounded character that balances her personality very well. Their banter in the book was hilarious as well as sweet. I appreciated that their friendship was completely platonic without falling to the classic work partners trope.

The story line was very interesting and moved along quickly. The book begins with a home invasion robbery gone wrong. Without giving too much away, Hunter and Medina find themselves opening an even bigger can of worms as what appears to be a solo crime turns out to be so much more.

If you enjoy thrillers and police procedurals, check this book out. I look forward to reading more of L’Etoile’s work. A big thanks to Oceanview Publishing and NetGalley for issuing an advanced reader copy of “Faces of Greed” to myself in exchange for an honest review.

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Detective Emily Hunter and her partner Detective Javier Medina are working a murder case that has the mayor sticking his nose in, plus the Chief of Police is riding them for answers. Hunter also has her mother living with her. Her mother has dementia and doesn't get along well with the caregiver. Every time Hunter and Medina think they have a decent lead on the case, someone or something keeps them from the truth. A very intriguing story that shows how far some people will go for love and/or money. I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book.

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In “Face of Greed,” award-winning author, James L’Etoile introduces the reader to Detective Emily Hunter and partner, Detective Javier Medina, richly developed characters with real world problems that make them highly relatable.

Set in Sacramento, California, the story opens with the murder of a wealthy businessman and a brutal attack on his wife in what appears to be a home invasion gone wrong. As the victims are friends of the mayor, the case rapidly devolves into a political quagmire, hampering the detectives from running a thorough investigation. The mayor wants the case closed, the detectives want it solved.

Not big fans of walking on political eggshells, Emily and Javier continue to investigate the crime as discreetly as possible, which is a major challenge for Emily. The robbery-homicide investigation is not the only major challenge in Emily’s life, as she struggles to provide a safe home environment and ongoing care for her aging mother, who suffers from a rapid increase in cognitive decline.

As the investigation progresses, Detectives Hunter and Medina focus their attention on vicious gang members, a less-than-honorable attorney, who is later murdered, a prosecutor on the take and their number one suspect, the wife who claims she was brutally attacked.

With compelling characters, non-stop action and the authentic writing of James L’Etoile, “Face of Greed,” the first novel in “The Detective Emily Hunter Mystery Series,” is a triumph. Many thanks to Oceanview Publishing and NetGalley for the opportunity to review an advance reader’s copy of “Face of Greed.”

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Face of Greed is a fast paced police procedural involving the murders of prominent, well known and well connected lawyers. As the lead detective is pushed by the mayor to resolve the murders quickly, family issues interfere with her time. I found this to be an interesting book with good character development.

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