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The Greatest Capitalist Who Ever Lived

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This was an interesting story, and as someone who works in tech I thought it had good value/insight into the world of business, and the move from startup to large corporation. It was a bit dry at times

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Thomas Watson Junior took over IBM from his father who saw The company through the depression and thanks to seniors over optimism he fired no one when everyone else around the country were suffering 25% unemployment this biography reads like a very interesting fiction story but it is all true from TJ who is the senior Watson to Tom the son and there personal public and professional highs and lows an in the end why Thomas Watson Junior would be called the greatest capitalist to ever live although I am not big on the Fortune 500 list nor what it takes to get there I can honestly agree when I say I really liked him and his dad TJ. I do want to mention that these two men were Uber successful because of one woman and that was Tom’s grandmother and TJ‘s mom who despite him growing up on the farm she emphasize school work and even sent him to a different town to attend high school and by 1914 when Thomas Junior was born TJ would be going back to New York after having mega success with the national cash register company and a public scandal thanks to his bosses from that company but he would do like most farmers are taught to do and that is pick hisself up from the bootstraps and start again and this is why most of us now know the history of IBM if you want to read a very interesting story and a detailed account of its beginning then you definitely should read the greatest capitalist whoever lived written by an investigative journalist and the man’s grandson Ralph and kudos to both of them on a very interesting book I absolutely loved it and even went to look for the podcast where the two men actually met in person. This is a book I highly recommend in a book that I want to reiterate I found so Uber interesting!!! Don’t get it twisted this book isn’t just about business but about Tom Junior‘s depression that was so bad when he was away at camp he couldn’t even pull his self out of bed and it really worried his nine-year-old brother dick there’s things in this book that will make you laugh make you sad and things that will just make you go Hmmm. So if you like biographies that tells success stories and or stories where people try and try again until they get it right you definitely like this book. I want to thank the publisher Annette Galli for my free arc copy please forgive any mistakes as I am blind and dictate my review.

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This excellent biography, co-authored by Watson's grandson, covers the life of the iconic IBM CEO. Although it does not neglect his childhood and youth or his retirement years, the emphasis throughout is on his business career and his development as a leader. Much is made of his early support of computers and of the epic struggle to create the System/360.

My only concern about the book is that many readers unfamiliar with the early history of computers will not realize just how earth-shaking the 360 was.

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