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Gamer Girls: Monster Village

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I listened to this book with my daughter and we both really enjoyed it! My daughter loves to play video games and she was thrilled to listen to a story with me about other girl gamers her age. The story was fun and immersive. I highly recommend it! Thank you Netgalley for the ARC!

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This was such a sweet and enjoyable read!

I loved the characters and the way it was written was so charming and fun to read/listen to.

The audiobook quality was great as well and really added to the story.

I gave a 3☆ because for me a 4☆ is one I couldn't walk away from until finished and while fun, I wasn't on the edge of my seat.

I would 100% recommend this to lovers of middle grade fiction and will do so on my Booktube channel!

Thank you, Netgally for the advanced copy to review!

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Thank you for providing me the opportunity to review the audiobook "Gamer Girls: Monster Village”.
Great story and loved the narrator!
I am appreciative and leave my sincerity review voluntarily.

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Today I was looking for a good audiobook to keep me company and I was browsing on Netgalley when this title caught my eye. I game but wouldn't say I am a gamer, I do have a gamer partner. So, when I saw gamer girls, I got curious. The adviced reading age is 8-12 years, which I am since a very long time not anymore.
I started listening, thinking I would just use it as a quick audiobook for the day, not expecting much of it. But I have enjoyed it soooo much. This story is so well written. It catches the gaming vibe very well and illustrates in such a realistic way how as a gamer you can think about things. This is the second book in the serie, but in the beginning one of the friends shortly explains who they are, so you can also read it as a standalone. I loved the concept of four young girls, best friends who started gaming while they all have their own strengths and dreams (also not gaming related). And for once it also shows a different aspect of gaming, where it isn't all violence and killing. It shows a world of gaming, school and all the things young kids/girls have to deal with at school, home, with friends and families. I loved it!

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I am loving this series so much. I too am such a fan of cozy games. Those that play cozy games are also gamers! I love the Gamer Girls. It was awesome reading from Cece's point of view. I love the message of friendship and overcoming struggles in this book. I cannot wait to read more. Thank you to NetGalley and Andrews McMeel Audio for the arc in exchange for my honest review.

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Are these the new Babysitters Club?! But instead of babysitting, they GAME?!

Gamer Girls: Monster Village is the 2nd book in the Gamer Girls series. I'm a child of the 80's, so I can't help but think of these as the new, modern Babysitters Club, but instead of babysitting, they game!

Each book takes the turn of one of the best friends in the Gamer Girls streaming club. Gnat vs Sypder introduced us to Natalie and in Monster Village, we get Celia's POV. We learn more about Celia (who is the Claudia Kishi of the Gamer Girls) and her love of an Animal Crossing-esque game called Monster Village. I binged this audiobook in an afternoon, and loved getting to know the girls a bit better! Like the first book, Monster Village tackles real life issues like friendship, insecurity, and jealousy in the sweetest of ways. The audio is great and very well acted.

If you've got tween girls in your life (or you just need a break from horror and thriller reads), I highly recommend!

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This is a book meant for kids, but as an adult female who likes playing video games (mostly 3rd person rpg, narrative, fighting sorts of games rather than more casual cozy games), this is a cute book normalizing girls in the gaming and streaming space and embracing their own strengths.

Yay for representation! (also some very low key/blink-and-you'll-miss-it non-binary, and pan/queer representation).

The main character of this book is Celia, a creative 8th grader who is much more of a creative cozy gamer than her friends, who prefer games with more action. She and her friends struggle when it doesn't seem like they're seeing eye to eye when it comes to the games they want to stream for their group Gamer Girls because they have different strengths. Celia leans on her Grandmother among others for guidance, and there are instances of conflicts and misunderstandings among friends.

The book version is said to be illustrated (?), so while the narrator is engaging, by nature of being an audiobook, there isn't a visual element like one would have in the ebook or printed copy.

As an adult, I found this potentially less interesting to listen to a book about people streaming about playing video games, but I could see this being much more interesting for younger kids in the intended demographic. This is also 2nd in the series with a 3rd due out near new year.

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