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I previously read this authors work and loved it so much and I was looking forward to reading this so much. I was so excited to start this and was immediately hooked and couldn't put this down. I loved the fun, witty humour that meshed well with the darker parts of the story (which I don't want to spoil but there is some sensitive topics). Although I did guess some of the twists I still loved reading this and I highly recommend.

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I’ve read Katy Brent’s debut, How To Kill Men And Get Away With It, and absolutely loved it. So when I got the opportunity to read an ARC of her next book I was so excited!
I read this book in just 2 days. It kept me hooked with its witty yet gripping plot. Humour is well balanced with the darker, emotional side of the story, still fitting in more sensitive topics such as SA and suicide.
I had my suspicions of a lot of the characters and liked how it concluded.
I definitely recommend taking a look at these 2 books if you haven’t already!

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The story is told by Molly Monroe who wakes up after her Christmas party to find she has gone viral on the internet and her best friend Posey dead.
I thought the book started off great but I found the murder plot weak and the ending was very obvious. Slightly disappointed as so many others loved it - but for me it was just an ok read.
With thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for this arc in exchange for an honest review.

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This is my second book by Katy Brent and enjoyed this as much as her first. She can write thrillers so expertly. I didn't guess the twists at all but I couldn't stop reading!

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When I started this book I’d forgotten that I’d already loved a book by this author so I thought it was going to be just another book about a washed up thirty something who drank too much and got into horrendous scrapes. But then the real story kicked in and I was absolutely hooked. Not your usual murder mystery that ends up tied in a neat little bow. Witty,, dark writing that I absolutely love. Fabulous.

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I thought this book was going to be a very lighthearted read, it quickly took a turn. When the heroine of the story awakes, she finds herself at home in bed with a stranger after a drunken works do. She goes to work only to find she has gone viral after a video of her performing a sex act is posted online. Just when she thinks things cannot get worse she discovers her best friend is missing.
This book was a real page turner and though the subject was quite deep, it was well written. Would read this author again.
I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

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Molly Monroe, a journalist for a tween magazine goes out on a night out with work. She wakes up the next morning violently hungover and with a handsome man, Jack, in her bed. She can’t remember anything about the night before.

Later, when she gets in to work, she discovers that whilst she was drunk she was caught in an uncompromising position with another man on the streets of London. Surprisingly, that’s the least of her worries as her best friend and flatmate Posey is found dead. The police decide the death was accidental but Molly suspects different. It’s up to her to prove otherwise and find justice for Posey.

I absolutely loved this book. The writing is hilarious, and at time darkly comedic, and I was hooked from the beginning. The author does a fantastic job of fleshing out Molly and other female characters and showing those ignorant (hopefully no one) of the crap that women have to deal with.

You're hit with twist after twist and just when you think all has been revealed, the truth smacks you in the face. In short, it's riveting, gripping feminist story about friendship, misogyny and murder. I'm rushing to buy How To Kill Men And Get Away With It and I can't wait to read whatever comes next. Highly recommend.

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What can I say, Katy Brent does it again! Another absolutely epic book. I've read it in less than 24 hours, I was hooked from the start, Such a brilliant story put together, with really amazing characters that just come to life through her writing. So many twists that I wasn't expecting, and what I was expecting, wasn't true. Katy will be on my go to author list forever.
I'm so grateful to have been offered this e-arc in exchange for an honest review, thank you to the author, publisher and netgalley.

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This was a very fun, very fast read! The perfect comedy thriller to get anyone out of a reading slump.

Molly Monroe is a great character who I really enjoyed reading (even if she did cry her way through everything) and the central mystery was well told - had me guessing right up to the reveal!

I'll definitely read Katy Brent again, got me hooked!

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When Molly Monroe wakes up next to a strange man she has to search her extremely hungover brain for what happened the night before. The good looking man and herself are both fully clothed so that rules out sex, so who is he and why can’t she remember anything? Did she really drink that much?

As Molly tries to piece things together, a crippling anxiety washes over her as she makes her way into work. She swears the girls on the bus are laughing at her but she doesn’t know them so how can they be. When she walks into work, all eyes on her she realises maybe she’s not imagining it. But what she finds out is so big and awful, she’s not sure she can get over it. She needs her best friend Posey? Has she seen what is now everywhere? Why isn’t she picking up her phone? This must be one of the worst days of Molly Monroes life!

After reading How to kill men and get away with it I knew I had to read this book by the same author and let me tell you, it was brilliant!

From start to finish it had me absolutely gripped. There wasn’t a moment where I wanted to stop reading. It was jam packed with mystery, action and unexpected twists that had me on the edge of my seat. I didn’t want it to end but I just couldn’t stop reading. Easily one of my top books this year. Highly recommend checking it out!

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Obsessed with this! I read how to kill men and get away with it , Katy’s previous book and adored it, I was so excited to get into this but was worried it wouldn’t live up to the previous book. I was so pleased , The murder after the night before is everything I wanted it to be and more! Katy has such a great way of writing bad ass strong willed women & writing exactly what we’re all thinking! I won’t ruin the story as it’s best to go in blind but I’ve recommended this to everyone on my Instagram & my friends!

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Thank you, NetGalley and HQ Stories for this eARC!

I am shook. I loved How to Kill Men and Get Away with It (her last book), so I was almost scared to read this because:
1) It’s Katy Brent and Hot to Kill Men was so, so good and so, so twisted,
2) I wasn’t sure if this would “live up” to my expectations because of how much I loved her last book.

And oh my goodness… I loved this SO much! So much drama, so many twists and turns; I gasped out loud multiple times.
Brent managed to set the pace so beautifully— the first few pages slowly build us up: we know something has happened, but we don’t know what it is. Then, it speeds up and we’re right there with Molly’s desperation, frustration and all that action.
And the climax! My goodness. I had an ever so slight inkling, not going to lie, but up until the last moment, it could have been anyone— and that is the strength of Brent’s writing.
There was a moment where I thought I found a loophole (Fulham— IYKYK) but nope! I was so wrong, and I am SO happy about that. I wasn’t unhappy with the ending, nor with the “motivation”, because of how well Brent managed to put all the pieces together. I can’t wait to reread this and see if I see things differently now that I know the ending.

I am also in LOVE with Brent’s writing style; she makes it look so effortless. Her writing is incredibly vivid and just so darn funny. Katy Brent has nicely made herself comfortable in my list of favourite authors!

Can’t wait for her next book :)

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The Murder After the Night Before by Katy Brent

This is a very gripping, dark and thrilling novel that explores many issues that face modern day women. The plot was packed full of drama and was fast-paced all the way through. We begin by focusing on Molly and the video of her that is leaked over social media. We are gripped right from the beginning, as the readers are made to feel desperately sorry for Molly and the hate she is receiving from commenters online. The author makes a social commentary here on "keyboard warriors" and how the hate messages we so frivolously type can have serious impacts on the person reading them. The use of this video also allows the author to make a social commentary on the double standards regarding gender and what is acceptable for each gender to do. Molly is bullied relentlessly online following the video leaking and is called a heap of rude, offensive names due to it. However, the man in the video is seen to be a legend, which calls into focus the double standards we have around gender and promiscuity. It is clear to us readers that this video should be classed as sexual assault, considering Molly was blackout drunk at the time, so it also makes a good point to the readers about consent.

Alongside the issue of Molly's video, the readers are also attempting to untangle the mystery surrounding Posey's death. These multiple plot lines ensure there is never a dull moment throughout the book and readers are kept interested and on the edge of their seat throughout. The author does a very good job at hiding crucial facts from the readers, whilst also throwing in enough red herrings to keep us guessing. I became incredibly paranoid whilst reading this, very much like how Molly felt trying to piece together the circumstances of her friend's death, as I was constantly second-guessing every character and their intentions. I found the reveal at the end to be a very good way to finish such an intense book and thought it very nicely tied up all of the loose ends.

The main aspect of this book which led to me rating it so highly, was the authors writing style. I have hear brilliant things about Katy Brent's writing, so I really wanted to experience it for myself. I was not disappointed. The author writes with such incredibly wit that you find yourself giggling at the most inappropriate times due to the things her characters say/do. In a book with such heavy topics included, having the characters be witty, sassy and enjoyable to read, really helps to lighten the reading experience. The author very cleverly and skillfully balances the comedic aspects with the serious, heavy-hitting plot line to create an immensely enjoyable and well-written novel.

The characters are also very well crafted. Molly is a very likable character, which makes the readers feel even more sympathetic towards her and her struggles, but she is also flawed which makes her seem more real and less like she is simply words on a page. I rooted for Molly all the way through and felt myself becoming quite emotionally attached to her character and her attempts to uncover the circumstances of Posey's death. Even Posey who, although we never meet her when she is alive, has a whole background to the character and is full formed through the way Molly describes her which such detail.

I rated this book a 5 out of 5 stars. I am incredibly impressed with this author and have fallen in love with the way she writes. The humorous way in which she tells this dark story makes this a very enjoyable read. I will definitely be picking up her earlier books, as I have really enjoyed reading her work. Thank you to Netgalley and Katy Brent for providing me with this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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Molly Monroe wakes up the morning after her work Christmas party to find a stranger in her bed and no recollection of how he got there. She has no memory of the night before. A strange man in her bed is the least of her problems when she later learns that a video of her has gone viral. As if things couldn’t get any worse, she then discovers her flatmate and best friend is dead.

Every so often you read a book that you wish everyone else was reading at the same time so you could talk about it, The Murder After The Night Before is one of those books. Last year I was fortunate enough to receive a copy of the audiobook, How To Kill Men And Get Away With It by Katy Brent. I thoroughly enjoyed the story, finding the lead character, Kitty Collins, a breath of fresh air and hoping for a sequel. The Murder After The Night Before isn’t that sequel (I believe a sequel is due in 2025), it’s a standalone novel but I think it’s on a completely different level.

Katy Brent has outdone herself with a novel that shines a light on the seamier side of culture. From the very beginning you feel unsettled. Our lead character, Molly Monroe, has no recollection of the events of the previous night. This means Molly is just as much in the dark as the reader. As Molly tries to put the pieces together you have an uneasy feeling that something isn’t quite right. That uneasy feeling persists as Molly makes her way to work, explaining away the strange looks she’s getting as a result of her hungover appearance. It is only once Molly gets to work that the full horror of the situation is revealed.

At this point in the story, I was filled with absolute rage as we witness the hateful side of social media. Misogyny is rife and users feel they can say whatever they want, with no regard to the consequences. The way in which men and women are judged differently by society is very clear.

Molly is in shock and it is understandable that she chooses to hide away. She is shunned by people she once relied on, even her best friend and flatmate seems to be ignoring her. When her friend is found dead Molly initially blames herself. As she slowly pieces together the memories she is missing Molly learns that her friend, who was a journalist, was investigating the disappearance of a young girl. A disappearance that the media doesn’t seem interested in. As we discover the way in which people with power control the media disbelief turns to anger. As Molly learns that stories such as her viral video are used to deflect attention the reader can’t help but consider the way in which the general public is manipulated by the press.

As the conclusion approaches you are extremely concerned about Molly’s well-being. I was also on a knife-edge regarding one character in particular. While all the answers are revealed in the end, I do feel that there is a little loose thread that could allow us to see the return of @MollyMonroeNotMunro.

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I really got hooked on this book just by reading the description , i wanted to read it so bad so when i was accepted on netgally i was so excited.

This comedy/thriller was really easy to follow, and it was well paced.

I really liked Molly she was a likeable FMC. Triggers include assault, suicide, murder and social media trolls.

This was my first time reading from Katy brent and really enjoyed it, i cant wait to read more of her books.

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A comedy thriller this is a really well paced and easy to read book. Molly is a great protagonist that so many women will relate to. The humour is well pitched (i especially loved her talking to herself but actually talking out loud). Its a page turner and the storyline hits a lot of important topics about women, social media, grief. I did feel frustrated at certain points - the big reveal about the death of lulu was in the form of voice messages that felt rushed to me and not as believable as all the other really great unveilings (also small things - like you don't wait for a gate to be announced before you check in). These are small quibbles. It's a really smart, well plotted book with great characterisation so that you really feel you are going along the ride with Molly and rooting for her from the outset.

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I was so happy I got a chance to read this ARC after reading “how to kill men and get away with it” Which I loved, the style writing was perfect.
It wouldn’t have normally been a book I picked up but it’s one of my top reads of 2023. So I was excited to give this a go!

Not as darkly comic as her debut novel which had me laughing at loud, but still had some funny moments throughout.
It makes me sad how easily something like can spread.
Overall, it was very well written and the story was neatly concluded! Although how did she get the bottle of wine through the airport security?

I really liked Molly she was a likeable FMC. Triggers include assault, suicide, murder and social media trolls.

“Shit happens so balance it out”

Thanks to NetGalley for the opportunity to read this arc.

I highly recommend this book. Expected publication date June 2024

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This book was absurd, witty, gripping, and darkly comic all at once! The plot was fitting for our age, and Molly was definitely a very likeable (albeit flawed) character. I breezed through the first half of the book and loved the interplay between humour and mystery throughout. If you are looking for a captivating read that masterfully distracts you from real life, this is for you! “The Murder After the Night Before” is due for release in Feb 2024 and you can pre-order a copy today!
Thank you NetGalley and HQ for the eARC!

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I loved this book!

Thank you, once again to Netgalley and HQ Stories for the advanced reader copy.

I discovered Katy Brent earlier in the year, but hadn't actually read her first book until recently. Her titles just scream with appeal to my twisted sense of humour, and it sounded like How to Kill Men and Get Away With It would be my perfect cup of tea. I was right! I was hoping for something along the lines of How to Kill Your Family or My Sister the Serial Killer - this was so much better!

So, when I saw Brent's second novel on Netgalley I was quick to put in my request.

Meet Molly Monroe - journalist for preteen girl magazine and a bit of an all-round disaster zone. Molly has found herself in a whole heap of trouble following her office Christmas party which she can barely remember, but worse than that, her beloved flatmate and best friend is lying dead in the bath. Police have ruled it as a tragic accident but Molly is certain that there is something far more sinister afoot here. Molly must use all her wits and journalistic skills to uncover the mystery of what Posey was investigating, whilst also trying to steer her own life back onto a better course.

Whilst I'm not one who is really bothered about trigger warnings, this book should come with a number: murder, suicide, sexual assault, addiction, trauma, misogyny.

The plot is well-written and I managed to read this in a day (I'm by no means a quick reader, I just could not put it down). You need to keep reading due to the incredibly fast pace. The main characters are well drawn out and it is impossible not to feel extreme sympathy for Molly.

I particularly liked how Brent interwove the story with Twitter (X) posts reflecting the awful society we live in with regards to criticising and judging the actions of others, particularly women. Brent's books do seem to have a theme running through them with regards to hammering the patriarchy and the misogynistic treatment of women, particularly in the wake of the #metoo movement.

I felt that this book did not contain as much of the black humour as Brent's previous book, but Molly's narrative (particularly her thoughts spoken aloud when she thinks they're in her head!) to be refreshing and entertaining.

I am definitely on the lookout for future Brent books!

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I enjoyed this book, it was well written and liked the narrative. I enjoyed some of the humour within the novel as well.

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