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Soap opera past meets modern day twist....

I had a particular affinity for this book. Why? As a great granddaughter of a duke, whose grandmother had an arranged marriage in Hawaii, this book resonates. This is about Rufus, the Viscount St. Ives needs to marry and marry well, as in want of an incredibly wealthy wife, to save his titled family from financial ruin. He has two solid, rich choices to woo at his sister's wedding. But he really wants his life long best friend, and poor girl next door, Eden Tong. Eden and Rufus have a long history of communicating sweetly with each other, no matter where in the world they were.

There is the backstory set in 1995 (of course there's a connected backstory).
The present day story that takes place in England, the Big Island and Asia.
Recommend for more over the top, crazy money fun. Although, there is no surprise with how the money sitch ends.

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Another fun, escapism read from Kevin Kwan - true romance, people behaving badly, insane wealth, sibling issues, and a bunch of crazy characters. If you liked the "Crazy Rich Asians" series then you'll enjoy Lies and Weddings.

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This was exactly the book I needed to read this week! It was so much fun. I laughed, I gasped and I got to make fun of LA, which is a favorite pastime of all Angelenos.

As always, Kevin crafts wonderful, superficial, characters mixed in with some true gems. His story pacing is perfect, and I love how scandalous his books are.

I hope this book is also turned into a movie. If you’re looking for a fun read, put this on preorder now!

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According to his mother, Rufus Leung Gresham must marry a wealthy woman to save his family from ruin. The family’s seemingly unlimited funds have been squandered but society is not yet the wiser.

Determined to help her son snag a woman of means, his parents throw his sister an over-the-top Hawaiian wedding. When a volcano erupts at the wedding, and a hot mic exposes a secret affair, everything seems to be going up in flames.

Told from a few perspectives, this story is heavy on the drama but light on the communication. It portrays the majority of aristocrats as extravagant ninnies only concerned with money and their reputation, spending little time on underlying motivations. In short, it’s a fun lark but don’t go in expecting depth.

Why I Liked It: While not quite up to Crazy Rich Asians’ level of juicy, this story is still filled with all the scheming, sex, and showboating I’ve come to expect from Kevin Kwan. I listened to my copy and found myself thoroughly entertained during household chores.

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The characters and dialogue were wooden and clunky. The plot was beyond predictable. This should have been a romp, but felt like a slog.

Thanks to Netgalley for the advance copy.

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Lies and Weddings is a fun, if slightly predictable, read. I found that it lacked both the charm and evocative descriptions of Crazy Rich Asians. While I very much enjoyed Eden, the multiple locales and large cast work against the book as a whole. I found that many characters were flat and real consequences didn’t seem to exist.

A solid beach read, but not a must read.

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The author of Crazy Rich Asians is back in his new novel, Lies and Wedding. I have been able to read every book by Kevin Kwan so far, and overall, I really enjoy his writing. I will say, and this could totally be a "me" thing lately, I did have a little bit of trouble keeping all of the characters straight. It is almost like there are 3 stories going on at once, and I had to write down names and descriptions to keep everyone straight. In some ways, this one feels a lot more character driven than his previous novels. Kevin Kwan is the master at creating luxurious and opulent settings, and readers who loved that in his previous novels will find that here as well. Kwan also does a fantastic job of incorporating culture into his stories, and I really felt like I was transported to another world. Wedding season is in full bloom, and Lies and Weddings is the perfect summer read. Thank you to the publisher for giving me the chance to read an early copy of this book.

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I was a huge fan of Kevin Kwan's Crazy Rich Asians series and the movie. Lies and Weddings was another book showcasing what this author does best. Aside from giving us a glimpse into the lives of the 1%, he shows us how utterly ridiculous and hilarious the obscenely wealthy are. It's very reminiscent of another of my favorite authors, the late Dominick Dunne, except Mr. Dunne's novel mostly revolved around NYC's elite.

The story was narrated via dual timelines, and although the former was sporadically sprinkled in, it didn't take long for me to figure out how both timelines were connected. However, there were still many laugh out loud moments to keep me entertained. I can 100% see this novel being a very popular beach read.

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So much jet setting, I think I have private jet lag!
Finally back to the spirit of “Crazy Rich Asians”, there’s a new book from Kevin Kwan and, don’t worry, it’s much better than “Sex and Vanity”. It’s been so long since I’ve read all the books but I think I would put it behind the “Crazy Rich Asians” series but not too far. It’s long like others of his, almost 500 pages I believe, but moves quickly like it’s predecessors.

No matter how much money you have, this book will make you feel poor, but also thankful that your family, hopefully, is not as nearly messed up as the Greshams. The twist with this book is that it’s set and centers around British aristocracy, taking up the popular theme of flat broke patriarchs. Just like classic romances, there’s a mother who would do anything to marry her children off well, especially when she finds out that she’s broke.

We knew it was coming early on, but I wasn’t sure how it would actually come together and I liked it. Eden, of course, was way too understanding of Arabella (pardon me, The Right Honorable the Countess of Greshamsbury), after her horrendous treatment, but it seems to make sense for Eden who is a kind, understanding person.

I don’t want to give too much away and this book is definitely not for everyone, but if you’ve missed books in the spirit of “Crazy Rich Asians” (and what happened to the rest of the movies by the way) then I think you would enjoy this. Of course it could be picked apart a million ways. The footnotes are over the top and hard to follow, but I think that’s the point, just as every new character is followed by their entire education background. Do people really know that many artists and designers names or creations just by sight? It would be interesting to know who all is and what, like the ridiculous hotspots in LA, are figments of Kwan’s imagination. The book goes all over the place but as I said, this moved faster than many books half its length and was an enjoyable escape with a little bit of everything and a lot of a lot.

Thank you to NetGalley and Doubleday Books for providing me with a free advanced copy of this book in exchange for my unbiased review.

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This ambitious, hilarious, glamours, and globetrotting book has it all! Juicy gossip, rich people behaving badly, childhood friends to lovers, betrayal, high society scheming, hidden identities/family secrets, sex, and murder!

Rufus Leung Gresham, son of a Duke and former Hong Kong supermodel, would rather make art and life in a surfsude shack in Hawaii than run his father's title or trust. However, when it is revealed their family is flat BROKE, his scheming mother is determined Rufus must marry for money, and quickly. His sister's glitzy wedding will include international high society's most elite attendees, so it is the perfect setting for Rufus to find a match. But instead, a volcanic eruption/hot lava flow literally disrupts the nuptials, and then Rufus is caught in a compromising situation with his childhood best friend and 'humble' doctor, Eden Tong, the Gresham family's plans and reputation are ruined. Rufus must now scramble to make things right as he globetrots from Hawaii to Marrakech to Los Angeles and back to England to save his family and possibly find love.

Every scene is sophisticated and dripping with high fashion labels! It is so fun to see 'how the other half lives' and realize their families have the same amount of drama and complicated relationships. Kwan's skill for social satire, witty humor, and skillful dialogue make this read a pure joy. It was easy to fully immerse myself in the world and characters he's created. I loved the flashbacks to Hong Kong in the 90's and the secret scandals and twist that made the plot propulsive and quite the page-turner. This book is a genre bending read that will charm readers who love romance, family sagas, mystery, and contemporary fiction.

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This was yet another fun book by this author. I enjoyed reading more about this crazy world of excess with a new cast of characters. I thought both Eden and Rufus were interesting, relatable, and well developed characters. I wish there was some more development of Bea and Augie to make their storylines more impactful. Arabella was infuriating and my one problem with the book is that even at the end, there were no consequences or repercussions for her actions. She didn't grow or learn anything and I felt disappointed and angry by this. If you enjoy previous books by this author definitely check this one out!

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I enjoyed Kwans previous book, i really wanted to dive into this one but i was having a hard time keeping up with the characters being introduced and get hooked to the story line. I did preorder a signed copy and will be giving this read another try.

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All the trappings of a Kevin Kwan novel, with lavish parties and jetsetting to international destinations. There's also plenty of family drama and hilarity!

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My first Kwan was read poolside in 95° weather, which was Crazy Rich Asians… that sparked my love for this author. Call me a Kevin Kwan completist! OBSESSED! I don’t think I have read a story with so many locations, characters, personalities, glitz, glam and gossip! PURE CHAOS… and he knows how to walk you through it. If you’re familiar with Kwan’s work you know you are in for a treat. This is the book you want to take on vacation with you.

A very very very brief glimpse inside… Rufus’s wealthy family, is well, not so wealthy anymore. His mom has great plans on him marrying for money to help the family but Rufus has other plans… forget money he wants to marry for love, which means he must confess his love for the girl next door!

What he manages to pack or really unpack in this soap opera like novel is really well written and full of arm chair travel! I can’t get enough of his books and may need to do a Kwan backlist re-read!

Thank you Doubleday and PRH Audio! 📖

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Can Kevin Kwan do anything wrong? This was SO good.
I could not put this down, loved the story, was completely obsessed with all of the characters and absolutely LOVED the setting.

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⭐️: 4/5

Rufus Gresham, future Duke of Greshambury, and his family live a life of glamour and excess, while hiding the truth that they’re under a gargantuan mountain of debt. The solution, according to his mother, is for him to seduce and marry a woman with money. However, his heart is telling him to pursue the girl next door, the daughter of a doctor, Eden Tong. When a volcanic eruption interrupts the nuptials of his sister, ruining the family’s reputation, is the dukedom done for, or will it rise from the ashes?

I always have so much fun reading Kevin Kwan’s books. I watched the movie adaptation of Crazy Rich Asians (which I actually liked more than the book) in order to hype myself up for this one, and it worked. I think that if I didn’t already put myself in the mindset of being in this world of excess, this book would have been harder to get into for me, since even so, it took until about 25% for me to figure out the characters and their motivations, and what the central conflict was going to be. There’s a super huge cast of characters, as per usual, but only a few that have meaningful POVs, so once I figured out who those were going to be, the reading experience was overall smoother. One thing I could do without, but also fully know is a hallmark of a book by Kwan, is the rampant use of footnotes in order to explain rich people things. Like, they’re useful for the translations, but otherwise, it’s just a lot. I was hooked by the end of this book though, and the ending was so perfect on all counts.

Thank you to @netgalley and @doubledaybooks for this free eARC in exchange for my review!!

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Lies and Weddings by Kevin Kwan is a delightful and intricately woven tale of family dynamics that unfolds across various exotic locations, spanning from Hawaii to Venice, Los Angeles, and the English countryside. This beach-ready novel portrays affluent individuals clad in designer attire, engaging in humorous and scandalous behavior. A summer must-read!

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I've been a @kevinkwan fan for years & the Crazy Rich Asian series is one of my favorites! This book follows Rufus, the son of an English earl and former model from Hong Kong, and his best friend since childhood, Eden Tong, as they navigate several weddings, the antics of the wildly rich, and the potential financial downfall of generational wealth that may require Rufus to marry heiress Martha Dung to save his family's legacy. I enjoyed the various settings this book explored and the trademark Keven Kwan humor (there was even a very funny reference to Sima Auntie #iykyk). The vibes were definitely similar to Crazy Rich Asians while explore a new plot that contained elements of mystery which added a great layer to the plot. For all the Crazy Rich Asians & Keven Kwan fans, this book is definitely for us! Highly recommend & the perfect read for AAPI Heritage month!

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Another billionaire family with the world at their fingertips, yet nothing is what it seems in Lies and Weddings. The level of extreme wealth in this story is so overtop with its laughable moments. In Kwan fashion, antics are precipitated by one families dynamics.

You'll root for Roofus to extricate himself from his mother's prescribed plan. You'll feel all the feels for Arabella, as she tries to manipulate situations, including her intense desire to protect her family and their wealth. The Tong's are such a loving father and daughter even though secrets shroud their present.

Lies, deceit, lavish weddings and world-wide travels is what fans of Kwan have come to expect, and this book didn't disappoint.

Thank you, Doubleday

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✨ Review ✨ Lies and Weddings by Kevin Kwan

Thanks to Doubelday and #netgalley for the gifted advanced copy/ies of this book!

Okay the question everyone will want to know was how does this compare to Crazy Rich Asians...Now it's been a while since I've read CRA, but I think I loved this even more.

I'd describe this as Gossip Girl meets Jane Austen meets Arrested Development and that should give you an idea of the pure chaos that awaits in these pages.

An adaptation of Trollope's Doctor Thorne, this has the familiar setup of class (and race) difference of the fancy manor house and the cottage next door. (Now Dr.) Eden Tong grew up next to the Gresham family and was dear friends with Rufus, Augie, and Bea. Now they're all adults, and the Greshams are facing marriage via their mother.

The book starts with Augie getting married in Hawaii, where things quite literally erupt, and the book takes us through a series of weddings, lies, and sensational reveals.

Without revealing too much, this book has lots of jetsetting travels, complicated family relationships, and mama drama that truly only compares to the one and only Cecile Bluth. We get the typical name-dropping fashionable descriptions of people and places that we can expect from Kwan, along with several truly jaw-dropping weddings.

This book is filling with drama, exotic (and mundane) places, and a whole lotta fun! It's hard to pin this to a single genre because I don't think it's just romance or women's fiction, but...I'm not really sure what it is, other than a delight to read! :)

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫 (4.5)
Pub Date: May 21 2024

Read this if you like:
⭕️ colorful descriptions of people and places (complete with brand names)
⭕️ shocking family drama
⭕️ Jane Austen-style manors and mansions family/money narratives
⭕️ traveling around the world in a book

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