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I requested this book based on the cover, not realizing that it is 3 shorter stories, and I was pleasantly surprised! It may be hot here and almost summer, but these stories got me right into the Christmas spirit. So fun!

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I don’t know what I was expecting but I certainly was t expecting this. I wasn’t a fan of the different short stories.

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I found all three stories to be very cute. The first one I was left just want just a little bit more from them. It felt very sudden. The second one gave me very much the prince and me vibes. The third one was a lot of fun and probably my favorite of the group.

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The Mistletoe Season will warm your heart like a mug of hot chocolate.

The Mistletoe Season is three separate stories.

The first two are not written in first person which is different for this genre and I believe they will appeal more to a mature reader.

The last story, Say No To Mistletoe (and my favorite among the 3) is written in first person and has those self smiling effects. You know, when you’re reading a story and find you’ve been smiling while you do. It has that.

I deducted a star only because Return to Mistletoe had multiple POV within the same chapter and two of the stories felt a bit dated and had character names that didn’t flow well.

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Thank you for the ARC!

I appreciated that this was different stories in one book, I just am not a fan of holiday themed books, and unfortunately this book was the one to open my eyes to that. I'm all for romance books but holiday ones are too lovey for me and this was the same case.

Thank you for the opportunity to read it!

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First of all, thank you netgalley for the ARC granted to me. A miscellanious of short christmas stories that were good to spend time with. I wasn't quite engajed as much as I wanted , however I could appreciate the narratives.

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I've only read one of these authors before but I have enjoyed Pepper Basham's Skymar series so I decided to give this collection a shot. I was glad I did. Each story differs from the others but the mistletoe ties them all in.

Return to Mistletoe by Kathleen Fuller
I enjoyed the story overall but it was marred by the repeated use of the word 'lass'. I get why it was in the story but for whatever reason, its use grates upon me as much as the using babe as a pet name. I don't like either of them so 'lass' kept irritating me. Probably not going to bug most people though and I was glad they got their HEA. 4*

Mistletoe Prince by Pepper Basham
I have been enjoying the Skymar series so I was happy to get to spend a little time with their prince. I liked him and how supportive he was with Charlie. Their meet cute wasn't very cute. In fact it was messy and kinda gross but them looking beyond that to see the best in each other was made all the sweeter by it. Had some Christian themes. 5*

Say No to Mistletoe by Sheila Roberts
While I'm often not a big fan of first person stories, the opening chapter of this one was delightful and wouldn't have been so much without being told in first person. And I was sold. I enjoyed the story and was so relieved when the mean girl was outed. Whew! This could almost be an insta-love story except that she had a crush on him for many years. So it was kinda a second chance trope except they had never been together. They just shared one mistletoe kiss in high school. And it didn't go well. I was happy for them to get their HEA too. 5*

Overall, I enjoyed this collection of stories. It was a fun read.

No sex, language or violence

*I received a complimentary copy of this book through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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How cute! I would've loved this one in December to give off all the winter vibes, however I still enjoyed it in the spring :) The three different endings was different, and I loved that!

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I enjoyed these 3 Christmas stories as they are all different. 2 of the 3 authors are new-to-me.
Return to Mistletoe by Kathleen Fuller had some fun twists as the two main characters are in their 40's and the single mother has an adult daughter. Loved the romance between the main female and her best friend's brother Kieran who has an Irish accent.
Mistletoe Prince by Pepper Basham had me overjoyed as it's about a prince falling in love with an American. I enjoyed Ellie's brother Arran and Luke's cousin Charlotte aka Charlie's developing relationship as they worki together to plan a Christmas festival. Charlie has some personal struggles to work through, and I enjoyed her charity.
Say No to Mistletoe by Sheila Roberts was a cute story about writer Hailey's mistletoe mishaps, her coming home, and her developing relationship with her brother's friend. The ending had a pleasant one.
I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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This book had three different stories. Not entirely my cup of tea - all the books just skimmed the surface of their characters, but it was still very Christmassy.

Thank you to Net Galley and the publishers for this ARC. All views are my own.

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I loved these three Christmas stories . a quick read as the stories were not long. I really enjoyed the book.

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This book was really good. I love reading Christmas books all year because they are always so positive. I love how this one had three different but good endings to it. I'm grateful that netgalley and the publishers let me read this in exchange for a good review

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I usually give novellas a 3 star rating because it usually ends up that I love some of the stories but there are often others that I don't like as much. Each of these were really cute and I liked them all, so I'm giving this collection 4 stars. The Pepper Basham story wasn't as Christmassy as the others (as you'll see in my individual review for that story) but I still liked it a lot and it would make a good early Christmas read.

<b>Return to Mistletoe (Kathleen Fuller) – 4 stars</b>

This was a very sweet best friend's brother romance. It was also a bit unusual in that both protagonists were in their 40s which is not something usually seen in romance fiction, so that was a fun twist. I loved all the Christmas feels in the two of Mistletoe, especially the Christmas firework display! That sounded so fun! The romance was sweet and cute. I believe I had only read Amish novellas by this author before so it was fun to read a contemporary by her.

<b>A Mistletoe Prince (Pepper Basham) – 3.5 stars</b>

I didn't know at first, but this novella connects to the "Skymar" series (which includes the titles <i>Authentically Izzy, Positively Penelope, </i>and<i> Loyally Luke</i>) but it can be read as a standalone. (I haven't read that series but I had no difficulties following along.) This had a very Hallmark feel to it with a prince falling in love with a commoner as they work together to plan a Christmas festival. It was cute, but not terribly Christmassy until the end. It starts around the beginning of November and moves forward from there. I really liked Charlie's charity and the sweet things that they did for others. I was somewhat apprehensive about this story going in because I had read another book by this author that had a lot of questionable content for a work of Christian fiction, but I am happy to say that this was pretty sweet and clean overall. It was a nice little story. I just wish it had been a liiiiittle more Christmassy than it was. Because it starts early in November, I would say this would be a good read for early in the holiday season.

<b>Say No to Mistletoe (Sheila Roberts) – 4 stars</b>

As with the first Christmas novella I read by this author, I really liked the writing style. It pulled me right into the story. It was similar to that story as well, though I don't think they were connecting in any way. The story was very cute and the romance was super sweet. I liked all the Christmas things that they did together and I liked reading about all of Hailey's mistletoe mishaps. Definitely a cute one!

<i>I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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This delightful book has three heartwarming stories that take place at Christmas time. Each is a separate, standalone story, written by one of these three authors, who are among my favorites.
These heartfelt, holiday stories have loveable, relatable characters, who either meet their Prince Charming (literally) or a former high school crush comes back into their lives unexpectedly. Although actual mistletoe plays an important role in each of these charming, heartwarming, holiday stories, each of the young women learn that some of the scariest things in life can bring the biggest blessing.
I received a complimentary copy of this book. All opinions and comments in this review are my own.

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I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley and Thomas Nelson. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

Overall rating - 2.75

The Mistletoe Prince by Pepper Basham - 2.5 stars
This author is why I requested this book. I totally love Pepper Basham's "Skymar" series and have already read and re-read them several times. In fact, I love them so much that I bought the final versions of the ebooks even though I received free ARCs to review. Sooo, this story was OK but I didn't feel the same kind of connection to Charlie that I did with Izzy, Penelope, and Luke. It was good enough to read to the end but probably not something I'd read again. No worries, I'm halfway through listening to "Positively Penelope" and am anxiously awaiting my audio version of "Loyally Luke" so there is definitely more "Skymar" in my future.

Return to Mistletoe by Kathleen Fuller - 2 stars
It was OK. I read this story to the end but just not my cup of tea.

Say No to Mistletoe by Sheila Roberts - 3.5 stars
Wow! I really enjoyed this story! I loved the main characters, I loved the witty dialogue, I loved hating the "baddie". All in all, a delightful introduction to this author. I'm going to check out some of her full-length novels and hope they're as good as this.

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Mistletoe Season is a must for all! I am a huge fan of these three authors, so getting the chance to read this book of novellas was amazing. So grab this book and snuggle up because you won't be setting this down until it's done.

Thank you NetGalley for an ARC of Mistletoe Season by Sheila Roberts, Kathleen Fuller and Pepper Basham

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I enjoyed reading these 3 Christmas novellas. My favorite was Pepper Basham’s, as it ties in with her recent series of Authentically Izzy, Positively Penelope, and Loyally Luke. Mistletoe gets worked into each of the stories in different ways, but always provides opportunities for the main characters to kiss :-) The characters in each of the stories are well done, and the various plot twists keep up interest. A fun read for getting ready for Christmas!

“I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own." #MistletoeSeason #NetGalley

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