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Billionaire bad boy which results in dangerously sexy story and is every romance readers catnip. Kristen soon finds out what it's like to let go and surrender to forbidden fantasies. Let me tell you, she is one lucky girl. Y'all will need a fan while reading.
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Genre: Contemporary Romance
Book Length: Novellas
POV: First Person; Kristen
Hero: Vincent is a surfer turned billionaire businessman after his invention of a sports camera mounted on a surfboard (think GoPro). He is 31, has longer blonde hair and dark eyes. He’s tall, muscular, tattooed and has nipple rings.
Heroine: Kristen is a financial analyst. She’s 25 and has dark hair. Not much is described about Kristen as the series is told from her POV.
Heat Level: Medium/High
Frequency of Sex: Book 1/Low, Book 2/High, Book 3/Medium
Angst Level: Medium
Standalone or Series: Series of 3 books
Cliffhanger: Yes for books 1 and 2. No for book 3
Epilogue: Yes in book 3
Thoughts on Ending: Decent ending, felt kind of rushed to be honest. A lot got resolved in a short span at the end. I wish there was more told about Vincent and Kristen’s future though.
Would I Recommend? Yes
My Review: I really loved this series, it was sexy and fun with some angst and drama which really kept my attention. I’m reviewing the series as a whole since each book was fairly short and quick to read. Altogether it felt like a complete novel with each book ending and beginning immediately after one another. The chemistry between Vincent and Kristen was HOT and intense. Vincent is a tattooed surfer God with a heart of gold and money to spare. Kristen is smart, beautiful and sassy. Their relationship felt genuine and special. My favorite book in the series is the 2nd one, Secret Surrender, only because we really get to see Vincent and Kristen’s love grow and blossom in that one. Vincent is a very busy man and travels a lot, so there are many times when our H/h are apart. 4 stars to Forbidden Surrender and Beautiful Surrender and 5 stars to Secret Surrender. Great series, I highly recommend!
Disclosures: I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley and am voluntarily leaving a review.
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This is your typical 'billionaire CEO is attracted to girl and sweeps her off her feet' kind of story, with a hint of danger on the back burner. I really like Vincent's sweet attentiveness and am curious to see how their relationship is going to unfold. Seems like they're probably going to hit some roadblocks with Vincent's protective streak and Kristen's 'I can do it on my own' attitude. Needless to say, I'm intrigued!
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A really well-written book with well thought out plot and a cast of believable characters who were equally relatable too.
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This is the introduction of Kristen & Vincent's story. Liked the development of characters. Disturbing thought, an abused woman wanting to take her new relationship with, Vincent, slowly but once her ex-appears @ her door, she decides to go to Vincent for protection. Will see if this was the correct decision.
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I enjoyed the storyline of this book. I did find that it was slow at times and then pick back up but all in all a good read
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For such novel, I was expecting the story to revolve in the BDSM theme. (Hello, Fifty Shades and the other men’s fantasies-serving novels!) But Priscilla West’s Forbidden Surrender proved to me that there are still books out there that cater more to the needs of women. It’s a good blend of erotic and sensual. It has that passion which most books in the same genre lack.

The author proved that whips and other paraphernalia, and even spanking and hitting, are not necessary to please a reader’s imagination. All they need is teasing, romantic build-up, a bit of deprivation to intensify one’s craving, and eventually, just give ’em what they want.

It’s a pretty good start for a few chapters. Can’t wait to read the next.
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I wanted to like this book, strong female lead with the sexy surfer CEO.  But once things got going it crawled and then picked up in the last chapter.  A few inconsistencies with his vehicle and clothing but that may have been fixed already.  I'll finish the series because I'm curious but it needs a new edit.
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This book is another cocky millionaire boss and his worker. Kristen has her own rule that she will not get in a relationship with a bad boy. But that changes when she has to get a new account and a serious cocky client. But Vincent is settled in getting her. And he even put the winning of his account on stake in order to get her. So Kristen finds herself in a situation that she doesn’t want or need… but that at the same time she doesn’t want to get out of. 

"It'll be fun.Don't you want to get an authentic experience? We didn't fly thousands of miles just to go to some bar we could go to back home.:
"Yeah, but we're two American girls in a foreign country.There are horror movies based on this situation."
"What's the worst thing that can happen?" Her grin made me ill at ease.
"Don't say that."
"Look,I have some mace in my bag.If anybody tries to get frisky with us,I'm going to melt their eyeballs."

The story is short and an easy read but it need more depth. I didn’t connect with the character but their chemistry is undeniable. Maybe the next books get better and we get to know the character more. The story line felt rushed. Overall the book is an average read. Hope the next one is better.
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This book was completely AMAZING!!! I would highly recommend it!
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I really liked this book, mainly because of the characters. Kristen has a backbone, she takes care of herself and doesn't allow Vincent to control her life. And Vincent is just awesome. Awesome! Awesome! I loved his character, he was very alpha but still soften when around Kristen, especially towards the end. where she reveals abit about her past. So cute.
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I did not finish this book and therefore I can not review it fully.
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This book was not for me. Thanks for the opportunity to read it.
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I liked this story. I found this book too short and in need of a little more depth, but in overall it was pretty entertaining and well written. 
Kristen was a good female protagonist, and I really liked Vincent. I couldn't get completely into him because he was very mysterious half of the time and I kept thinking that he had creepy second intentions.
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This is book one in the Forever trilogy.

Vincent Sorensen is a very sexy billionaire bad boy. His passion is surfing and extreme sports and that's how he made his money. He's oh so hot. 

Kristen travels to South Africa with her boss in the hope of getting Vincent as their client. He's more interested in Kristen than business but agrees if Kristen is his contact.

I enjoyed this read. I thought it was refreshing and hot. Looking forward to jumping into book two.
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Bought this book in kindle format, so I will be reviewing it on my blog soon.
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Kristen works as an analyst. And her next client is Vincent Sorenson.
He is not what she was expecting. And neither is the attraction she feels for him.
Although she doesn't want to mix business and pleasure, Vincent is relentless. He won't stop pursuing her until she says yes. 
But she is afraid. She doesn't want to lose her job because of an affair and moreover, she had a bad experience in the past which she is trying to keep in secret.
When that past comes back to her, Vincent volunteers to be her protector.
A little bit slow in the beginning but it looks like the second book will be good.
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