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The Most Magnificent Thing

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This was a super cute read. My elementary students really enjoyed it. I love that the main character in this STEM/STEAM themed book is a little girl. It’s also a great book for talking about the engineering process and emotional regulation. I would definitely recommend!
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This book is beautiful and has a great message. My daughter loved the book. I would definitely recommend it!
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I adored this book sooo much!

This is a MUST book to get for girls!

5 magnificent stars!

This book is about a nerdy girl and her dog which I think is a bulldog so two favorite things right there!
Nerdy girl + Bulldog = Insta Love! 
And she is a planner like moi!!!

If there is one thing glorious in this world is... Planning!

So, she comes up with a project board with mechanical pieces and measurements, and then she draws, sketches, measures, buys supplies, the whole glorious nine yards of being a doer! A Maker!

She is Hyper focuses on her project and is oblivious to the rest of the world while she hammers, tinkers... And builds her own artifact!
And... the artifact is NOT what she had in mind, BUT she doesn't give up
She gets MAD, but she keeps trying! She STUDIES, ANALYSES and tries different things until SHE SUCCEEDS! Great message!
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I was given an early copy of this book before it was published through NetGalley. I really enjoyed this cute book. I ended up buying a copy. It’s now been made into a movie which I have watched a few times with my children.
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I read this book to my daughter and we both really loved it. It was well written and entertaining. And that is a huge compliment Because my daughter does not usually sit through any book. She doesn’t like to read; she doesn’t enjoy being read to.
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My son and I loved this magical story! My son was very invested in watching the magnificent thing being built. It opened a lot of discussion and questions about pieces she was using and how we could try to make something as well
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This is a great little story about a girl trying to make something by herself. She starts off excited and confident and when it doesn't work out the first time she keeps trying. Until eventually she is overwhelmed with frustration and must take a walk. She discovers the walk has helped clear her mind and that she can learn something from all her mistakes. Somewhere in there is the correct path and by trying one more time, she succeeds.
This is a great little story for young readers about the importance of trying again even when you fail, and also how to deal with frustration when it gets to be too much.
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I really enjoyed this story about creativity and perseverance.  I loved how the character was able to use the right tools to calm herself down so she was able to look upon her work with an objective eye.
Great illustrations that made me chuckle!
I have added this book to my collection!  Thank you to NetGalley and Kids Can Press for the opportunity to read and review this book.
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The Most Magnificent Thing by Ashley Spires inspired me to read this book to my daughter and granddaughter. to my daughter so that she can see how she can raise her daughter (and one on the way) and to my granddaughter because although she is 1 1/2 years old, it is never to early to raise a strong woman, yet, help her to realize its okay to not be perfect and that there are other ways to do things and even the ability to walk away from situations that are just too stressful and take away from your peace of mind.

 The illustrations were perfectly fitted to the storyline and adorable all at the same time. 

Ms. Spires has written a very powerful book that all children and parents should read together.
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There are some picture book authors that seem to have a knack for writing books with which people of all ages can identify. Dr. Seuss, Robert Munsch, and Ashley Spires are all authors loved by kids and adults alike.

Spires' book Larf was a great book for capturing how I feel as an adult- as a foreigner in Japan. Small Saul was on a similar vein, with a great message about being true to yourself. Now this book is another that will be perfect on my work desk.

An ordinary girl and her canine assistant get to work making the most magnificent thing. But things don't go as planned and she starts to get frustrated.

"Her hands feel too BIG to work, and her brain is too full of all the not-right things."

I feel like that at work all the time.

She and her assistant have a great message for the reader about perseverance and taking a breather when it all becomes too much.

But this isn't just for adults. My kids loved this little girl and her wise, furry sidekick. Her expressions  are adorable and all the things she makes are cool.

Maybe this will inspire other people to make their own magnificent things. I hope it means Spires is inspired to make more magnificent books.
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Given this book by netgalley for an honest review.

I loved this book! It was so positive and uplifting  - more from this author please x
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This was a very cute addition to the girls in STEM kids book push! I really enjoyed it, and know lots of parents who will feel the same.
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A must-read for children (and adults alike) which I believe will help a lot of kids manage their own damaging and unhealthy thoughts and desires. I loved the focus on perfectionism which was then challenged and the main point shifted to not giving up and looking at things from different angles. Highly recommend.
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Such a cute story about trying again, don’t giving up when things don’t come easy. I would recommend this book to anyone, young and old.
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My boys and I absolutely loved this book. It is inspirational, and effectively demonstates how to overcome frustration in a postive manner.  My son's school ended up using this book  for one of their school wide STEM days.
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Teaches children how to deal with their anger through walking, taking a break, etc. Shows girls inventing things. So cute.
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This book is seriously cute. My kids (6 and 9) really enjoyed it. Personally I liked it because it has the same kind of message as books like Ada Twist, Scientist, etc., of not giving up, even if what you're doing might not make sense to other people. Would definitely read more by this author.
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A whimsical picture book sure to delight children of all ages. Follow along as the spunky little girl tinkers and tries her best to make something magnificent using her own two hands and some odds and ends, along with a large dose of imagination. Highly recommend!
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Such an adorable read with a message about not giving up in tiny, interesting bits for children. I loved this one and couldn't wait to get it for my nephews and niece.
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What a most magnificent book for kids with the most magnificent illustrations and the most magnificent message about never giving up on a most magnificent idea. Love, love, loved it! 5 of 5 Magnificent Stars! 

Thanks to the author, publisher and NetGalley for the ARC. Opinions are mine. Pub Date 01 Apr 2014. #TheMostMagnificentThing #NetGalley
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