Cover Image: Boxes: The Secret Life of Howard Hughes

Boxes: The Secret Life of Howard Hughes

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I’ve always wondered about the mysterious Howard Hughes.  I decided to read this book due to my curiosity about him.  The authors met a woman named Eva Renee McLelland who said she had been married to Howard Hughes for 31 years.  Brig. Gen. Mark Miller to who she told her secret to him first, and Douglas Wellman, a Hollywood producer believed her.  This book is the result of the research done.  According to Eva, a homeless derelict was substituted for Hoard Hughes.  Hughes had taken a name Verner Niicely and moved to The Panama Canal Zone.  He met Eva there.  Eva and Howard lived together most of the time until he died in 2001 in Alabama.  They moved often.  Hughes was accompanied 24/7 by his aides that were Mormons.  Eva died in 2009.  Is this biography the truth?  You must decide that for yourself.
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I love reading about this man. Such a genius but so messed up.  You think he had it all but really couldn’t handle it . Sad but interesting how ones direction can be so different then you expect
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