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Monday through Friday for most people is like Groundhog Day. You leave home at the same time every day, take the same route to work and then do the same thing on the way back home. Zoe Walker is on such a commute when she spots a picture in an advertisement that looks a lot like her. Her family can't believe it's her, but when more women appear in the same advertisement, then she is convinced she is correct. Officer Kelly Swift is the first to hear from Zoe and the pictures in the paper. She makes the connection between other pictures in the paper and crimes against women that have happened in the area. Will Kelly be able to find out who is behind the ads before it's too late?

Than you to NetGalley and Berkley Publishing for the opportunity to read and review this book. This is the first book I have read by Clare Mackintosh and I look forward to reading more by this author. 

At first this book started off a bit slow for me. I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out. At about the half way mark, things began to pick up. Can you imagine what you would do if you found your picture in the paper? A picture you didn't pose for or give the paper permission to use. What if you found out that there are other women who have had their picture in the advertisement as well and they have been violated in different ways. 

I don't know what I would do if I knew someone may be following me to work every day. Ready to either meet me and ask me out for a date, or do something even more serious to me. Can you imagine being on guard all the time. That is how Zoe feels and there isn't much she can do, but wait for the police's help. You never know who is going to do something to you or who is just being friendly. 

Early on I thought I knew who the culprit was and when Zoe made the discovery, I was like, "I knew it!" only a few pages later to find out how wrong I was. The last final chapters had me on th edge of my seat and I'm sure it will do the same for you. I can't wait to read  I Let You Go by Clare Mackintosh.

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Shut the front door. That ending had me dropping my kindle! A toast to you Mackintosh for the most clever ending I have yet to read!!

This book is the second book written by Clare Mackintosh following I Let You GO. I Let You Go was a great read with a second novel that tops it! Mind you, you do NOT have to read these books in order. You will not be confused by any characters or plots in the story if read backwards. Click here for my review on I Let You Go.
I See You was one of the first books I requested on NetGalley and got approved for it by Bookouture. I am not proud to say it has taken me this long to read it. But to my defense I thought you had to read the books in order. Silly me. Any who, I am most mad because this book lived up to it's reputation. The whole time reading this novel, I had friends telling me that it's one of their favorite books, the best psychological thriller ... well now I know why!

Opening up to the book, we meet the main character Zoe Walker. She has two children Justin and Katie along with a new boyfriend Simon. Her and her ex-husband, Matt, are still good friends and have a long line of history. In the opening chapters Zoe is reading the London newspaper and sees her picture in an advertisement for a dating website. Not just any dating website either, Hard to believe, she takes it to her family and asks them what their thoughts are. No one believes it's really her until more women are added to the advertisements every day and they start being attacked. Scared to find the truth, Zoe sets out to find the perpetrator since the police, to her, are not doing everything in their power.

When police officer Kelly Swift cracks the password to get onto the website, it is more shocking than they expected. To be a member you chose a membership and within that you can download women's commutes. Not just their commutes but their every day routine, what they look like and what they constantly wear.

I wholeheartedly wish that I could just spill the beans on what happens in this book. I have already talked to three different people because I was so mind blown by the ending. But I'm going to spare you all the spoilers and tell you to go read this book right NOW!!

Each chapter is broken down into three different points of view. The first is Zoe Walker, the second is police officer Kelly Swift and the third is antagonist who is behind the website. The way Mackintosh had these chapters set up in the order they are had me on the edge of my seat, making me want to read faster.

The concept of this whole book completely creeped me out. Reading along, I could actually see this happening in real life. It takes stalking to a whole new level. Stalking a human being to be able to sell their routine to men so they could "by chance" bump into them to see if they could spark a relationship. I think not! I definitely vowed to myself last night that I will never make a constant schedule to where nothing changes. The fear that was instilled in me after this book is completely unreal. Amazing job to Clare Mackintosh on this frightening thriller! Hands down one of my top 5 favorite reads and is highly recommended!
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I See You is a thriller that grabbed me from the beginning and didn't let go, the story was very engaging, it´s set in London and has the underground metro as an important part of the plot.

Zoe Walker is a 40-year-old working woman and mother of two young adults, she has the same itinerary from Monday to Friday, takes the metro to her work at the same time every weekday, tries to sit in the same car and walks along the same route and everything is normal until one day reading a local newspaper in the dating section she comes across a photo that looks a lot like her, and she could almost swear she´s the one on the picture, but she finds it illogical because she isn´t in any dating site and the ad only comes with a photo, a phone number and the website

For her part Kelly Swift is a police officer whom years ago made a mistake at work, by which she continues to pay and which has relegated her to a work in which she isn´t happy and hopes that one day to be able to move up the ranks. From what we see of her, she´s a good police element, is good at researching, solve puzzles and feels empathy for the victims and at her current assignment she monitors the underground metro.

The lives of Zoe and Kelly intersect when the first, obsessed with the ads in which every day a photo of a different woman comes out and discovers that certain of the women have been victims of a crime ranging from robbery to murder.

The story is told from the point of view of Zoe and Kelly with chapters alternating between them and almost every 2 or 3 chapters we have the perspective or the thoughts of a stalker.

I See You is a suspenseful and exciting thriller, with situations that have you doubting all the characters that surround them, the last chapters had me desperate to know that it was going to happen, it´s quite intense and has an unexpected twist that left me with my mouth open. If you´re interested in reading a good thriller I recommend that you read this book. It´s really good.
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Zoe Walker follows the same routine to work and back every day, and has for a very long time. One night on her way home, she sees her own picture on an ad for a website called She knows nothing about the site, and is pretty upset about being there. Zoe brings the police into the investigation, but they really aren’t as worried as they should be. As Zoe and the police delve into what is going on, some of the girls who also appear without their knowledge like Zoe, are murdered or hurt in horrific ways. I See You, by Clare Mackintosh, is a psychological thriller that will get anyone worried about their own safety in a world with social media and high tech.

Set in the UK, where it seems almost everyone takes public transportation to and from work, the book has some charming, yet different aspects as opposed to if it was set in the US. Since Zoe knows that she and other women are being observed without knowing by whom, the novel has a creepy feel, and the suspense builds throughout the entire story. Readers who can put themselves in Zoe’s place will be a bit freaked out and will be looking over their shoulders whenever alone.

Mackintosh has a good writing style, and her characters are well-developed. Some reviewers have said that this kind of thing is improbable, but they might be living in a fantasy world since things like this are going on all the time. The book is easy to read, and quite fast moving. It won’t win any literature awards, but is a good book to pick up for a vacation or summer read.

Special thanks to NetGalley for supplying a review copy of this book.
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Through this book, I have found a new favorite author. This book had me reeling from the start and the ending...I'm still trying to wrap my head around the ending. I enjoyed many of the characters and every time I thought I kew who the killer was,a new piece of evidence appeared to show me I was completely off.

I would recommend this book and author to friends and family and patrons at my library.
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Anne was happy to feature this book in the 2017 Summer Reading Guide!
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I found that the first 20% or so of this book was mainly background, that went a bit slowly for me. I enjoyed that the book was written in multiple points of view. It also helped that I found all the characters pretty likable. I also really loved the fact that we got to see a bit of how things work on a police level. 
   I found the story very enjoyable, with enough mystery that it was hard to put down. I love when thrillers have short chapters, they seem to drag me in more for some reason, which is another reason I enjoyed this story. Another great thing was how I found myself second guessing what I thought was going to happen, that to me is a sign of a great thriller.
    Overall, if you are in the market for a quick mysterious, thrilling read for the summer, here you have it. It definitely had me looking over my shoulder for a few weeks after reading it.
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Awesome sophomore book for this author.  I may have liked it even better than her debut.  Mind games,  I love the mind games she plays in her storytelling.  Great read.
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Ugh had such high hopes for this. Dark and twisted, plus no resolve at the end. Just did not care for this in the least
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Another spectacular thriller from her.  The latest is clever, twisted, and oh so diabolical.  I loved it, and will tell everyone to fetch as a must beach read for summer.
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quite enjoyed this book. I thought the premise was super compelling - a website selling commute information of London women to men who are interested in that kind of stalker / criminal thing. 

I was kind of irritated with most of the characters, which is confusing given that I did like the book. I found Zoe whiny, Katie irritating, Justin annoying and Simon a pushover. I'm a rule follower, so had a hard time relating to Kelly, although I did like Lucinda (and Nick, to a lesser degree). I also liked Lexi, but I didn't really care much one way or the other about Matt, Issac, Melissa or Neil.

The ending seemed like such a reach and completely out of character. I was a little less surprised at the epilogue, as I thought there had to be more to the story and, at that point, had kind of figured it out.

In any case, this one is going back on the bookcase, so it ended up being a keeper.
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This is the second book I have read by Clare Mackintosh. The first being I Let You Go which sold me on the author as a must read writer. Her plot twists and crash ending revelations are so well written that it leaves the reader wanting more.

I See You is the story of Zoe Walker, a woman that has the same routine every single day from the point she gets up on the morning to the time she gets on and off the train. Zoe's life takes an unusual twist when she reads the personal ads in the paper and finds an escort advertisement with her face in the ad. Needless to say she is a bit disturbed by this revelation. What becomes more disturbing is when she sees other photos of women in the ads who later end up missing or dead. 

As Zoe continues to see a new woman every day becoming a victim of brutal attacks she becomes more and more paranoid... and she should be. Her increased paranoia has branched out to touch upon her family members and even others on the train with her. But what Zoe doesn't realize is that the threat is closer to home than she realizes...

The one thing I absolutely get giddy over when it comes to the works of Mackintosh is how she leaves the reader suspecting they know what's going on or who did what and then throws an absolute curve ball. I am happy and shocked to reveal that the true curve ball doesn't come until the very last pages. A must read. If you read I Let You Go then you will want to read I See You.
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I See You was a great, fast paced thriller with a unique premise. I didn't see the end coming at all but it made perfect sense. I would love to read more of Mackintosh's books in the future.
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It's pretty good, but nothing truly special. Fairly predictable.
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During her daily commute to work, Zoe happens to be reading her local paper and sees a picture of herself in the personal ads section. Confused and a little freaked out by it, she brings it home to show her family, and they convince her it’s not her, and just someone who looks like her. Zoe tries to forget about the picture, until she sees a picture of another woman in the paper the next day and then a few days later that same woman is murdered. On edge, Zoe is convinced she’s being followed. I See You is a fast paced psychological thriller that alternates point of views between a policewoman named Kelly who has taken on the case and Zoe, as she asks herself why her picture was in the paper, and is she in danger?

Ohhh my GOD, I See You is the best book I’ve read so far in 2017! I loved it so much! I’m a huge fan for books where the main character is being stalked, and this was no exception. There were some small parts where we see the stalker’s thoughts, and it’s SO creepy, but so perfectly done. Part of what I loved most about this book is how much truth there was to how easy it would be to stalk certain people. The book talks about how Zoe (as well as other characters) take the same route to work each day, sit in the same train car, etc. All I could think about was how accurate this was for me. I commute to work and definitely take the same train, get in the same train car, get off at the same place, get on the same bus…etc. It creeped me out to think about how easily someone could track me if they wanted to.

I loved Zoe as our protagonist, and really felt for her as she struggled to decide how much she should and shouldn’t tell her children and long term boyfriend about what’s been going on. Partly, she doesn’t want them to think she’s overreacting, and partly she doesn’t want to worry them.

I also really liked Kelly and her partner Nick. While the story primarily focused on Zoe and the ongoing case, we learned about Kelly’s personal life and history, and I would love to see her and Nick show up in future books. I could also see there being a romantic involvement between Kelly and Nick! I loved them together.

As the case unfolds, I was constantly questioning who was behind it all, and why? I won’t give anything away, but the end of the book was phenomenal! I was completely caught off guard, and then the last few pages had me literally yelling out loud because I was so surprised (in the best possible way!) and I was DYING to talk to someone about the book! I immediately messaged Sam from Clues and Reviews, who had already read the book, to freak out about it all, as well as texted my best friend telling her she needed to read the book ASAP!

I have seen other reviewers mention that they felt like the book got a little repetitive in the middle, but personally I didn’t have the same experience. I honestly loved every page of the book, and read it in two sittings because I was so gripped. This one felt like it was written just for me, and I can’t rave about it enough!

I highly recommend this one for all fans of the thriller genre! I cannot wait to hear what everyone thinks about this one! This was the first book I’ve read by Clare Mackintosh, and I’ve had I Let You Go by her on my TBR for a while, so I definitely need to bump that one up and read it sooner than originally planned! A huge thank you to Netgalley, Clare Mackintosh, and Berkley Publishing Group for a copy of the book. It was my pleasure to provide an honest review.
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Outstanding thriller for readers looking for a twist a la Gone Girl. Mackintosh is a must buy for librarians. Her writing always has a twist you don't see coming and this book was no different. Just wait for the epilogue
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I read Ms. Mackintosh's first book and enjoyed it.  I'm afraid that her second book didn't hold me like the first did.  The premise was great, pictures of females and their commutes listed on a website so you can "meet" them.  Original plot, however, the writing wasn't as good and I kept hoping I would be at the end of the book.  

Thanks to NetGalley for an advanced copy.
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