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So creepy! I didn't see the twist(s) coming and both wanted to look away but felt compelled to keep reading.
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This is a story told from multiple viewpoints. The first is Zoe Walker who is an ordinary woman in her late thirties. She is divorced with a new live-in boyfriend. She also has two grown children both living at home. Justin is her oldest and works in a coffee shop for a neighbor. Katie is the youngest who wants to be an actress despite Zoe's encouragement to take a secretarial course so that she has a back-up plan.

Zoe commutes each day from suburban London to central London. She takes the same busses and trains. She even sits or stands in the same places in the cars. One day she happens to glance at an add in the personals of the newspaper and sees her picture over a website URL and a phone number. At first her family tries to convince her that it is only someone who looks like her. Each day there is a new picture of a new woman.

The second viewpoint character is Kelly Swift. She is a law enforcement officer who has just come back from a long leave resulting from her assault of a prisoner. She is a great investigator but currently in disgrace. She is obsessed with the rape of her twin sister on her college campus ten years earlier even though that sister has moved on and forged a new happy life. Any sort of rape case triggers her anger. She is currently investigating a case where a woman fell asleep on her commuter train and someone stole her keys. 

When Zoe sees someone she recognizes in an ad she calls the police and ends up with Kelly. Kelly is skeptical that the ads have anything to do with the crime until a young woman who is pictured in one of the ads is found murdered. 

Kelly wedges her way into the task force that is investigating the murder and soon they are investigating the ads and the connections to crimes. After some detective work, the ad leads to a website that sells information about women to anyone who wants to buy a membership. It tracks details about each woman including her daily commute and where she can be found. Investigating who owns the site and who is downloading the information quickly gets involved in all sorts of complex ways of hiding data and money. 

Meanwhile, Eve still feels that she is being watched and followed and becomes suspicious of everyone in her life from her live-in to her daughter's new boyfriend. The tension keeps ramping up in this one until it comes to a stunning conclusion.

Interspersed between sections from Zoe's viewpoint which is getting more tense as each day passes and Kelly's viewpoint about the frustrations of the investigation, we have the viewpoint of the person responsible for and profiting from the website. This person is perhaps the creepiest part of the whole story as they victimize women for profit. 

I enjoyed this story very much and kept reading it late into the night since I couldn't sleep until I found out who the criminal was.
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Clare Mackintosh wrote a psychological, pull you in, crime chiller. This book was difficult to put down once started. I have 3 kids at home and was able to finish this book in just 2 days which says a lot about her style of writing and the storyline.
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Mackintosh's first book "I Let You Go" blew me away last year, so I was really looking forward to this one. It starts off similarly with a very straightforward and well-written storyline. The author throws in some twists, which definitely keep you on your toes! I'd definitely recommend this to library readers and other staff. Clare Mackintosh is becoming one of my favourite authors!
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I See You by Clare Mackintosh is a story about a woman, Zoe Walker, who sees her picture in an ad in a London newspaper which starts a chain of events both mysterious and dangerous. This book started really slow, but the more I read the more intriguing it became. The characters are fairly developed and the story is written well. The ending was unexpected, which was exciting, but left me wondering if there will be another book about Zoe Walker.
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I See You is about a woman who discovers her picture in the classified section of a newspaper while on her daily commute. At first, it’s taken as a mere coincidence, but as things begin to happen to other women who also appear in the ads, Zoe becomes concerned for her safety. 

Think of it this way….You leave your house at the same time every morning. You take the same route to work. People live their lives in routines, knowing there’s safety in what is familiar. But what if your daily routine brought danger upon your life? 

The premise of this story was chilling, and the idea of someone watching you without you knowing is just unsettling. I really enjoyed reading this book and I look forward to reading I Let You Go. 

***I received an advanced copy of I See You from NetGalley and Berkley Publishing Group***
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I See You is Clare Mackintosh’s follow-up to her debut I Let You Go, which was a huge hit and one of my favourite mysteries of 2016. I’m very happy to report that I See You was equally as compelling as I Let You Go. It too was full of surprising twists, well-developed characters and an evocative UK setting. I See You follows Zoe Walker, a middle-aged mother tired of the long commute into London. One day on her regular train, she stumbles upon a strange ad in the local free paper – one that features her own photo. As she investigates, it becomes clear that other unsuspecting women who regularly commute into London have had their photos in similar ads…and some of them have ended up dead. If you enjoyed I Let You Go, then definitely check out I See You when it is released in April. (Published in the Napanee Guide, December 29th 2016, pg. 4)
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I See You is the second book by Clare Mackintosh and is an amazing psychological thriller about cyber stalking.

Zoe Walker during her everyday commute sees her picture in a classified ad Zoe has no idea who placed the ad , gets worried and during her investigation learns that other women who’s pictures have been placed in the ad have been subjected to violent crimes. Kelly, a cop who is wrestling with her own troubled past starts helping Zoe but will they be able to capture the perpetrator in time?

I really enjoyed the book and the twists and turns kept me reading up late in the night. As soon as I thought I had guessed who the responsible person was there was another twist to the story. The outcome was completely unpredictable and surprising.

I would recommend this book to psychological mystery lovers. It was a solid 5 stars for me and I cannot wait to read more by Clare Mackintosh .

Many thanks to the publisher & NetGalley for this advance reader copy in exchange for my honest and fair review.

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While I was intrigued by the premise of this novel, ultimately the story failed to capture my attention or draw me into the mystery. The beginning chapters are atmospheric and draw a vivid picture of the claustrophobic feeling of subway commuting, which is a perfect set up for a gripping thriller. However, there is too much time spent on the details of the mundane life of the main character that does not serve the story’s overall purpose and really slows down the narrative. The protagonist herself is not very compelling, and combined with the focus on the inconsequential details of her life, the story becomes quite dull. Unfortunately at a certain point I simply lost all interest and had to give up on this one.
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if you have ever felt you were being watched this book will be right up your alley.  The plot is ingenious and too very real.  The life of Zoe is hectic and with plenty of mundane issues.  Where can she turn and who can she trust.  The shattering conclusion will shock you!  For fans of Lisa Gardner, Karin Slaughter and Allison Brennan.
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Although I didn't like it as much as I Let You Go, it was definitely a fascinating premise to think that someone could always be watching you and you would never know.  The last few pages had that shock factor I enjoy in psychological thrillers. I look forward to other books by MacKintosh.
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I was expecting a lot from this second book, and was in no way disappointed. Again I enjoyed the alternating viewpoints and detailed characters, rich setting and accelerating suspense. What I especially appreciated was the wealth of plausible and finely-crafted red herrings! So many potential villains to suspect....
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This book kept me on the edge of my seat and kept me guessing until the very last page. With London as a backdrop, I was intrigued with the mystery presented. Zoe, a regular commuter, saw her picture on a classified ad that she didn't place while similar ads had been tied to violent crimes. 

This story sparked a lot of questions for me. In this day and age, with technology being what it is, how vulnerable are we to strangers? Anyone can take our photo in public without us knowing about it. We are all so busy with our devices, headphones in our ears and not paying attention to our surroundings. I know I am guilty of it and often wonder if I am truly aware of my surroundings. This story was chilling, not just in the mystery that unfolded, but in how possible, if not plausible, something like could be.

I was “figuring it out” as the story progressed and was pleased that my guesses were wrong each and every time. As the story unfolded, I would find myself thinking, “that doesn’t make sense” only to have more of the story revealed and me thinking “ohhhhh.....”. I enjoyed that the story kept me guessing as it increased my enjoyment.

Really enjoyed this suspenseful read!
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I See You is the first book I've read by Clare Mackintosh but it certainly won't be the last. From the very beginning the reader is invested in the story and characters.  As the plot develops Ms Mackintosh takes us between a policewoman's view  and one woman who is being stalked. A page turner with some edge of your seat moments. The reader is kept guessing until the very end. I was given an early copy to review.
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Anything is possible in the technically advanced world today and the thought of being an unsuspecting victim is frightening.  Imaging seeing your picture in a newspaper"s classified section knowing you hadn't put it there.  Let it go?  Investigate further?  Just a fluke?  Creepy!

Add in some well placed suspicions by the author and you have a great "who dun it".  Greed, murder and plot twists keep you on your toes and invested in this story.

Really good job by the author.  Easy reading with a writing style that doesn't make you need to go back and say "what?!".  I finished it in one setting and would recommend for pleasure or just because the plot is twisted and perhaps entirely possible!
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A solid thriller with lots of atmosphere and character.  I found the pacing a bit slow for a thriller, but it did bring a strong creep factor. A well told story and excellent sophomore effort from Mackintosh.
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Okay, so someone who loves you gave you a gift certificate to a bookstore - nice! And you're debating what to spend it on. I have the answer and you will not regret it - you need to pick up, pre order, download or listen to Clare Mackintosh's newest novel - I See You.

Clare's first novel, I Let You Go, was a runaway success. (my review - I loved it!) There is always that little bit of me that wonders if an author can successfully follow up such a fantastic first novel. Well, as much as I loved I Let You Go, this new book is even better.

Set in Britain. Zoe rides the same train, sits in the same seat, sees the same travellers and walks the same route to work every day. Killing time one day, she peruses the local paper while riding the train. And sees her own photo in the personal ads section with a link to a website called Stunned, Zoe convinces herself it's just someone who looks like her. But she keeps checking the paper and each day there's a photo of a different woman in the same ad. Digging deeper, Zoe finds that some of those women have been the victims of various crimes, including murder.

Ahh! What a great premise! Mackintosh provides plenty of suspects to choose from - pretty much everyone who is riding the train, her boss, neighbours, acquaintances - really it could be anyone tracking Zoe and the other women. (And at this point I stopped to wonder how much of a creature of habit I am.....) The watcher is given their own voice every so many chapters - and it's quite chilling.

Mackintosh keeps the reader on their toes, adding in another turn of events, another question and another suspect. And yes, I found myself shouting out loud at Zoe quite often - the equivalent of the movie watching 'don't go in the basement!'

I enjoyed the character of Kelly, a cop who joins the police investigation - she's flawed, driven and intelligent. Always my fave type of cop character. Mackintosh spent twelve years on a police force in Britain and her insider knowledge adds much to this character and the investigation.

Mackintosh ends things with one last twist after what I thought was the answer to the whodunnit. It's absolutely perfect - and nope, didn't see it coming! I See You is the first book out of the gate for me for 2017 and I know it will be one of my top reads for the year.

I See You is original and oh so addictive - it was a one day in my jammies read over the Christmas holidays.
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