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Last updated on 03 Oct 2016

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Simplification of products, business process, and market approach leads to a long-term sustainable, profitable and dynamic organisation. Koch & Lockwood using case studies of IKEA, Ford Motors, BCG, Apple, Amazon, Google, McD, etc. helps drive the core fundamentals of the book. Simplification of a business model can hinge on a price or proposition simplification. Need is to make the service or product easy to use, simple, and better looking. Scale up quickly, control costs and consumer-centric solution-oriented approach for rethinking products will improve its demand, scalability, and broader appeal. Rethinking of products should be more useful, increase delight, and connect emotionally with customers. Koch & Lockwood also reasons why a success can, in fact, create roadblocks in future. Various traps like overhead (higher margin thresholds), protecting existing product turf, too many bells and whistle (complexity), lack of skills or inefficient use of skills, etc. leads to organisational atrophy and failure. Thus, the authors tell us that simplification is the ultimate sophistication.

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