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I picked up this book because the premise is so intriguing and made me really want to read the book. Yet once you know what's happening, it loses all sense of why anyone would want to read it.
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I loved this book! The full review will be posted soon at! Thank you very much for this wonderful opportunity to connect books to their readers!
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The premise of this book sounded fascinating when I requested it. The beginning was a little odd and honestly, the voice it's written in is a little pretentious at times. It started to pick up about 30% through and I thought that maybe I had been wrong in the beginning. But it was only good for a little bit before disappointing me again. Once Mary-Louise woke up from her swimming accident the story went off the rails. It was like a completely different book. Nothing made sense.
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I really enjoyed this! I loved the main characters and how the book was basically about them discovering themselves and learning to let go of the past. The only downside is that due to the nature of the book, parts were really confusing, at some places I was so confused trying to work out what was happening that it took away from the enjoyment of reading it.
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Rating: 1/5
(I received a free copy from the publisher, Curiosity Quills Press, via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.)
***Minor spoilers***

Everything is going normally for Mary-Louise until all of a sudden it just isn't. On her way home from finally passing her swim test, she comes home and everything is different. The spot for her keys isn't there anymore. Her parents can't hear her, and seem to have no memory of her whatsoever - in fact, it turns out nobody can hear her at all, except for one boy who won't reveal his name. She calls him Fish as a nickname, and he's the only person who can communicate her and possibly help her discover what's going on. He's on the only person she can rely on to listen to what she has to say and what she's experiencing, and in turn, perhaps she can help him come to terms with his own past.

As is evident from my rating, I wasn't a big fan of this book. It's not even that the plot was uninteresting, but it was just confusing at times, and I didn't like the characters. First of all, it gets tiring hearing the protagonist repeat that she has eczema and a near-unibrow multiple times her chapter. I'm not complaining about having a physical description of her, but I didn't need to be reminded every two minutes. She also wasn't that well developed as a character. I feel like the author just chose the same 5 or so things about her and just repeated them again and again. It didn't feel like there was anything deep about her, all I know is that she's bad at the backstroke, plays sax, and likes rocks. 

The story was pretty confusing at times. Things were "explained" near the end, but not well enough I think. I don't think enough time was dedicated to explaining all that happened and why it happened. I was left confused about a bunch of the characters and how they wound up. Yes, we have an explanation, but it didn't feel complete to me. There were too many loose ends for a standalone novel, which I really didn't like. 

Overall, this novel wasn't actually terrible, but it had a lot of negatives that ruined the experience for me. The protagonist seemed pretty shallow and one-dimensional with the other characters not making up for it, and the ending didn't feel like an ending to me. The explanation was valid but unsatisfactory to me. In my own opinion, I wouldn't recommend it.
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