Deadly Omissions

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Pub Date 09 Dec 2016 | Archive Date 15 Jan 2017


Harper Sloan is a warrior. She’s survived the childhood from hell and clawed her way out on her own. But no amount of life experience could have prepared her for the heartache Colton would bring. He was the best man she’d ever dated, until he shattered that flawless image with his unthinkable deception. Colton is a liar, but so is Harper. And now her own secrets may have deadly consequences.
FBI agent Colton Brady made a choice. He faked his death, going undercover to save his best friend's life from a serial killer, but it cost him the woman he loves. When he learns Harper is involved with a dangerous loan shark, he forces his way back into her life. Harper may hate him, but there is no line Colton won't cross to protect her.

Harper Sloan is a warrior. She’s survived the childhood from hell and clawed her way out on her own. But no amount of life experience could have prepared her for the heartache Colton would bring. He...

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Romantic suspense

Romantic suspense

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Harper grew up abused, trailer park trash (her words). At 16, she became emancipated and went to live with her Aunt, taking Sage, with her. When her aunt died a few years later, she dropped out of school, went to work full time and borrowed money from a loan shark to keep Sage in the private boarding school she was currently attending. Harper has been let down so many times that she doesn’t let anyone in all the way, refuses any help, but doesn’t hesitate to help anyone she calls friend. Colton is an FBI agent. He was Harper’s secret boyfriend until he faked his death and failed to tell her he was still alive. He loves her beyond reason, wants to help her, take care of her, but his betrayal cut deep. When Harper gets in over her head, she finally runs to Colton to help her. While some of this story is predictable, there are still some surprises, twists and turns that caught me off guard and had me on the edge of my seat. This team of FBI agents are all alpha males; Colton, his twin, Jaxxon, Jamison and Max. Kalliope (love that name) and Morgan are protected by their significant others, Jaxxon and Jamison respectively. Morgan has some serious issues from all she‘s been through. We get Morgan and Jamison’s story next. This cast of characters is definitely an interesting mix, and make me want to know more about them. I wasn’t too far into this book when I realized it was a continuing story and not truly a standalone. While I read it as a standalone, I immediately went back to buy book one to fill in the gaps. I recommend reading them in order. I can’t wait for the next one! I voluntarily reviewed an ARC provided by NetGalley

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I read this book as a standalone, I did not realize it was a 2nd book to a series, now that i found that out i kind of feel like I missed out on all the characters beginnings and introductions to each other. But with that said You CAN read this book as a standalone, this book is mainly about Colton, Harper, and Sage and you get filled in on everything going on with all the characters in the beginning! But far as i can tell it is RECOMMENDED to read them in order! SO BEFORE YOU READ THIS introduce yourself to "Web of Deceit" With that said I really liked this book, I love the independent aspect of Harper's life, she has only had herself to rely on for a long time, after Cohen's death she had to take matters in to her own hands and grow up quickly, Although she might not have done that in the best way, she did do what she had to do to survive until Colton came along. [[ I DON'T WANT TO PUT ANY SPOILERS IN HERE - So i can't go into the story as much as I'd like but I love that she sacrificed her own life for "her responsibilities" ]] The author also did a really really great job of keeping that tidbit hidden until it was time!! My jaw was on the ground after that twist! I don't know what it is about this woman but men seem to drop like flies around her! First Cohen, then Colton, then Max!! I can see why she forgave/picked Colton, i mean they had a history and all that, not to mention the book was set up for them to be the ones getting together, I however always seem to root for the underdog in these situations so I was #TeamMax (MAYBE if he would have actually put up a fight for her things would have turned out differently. I know she technically wasn't his in the first place but he could have tried way harder)!!! Even with that said I was just happy when it all came together and mostly everyone was okay in the end! I Will definitely go buy the first book to fill in some gaps and wait not so patiently for the 3rd to come out!! REALLY REALLY hoping even though Morgan and Jamison’s story is clearly next, I'm really hoping to hear more about Max- I would love to see a happy ending play out for him! Maybe Holly, maybe Harper will finally come to her senses(haha), Maybe Morgan since she clearly doesn't think Jamison will ever be able to look at her other than wounded prey every again! I don't care just give the guy a happy ending!!! SPEAKING OF MORGAN HOLY COW! Where did that come from !? Jamison was clearly right when he said she was stronger than she seemed!! One thing i thought was funny about these books was the group is mostly set up couples(even the ones that aren't together are clearly matched up for the future), and You can tell from the way the guys are introduced that they're these hot, strong, determined to do anything for their women type of men, but yet none of them are actually saving their own women! Colton sacrifices pretty much everything to save Kalli but she's with Jaxxon, Max jumps in front of bullets to save Harper while Colton is running out the door(even though he made a promise but come on), Now the way it's set up someone else besides Jamison is going to save Morgan! I would love to see these guys actually fighting for their own damn women!! But have to admit the way they look at for each other as a group is pretty fricken awesome!! (One thing did annoy me about this book, maybe because i just read another book where they used the same nickname, but seriously can guys STOP calling girls "Kitten"!! For some reason it just annoys me, it's not cute at all, after the 3rd or 4th time it was used i started skipping the word when i knew it was coming!)

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This is the second book in the series and needs to be read in order,i just love harper adore her from the first book like Colton as well and enjoyed this book a lot it sucks you in right from the start cant wait for the rest of the series recommended

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4.5 Stars Harper Sloan has not had an easy life. Raised by abusive parents who spent everything on drugs and alcohol, she finally escaped with her much younger sister and ran to her Aunt Meg who took over raising Sage and doing whatever she could for Harper. She has scrimped and saved and sacrificed so that Sage will not have the kind of life she had. FBI Agent Colton Brady finishes destroying her. He went undercover for an assignment and was reported dead. No one knew that Colton and Harper were a couple and she learns of his death on morning television. She is absolutely heartbroken. And now he is back. While he was 'dead' Harper got mixed up with a dangerous loan shark, but she needs the money to keep her sister in boarding school. And the loan shark is circling. He wants her work for him to pay off the balance of her loan. And if she doesn't, no one around her is safe...and he knows her secret. Colton wants something from her as well ... love, forgiveness, understanding, And when she goes to him for help, he'll do anything and everything to protect her. Although this is okay as a stand along, I highly recommend starting with WEB OF DECEIT (Book 1). This one has a little of everything... love, hate, heartbreak and sorrow, danger, loan sharks, revenge, murder, and lots of fast-paced action. The characters are cleverly written and easily credible and likeable. I'm a sucker for strong, protective men and Colton is right up my alley. Harper is resilient and no push-over. I love how these characters interact with each other. The action is practically non stop, lasting until the very end.... a surprising ending that I didn't see coming. Warning ... there is a bit of a cliff hanger, so I'll be looking for Book 3 in the near future. Many thanks to the author / The Wild Rose Press, Inc / Netgalley for the digital copy of this book. Opinions expressed here are unbiased and entirely my own.

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Deadly Omissions was the first book I read by Lauren Reign but I will be reading more for sure. It is the second book in the The Deceptive Lovers Series & can be read as a stand alone but I would suggest reading them in order. This book ended on a cliff hanger & I can't wait to read the next book in the series. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book. I also left a review on (DaneWeimMama) & at goodreads-

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Wowsers!!! What a ride.. Loved this book, will definitely be buying a copy and passing on to friends! Thanks so much!

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