Cold Hard Truth

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Pub Date 03 Apr 2018 | Archive Date 26 Nov 2018


Emmie O'Brien is a former good girl, now on the fringe. When she and Nick Brauer, her mother's drug dealer, are arrested for their involvement in a series of robberies, Emmie testifies against Nick in exchange for a lighter sentence. During community service, she meets fellow classmate Max Shephard. When Nick, from prison, orders his associates to seek revenge against Emmie, Max's protective instincts turn out to be a useful thing to have in her corner.
Emmie O’Brien is a former good girl now on the fringe. She spent a crazy year involved with Nick, her mom’s drug dealer; after her arrest she was lucky to go back to her old life. But she’s haunted by the choices she made—first, to be with Nick, and then later, to testify against him. Max Shepherd is a senior varsity hockey player with serious anger issues. His grief over the death of his girlfriend causes him to see injustice wherever he looks. When they meet in community service, Max is drawn to Emmie’s calm energy, but Emmie knows better than to get too close to anyone. When friends of Nick show up seeking revenge, Emmie is forced to come to terms with her past, while Max has to control his protective instincts. They must trust one another, especially when Emmie’s situation takes a dangerous turn.

Emmie O'Brien is a former good girl, now on the fringe. When she and Nick Brauer, her mother's drug dealer, are arrested for their involvement in a series of robberies, Emmie testifies...

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I was sceptical about requesting this book on NetGalley for no other reason than I couldn't find any reviews for it on Goodreads. I know that's wrong, because different people enjoy different books, and I'm really pleased I took a chance on Cold Hard Truth.

Caught up with the wrong crowd (consisting of her mother's drug dealer, Nick, and his thugs), Emmie is arrested after her involvement in a robbery. Having a lawyer as a dad, Emmie gets off with community service work, where she meets hockey player Max, who goes to her school, and who is dealing with demons of his own. And while Max encourages Emmie to open up, she still lives in fear of Nick; for, even though he's behind bars, his cronies are still out, trying to get revenge.

Emmie is a little spitfire. While she may be afraid, she never lets that fear take control, even when she's in danger of flying fridges (that is actually a scene in the book, not just me with my dodgy sayings). And even though she's been dealt a shitty hand, she doesn't feel sorry for herself; she gets on with her life, acknowledging the fact that she made her own choices.

Max was...okay. He grew on me. To start with I thought his character was a bit pushy, he came onto Emmie really strongly, trying to get her to tell him what was going on with her.

This was my first book by Anne Greenwood Brown, and I would definitely consider reading other of her books.

*Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for letting me read this book*

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I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Emmie O’Brien’s life hasn’t been easy. After a year of living with her mom and getting involved with her drug dealer, Emmie has moved back home with her dad and attempted to return to normal life. But that’s hard to do when she regrets her time spent with Nick. Enter Max Shepherd, a senior varsity hockey player who has some demons of his own. Max is drawn to Emmie and her ability to stay calm, but after Nick, Emmie just wants to keep her distance. But Max makes that hard to do, and when Emmie’s past comes knocking, both she and Max must face their demons, but that takes trust, and Emmie is just about out of that. Can Emmie let go of her past and let Max closer to her? When past acquaintances come seeking revenge, can Emmie trust Max enough to allow him to help her, or will she face the danger alone?

I enjoyed reading this book. I was hooked on it right away. I wanted to know more about Emmie, which kept me reading for more. And the same happened with Max when we met him. Both of their pasts were a mystery, and I wanted to know more about them. I liked how mellow Emmie was most of the time, and I loved her line about how panicking doesn’t do a situation any good. I have learned in life that keeping a level head even during stressful situations can lead to much more efficient decisions.

I liked how we got to know both of them slowly. Many authors try to info dump and give you too much at once, and it can be challenging to slowly introduce things about a character without making it seem like too much at once. It was done in this book slowly enough that I kept reading to find out more, but not so slow that it became boring.

The only big issue I had with this book is the time frame. I feel like Max and Emmie (but mostly Max) fell for each other a little too hard too fast. Emmie at least fought it and resisted a little more, but Max liked her right away. This most comes from me being a skeptic of love at first sight and not loving insta-love stories. There was more development in their relationship than most stories that I would consider insta-love, but I still feel like it would have been better spread over a longer period of time. Again, this more personal preference than anything. It certainly didn’t ruin my enjoyment of the book.

I give it 4/5 stars.

Cold Hard Truth will be released on April 3, 2018.

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Good book, overall. I found myself running through many emotions. Dealing with teens on a daily basis helps you connect with this book. I will recommend this book to students 9-12 grades. Having the main characters struggle with completely different issues, but yet make it work, is an example of perseverance and shows the strength needed to have successful relationships, and live a good life. Also having one of the main characters attending therapy shows that going for help is a very normal thing for people to do as well attending therapy doesn't certify you as crazy.But you are self advocating. I will seek out other books written by you.

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Anne Greenwood Brown is a new-t0-me author, and after reading Cold Hard Truth I am definitely a fan. There was something about the synopsis that called to me. I was not disappointed. This story had well-rounded characters and an intriguing plot. There was a good balance of sweet, swoony moments and solid story development. I look forward to reading more from Brown in the future.

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Cold Hard Truth is a heavy read, full of drama and action. It drew me in emotionally, and I really enjoyed it. I found it to be very well-written!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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I enjoyed the book for a cute read. The characters were great and the themes were heavy. I am glad I got to read this book!

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Cold Hard Truth by Anne Greenwood Brown is the story of Emmie and Max. Emmie just got out of a bad situation, or at least she hopes she got out of it and is looking to get her life back on track. Max is dealing with the loss of his girlfriend and has some anger problems mixed in.

Emmie was a good girl but something happened that made her stray from that path. Something like getting involved with her mom's drug dealer and ending up on the wrong side of the law. Emmie gets in a good bit of trouble and ends up testifying against her mom's dealer. This move gets her out of jail but also puts her on the bad side of people who knew the guy she testified against. Emmie just wants to start over with her dad and move on from the horrible things in her life. She doesn't really want anything to do with guys either, but then Max shows up.

Max is dealing with his own can of worms. His girlfriend is dead and he has one hell of a bad temper. But he is drawn to Emmie. She is calm and makes him feel calm as well, which is something he needs, badly. So when these two are drawn together, it's bound to be good and bad.

I feel like the love in this book was a little bit quick especially for two people who have been through a lot of bad crap. Other than that the book was pretty great. I enjoyed the drama and everything between Emmie and Max. The ending of this book was definitely crazy but I kind of expected it. Emmie testified against a drug deal, bad things were bound to happen. I just hope it's over now.

In the end, I am so glad I requested to read this book. I love these kinds of romance story where there are REAL problems and drama. Not just cheating and worrying about what clothes to wear. There were real issues in this book and I loved it. This book definitely made me think of Katie McGarry so if you are a fan of her then you should definitely check this book out.

Overall, I gave the book 4/5 stars.

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