The Spiritual Poems of Rumi

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Pub Date 13 Feb 2018 | Archive Date 22 Feb 2018

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For more than eight centuries, Persian mystic poet and Sufi master Jalaloddin Mohammed Balkhi Rumi—commonly referred to simply as Rumi—has enchanted and enthralled readers from every faith and background with his universal themes of love, friendship, and spirituality, which he seamlessly wove into evanescent poetry.

Translated by renowned Rumi expert Nader Khalili, over 120 poems—including twenty-one previously unpublished—have been carefully collected and curated in this beautifully illustrated edition. The verses herein perfectly express the spiritual quest and desire for a deeper understanding of not only ourselves, but also of our collective oneness as humankind.

For more than eight centuries, Persian mystic poet and Sufi master Jalaloddin Mohammed Balkhi Rumi—commonly referred to simply as Rumi—has enchanted and enthralled readers from every faith and...

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 Feature the poetry of Jalal ad-Din Rumi, popularly known simply as Rumi, was a thirteenth-century Persian Sunni Muslim poet, Islamic scholar, theologian, and Sufi mystic. Continuing the success of The Love Poems of Rumi [Wellfleet Press, 2015], this edition curates the spiritual side of Rumi and presents sections of his exquisite spiritual poems from the beautiful and modern translation by scholar Nader Khalli. Present this collection of poetry to key poetry reviews, bloggers and writers, featuring the Quran, hadith sources, and everyday tales. 

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·         Rumi is a strong, perennial seller with a lot of material to be constructed with different themes.

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·         Rumi's works speaks to a wide audience, giving readers of different faiths spiritual tools for inner reflection. 

·         A strong, perennial seller with a huge body of work, Rumi, presented in this format, has proven success in both trade and gift markets.

·         Moreover, Rumi’s works speak to a wide audience, giving readers of different faiths spiritual tools for inner reflection.

  Key Campaign Activity:

·       Email blast to Poetry magazine, reviewers and bloggers 

·         Publicity/Media: Send Advanced Reader Copies to Poetry editors and Literary reviews at larger newspaper and magazine publishers

Campaign Focus:

Feature the poetry of Jalal ad-Din Rumi, popularly known simply as Rumi, was a thirteenth-century Persian Sunni Muslim poet, Islamic scholar, theologian, and Sufi mystic...

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Featured Reviews

I loved the timelessness of these poems. The format and layout of the book lends itself to contemplation with few distractions . The poetry itself, is deep and thought provoking.

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Thanks to Wellfleet Press for the ARC!

His poems are so beautiful and so deep that I will surely need to re-read this book a few times in order to absorb all the meaning. Maybe I'm still too young to understand all those feelings, but I enjoyed it anyway. I'll save a reminder to myself to give it another try a few years from now. However, my first impressions were really great. I'd recommend this book to anyone who loves poetry and wants to feel inspired.

Oh, and also, amazing graphic work. Loved it.

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I love Rumi's poetry and this collection was no different. Highly recommend.

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Wonderful book of poetry. I like the poems of Rumi and the graphical setting really enhances their content.
Very beautiful and recommended.

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Rumi was a 13th-century Persian, Sunni Muslim, poet, jurist, Islamic scholar, theologian, and Sufi mystic. His influence transcends national borders and ethnic divisions: Iranians, Tajiks, Turks, Greeks, Pashtuns, other Central Asian Muslims, and the Muslims of South Asia have greatly appreciated his spiritual legacy for the past seven centuries. He also has the title of the best selling poet in America.

Rumi was a believer in music and dancing to help open the mind to create and for getting closer to God. God is liberally used in the poetry and the Prophet is also mentioned a few times. What is interesting though is that God used in the poetry is all encompassing and welcoming spirit. Perhaps closer to Norman Greenbaum's "Spirit in the Sky" than any dogmatic religion. The use of wine is also something that is not frowned upon. Rumi seems like a mix of the Beats and the Hippies but in a much more idealized way. He is not the one copying others but the one being copied imperfectly by others.

Rumi writes of the evils of greed and the effect it has on one's soul and the effects of faith:

if you abandon
for a little while
your ego and greed
tear down your shield
rise with a quest
to unite with the divine
what do you think will happen


in the blackest
of your moments
wait with no fear

since the water of life
was found by the prophet
in the darkest of caverns

The poems are arranged with one or two on each page. The pages are trimmed with traditional Islamic art done in watercolors giving it the appearance of a religious text which goes well spiritual nature of the poems. The book can be opened anywhere and read and reflected on.

This translation is by Nader Khalili (1936–2008) was a world-renowned Iranian-American architect, author, humanitarian, and teacher. Khalili was also the founder and director of the California Institute of Earth Art and Architecture (Cal-Earth).

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What a beautiful book. Adding it to.curriculum. Rumi is ageless yet so.many students are unfamiliar with his writing.

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To review and rate Rumi’s work, in any translation, is akin to judging nature, the warmth of the sun, the calmness of the moon, the untarnished soul of an individual. These poems are meant to be read/sung, heard, felt to be understood.

This collection of over 120 of Rumi’s spiritual poems translated by Nader Khalili is beautifully illustrated with panels of Islamic geometric patterns - evoking the culture in which these works were created, adding to the sense of mysticism, and reflecting the translator’s love for architecture and the influence of Rumi’s poetry on his work and life.

If I had a grouse, it was to do with the thematic flow of poems in some parts. Sometimes in direct contradiction to each other. But on later reflection, isn’t life itself full of contradictions? The sun is both a source of warmth, of light, of energy, and a cause of drought. The moon is both a symbol of sadness, bereft of the sun’s light, and part of the dancing orbiting cosmos, a universal truth. Stillness of the mind is desired, to free from the shackles of negative thoughts, but you are never to stay still - stuck, bogged down by concerns that are mostly your mind’s doing.

There is a constant urge to go on quests, to look for meaning in nature, in knowledge, within yourself. To live life more deeply, richly, being one with the universe. And at the same time, there is caution against being selfish, self-indulgent.

My personal favorites are in the last section, Dancing the Flame, where the translation comes together to create meanings that run deeper than the words on the page.

Two of my favorites:

Don’t Think Too Much

don’t think too much
put yourself to sleep
thinking is a veil
on the face of the moon
your heart is like the moon
don’t cover it with thoughts
cast your thinking on the water

In This Plentiful

in this plentiful
sea of life
with envy and greed
we steal happiness
from each other
a fish never
stores up water
a fish is finished
without the sea

Thanks NetGalley and Wellfleet Press for the ARC!

Was this review helpful?

Thank you to NetGalley, Nader Khalili (Translator) and Quarto Publishing Group – Wellfleet Press for allowing me to read and review this beautiful translation of Rumi's poetry. These poems are gorgeous, timeless, and touching, and the layout and illustration of this book compliment the poetry perfectly. Thank you for this!

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4/5 stars

The Spiritual Poems of Rumi is such a beautiful compilation of Persian mystic poet Rumi's poems translated by Nader Khalili. Accompanying these poems are colorful and enthralling Islamic geometric patterns that only enhanced these immortal poems with the added cultural and mystical feel.

Most of Rumi's poems here would evoke this constant urge to go on adventures and to look for meaning in nature. Not only in our surroundings but also within ourselves. To live life more deeply, richly, and be one with the universe. On the other hand, there were cautions against being selfish and self-indulgent.

I'm not that good at deciding if these poems are the best I've read but since most of these ones have been around for centuries then alright. Sometimes the meanings were easy to decipher, a lot of times they are totally ambiguous and I know it will take a longer time to unlock their intended meaning. I love how thought-provoking they are though.

What's for sure is that I'll read this collection again and again in the years to come. Seeing as this is my ARC copy, I would certainly buy myself a copy and maybe another one to give to my loved ones. It's just really beautiful and timeless on its own.

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I’m really glad I jump at the chance to read this collection of timeless poetry. Partly because I’ve read a novel about the poet’s life many years ago! Note to self: Don’t read them all in one sitting.

Aside from a short introduction regarding Rumi’s poetry, the book is divided into 3 sections: Pearls of the Deep, Fountain of Fire, and Dancing the Flame.

These poems are very much the focus of self reflection. I have too many favourites of which I’ve bookmarked in the ARC. The graphic design is very well-executed, giving the book a colourful yet pensive atmosphere - just perfect! Clearly a lot of thought has gone into publishing this title.

I would definitely get my own copy. So many poems I want re-read. Like a restorative balm for the weary soul.

Here is a poem from the book:



happiness is to reach

the next post every day

like flowing water

free from stillness

and melancholy

yesterday is gone and

took away its tale

today we must live

a fresh story again


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This is collection of poems from Jalaluddin Mevlana Rumi. This is my first time reading about this poet.
I may be a little ignorant with the poetry genre but I like to get out of my comfortable zone and read something different. I like some of the poems but I didn't find them mind blowing (it may be my ignorance).
Overall I found the book interesting, maybe reading in a slower pace will made me analyze the poems some more.

Was this review helpful?

I love this book! I love the cover, the pages, and the poems. Everything about this book is amazing. The poems are so inspiring!

Was this review helpful?

Beautiful, affecting and as timely now as when they were written. I find myself coming back to this collection of poems frequently to re-read the gorgeously evocative words. A real joy.

Was this review helpful?

Rumi finds a way to pluck at chords that you weren't sure were there. His words feel at once universal and fresh with his knack for description of the shared human condition without resorting to cliches. This is an excellent dip into written art even if you don't consider yourself "a poetry person."

Was this review helpful?

Absolutely stunning collection of poetry from the Persian poet, Rumi. It's hard to believe that these verses were written 8 centuries ago, as they still resonate deeply today.

I own many volumes of poetry by Rumi, but this is an especially good one. The subtle artwork is exquisite and enhances the poetry. The translations are new to me and allow me to see the work through another prism.

A beautiful book for poetry lover or novice alike!

Was this review helpful?

I’m not a big poetry person, but even I liked this collection and found some thought-provoking stuff in here. This edition is also beautifully illustrated with colourful patterns throughout. Very nice.

Was this review helpful?

I can't claim to be an avid poetry reader but this book caught my attention as I have heard so much of the master that is Rumi. To explain the essence of his works would be an injustice to poetry - one needs to feel his words to truly understand the beauty and depth that he conveys. I would certainly read this book again to fully appreciate it and to feel inspired.

Was this review helpful?

I adore Rumi's poetry and was delighted to come across this brand new translation. This edition contains over 120 of his poems, including a section, Pearls of the Deep, with previously unpublished poetry. I tend to find reading Rumi a meditative process, and this edition with its stunning artwork – the poems are framed with panels of Islamic geometric patterns – allows for a truly immersive experience.

Nader Khalili's translation is elegant and maintains the mystical and introspective quality of Rumi's poetry. I would have preferred the capitalisation of the personal pronoun "I" in the poems, but this did not detract from my enjoyment of the translation.

I reviewed a digital ARC, and I look forward to buying a physical copy soon for the gorgeous art.

Thank you Netgalley and Wellfleet Press for an ARC!

Was this review helpful?

What a beautiful book, not only the poetry inside but the designs on every page. If any of my friends were interested in Rumi this would be a copy I would purchase as a gift for them.

Was this review helpful?

Beautiful modernised form of Rumi's work, ripe with creative translation and depth. Although I personally prefer the more traditional translation forms, I can Imagine this to offer a more accessible path into Sufi works.

Was this review helpful?

Jalaloodin Mohammed Balkhi Rumi was born in 1207, in present-day Afghanistan. His family fled to what is now a major Turkish city. He studied languages, science, logic and Islamic philosophy. It was love and heartbreak that turned Rumi to poetry. And here we are centuries later, thanks to translator Nader Khalili, being wowed by his verses.

This collection of poems is separated in three (3) sections:
Pearls from the Deep: poems not previously published
Fountain of Fire: poems chosen from the translator's books
Dancing the Flame: poems chosen from the translator's books

Some of the poems, and almost a whole section, went over my head far as comprehension. I guess I'm not deep or spiritual enough. But I did understand the main message: people can find bliss and freedom through pure love. Across all religions, love is respected. Life is not to be wasted with sorrow or laziness. And this proves why Rumi remains a mystic poet capturing many religions.

The Spiritual Poems of RUMI is a great introduction for readers new to Rumi while also giving fans a fresh collection to marvel over. One of the best features is the artwork and design on opposite pages of the poems. I must say it is a relaxing, enlightening read.

Happy Pub Day! The Spiritual Poems of RUMI is now available.


Was this review helpful?

Rumi's poetry has been admired by the world for centuries. There's a reason for that; like any great poetry, it is universal in its appeal; it touches us, make us think, make us feel, and is timeless.

I have several versions of Rumi's poems on my bookshelf, and this is an excellent one. I was especially excited to see that twenty-one previously unpublished poems are included!! Nadedar Khalili's translations are quite good. The tile mosaics which accompany each poem are beautiful and their visual beauty only enhances the poetry to make the book extra special.

This would be a great addition to any bookshelf; and a fine gift for those who enjoy poetry.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Wellfleet press for allowing me to read an e-ARC of this outstanding book in exchange for an honest review. The thoughts expressed here are strictly my own.

Was this review helpful?

I've read a lot of good feedbacks about this, hence I immediately ask for the ARC of this book. Readers will reflect and will have self-realization while reading the verses in this brilliant book. There are a lot of beautiful and remarkable poems that were compiled in this anthology. Reading these classic poems from the world-renown Persian poet Rumi will amaze anyone on how stunning they were written.

If ever I see the actual copy of this in local bookstores here in my country, I would definitely buy one because this kind of poems are timeless, classic and are definitely collector’s item.

Was this review helpful?

I am not a big reader of poetry, so keep that in mind when reading my review. I want to delve more into this part of the literature. I read some contemporary poetry which I really liked and I was delighted when I was offered the chance to read some older poems that are not the usual European ones I am used to.

What I liked the most about this collection was the design of it. The layout of the pages and how well the words worked with the illustrations. I was also surprised by how contemporary the poems felt even though they were written hundreds of year ago. The technology and society might have evolved, but deep inside we are the same.

Personally I did not resonate with all the themes presented in this collection. I also feel like some poems were too long or too repetitive, although that might have been the intention. Yet some words were extremely beautiful and I would definitely seek more of Rumi's poetry to enjoy from time to time.

Was this review helpful?

This collection of over 120 of Rumi’s spiritual poems translated by Nader Khalili are a beautiful collection of Rumi's poems on spirituality, love and the Divine. I found this a very touching collection and it was beautifully done. Each page is illustrated and adds to the depth and beauty of this poetry. This is a book to read as a constant to find the beauty in everyday life for everyone.
I highly recommend this book for everyone that enjoys Rumi and his works.

Was this review helpful?

It's almost hard to believe that these poems are considered ancient...

I've heard and read Rumi's name before but I actually don't know who really is and what he actually did. All I know is that he's someone important. LOL. Anyway, I was intrigued when I saw this book of poems on Netgalley, I just had to request it.

Rumi is undeniably a good poet, that I consider his poems timeless. Though they were written long, long ago, they still ring truths for today. His choice of words were just simple, (or maybe it's just the translation,) yet when you truly grasp what they mean, simplicity is not one of the words you would use to describe the poems. The messages he was trying to convey in each poem was deep.

I admit though that not all of them were amazing for me. I love most of the poems but not all. Still, this book of poetry is a gift and I wish everyone reads it. :)

Was this review helpful?

This is a wonderful collection of poetry by Rumi. I had read some of his poems previously, but was entranced by the beauty of the words and the deep spirituality contained within. While Rumi was a Sufi mystic and deeply religious, many of the poems are about the human condition and so are universal.
This is not a book to be read in one sitting, it is too deep for that. Instead, take one poem at a time, savour it, meditate on it and absorb its meaning before moving on to the next. I found myself choosing a poem at random, then waiting a week or so before moving on. Not all the poems appealed to me, but the ones that did will stay with me for a very long time, if not forever.

Was this review helpful?

Essential Rumi. This is a great text for beginners or lovers of Rumi.

Was this review helpful?

Rumi is one of my favorite poets, and this is a fantastic collection. Anyone who has ever been in love needs to read this.

Was this review helpful?

This was an enjoyable read. I had read a little from Rumi in the past, but this was my first experience with a book completely devoted to his work. It was really good!

Was this review helpful?

Rumi has always been an interesting read. This is a great collection and the new poems are a nice treat for people that have read other Rumi

Was this review helpful?

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