The Wartime Sisters

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Pub Date Apr 15 1976 | Archive Date Jan 22 2019


For fans of Lilac Girls, the next powerful novel from the author of Goodreads Choice Awards semifinalist The Two-Family House about two sisters working in a WWII armory, each with a deep secret.

"Loigman’s strong voice and artful prose earn her a place in the company of Alice Hoffman and Anita Diamant, whose readers should flock to this wondrous new book." —Pam Jenoff, New York Times bestselling author of The Orphan’s Tale

"The Wartime Sisters shows the strength of women on the home front: to endure, to fight, and to help each other survive.” —Jenna Blum, New York Times and international bestselling author of The Lost Family and Those Who Save Us

Two estranged sisters, raised in Brooklyn and each burdened with her own shocking secret, are reunited at the Springfield Armory in the early days of WWII. While one sister lives in relative ease on the bucolic Armory campus as an officer’s wife, the other arrives as a war widow and takes a position in the Armory factories as a “soldier of production.” Resentment festers between the two, and secrets are shattered when a mysterious figure from the past reemerges in their lives.

"One of my favorite books of the year." —Fiona Davis, national bestselling author of The Dollhouse and The Masterpiece

"A stirring tale of loyalty, betrayal, and the consequences of long-buried secrets.” —Kristina McMorris, New York Times bestselling author of The Edge of Lost and Sold on a Monday

For fans of Lilac Girls, the next powerful novel from the author of Goodreads Choice Awards semifinalist The Two-Family House about two sisters working in a WWII armory, each with a deep secret.


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Thank you to netgalley as well as the author/publisher for giving me the opportunity to read this book in exchange for my honest review.

I found this novel to be very humbling and emotional. Two sisters, each with different qualities. Ruth and Millie also have different lives now. One an officers wife the other a widow. Without the sisterly bond that most sisters have, jealousy and resentment becomes an issue. As adults a friendship is what each seek but neither knowing how to get to that point. Engrossing and gripping I found this hard to put Dow. I actually read it twice. The author has done a great job weaving the story and you feel as though you are a part of. It. I will be purchasing copies for family members because I truly love this book.

5++ ⭐️ out of 5

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THE WARTIME SISTERS is a totally engrossing story of two estranged sisters who work in an armory during WWII. Each has a deep secret. One is an officer’s wife, the other a war widow. Tensions grow between them until a mysterious figure returns, revealing long-buried truths. Shows the bravery of women toiling on the home front against the uncertain backdrop of war. From the author of Goodreads Choice Awards semifinalist The Two-Family House. Highly recommended!

Pub Date 22 Jan 2019

Thanks to St. Martin's Press and NetGalley for the review copy. Opinions are fully mine.

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The Wartime Sisters is an engaging novel set during WWII that follows the complex relationship between two sisters.

The Kaplan sisters, Ruth and Millie, are only 3 years apart in age, but unfortunately never grew up with a strong sisterly bond. Ruth was known as “the smart one” while Millie was known as “the looker” and that ultimately was the crux of the matter. As they mature into adults and they become wives and mothers, their issues become more apparent especially when secrets from the past rise to the surface!

I love Lynda Cohen Loigman’s writing style! I thoroughly enjoyed The Two-Family House (if you haven’t read it, check it out), so I was excited to start The Wartime Sisters. From the moment I started I couldn’t get Millie and Ruth out of my head- when I was doing the household chores or out and about, I couldn’t wait to get back to this book! I was really intrigued by the complex and fragile relationship between the sisters and how that played a major part in the decisions they make throughout the years. Lynda Cohen Loigman did a fantastic job with time hopping through the novel to tell the sister’s journey. I also enjoyed the supporting characters and felt they added so much! The Wartime Sister is a 5 star read the I highly recommend. This book would make a great bookclub selection!

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A heartfelt story of two sisters estranged from each other. Both have secrets that could destroy their fragile relationship. One sister is academic, rather stern and plan. The other sister is flighty, looking for love and beautiful. Each have their separate strengths. Finding a sisterly relationship is what each desire, but both are afraid.
These are outstanding characters. Wonderful storyline. Recommended!

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I finished this emotionally engrossing novel yesterday....a particular moment in history - against the backdrop of Springfield Armory in Massachusetts.

It’s a wonderful novel that untethers within it the impact of universal forces: discrepancy of treatment in childhood/parental favoritism, family disharmony, self-esteem, resentments, rivalries, withheld communications, lies, betrayal, assumptions, secrets, friendships, marriage, motherhood, sisterhood, patriotism, ambition, desire, religious differences, jealousy, classism, loyalty, and love.

Ruth, invites Millie, (her sister who is 3 years younger), to bring her 2 year old child, Michael, to come live with her in Springfield. The sisters had been exchanging letters. It’s how Ruth learned Millie was alone. Millie had once written Ruth that her husband, Lenny ( thought of as the ‘bum’ in the sister’s mother’s eyes), had enlisted many letters back - then a letter saying he was missing. A final letter saying he was gone. Not ‘all’ was the truth ( suggested beliefs lived)...but the news Ruth received from Millie opened her heart up ( just enough) to offer her sister & nephew an extra room in the house she shared with her husband Arthur and their twin girls, Alice and Louise ( 4years of age at the time). There were reasons the two sisters - both young mothers - had not seen each other - not once in 5 years. Their parents were dead - and there was much to worry about with the war.

Ruth and Millie grew up in Brooklyn, New York. They had nothing in common even as small children. Ruth was composed, disciplined, neat, enjoyed reading, and her studies. She was also insecure about herself - ( her mother didn’t offer an ‘ounce’ of help). Father was much more kind - yet didn’t hold the power in their family.
Ruth was often frustrated - unhappy & socially lonely. Ruth’s target of anger pointed toward her sister....usually unfairly.
Her mother, constantly highlighted Millie’s physical beauty’. Ruth was aware of how critical her mother was of her.....yet Millie could do no wrong. Millie was actually sensitive too ...only nobody took interest in her ‘feelings’. Mother had high dreams for her to marry a rich Prince. Ruth thought she should focus on education and work.
Ruth observations of her mother: (rather accurate):
“To their mother’s discerning eye, Ruth’s wrinkles were conspicuous. But her sisters stains were overlooked and hastily”.

Lynda Cohen Loigman did an exceptional job portraying the complexities between Ruth and Millie during every stage of their development: early childhood, teenage years, and adult years as young mothers. I’m still thinking about their relationship—( the underline reasons for choices they made - appointed blame - shame- hurt - miss opportunities for years of closer bonding & understanding, etc.)

There are two other standout women in this book. It’s no accident that Lynda wrote their characters the way she did. Inspiring contrasts - to ‘both’ Ruth and Millie.
These women ‘must’ be mentioned. - Their strength in this novel shines!!!
*Lillian Walsh*: Her husband, Patrick, was a commanding officer. They had 4 children.
Lilliian was a community leader - She inspired the military wives to get involved. With men at the frontlines it became necessary for women to work in the factories. The manufacturing buildings were on the other side of the armory from the family homes.
One side of the armory was where more than 10 thousand civilians worked — the other side had manicured lawns, nice homes with ancient trees, tennis courts, and community swimming pool.
Until Lillian arrive - the wives with young children didn’t work — even though there was childcare available for them at the factory. Most of them spent their time exchanging recipes, gossiping, boasting about their children, complaining about their husbands, - and none of them followed the news or read a book.
Lillian changed things!!! They put together packages for children overseas - clothes & supplies - started a book club - held concerts - etc. Lillian’s background is sad - parts of it - yet she demonstrates what’s valuable in life and what’s not. She’s my personal favorite character.

The other inspiring female is Arietta Benevetto- Her story is awesome and she’s such a ‘love’. She cooks. She sings... makes killer yummy macaroni and cheese - and to die for lasagna. Most - she’s a great friend.

The Springfield Armory in Massachusetts depended on women workers during WWII. We take childcare services for granted today at large corporations- but childcare during this period of history was relatively new and grew out if need. The great thing is - most woman-after WWII, realized they had other options other than just being a stay at home mother. They could work for a living while day nurseries provided for their children.

It was a thriving community for women at the Armory. A joy stepping back in time.

As for the men - you’ll meet a few worth reflecting on.
Mr. Schmuck - ( not his real name)—but you’ll figure out ‘which’ male I’m referring to soon enough, makes for great storytelling drama!

Great character development- and a marvelous satisfying story!

Thank you St. Martin’s
Thank You Lynda.... * congratulations on this wonderful book!!!

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A well written story that I would definitely recommend. It takes sibling rivalry to an entirely different level. I enjoy historical fiction especially the 30’s and 40’s. The background of pre- war and WWII era made for a quick interesting read.

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Two sisters, Ruth Kaplan and Millie Kaplan, estranged. Ruth, older by 3 years was smart, plain and for the most part not "kvelled" over, in other words no one fussed over her. On the other hand, Millie was pretty, with blue eyes, reddish hair and she was "kvelled" over by everyone. While she wasn't smart like Ruth, her good looks attracted both family and others who constantly favored her. Feelings of insignificance settled over Ruth, as if she really didn't exist. Her mother could only think of Millie, Ruth, even though older, was an "also ran".As for Millie, she had her problems but in an opposite way. Being watched by her parents who didn't want her to socialize, mingle with the boys, they made sure to keep a strong hold on her. Throughout their early and teen years resentments grew on both side, even more so as adults. There are secrets not shared along with feelings that are buried in both women. And while they had more in common than they thought, they were driven apart by the pain and hurt they had thrown at each other.

With her husband missing, Millie, who has no money and a two year old little boy, turns to her sister Ruth for help. Not wanting to turn her away, she offers Millie a place to stay. Settling in at the Springfield Armory in Massachusetts with her sister's family, tensions are still mounting, resentments linger. Ruth remembering how Millie had pushed her away as a child, and Millie remembering Ruth's constant disapproval. And like everything else in a small community, others get involved in one way or another.

Set from 1937 through 1943, it starts out in Brooklyn, New York and follows through to the Springfield Armory in Massachusetts. With in-depth characters, this novel will definitely hold your interest, as each relationship unfolds and eventually all comes together. A well written book that I would strongly recommend.

My thanks to NetGalley for this advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.

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This is an excellent novel for women, about women (2 sisters) who grew up in Brooklyn NY who end up working at the Armory in Springfield, making ammunition for the war efforts. One is a well-to-do Army Officer's wife and the other is an impoverished single mother. There are certain jealousies and secrets that are between them, and these secrets drive them further apart as the novel progresses.

The characters are believable and well thought-out, and I very much enjoyed the author's emotional descriptions as well as her descriptions of setting and place. There was enough suspense and a well-timed gradual unveiling of the secrets, so that it kept me wanting to keep reading.

Thanks to NetGalley, the author and publisher, for an advanced reading copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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I love historical fiction and this book was wonderful. With a WWII setting, there were elements of familial relationships and secrets. This story was very well written and captured me from the first page. Thanks to St. Martin’s Press and to NetGalley for providing me with a galley in exchange for my honest opinion.

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I received a copy of The Wartime Sisters by Lynda Cohen Loigman thanks to NetGalley, the author and publisher in exchange for an honest review. All of the opinions are mine alone. I must begin by saying that I am a big fan of Lynda Cohen Loigman. This is the second book I have read that she has written. I enjoyed that a strong family presence was created in both her previous book and this one.

The Wartime Sisters was about two sisters, Ruth and Millie, who grew up in Brooklyn with their mother and father in a religious Jewish neighborhood. Ruth was the older sister and she was always quite bright, responsible and practical. Millie was Ruth's younger sister. From the day she was born, Ruth and everyone else recognized Millie's apparent beauty. It was extremely obvious that their mother favored Millie over Ruth. As the girls got older a rift began to develop between them. Ruth became aware that she was ignored when Millie was with her. Everyone's attention went to Millie. Even when boys came to court Ruth, as soon as they saw Millie, Ruth had no chance. Finally, Ruth met Arthur and he seemed to have eyes for just her. They were soon married and shortly after had twin girls. At about that time Millie met Lenny. Lenny was a few years older than Millie. He had dropped out of school and was working several jobs but none that seemed permanent or promising. Millie was taken in by his good looks and outgoing personality. Millie's family was not fond of him. In fact, Millie's mom started to call him The Bum. Then, one night Ruth and Millie's parents were killed in a tragic car accident. The two sisters were forced to confront their loss together. All arrangements were left to Ruth. Millie was not capable to share in the responsibility of making arrangements for their parent's funeral. She totally fell apart. Following their parent's funeral, Ruth and Arthur moved to Springfield, Massachusetts to the Armory where Arthur was offered a position as a scientist. Ruth was pleased to put space between her and Millie. She was tired of living in Millie's shadow. Ruth wanted the chance to start over somewhere where no one knew her or Millie. The sisters hardly talked or saw each other. Eventually, Millie married Lenny and they had a baby boy named Michael. Millie's life with Lenny was not anything that resembled a safe or comfortable life. Lenny was unable to hold down a job. He was drinking a lot and sometimes he did not even come home for periods of time. Lenny began working for his brother around this time. Things got even worse for Millie. She reached out to Ruth, when she thought Lenny had either died or disappeared for good, to see if she could come and live with her and Arthur and the twins at the Armory. The two estranged sisters, each with long suppressed secrets were reunited again at the Springfield Armory at the beginning of World War II.

Lynda Cohen Loigman, author of The Wartime Sisters used her book to portray the lives of strong women during World War II, as they formed strong bonds with each other, endured, and helped each other survive under the circumstances. I didn't know a lot about the Springfield Armory before reading The Wartime Sisters but look forward to reading more about it. It felt good to read about how women helped in the war effort. Their efforts were not always recognized or praised. I applaud Lynda Cohen Loigman for another powerful novel. I highly recommend The Wartime Sisters.

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A very well researched book on a really cool historical place (Springfield Armory National Historic Site ( It was one of the first armorys of the United States, used during WWI and WWII for war production and is now a National Park site.

The book was interesting thanks to the multiple perspectives included. Luckily, everything was tied up at the end! I enjoyed this book and read it quickly.

I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an unbiased review.

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Two Jewish sisters from Brooklyn, New York could not possibly be any more different in stature or personality. Ruth the oldest by three years, has always sought but never truly obtained her mother’s love or approval. Ruth is the steady one who can be counted on and though she is no beauty, she eventually lands Arthur for a husband. Ruth’s little sister, Millie is the outgoing and vivacious beauty of the family. Their mother has high hopes that her beloved daughter will marry well above her station. Unfortunately, her mother was wrong.

The discrepancy between the sisters’ treatment shaped Ruth’s adulthood and how she perceives her sister. The two haven’t been close, well ever. But when major life events happen, the sisters are forced to confront their past, their perspectives and endeavor to move forward in the midst of the war and family drama.

This was an unputdownable book. I could not stop until I got to the last page and when It was over, I wanted to know what else happened to the main characters. This novel is so different than anything I have read in a very long time. I highly recommend it.

I received an early copy of this book from Netgalley and all of the opinions are my own.

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I love historical fiction, especially WWII era fiction, and this book was especially interesting because it was set in the US instead of in Europe. It tells the story of two sisters, both who end up working at an armory in Springfield, MA. I was fascinated by the world this book showed me and I highly recommend reading it.

The story of the sisters and the other women in the armory around them kept me reading well into the night. It's hard to imagine how hard these women worked during the war only to have to give up their jobs when the war was over. I'm not going to recap the plot, only say again that this book was excellent.

Thanks to St. Martin's Press and NetGalley for the ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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I consider this book Historical Fiction at its finest. Ruth, a plain, studious, stubborn girl has a younger sister Millie who is beautiful and the source of constant attention and sibling rivalry. The story starts out as they are growing up in Brooklyn, NY, 1919-1932. The girls both marry, Ruth to an Army scientist and Millie to a handsome guy with no ambition. Then the story then goes to the WWII Armory in Springfield, MA where Ruth and her husband Arthur live. Circumstances force Millie and her son to move to Springfield to live with Ruth and her family in 1942 after WWII has begun. The story goes back and forth between the two time periods but not in a confusing way. There are a number of very solid likable characters in this book who add a lot to this complex story line. The girls both have secrets and there are twists and turns in this fascinating book. I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes Historical Fiction. I would like to thank NetGalley and the publisher for the ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Was this review helpful?

Thank you to St. Martin's Press and NetGalley for the chance to read and review this book.
Historical fiction is one of my favorite genres and this one did not disappoint. I really enjoyed it! This is the story of two sisters raised in Brooklyn, but reunited to work at the Springfield Armory in the early days of WWII. The older sister has always resented the younger sister because she was prettier and seemed to have an easier life. When tragedy strikes the younger sister, they are forced to life and work together. They are both hiding a big secret. When a mysterious stranger from the past enters the story, they are both forced to reveal their secret. Even though both secrets are life changing, it seems to bring a new understanding to both sisters and bring them closer to each other. I recommend this book to all readers who like Historical Fiction.

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The Wartime Sisters by Lynda Cohen Loigman was provided to me by NetGalley and St. Martin's Press in return for an honest interview. Thank you for this novel.

The Wartime Sisters follows two sisters, who like many sisters don't get along. There is the beautiful Millie, who is treated like a princess and the plain Ruth, who is the scholar. They are both hiding secrets and after the death of their parents go on to live separate lives. But WWII brings them together once again. Their relationship is strained, secrets are still being kept, but would revealing those secrets bring them closer together?

A slow start to this book had me wondering if I would finish it, but I am so happy that I perservered! A thoughtful, intelligent novel about families and relationships...and the damage that they can do.

Was this review helpful?

This book is a journey about relationships and how they impact families and friends. Two sisters, one beautiful and the other smart. Two situations; a sister with a loving secure life and the other with a relationship of fear, distrust and anxiety. The final situation is secrets and lies and how those things impact the sisters and people who care about them.

I loved how the book allowed you to understand these characters and become part of their loves. The friends who surrounded them gave it an extra dimensions. For me it was an emotional story.

Was this review helpful?

A wonderful story of two sisters during the 1940's wartime. This book transports you back to stories your grandparents lived and perhaps told you about, if you're lucky! I wish I'd asked my grandparents and my great grandmother more about their lives back then. I remember my great grandmother talking about those days often, especially during her last few years on earth. It was a rough and hard scrabble life for most people. This book does the war effort and sisterhood (not only blood sisters, also sisters of the heart), not to mention sisters of hard work, so much justice. The brave young women who worked during wartime paved the way for women in the workplace now. We owe them much respect. You get pulled right into the character's lives immediately. There's not a boring part of this book! I truly enjoyed it and highly recommend it!
I received an ARC of this book from Netgalley. ☺☺ Thank you, Netgalley for the wonderful opportunity to read and review this book!
To the author, I won't forget this book, ever! I loved it!

Was this review helpful?

I absolutely loved this book! I had high hopes bc I had previously read "The Two-Family House" by Lynda Cohen Loigman and I was not disappointed.

The Wartime Sisters is a beautifully written historical drama that follows sisters Ruth and Millie during WWII--in Brooklyn, NY and Springfield, Massachusetts. The sisters are as different as night and day, and as a result they don't understand each other's decisions. They keep secrets from each other and are eventually forced to confront their secrets and the affect the secrets had on their lives and relationships.

The book alternates between 1937 and 1943, and gives each sister's perspective about the events that happen between them. Both Ruth and Millie were well-drawn, likable, understandable characters. (The book also has chapters dedicated to the perspectives of two other, less central characters and, while it was interesting, I didn't think it was needed for the novel to succeed.) I felt bad for each one and was truly invested in their relationship and what happened to them and their families. I loved the pieces of history (the Springfield Armory, specifically) that were masterfully woven in. Overall this is a gem of a book and I

Many thanks to The #NetGalley team at St. Martin's Press for allowing me to read an e-galley of this novel in exchange for an honest review.

Was this review helpful?

If you are a fan of WWII fiction or books about sisters or just love a well written well researched historical fiction novel, this is the book for you. Not only was this novel well written but it was real re-searched and based on work that was going on in the US during WWII. I knew that a lot of women went to work during the war but had never heard of the Springfield Armory or been aware of the number of workers that were employed there.

Ruth is three years older than Millie. When they are growing up in Brooklyn in the 1930s, Ruth is seen as dependable and trustworthy and boring. Millie is seen as cute and needy for attention so everyone pays attention to her - she even gets preferential treatment from their mother. The different way that the girls are treated causes a big rift between them on Ruth's part. In later years, when Ruth is married to an Army scientist and has twin daughters and Ruth's husband has disappeared and left her with a small son, they end up living in the same house and working at the Armory in Springfield. As the sisters struggle to maintain a relationship, secrets are revealed that may drive them even further apart. Will the rift between them cause them to remain estranged or will they find the way to truly become sisters??

I loved both of the sisters - they were so well written that it was impossible to take sides and assign blame for their estrangement because both of them had valid reasons for the way they acted toward each other. I loved the location of the Armory and learning more about the women that worked in American to support the men away at war. i highly recommend this book.

Thanks to NetGalley for a copy of this book to read and review. All opinions are my own.

Was this review helpful?

I was prepared not to like this book nor be able to finish it because I don't much read period based stories. Since I'd truly enjoyed "The Two-Family House: A Novel" I gave it a chance. I was so very wrong....I liked it just as much!! The characters were complex, emotional, misguided, believable and likable. The pace and switch between viewpoints made it an easy read. I was never bored, I could not predict what would come next and I finished the book with a satisfied smile.

The novel is about about the tricky jealous relationship of 2 sisters and how perceptions as well as other external factors can complicate that fraying thread even more.

Ms Cohen Loigman thank you for allowing me to read this wonderfully developed novel. I'll look forward to your next period piece.

Was this review helpful?

This is my first book by this author and I absolutely loved it.
In The Wartime Sisters we meet Ruth and Millie from Brooklyn, one sister is blonde, pretty and popular and the other is intelligent and also plain. Growing up each sister felt over shadowed by the other, which leads to resentment as adults. Flashing forward 5 years, one sister is a war widow and mother of a young son and they move in with the other sister, now an officer's wife and mother of twins.
Several interesting minor characters are introduced throughout the story, each one revealing more about a sister through their own history.
The arrival of a person from the past, reveals truths, and ultimately brings the storylines together to a very satisfying conclusion.

This is a well written, very engaging story with full and dynamic characters. Ariatta and Lillian may very well be my favorite characters from the story, though they were minor they were crucial to the story.

Was this review helpful?

A wonderful story about three women during WWII. I loved how the author told us each of their stories while intertwining it into the story taking place during WWII. I enjoyed this novel!

Was this review helpful?

The wartime sisters is a heartfelt, poignant story, rich in character development, historical details, and family drama. I enjoyed every page of this emotionally charged novel.

Ruth and Millie Kaplan have never been close, and their mother was the chief reason. Ever since childhood, Ruth lived under Millie’s shadow. In their mother’s eyes, Millie was perfect; Ruth was not. Ruth was considered the smart, responsible daughter and Millie, the beautiful, fragile one. The sister’s strained relationship worsened in their teen years; when every man whom Ruth brought home, eventually, turned their eyes toward Millie, except for one; Arthur. And, Ruth married him.

Ruth was ecstatic when Arthur informed her that they needed to move away from Brooklyn, to the Armory, in Springfield, Ma. Ruth couldn’t be happier. Not only would she have the man she loved to herself, Ruth, was finally, going to have a life out from underneath Millie’s shadow. Years later, however, when Millie was alone with a two-year-old son, Ruth felt obligated to invite Millie to live with them. Reluctantly.

I wanted to shake some common sense into the mother, and tell the father, to grow a backbone. The favoritism was a bit over-the-top in this book. But the emotional pull and turmoil crafted into each page was nothing short of exceptional. Once I started reading this book, I couldn’t put it down.

Thank you, St. Martin’s Press and NetGalley, for my advanced review copy. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Was this review helpful?

This certainly is not the typical WWII historical fiction. This story does not focus on Europe or in a concentration camp. It is, however, just as powerful!

I loved this story of two sisters that are worlds apart but are the same. Ruth and Millie just can't seem to get their relationship with each other together. One is pretty and one is smart. One always had the attention of family and friends, while the other was always in the background. How will they ever mend the broken bond? Was it ever really broken in the first place?

Many thanks to netgalley and St. Martin's Press for this advanced readers copy.

Was this review helpful?

The steady plot moved quickly - I didn't want to put it down!

The Springfield Armoury is a real place with a long history. The story of Ruth, Millie & Lillian is fiction based on true stories of many women who worked there rolled into their characters and situations. Events in the story actually happened, like the On To Victory dance.

Ruth & Molly Kaplan are Jews, born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. The hopes and dreams of their mother shaped their relationship as sisters and who they each became. With the outbreak of WW 2 Ruth's family moves to Springfield, Mass. when Arthur's hired to develop better guns. When Millie must follow Ruth to Springfield their relationship goes through many trials for both of them and the C.O.'s wife, Lillian Walsh, plays a pivotal role in their lives.

Gripping ending.

Was this review helpful?

The Wartime Sisters is a Historical Fiction. It has real life situations, locations and people that the story revolves around, although the actual plot and characters are fiction.
The plot was deeply emotional and a page turner. The relationship between the sisters, Ruth and Millie was heartbreaking from the beginning. Ruth, the older of the siblings is studious and mature from an early age. She also is plain in her physical features. Millie was beautiful from birth, irresponsible and extremely sensitive. Everyone was attracted to Millie and put Ruth in the shadows. Their parents treated their children differently and this resulted in Ruth’s desire to escape the world she lived in her parent’s house. Both siblings love each other, but they are so different, it was difficult to maintain a healthy relationship. The upbringing they had molded the adults they become. Just as Ruth begins her life as a married woman, and thinks she has escaped her sister, life intervenes and her future is changed. Millie was preconditioned by her mother to think she was destined to be adored by her husband and would have a wonderful life.
The plot explores the relationship of the siblings, the relationships with their spouses and friends and how all of their lives change due World War II.
The author does a fantastic job of creating the world that exists in this story. The plot is developed so well and it is definitely a page turner. The descriptions of the locations are very clear and let the reader see a visual of the settings in their mind. The characters are deeply developed and brought out so many emotions in me as I read the book; joy, sadness, anger and disgust. I flipped/flopped on my opinions of the some of the characters as I read. That showed me that you don’t know a person until you know all that they lived through to make them the person that they are at present.
This book was an emotional journey that I honestly struggled a bit to get through, but the journey was worth the outcome of having this story in my consciousness. I want to thank St. Martin’s Press for allowing me to read the ARC. I wanted to share my opinion of this book with others.

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In “Wartime Sisters”, Lynda Cohen Loigman tells the story of two estranged sisters who are thrust together, first through the tragic loss of their parents and again with the backdrop of the Springfield Armory at the beginning of WWII. They attempt to achieve a détente while living together on the base, but the wounds of their childhood war are made fresh by the battles of living at Springfield. The sisterhood found goes beyond those created by blood and includes “sisters” created by choice, or perhaps circumstance. The return of someone from their past threatens to reveal dark secrets that each sister is desperate to keep.

The historical setting of Springfield Armory was one that I have not read about before. I found the factual information compelling as Cohen Loigman described the daily lives of those working in the armory factory creating pieces of weapons while never seeing the whole weapon come together or understanding their role in the bigger picture of the war. A vivid picture of the social and economic structure of the time was engrossing.
This was a most enjoyable read.

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I really love books that deal with live for those left stateside during World War 2. The Wartime Sisters is probably one of my favorites. The authenticity of the descriptions from clothes to houses to food was terrific! Loigman introduces us to sisters born three years apart but circumstances make those years seem much more. Ruth is the “smart” one and Millie is the “pretty” one. Through a series of maneuvering and deception the sisters go separate ways until the war brings them together and not in a good way. I really enjoyed the twists in the story and found myself cheering for both sisters at different times. The Wartime Sisters is a book that will keep you engrossed from beginning to end!
I voluntarily received a copy of this book from Netgalley.

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This book was a captivating and satisfying historical fiction read. I especially enjoyed how the historical setting provided an appealing backdrop for the characters and their relationships. This was so well-written that the characters and the plot seemed completely natural to the time period while also being relevant now. The characters were truly the stars of this book. I also enjoyed getting a taste of life inside the Springfield Armory during the Second World War. I highly recommend this!

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I loved, loved, LOVED The Wartime Sisters! Ms. Loigman's characters came to life on the pages. I felt what they felt, I grieved and laughed with them. It made me think of relationships in my own extended family, as well as among my friends. I think The Wartime Sisters would be a great book discussion selection. I also think it would make a good literature tie in to a US History course. This is a book I want/need to share with others.

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I'm so glad that I got the opportunity to read an advance copy of The Wartime Sisters. I had been meaning to read the author's first book, but hadn't gotten to it yet. After reading The Wartime Sisters, I will be sure to read The Two-Family House ASAP.
I enjoyed the book on many levels; I thought the author did a great job bringing the characters alive, and I learned a lot about the history of Springfield during the war. Being from Massachusetts, I was surprised that I was unaware of this history, and I hope to visit the area and learn more. The family relationships seemed very authentic, and I appreciated being able to see both sisters' points of view. I've observed similar family dynamics in people I know, and the book made me sympathetic to both parties. It's interesting to recognize that what happens in one's childhood home carries over into adult relationships.
I highly recommend the book and think it would be a great choice for book discussion groups.

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I feel so fortunate to have read this book for NETGALLEY. This is a novel that is truly a treasure. It is the story of two very different sisters, Ruth and Millie. Their relationship has been fraught with hostility since their earliest childhood. They were thrown together by the destruction of Millie’s marriage and the climate of America at war.

The novel takes place at the Armory in Springfield, Massachusetts where Milllie flees to the home of her resentful and unwelcoming sister Ruth. Millie is assumed to be a war widow and gets a war job at the armory. Sadly, there are many secrets and the fate of her mysterious husband is one of them.
The author has carefully researched this setting, which makes the book more believable.

Despite the frosty relationship with her own sister, Millie is blessed by other “Wartime Sisters”. It is the commander’s wife, Lillian who sees the terrible sadness in Millie and takes her into her own family. Another sister is Arietta, the cafeteria worker with a golden voice and a golden heart.

This book fits all the pieces together seamlessly, with a beautiful and satisfying ending. I am still drying my tears as I write about this very special book. I can’t wait to share it with my book groups and women’s studies seminars. Loigman managed to create a rich novel with so much to think about, share and discuss.

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Thank you to NetGalley for a copy of this book.

It is one of those novels I highly recommend. I found it hard to put aside because of the story that takes you back into the 30s and 40s. Two sisters who couldn't be more different in characters and their lives. The book is very emotional and gripping and I kind of regretted when it finally ended. One would love to continue reading. I will definitely recommend it to all my customers, family and friends.

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This novel was wonderful. The writing was great, the story was compelling, the characters were well fleshed out. I honestly have nothing critical to say about it except that I cried at several moments! I have two sisters of my own and it brought up all the feels.

This was my second novel by the author and I am a fan!

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Thank you, NetGalley and the publisher, for providing me a copy of this page-turner historical fiction novel! Ruth and Millie are sisters with parents who are strict and a mother who has high expectations from responsible Ruth, the elder, and unrealistic dreams for beautiful Millie, the younger sister, which only creates a gulf between the sisters that expands almost beyond repair when their parents are unexpectedly wiped from their lives.

This story digs deeper than just their relationship. I loved the wartime threads that were the intricate part of the story, including things like the Springfield Armory and its importance during the war-something I'd never heard about before.

There were many interesting characters in this story filled with strong women, heart, suspense, mistrust, and family all during the horrors of war. I highly recommend this book!

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I received this book as an ARC from NetGalley.

This multi-faceted historical novel examines relationships among people. As the title indicates, the main characters are two sisters growing up in pre-WWII Brooklyn, NY. They could not be more different: one is beautiful and popular, the other is plain but highly intelligent. Their mother sets them up for a lifetime of strife.

The story shifts to WWII at the Springfield Armory in Massachusetts. Women were an important part of the war effort in this facility that manufactured M-1 rifles for our fighting men overseas. Both sisters eventually live there. Their lives and status on base were very different.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading about the sisters and learned much about how important the Springfield Armory was to the war effort.

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I Loved this book! 2 things I love to read about! Sisters and war! I was such an amazing story right from the start! Highly recommend! #negalley#wartimesisters

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I received this book as an ARC from NetGalley for an honest review. I totally enjoyed this book and it’s main characters. The plot and characters were well developed and had me hooked from the first page. The story flips between the late 1930’s and 1943. I learned a lot about the Springfield, Massachusetts armory , the work they did there and the layout of the facility. The story revolves around two sisters and their love-hate relationship. This is another outstanding novel by Lynda Cohen Loigman, the author of the “Two Family House “ .

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Novels set during WWII are my favorite. When I received this ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review I was thrilled. The story takes place during the war and one sister is a war widow and the other’s husband is stationed at Massachusetts’ Springfield Armory. They haven’t seen each other in several years and Millie is now alone with her young son and in need of a home and job and they come to live with Ruth and her family. The story doesn’t focus on the war much, it does go into some detail about how much women helped the war effort by working in such places as the armory, however, in my opinion it is a story about the complex relationship between the two sisters and not an historical fiction novel at all. Ruth has always been very jealous and wary of her beautiful sister, mainly because of the different ways in which their mother treated them. It took a lot for her to open up her home. Because of their past they are now walking on egg shells around each other We eventually realize that Millie is keeping something from her sister, but, Ruth has her own secret too. There are a couple of other female characters in the book which adds to the appeal of the book. All In all, a very enjoyable read!

Was this review helpful?

The was a very good book about two sisters and conflicts between them and how they get through them and learn to love each other. Set during the second World War, and I really enjoyed all the references to that time period. I like learning how other decades were, the customs, etc. The book is well written and I liked the characters, I felt the historical accuracy. One I won't forget!

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I was impressed by Lynda Cohen Loigman's debut, The Two-Family House, so I was thrilled to see that she had a new novel coming out. This one was even better than her previous one, which is hard to do when a debut sets such a bar for excellent writing.

I couldn't get enough of The Wartime Sisters and I didn't want it to end. Lynda combined sibling rivalry, Judaism, history, and women's issues during World War II to create a mesmerizing story. She really captured the feel of the early 1940's and I got a glimpse of what it was like to be on the home front during a time of enormous strife in the world.

Both Ruth and Millie were easy to connect with. I had a soft spot for Ruth with us both being the older sisters and expected to set an example for our siblings. However, Millie was a sympathetic character and it was good to know that she wasn't trying to steal the attention of men away from Ruth, especially since she didn't welcome it. There was more to her than how she was seen through Ruth's eyes. I liked that some other characters also had a voice in the story and I enjoyed getting to know them too.

Fun (personal) fact: Ruth and Millie's parents names were Florence and Morris. My late paternal grandparents were also named Florence and Morris. Furthermore, their last name was Kaplan and my paternal grandma's maiden name was Kaplan.

I really loved everything about this novel and highly recommend it. It publishes early next year, so be sure to add it to your shelf and move it to the top of your TBR pile as soon as you get it!

Movie casting suggestions:
Ruth: Lola Kirke
Millie: Natalia Dyer
Lillian: Kate Bosworth
Arietta: Keala Settle (This was my favorite part to cast and I couldn't think of anyone more deserving than "Lettie.")
Lenny: Cole Sprouse
Grace: January Jones

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When sisters have different looks and talents and are treated differently, there are inevitable problems that result. This is the underlying these of The Wartime Sisters. Can Ruth and Millie finally open themselves and resolve the resentment both have carried since childhood? In the background, the reader also gets a look at the armory in Springfield, Massachusetts during WWII. Loigman gives us insight into the way the world shifted when women went to work by the thousands. The book is well worth the read.

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A powerful novel about two sisters, Ruth and Millie growing up in Brooklyn during the 1930's then later moving to Springfield, Massachusetts. A deep divide has always been between the two sisters, mainly because of their mother's favoritism. Ruth, the older sister is plain, serious and very smart but is mostly overlooked because of her younger beautiful sister. There are lots of secrets that is gradually told to help the reader understand the underlying tension. The Springfield Armory during the early part of WWII was a very interesting setting for this story. I enjoyed learning more about the armory in the author's note. Highly recommended!

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I truly enjoyed this book, it allows us to follow the lives of two sisters, Ruth and Millie, they are as different as can be, in looks, personalities, and how the choices they made affect their lives and the lives of others they care for and love. The story is told in flashbacks from their present lives back to years before of the sisters and also between several other characters in the story on how the happenings in their childhoods shaped their destinies. I was impressed by the writing and it was very interesting to read how the women were so eager to help out in the war effort and the descriptions were so good you could envision the officers housing and several of the social events.
I could certainly relate to the relationship between the sisters as I have a sister and we also, are very different, this book opened my eyes a little bit on how our mother handled the differences between us. I wish the story would have covered the war effort a little bit more but otherwise I really enjoyed my time with Millie, Ruth, Lillian and the other characters. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys historical fiction with a touch of family secrets and love.
I thank Net Galley and St. Martin’s Press for allowing me to receive a free copy for my honest review. This one gets 4****’s.

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I love historical fiction. I love multiple points of view books. I love books that flow and just hold you in.
"The Wartime Sisters' does all of those with grace.

Two sisters, Ruth is the oldest and 'plain', Millie is the youngest by 3 years and draws all the attention. Their lives have taken separate paths but due to circumstances they must live together again. They are in Springfield Massachusetts at the Armory where Ruth's husband is working.

As the book and time progresses. you quickly realize how different they are and see why they went different ways. You grow to see how alike they are and hope that time will let them see that. The flashback scenes are great to see the changes. The chapters from the viewpoints of two supporting characters are also helpful to see the women in their true colors. You also get to see how prejudices ran rampant and assumptions became 'truths'

Thank you Netgalley for the ARC! I will definitely be reading more Lynda Cohen Loigman

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This is a gem of a story with strong female characters! It takes place in the early days of WWII against the backdrop of the Springfield Armory in Massachusetts. Ruth and Millie are two estranged sisters. They have always been at war with each other, with Ruth resenting Millie’s beauty. Ruth marries and moves to Springfield with her husband, Arthur, who is a scientist with the army. Millie marries too and it seems her husband is killed while in the army, so Ruth invites her and her son Michael to move in with her for a time. It is soon apparent that the relationship between the two sisters is complex and that each is carrying a secret. Ultimately a story about the strength of a sisterly bond.

Was this review helpful?

Once again Lynda Cohen Loigman has brought us a story of complicated family relationships. I found this story of two sisters to be entertaining and intriguing. The story that was told of the Armory was very interesting. The author made me feel as if I was walking through the grounds. I found it very interesting how women helped fill the jobs that had to be done for the war.

Was this review helpful?

I loved this book. Such an amazing story of two sisters.

Many thanks to NetGalley, the publisher, and author for my ARC. All opinions are my own.

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The Wartime Sisters by Lynn Cohen Loigman is an eloquent portrayal of the experience of World War II by American civilian women, an important section of society that is not usually the focus of novels set in WWII. Each of the “wartime sisters” represents a different faucet of society -- the married mother who chooses to work outside of the home, a supposed war-widow who has experienced an abusive marriage, an uber-organized military stay-at-home wife, and an African-American singer whose talent is no longer recognized.

Similar to many women from many backgrounds all around the world these women are thrown together by circumstance and by virtue of the situation become sisters as they help each other through thick and thin. (Hence, The Sisterhood.) The war provides the background for this novel as the women who are keeping the home fires burning pitch in and do what they can for the war effort.

Loigman takes great care in developing her characters. Each of them has a well planned backstory, personality, life style and behaviours. She spends a lot of time describing the childhood of the two main characters, allowing the reader to understand how the influence of their parents formed their adult decisions.

Perfect for this reviewer: there is a happy, although unexpected, ending and no loose ends are left to torment me.

I received a free copy of this ebook via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Was this review helpful?

I'm not sure how it eluded me that this book is by the same author as The Two-Family House (a book I absolutely adored!) but it did. However, once I realized this, I knew I was going to love this book. Loigman has a way of writing characters that you can relate to and feel yourself in their shoes. The multi-narrative story speeds by, giving different points of view, something I have always enjoyed in a book.

I found myself getting wrapped up not only in the story, but the time period as well. Anything set during this era is of interest to me and I couldn't read this fast enough.

I absolutely loved this and look forward to her next book!

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Lynda Cohen Loigman is two for two and fast becoming a new favorite historical fiction author for me. She has a talent when it comes to telling a story about the dynamics of a family. I really enjoyed the different setting for this WWII novel, featuring the home front rather than the battlefield. We often forget what it was like for those left behind. Ruth and Millie are as different as two sisters could be. Very often in life we wish for something we don't have, whether it's curly or straight hair, a personality trait we admire in another, or the eye or admiration of a parent or friend. That happens to both Millie and Ruth in this story and almost puts a permanent rift in their relationship. I liked that there were wonderful secondary stories layered in as well. I enjoyed reading about the cook in the Armory cafeteria who was a feisty opera singer and who ultimately finds love. I also enjoyed the story of the head Armory officer's wife. I really felt these characters could have been real people they were so well written. They really added another layer of complexity to the story.

Was this review helpful?

I received a free ARC of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Ruth and Millie are sisters who are like night and day. Ruth is thoughtful, controlled, intelligent, and average-looking. Millie is passionate, impulsive, and beautiful. This dichotomy develops into a chasm over the course of their adolescence and early adulthood, set against the backdrop of the Interwar Period and World War II. Eventually Ruth marries and moves away to live her own life without Millie's shadow hanging over her, only to have her sister and nephew arrive several years later in need of assistance.

The novel skips around chronologically between childhood, adolescence, and their present day. It follows several characters but focuses mainly on Ruth and Millie. The flashbacks were helpful and usually interesting, and they were not difficult to follow. However, the addition of the other characters does not improve the story. The author fixated on certain aspects of the real life individuals (ex: opera singer who volunteers in the cafeteria) and obviously wanted to weave them into her narrative, but they feel one dimensional and simplistic. All of the friends are wonderful people and all of the villains are terrible people; there's no development to them.

Overall, the novel was enjoyable, and I appreciated that it didn't focus on the War but instead used it simply as a backdrop for the relationship of the sisters with each other and their environment.

Was this review helpful?

This was a very well written book about sisters who had their difficulties! This book truly had a bit of everything- history, family drama etc and was very good. I enjoyed it!

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Review: This is the first time I've had the opportunity to read a book prior to it's release, and I will admit, I had no idea what to expect. Usually, I visit other blogs and websites to get a feel for whether or not I might be into it but that's obviously not a  luxury I had this time. Instead, I'm excited that you get to hear about it first from me!
Let me start this off by saying I'm a huge fan of historical fiction from the WWII era. I've read a LOT of books from that time period, so achieving four and a half meows from me is an achievement. But this one isn't completely about the war - more so, the complex relationships during the war and how it brings some people together or pulls them apart.

The Wartime Sisters started off as a story I can relate to within the first two chapters. Have you ever fought with a sibling? Maybe you felt like your parents treated you both differently with different sets of expectations? Maybe there was jealously, some resentment in there? Ruth can tell you all about how her sister is the pretty one and how her parents make her feel like she should dumb herself down to attract a man. Millie can tell you about how dull Ruth is with her math and little sense of adventure. But things change as they grow up and their parents pass away unexpectedly.

The secrets these two keep from each other are big ones that impacted the outcome of paths of their lives. When tragedy seems to strike again, they find themselves reunited in Springfield where one is the wife of a war officer and the other is a war widow. The relationships with other women on the base threaten to tear them apart again or bring them back together. 

The author does a wonderful job of exploring complex relationships and how each character seems themselves and others. You experience characters growing and learning and you start rooting for them to stand up for themselves. I was so sad when this book ended!

If this WWII-era relationships and secrets is something you're into, you'll definitely want to read this when it is released at the end of January 2019!

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I wasn’t sure about reading The Wartime Sisters when I got approached to review it. I am not a fan of historical fiction. I have been burnt by too many books that were dry and uninteresting to read. I was afraid that this was going to be the case with The Wartime Sisters. And I almost turned it down. But something about the blurb caught my attention. With that, I decided to accept the request.

The Wartime Sisters is the story of Ruth and Millie. Ruth and Millie have been estranged since their parents were killed in an automobile accident. Before the accident, Ruth resented Millie. Ruth blamed Millie for stealing her boyfriends, for being popular and for being the apple of their parents eye. Millie, however, doesn’t understand why Ruth is so cold and distant to her. When Millie’s husband dies overseas, she writes to Ruth, asking for help. Ruth agrees to let Millie and her son live with them. When Millie arrives in Springfield, she finds that Ruth hasn’t changed. Ruth grows more bitter the longer Millie stays with them. But Ruth and Millie have secrets. Secrets that could destroy their relationship if they came to light. Can Ruth get over the past to help Millie in the present? Or will she allow past resentments color what she thinks of Millie? Can Millie trust Ruth enough to tell her about her secret?

I didn’t like Ruth one bit. I didn’t like how she treated Millie. I thought it was disgusting that she held on to old resentments. She was afraid that Millie was going to one-up her. I wanted to shake her and say “Get over it!!“. What she did the night of her parents funeral was awful. The author did try to change her character by having her confront Grace Peabody. It didn’t matter. I didn’t like her.

I liked Millie and I felt bad for her. I liked how the author wrote her side of the story. I understood why she left out parts of her story when she moved in with Ruth. I do think that she was unfairly judged by people. They saw how good-looking she was and thought she wasn’t that bright. Which was far from the truth. She was also stronger than most of the women in this book.

I liked Lillian. But I didn’t understand why she was getting her own chapters until later in the book. She was an amazing woman. She had been through so much in her life and she still looked on the brighter side of things. She didn’t dwell on things she couldn’t change. What she did for Millie was nothing short of amazing.

Aria was brought in later in the book. Again, I didn’t understand why she was getting her own chapters but I soon realized why about the same time I understood why Lillian did. She brought an outside perspective to Ruth and Millie’s relationship. She was the only person in the book who dared to call Ruth out on her treatment of Millie. She also was the only one who stood up to Grace and her husband when things were going down. Aria was a true friend to Millie.

I liked how the author wrote Millie’s secret into the book. I also liked what she did to get rid of it. That was also a turning point in Ruth and Millie’s relationship.

I loathed Grace Peabody. She was a nasty woman who got everything that she deserved. I do wish that her husband got the same treatment.

I did like that I got a better understanding of what a woman did to support her soldier/country during World War II. I thought it was fascinating what Millie did. I also liked the location. Having grown up in the NE part of MA, I love it when any part is represented in a book. Double kudos if it is in a positive light.

The end of the book was sweet. I liked that Millie and Ruth were moving towards a better relationship. The author did a great job at ending all the storylines. I had a question about the Aria/Fitz one. Other than that, perfect!!

What I liked about The Wartime Sisters:

The storyline
How Millie’s secret was written in and out of the book
What I disliked about The Wartime Sisters:

Grace Peabody
Aria/Fitz relationship left up in the air
I gave The Wartime Sisters a 4-star rating. I liked the storyline and Mille. I also liked how Millie’s secret was written in and out of the story. It was Ruth who killed the book for me. She was miserable the entire book.

I would give The Wartime Sisters an Adult rating. There is no sex. There is no language. There is some mild violence. I would recommend that no one under the age of 21 read this book.

I would reread The Wartime Sisters. I would also recommend this book to family and friends.

I would like to thank St. Martin’s Press and NetGalley for allowing me to read and review The Wartime Sisters.

All opinions expressed in this review of The Wartime Sisters are mine.

**I chose to leave this review after reading an advance reader copy**

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The Wartime Sisters by Lynda Cohen Lolgman is a intriguing novel centered around two different types of war. Part of the story occurs before WW II and during the war. The plot revolves around a very conflicted relationship between two sisters. Their mother relates to each quite differently. She favors the younger more attractive and outgoing sister. This creates a deep resentment in her older sibling and makes it quite difficult for the sisters to co exist. They try to lead separate lives but also need each other and share a past. Its at the end of the book that they get together and vocalize the conflicts they felt growing up. This enables them to establish a satisfying and peaceful relationship. Their war has ended.

Was this review helpful?

This book was spot on about this time in history. It was very interesting to read how peole lived and worked during the war. Characters were wonderful and I did not want the book to end. Looking forward to more books from this author.

Was this review helpful?

Two estranged sisters; Ruth and Millie, raised in Brooklyn are reunited at the Springfield Armory in the early days of WWII. Ruth the older of the two resents how her parents have always doted on her younger, prettier sister, Millie. Breaking free from her sister's shadow after the death of their parents, Ruth enjoys her life as an officer's wife and her job at the Armory. When Millie arrives as a war widow and once again is the center of attention, old resentments surface and both sisters fear their secrets are about to be exposed. Told from both points of view, it is easy to understand how they each perceive the other as being the problem in their sibling rivalry.

"During World War II, the armory again turned to women to overcome the labor shortage. By June 1943, somewhere between 11,300-11,800 people worked at the armory, and of that number 43 percent were women." Loigman has written a poignant story capturing that time in history and crafting a story that brings the reality of their lives to the reader. Even in wartime, a hierarchy and snobbishness exist among the women workers and the officer's wives belying the strength that is required to survive the hard times. The Author's Note provides background on the Springfield Armory and is a welcome addition in the book. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and will go on to read her first novel, The Two-Family House.

Was this review helpful?

This book struck a particular chord with me. Although separated by 2 or 3 generations, I too grew up about 30 miles from Springfield and my parents read the Springfield paper every morning. The story is set in a time I could relate to, and as a child I spent "vacations" with an aunt who took me to Forest Park and to the tearoom in Steiger's department store. Later as a young mother, I took my own children to Forest Park and bought their snowsuits in Steiger's. Although I moved from there many decades ago, I'm wondering how did I never know the history of the Armory?
I loved this book and couldn't put it down. The estranged sisters were so well drawn and gives the reader a hometown look at war, women's place in society, parental bullying, deceit , betrayal and also familial loyalty.
Kudos to the author.for an exceptional and unique novel about WWII.

Was this review helpful?

Sisters Ruth and Millie, a few years apart in age, are at odds with one another through almost 30 years of life. Ruth, the older, is noted as reliable, responsible, plain and boring. Millie is expected to get by with her looks and her friendliness. Oh how Ruth resents Millie. WWII throws the sisters together again as Millie’s husband, Lenny, signs up to serve. Millie joins Ruth at the armory and takes a job. This period of time allows Millie to regain her footing and for Ruth to relax her defenses. Coming together as sisters, without rancor, is not easy for these two. I lay the blame for their differences with their mother who seems to be caused so much with her own actions and many words.

Was this review helpful?

I got sent this book to review- I liked the premise
Then I started reading and I did not want to put it down, carrying it around while I did as much ad I could.

2 sisters are not close:
1- her missteps were red wine spilled on a tablecloth
other- only a small wrinkle in tablecloth

1 sister hopes to fix their relationship. A seam sewn crooked is better than a hole.

Words never get chance to be spoken

A nice Jewish girl from Brooklyn, tries to assimilate to a new life in a new place while helping her son adjust to a new life. Problems from the past arise and need to be dealt with so as not to infect their new life.

I highly recommend this book!!

Update -
I actually opened my Kindle hoping I could read more of the story, then realizing that I had already finished the book, I wanted more of the characters's story... maybe write a sequel ?!

Was this review helpful?

Hard to put down novel that transports you completely back in time. It was extremely easy to get lost in this novel. The character development was great, and as a reader you were able to really feel the all the emotions associated with the often difficult relationships.

Was this review helpful?

This was a very interesting book! The sibling rivalry was intense and neither understood that it was their mother who seemed to like to continue it. I liked to learn about the Armory and the work it did during the war. The social status and the gossip was also interesting. I was rooting for the characters and hoped for the best outcome for each!

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This is the story of two sisters, Millie and Ruth, as different in looks as in personality. Ruth is the smart and serious sister, jealous of younger sister Millie, the beautiful and popular one. Brought up in Brooklyn, Ruth marries and moves to the Springfield Armory in the midst of World War II. A different take on life during the war, with a compelling description of the sisters’ relationship. I recommend for lovers of historical fiction.

Was this review helpful?

“ The Wartime Sisters” by Linda Cohen Loigman was a novel that met my expectations. I was unprepared for the depth of feelings shown by the two sisters. They never seem to reconcile their differences in a logical way. The authors handling of their relationship was very well thought out. In the end the resolution of their differences leaves the reader satisfied. A novel I would highly recommend for young adult readers as well as mature book clubs. There is plenty to discuss.

Was this review helpful?

This lovely historical novel explores the troubled relationship between two sisters who grew up in Brooklyn and then both work at the Springfield (MA) Armory during World War II. Loigman writes sympathetically about these two women who have felt at odds with one another most of their lives, and she captures the energy of wartime New England beautifully. I live and work near Springfield, and this novel has inspired me to begin planning my first trip to the Armory.

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