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Pub Date 01 Aug 2014 | Archive Date 14 Oct 2018

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Shadows walk in the autumn mist.

It's the Fall of 1994 in the small milltown of Belford, New York. The leaves are turning, the kids are going back to school, and the heat of Summer is giving way to a cool, misty season. It happens every Fall.

Only this Fall, people are disappearing into that mist. Some people are found torn apart, some people are found dead for no reason, and some people aren't found at all. Other people see strange things in the mist: ghosts and campfire stories.

There's something out there in that mist. Something old. Something that has slept for a long time, but has now woken up hungry. Maybe the people of Belford could resist it, but as the terrible Fall wears on, more and more of them start...changing. Acting bizarre and violent. In the end, only a small group of teenage defenders are left to make their stand.

Shadows walk in the autumn mist.

It's the Fall of 1994 in the small milltown of Belford, New York. The leaves are turning, the kids are going back to school, and the heat of Summer is giving way to a...

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Many horror stories are cautionary tales for teenagers.....don't go into the woods alone at night, don't park in out of the way places to have sex in a car, parties can be dangerous, never pick up hitchhikers, don't talk to strangers, don't drink, don't do drugs.... I think the reason why books and movies based on this trope are entertaining is because we all (at some point) did all of those things. And made it out alive. But we eagerly read/watch the story unfold of the unlucky ones who get caught by the killer/monster/predator.

Hometown is a horror story just like that. I could almost see the story playing out as a movie in my head as I read this book. Belford, NY. 1994. Fall. The weather is turning misty and cool. And, the local teens are out doing what all small town teens do before it gets too cold to be outdoors being stupid. But, unfortunately, this time something is in the mist....something old, hungry and unfeeling has awoken....and its hunting them. It's open season on teenagers. Local legends about a creature in Black Lake are true.....

I found this story entertaining and engaging. But I love this sort of story! From the first two victims that die because they parked out at the lake to the bitter end where all is revealed, this book had my attention. The story had so many of the same legends that the small town I grew up in did -- a black car running people off the road, people disappearing at the lake, monsters lurking in the fog..... I'm glad that the legends from my town were all BS, but it was great to see those stories play out in Belford.

All in all, an entertaining scary read! Anyone who likes slightly cheesy horror stories will love this book. I'm definitely going to read more by this author. Totally entertaining story!

**I voluntarily read a review copy of this book. All opinions expressed are entirely my own. **

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I finally got through a book that took me a week to read. A.Week. It wasn't abnormally long, or poor writing. Just lack of chapter structures on my download got me lost a few times, and time shifts of dates messed with me. By the end, trying to figure out how each character fit into the storyline near the end. Every named person plays a part. I didn't love it, but I didn't hate it either. I felt the concept of corrupt ground would actually have some form of mythology base to it. Nope. Decent story, I feel there were parts that could have be axed(intended pun), places it could have delved into the belly of the beast(another sad pun), and felt the ending was rushed. It comes out soon for people to read. If you want to know the title, message me and I'll let you know once it is available for the public to read. A solid B story. It is lower due to reasons listed above. It is as high because it really does touch on how mob mentality can affect an entire town in the matter of weeks. Set in the 90s, relevant now. This is a quintessential, long drawn out campfire story.

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I Was Shocked, Scared, Angry...Then I Cried

There's a great evil growing in the small town of Belford.

A group of seniors begin to suspect that the sudden uptick of strange disappearances, sudden deaths, and savage murders are more than coincidence. But, they're outsiders: bullied and looked down on by other kids and singled out unfairly by teachers. The authority figures they turn to dismiss their concerns, if they'll even listen. They are on their own.

I loved this book, and I usually don't care for novels where teens are the central characters (high school is about 45 years in my rearview). But, who can't relate to kids who try to fight a supernatural enemy alone while all the adults are either hostile or going crazy?

Michael Keville has great insight into the issues that young people ordinarily deal with in high school, especially if they have differences that set them apart. I haven't cared so much about an ensemble cast of characters since Stephen King's The Stand. It astonished me to learn that it's the author's first novel.

There's violence, sexual violence, swearing, and stuff out of nightmares. There's also frank discussion of disturbing real-life themes. This horror fan recommends Hometown for mature teens and adults of all ages.

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What if a sinister undercurrent begins to surface in your comfortable little hometown and the people you've known all you life start to change? What if all the dark little secrets behind the facades of those cheery homes crept through those white picket fences in strange and violent ways?
Hometown begins in the fall of 1994 in the small milltown of Belford in upstate NY. Every fall the hot summer gives way to a cool mist, but this fall is different. People are disappearing into the mist. Some are later found mangled, some are found dead and some are never seen again. Other people see things in the mist that can't be explained. Something old and hungry has awaked in the mist.

The character development is excellent The "good guys" were likable and easy to care about. The "bad guys" were fully developed, but despicable. The town was a character in itself and almost had a life of it's own. The main protagonists are a group of teens, which in some ways
contributes to the feeling that this could be a book for older teens. The are quite a few characters to keep track of and at 771 pages I wouldn't describe this as a quick read, but it does have plenty of action to keep you hooked. This is a good book to read on a long rainy, (and misty) weekend #netgalley #hometown

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HOMETOWN was an interesting, scary read. Keville does a good job of building suspense and creating characters I could care about. I look forward to reading his next book!

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