Blazing for the Bratva

A Russian Mafia Romance Novel

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Pub Date 19 Nov 2018 | Archive Date 15 Dec 2018

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PAVEL I’ve always been the low man on the Sokolov bratva’s totem pole, but not anymore. The family is changing, growing, and I have stepped up as second-in-command. I’m not the errand boy now. Pavel the Puppy is no more. Now, I’m a wolf—a force to be reckoned with, and I get the respect I deserve because I’ve earned it. But with status comes sacrifice, and the bratva needs an alliance to cement our place in the city's organized crime hierarchy. Now I have to marry a complete stranger who just happens to be the youngest daughter of the Mikhailov bratva’s boss—the most powerful man in the city. She’s gorgeous. She’s educated. She’s feisty. She’s also convinced she’s too good for an arranged marriage with a man of my reputation. But I’m going to make her mine. No matter what it takes. Mine. NATALIA My father runs the most powerful Russian mafia operation in the region. He has decided it’s time to marry me off to some no-name guy from some no-name bratva, and I want to find a way out of it. I deserve better than some second-rate lieutenant—I should be marrying a boss, myself! But Father’s word is final, so I don’t have much choice. Then I meet him. He’s courteous. Mysterious. Handsome. He’s not at all like the puppy dog I had imagined or the bodybuilder wannabes who are typical of the men in the organized crime world. There is a danger that lurks within his beautiful eyes, and a demeanor of calm that commands respect. I want to hate him, want to hate our arranged marriage—but instead I hate myself for wanting him so bad. I have to get him alone, have to find out what secrets hide behind his eyes… and under his clothes. But if we are caught meeting alone before the wedding, it could bring shame on the Mihailkov bratva—and it could mean death for Pavel. BLAZING FOR THE BRATVA is part of the Maura Rose Russian Mafia Romance series and sequel to BURNING FOR THE BRATVA. It is 45,000 words long and can be read as a standalone. This novel contains steamy scenes that could cause sweating even in an igloo, is safe with zero cheating, and has a guaranteed HEA that will make your heart swell like a balloon!

PAVEL I’ve always been the low man on the Sokolov bratva’s totem pole, but not anymore. The family is changing, growing, and I have stepped up as second-in-command. I’m not the errand boy now. Pavel...

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3.75 stars--BLAZING FOR THE BRATVA is the third instalment in Maura Rose’s contemporary adult RUSSIAN MAFIA ROMANCE erotic, romance series. This is Sokolov Bratva lieutenant Pavel , and Natalia Mikhailov’s story line. BLAZING FOR THE BRATVA can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Any important information from the previous story lines is revealed where necessary. Told from dual third person perspectives (Natalia and Pavel) BLAZING FOR THE BRATVA follows the building but forbidden relationship between Sokolov Bratva lieutenant Pavel, and Natalia Mikhailova. The impending wedding between Natalia’s sister Irena to the heir to the powerful Japanese Yakuza is meant to merge the Russian and Japanese mobs but Natalia’s father is determined to increase his standing in the Bratva by announcing Natalia’s marriage to a man she doesn’t know. Enter Sokolov Bratva lieutenant Pavel, the man with whom Natalia will fall in love. What ensues is the building but secret romance between Natalia and Pavel, and the potential fall-out as things don’t go according to plans with Irena’s wedding, and Natalia’s father calls off any future plans for our story line heroine. To keep up appearances and maintain propriety Natalia and Pavel are not allowed to date prior to their engagement announcement but our story line couple are desperate to meet one another, and in the ensuing aftermath, begin a secret relationship on the road to falling in love. Natalia struggles with her father’s old country ways, and following a near disaster at her sister’s wedding, demands her right to choose. The relationship between Pavel and Natalia begins acrimoniously. Neither Pavel nor Natalia are thrilled with being forced into a marriage of convenience; a marriage meant to merge rival Russian powers but powers each seeking something different. Hoping to become friends first, Pavel and Natalia will begin a secret courtship behind everybody’s back. The $ex scenes are intimate and passionate, without the use of over the top, sexually graphic language and text. The secondary and supporting characters include Natalia’s sisters Irena, Anastasia, Lana and Vasilisa, as well as their father Ivan Mikhailova. We are re-introduced to the head of the Sokolov Bratva Ivan Sokolov, and his wife Kate (Burning for the Bratva #2). BLAZING FOR THE BRATVA is a story of family, betrayal, power and control. The premise is engaging and captivating; the romance is seductive and provocative; the characters are animated and lively. The usual violence in many Russian Bratva story lines is limited, as well as the story line conflict but saying that I am looking forward to reading more future story lines focusing on Natalia’s sisters. Copy supplied by Netgalley THE READING CAFE: GOODREADS: AMAZON.COM:

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5 Stars for Blazing for the Bratva by Maura Rose ARC received from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. WOW - I think I could easily get hooked on Russian Mafia / Mob related in general romance !! Loved this book !! Few thinks that ticked all my boxes: 👍👍 Great characters Excellent story line - kept my interest so much that I read in one sitting !! Hot cover - what first drew my attention Strong heroine Sizzling chemistry 🔥🔥 Humor - Angst & snark ❤️❤️ Can’t wait to check our other reads now by Maura Rose if they are anything like this great book !! I was looking for a quick read & absolutely loved Pavel & Natalia’s story !! See what happens when an arranged marriage of 2 relatively opposite personalities turns into true ❤️❤️ Loved this book - !!

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There seem to be more books in this series, this is the first book for me. It was a short novella type book. Russian Mafia in the USA. Pavel and Natalia from two different Bratvas are to be married to form an alliance between the most powerful Bratva and an upcoming one. At first I was unsure where they were. It took me a bit to figure out they weren’t in Russia. I Natalia and Pavel immediately had chemistry and the meetings on the park bench were good/hot. As someone else mentioned there was not a lot of background info on these two Bratvas. I received this ebook copy from the publisher and NetGalley for an honest review.

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This was a good quick read, characters have chemistry the plot is good well written. First time to reading this author will definitely be checking out more. Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the advance read

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This was a cute quick read, I enjoyed reading about this couple and it was refreshing to read about Pavel, who was a different kind of mafia lieutenant.

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Natalia and Pavel are being forced to marry and neither is to excited about the prospect. When they do fall for each other, danger isn’t far behind from other mafia families. Will they be able to save their own? Fast-paced read with lots of drama and suspense. I really liked this entertaining fast-paced read.

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Love the Russian Mob, Bratva. This was my first time reading Maura Rose and I really liked her writing style. The story moved quickly and kept me engaged. I really liked "Puppy"! I thought he was adorable. And as much as I wanted to hate Natalya at the start I did end up liking her. They made a great couple and the chemistry was hot! Would definitely read more from Rose.

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Quick fast paced book. Great chemistry between characters. Really enjoyable. Loved the nicknames. Puppy is my favorite

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ARC received for review This is the third book, and no I haven't read the previous two. What fun would there be in that? This one is a stand alone and I wasn't lost at all for not having read the previous books. Pavel aka the Puppy is far from a cute little lap dog as can be. He is Russian, second-in-command of his section of the mafai and yummy and very sweet. Natalia is a daughter of a rival mafia and now Pavel's bride by arranged marriage. Initial meeting and lots of dislike on both side, but there's someone out to stop her family. They work together in all areas of life. HEA for everyone.

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