The Healer

A Dark Family Drama

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Pub Date 22 Jan 2019 | Archive Date 26 Jan 2019

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"Anyone who reads this book will be in for a thrill of a ride . . ." —Amanda Evans, reviewer

How do you escape a life of conflict and abuse? Being a young girl in 1940’s Ireland isn’t easy for Molly, especially since she isn’t like others. Her family and community are wary of the beautiful child. As Molly becomes a teenager life gets harder and she loses faith in everything. Molly is surrounded in danger. She must make choices. But will she chose the right path or is she doomed to a life of misery? Will she survive in a world of violence and crime? Will The Healer ever be healed? Sharon Thompson is also the author of the critically acclaimed thriller The Abandoned. The Healer is a dark and suspenseful family drama which will appeal to fans of authors like; Stuart Turton, Tana French and Anthony Horowitz.

"Anyone who reads this book will be in for a thrill of a ride . . ." —Amanda Evans, reviewer

How do you escape a life of conflict and abuse? Being a young girl in 1940’s Ireland isn’t easy for Molly...

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There are books that tell a story and there are books that touch your heart. The Healer and Molly’s story is the later. I finished this book in one sitting because I couldn't put it down and as I closed it, I did so with happy tears in my eyes.

If you've read Sharon Thompson's book, The Abandoned, you will be familiar with the character of Molly, and in The Healer, we get her story and the answers to questions that may have left you wondering what happened to her after she left Peggy's house in The Abandoned. The Healer is a book that deals with some very dark topics and the author does an amazing job of taking the reader into the mind of young Molly without being too graphic. My skin crawled quite a few times during some of the scenes and as I read I became young Molly and journey with her as she struggled to find her place in the world and deal with the harsh realities of being different. There were characters that wanted the best for Molly and those that wanted to use her gifts for greed and power. Throughout the book, I felt Molly's pain, her frustration, her hopelessness, and her never wavering faith that she would find her way home. I don't like to give spoilers in my reviews but I will say anyone who reads this book will be in for a thrill of a ride as they skirt the dangers Molly has to face and go through the traumas that being different brings her. A powerful story filled with despair, grief, and hope for a better life.

This book is sure to put Ms Thompson back on the bestseller list and will be a much talked about book among my circle of friends and writers.

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What can I say but wow this is the first book I've read on netgalley and what a way to start it of. Although the subject is not a nice one Sharon deals with it well. It will pull at your heart strings that's for sure.
The healer is set in Ireland and at the start it was a little heavy going with trying to understand the way irish talk but I'm glad I carried on.
You become part of the book and want to know what is happening to the main characters.
I was approved this book late this morning and have just finished it now I couldn't put it down it pulls in it won't be the last book by Sharon Thompson that I will read that's for sure.

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Mary is from Ireland and around at 1940 .
She is in a dangerous place
Will she survive in all the hatred and crime
I had an ARC from Bloodhound Books

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The Healer, by Sharon Thompson is the compelling life-story of often misunderstood, Molly McCarthy from childhood into adulthood. Molly has the ability to heal and while those she heals see her gift as a blessing its often a curse to her as she’s labeled ‘different’ and treated as an outcast by her family. She is shunned, ignored, abused and used by those who are supposed to love and protect her. She manages to overcome insurmountable obstacles throughout life and often retreats into her head where voices of angels guide her and give her strength to keep going.
When her mother dies in childbirth a loving family cross her path and adopt her baby brother giving him the warm and nurturing environment she lacks. The Brady family have a positive impact on her life and offer small chunks of respite from the harsh realities of home where the only love she receives is from her dog Hull, her constant companion until his untimely death at the hands of her wicked Uncle. She adores her brother Jude and never begrudges him the happy life he has with his new family. They form a close life-long bond. From an early age her aunt, who has replaced her mother, has her out healing people and pocketing any money made.
When Molly is a teenager a life-shattering incident sets her on a new path where she enters adulthood with limited opportunities but manages to survive. Alone, pregnant and without means to get by she develops a friendship with a woman, Peggy who operates outside the law and Molly is drawn into a life she struggles to break free from. Eventually she escapes with the aid of the Brady family. They arrange for her safe passage to London with her child where she has a chance at finding happiness. News of her healing gifts have attracted a huge following and she is able to make ends meet for her and her son. She meets Luca who could giver her the family she is looking for but can happiness ever be hers?
She receives word that the Brady’s need her support and she travels home to repay them for some of the kindness they showed her. They now need her more than ever and she is faced with a decision - stay and support or go back to her new life in London. Will she ever be able to heal herself the way she can heal others? Is happiness to be hers or something only other people attain?
This is more than just a story about a healer. Its about the stigma attached to mental health, about not being seen as ‘normal’ and often the worst offenders are family acting out of fear. Its also about listening to our inner-selves and trusting our gut to guide us in the right direction and facing our fears and overcoming them.
I really enjoyed this book although it did reduce me to tears a couple of times.

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Little Molly McCarthy is a halfwit, or so everyone says, including her parents. She barely speaks, cannot read or write but she is a healer. Her mother beats her, her father abuses her and beats her. Her Uncle Vincent has eyes on her too. It’s a difficult read at times, so heartbreaking and Molly is no fool, she knows exactly what’s going on, the angels tell her things.

As Molly grows up, her life changes and it’s not all good. There is violence, rape and prostitution and Molly almost losses everything. However, she does have Dr and Violet Brady and Jane who give her family and hope.

This is a tale about a young, damaged girl with a special gift, but while the healing of others is part of the story, it’s not all miracles and blessings. This tells of a young girls strength, her sheer will to survive and make a better life for herself.

Sharon Thompson’s marvellous writing has brought Molly McCarthy to life, with its touches of magic and ultimately, hope. This is going to stay with me for a long time and if I see a little feather fall near me, it will make me think of the angels.

I would like to thank the Author/the Publishers/NetGalley for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for a fair and honest review

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Amazing and beautiful. Haunting. It will stay with you long after the last page. Absolutely pick it up and prepare to be as engrossed as I was. Happy reading!

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1940s Ireland was not an easy place to grow up. Molly was no different from her struggles. Neglect and abuse appear to have been rife in her young life.

Sharon Thompson's book the Abandoned introduces us to Molly but this is really her story.

How someone so young can cope with violence and corruption is telling and being a healer is a big part of this story.

It is a compelling read and the reader is alongside Molly as she grows into adulthood and we experience all the difficulties that she faced.

The dark side of life is well described by Sharon Thompson and it is a compelling read.

I chose to read this book and all opinions in this review are all my own and completely unbiased. My thanks to NetGalley for this opportunity.

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A hauntingly Beautiful story that will capture your heart and won’t let go!

1940s Ireland, not a good place to be a little different, to have a special gift... this was a well told tale that transported me to the past and to Ireland... it really brought to life how different things were in the 40s in Ireland in particular... this book was so authentic including the vernacular that it did take a while to get used to, but I ultimately truly appreciated....

Molly was such a sweet girl and she grew to be such a strong woman... my heart broke for her so many times... how cruel can people be, and how much can one girl take? Molly’s pain and wisdom popped off these pages completely enveloping me in the story... Sharon Thompson has her own special gift when it comes to storytelling....

An exquisitely told story that will tug at your heart strings and won’t let go! Recommend!

*** huge thanks to Bloodhound Books for my copy ***

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For Molly McCarthy, life in 1940's was hard. Regarded as a half wit as she seemed to be unable to read or write & said little, but she was a healer. For that reason she was of some use to her parents but it was a far from loving environment. Her mother beat her, her father beat & abused her & she is scared of the way her uncle looks at her. But Molly has her gift. She can see the good (& bad) in people & has her angels to guide her- if she can only work out what they mean her to do!

My heart went out to Molly as I followed through the ups & downs of her young life. I was rooting for her to finally find some happiness, love & security. She is a character that will be in my mind for a long time. Thanks to Netgalley & the publisher for letting me read & review this moving book.

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5☆ A Haunting and Enthralling Read that will get Under Your Skin!

Wow oh wow what a book!
A Gritty, Chilling and Taut read that will get under your skin and won't let go! I couldn't put it down and I'm still thinking about it even now!

I'm not even sure where to place this book in terms of genre as it has a lil of everything.

The Healer has certainly made an everlasting impression on me, I don't know where to start my review!

I guess I should start by saying the whole book centres round Molly as we follow her heart breaking abusive childhood to adulthood where again she is abused and used.

Molly is what some would call a healer.
She has the powers to heal. Not everyone is worthy of her powers as some are quick to find out.
Molly calls upon her shadows to help guide her through life and to help heal people

Molly's character will get under your skin!,
Her parents call her simple or a half wit.
But Molly is anything but! Ok she can't read and barely speaks, but she is highly intelligent and just needs to be nurtured and loved.
Molly has never really had a family. Her Father is a useless drunk, her mother despised her, especially her unhealthy relationship she has with her father.

She is vulnerable and an easy target.
She had a captivating aura and people are drawn to her.
But i just wanted to protect her.

But can Molly ever escape her lifetime of abuse or is her shadows right.... and she will eventually find happiness and someone to love?

At times this isn't an easy read, it does contain child abuse, rape, prostitution and some violence but Sharon has written these issues with as much sensitivity as she can Still making an impact as the reader lives Molly's nightmare alongside her.

The Healer is a Poignant, Raw, Emotional, Enthralling, Chilling & Haunting Atmospheric tale full of cleverly plotted twists and suspense.
That's deliciously dark in all the right places, with the perfect cast of desperately flawed characters that get under your skin, a mesmerising pacy plot that kept me on the edge of my seat.

The Healer is an absolutely gripping tale that I couldn't put down!
Definitely one of my favourite books so fat this year!
I can't recommend this book enough!

Thank you to Bloodhound Books for this copy which I reviewed honestly and voluntarily.

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