Revenge of the Killer Flamingos

MJ's Dys-Daze Mysteries

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Pub Date 11 Dec 2018 | Archive Date 31 Dec 2019


A-D-H-D! Oh! Look! A Mystery!

Meet MJ O'Malley. She’s impulsive, easily distractible, and even more easily bored. But when a hot lawyer hires her to create a flash mob and people start dropping dead--by flamingo?--well, murder in Pisgah Cove, North Carolina is the brightest, shiniest object to capture her attention ever!

But can she actually solve the crime before she becomes the final victim? Hop aboard for the zany romp and stick around for deadly murder.

With the help of Miss Taz, her Chihuahua guard dog, Fluffy the feral attack cat, a reluctant lawyer as sidekick, and her fierce intellect?

[Yes, I said fierce intellect.]

[Yes. Really.]

[Don’t diss the dys-brain, dude.]

[Where were we?]

{Oh, right!]

With the help of Miss Taz, Fluffy, Ben, and her fierce intellect, MJ’s got this case covered.

Because MJ has finally found her mission in life.

Meet MJ O’Malley.

She solves murders.

A-D-H-D! Oh! Look! A Mystery!

Meet MJ O'Malley. She’s impulsive, easily distractible, and even more easily bored. But when a hot lawyer hires her to create a flash mob and people start dropping...

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I found this to be a unusual cozy mystery. It's main character is all over the place, likeable and fun. She solves the mystery in an unusual way. It was enjoyable ride. #Revenge of the Killer Flamingos #NetGalley.

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This is a great book with a wonderful story and well developed characters. The story flowed very well and was very enjoyable. This book will keep you reading long into the night and you will not want to put this book down until you finish. This was such a great read and full of surprises. I am looking forward to reading other books by this great author.

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This was fun with a few more touching and poignant moments, as well. I think the author must have made ADHD and the other conditions more fun than they are, because this book is simply a lot of fun. It also has a really good mystery with unexpected twists. If I could change one thing it would be to make it a paranormal and that the many-greats-grandmother there for realz!

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Meet MJ O'Malley (do not call her Maisey Jo), former actress and temp secretary extraordinaire! She is efficient and over the top which makes her particular foible even more endearing. You see she has dys-brain also known as Dyscalculia which causes problems with time management, spatial visualization, motor functions, numbers, and (according to MJ) and more of the blah blah blah. In my opinion it is actually a help to her because of how her brain works out the puzzling situation of the flamingo skewered music professor as well as some hinky things taking place at Ben's office. MJ would make for an awesome friend with her heart of gold and Miss. Taz her oh-too-cute and extremely loyal Chihuahua. This was a great story and I can't wait to read what's next because if MJ can keep a lawyer straight and organized she can work miracles!

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An excellent cozy mystery that gives you more than your money's worth in story!!!! The cover drew me in and the jacket description is hilarious all by itself. Then you start the book expecting a great read and it's so good that you wonder why you have not heard of this author before. I actually have read some Patricia Burroughs' books but not met the pure entertainment of this series. Cozy mystery readers unite! Read this book and enjoy the experience!!!!

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This is one good book. The writing is so good. The story is exciting, suspenseful, and I liked the main character so much. Patricia Burroughs has earned a place on my Favorite Authors List. I'm following her and will buy everything she writes. One heck of a good story, so well done.!

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This is the first book I’ve read by this author, but certainly won’t be the last! The first 20% of the book was a bit slow, but then it really took off and kept me up until 5am. This book is skillfully written with a tight plot and delightful characters. There were multiple story lines, which were all tied up in the end. I’ll definitely be reading more of this author’s work. I received this book free and chose to make a voluntary, unbiased review.

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Really enjoyed this book. The characters were so relatable. Loved all the twists and turns. Thank you Patricia Burroughs for this great mystery. I actually wondered WHODUNNIT from the beginning.

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Witty, quirky, whimsical, smart, and fun to read! This cozy mystery has everything I want: appealing and offbeat amateur sleuth, compelling story, a little danger, and touch of romance on the side. It's the perfect antidote for a dull day.

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Kindle Copy for Review from Net Galley I received a free, advance copy of this book and this is my unbiased and voluntary review. Who knew that flamingos can be deadly? MJ is easily distracted and impulsive due to boredom. But soon she will find herself hired by an attractive lawyer who hires to create a flash mob. Only problem people are starting to die by flamingos in small town North Carolina. Will she be able to find the real murderer before she is the next victim? Meet up with this new crime solver as she help by her Chihuahua guard dog, a feral attack cat, a reluctant lawyer and her fierce intellect as they solve the case. A nice new cozy series with fun characters.

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Goodreads: “You know what’s annoying? When a brain that wants to skip around from idea to idea without pause or direction, that refuses to even think about venues without shutting down, when that brain sits down on the one thing I don’t want to think about and won’t let go.” - Patricia Burroughs, Revenge of the Killer Flamingos Don't diss the dys-brain! I didn’t know a story about murder could be so fun! I’ll start with my favorite thing— MJ was a fantastic protagonist. I absolutely loved the way Burroughs wrote about her dys-brain, and just the fact that this is a mystery with disability representation at all. MJ’s narrative voice is hilarious, and it helps the reader ride right along with her as she concocts and enacts her master plan for solving the crime. She reads like a very realistic person with ADD, and we always need more representation of neurodivergent people across all scopes of fiction. That’s the main reason I downloaded this copy for review— I saw disability rep and I was like, I’m in. I’m always in. Burroughs writes about her own dys-brain at the end, which is great because it shows us the author’s personal connections and why she is the one who should be writing this story. This is an enticing mystery with a great lead character. MJ is determined, and she’s very smart, even though people tend to dismiss her at first. She and Ben get off to a rocky start but become very effective associates, and they really get the job done. She stays grounded in her relationships with herself, her animals, her sister, and even her many-times-great grandmother, whom she calls upon for meta-spiritual guidance. I love the trope of a maybe-clumsy, zany, funny female lead taking on a project that people doubt her on and ultimately succeeding. Plus, I laughed plenty! MJ really is just the kind of main character who takes you for a ride, and she’s unapologetically individual and funny. The narrative keeps you on your toes. And boy, were there ups and downs! I really had no idea about who, well, dunnit, until the very last few chapters. Burroughs leaves you hanging in all the right places, and this had a great ending for a series setup. This might be a personal note, but I’m always a hard sell on romance, so I appreciated the relationship between MJ and Ben. It was well implied that there could have been something budding between the two of them, but the romance-and-or-sex aspect did not get in the way of a.) their main plot objective, and b.) their professional relationship. I guess, in summary, it’s refreshing to see a man and a woman who might even be into each other team up for a story and become “partners in crime” (pardon the pun) without romance overtaking their entire narrative. This was a story about MJ solving a mystery, and it was treated as such. Also, letting a man be the sidekick while the woman was the story’s focal point! I loved that.

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E-book/Cozy Mystery: I will say that I liked this book a lot. It did have its issues, but I wouldn't mind reading more. This is a cozy mystery with a ADHD/ADD theme to it. Being someone who can't always focus, I was interested in the premise. As someone who's mind wanders, I thought the beginning was slow and the epilogue was too long. I was worried that the narrative (first person) was going to be disjointed like Mary Janice Davidson's Betsy series. It is not. MJ does have her moments, but has self-awareness of her dys-brain and will get back on track pretty quickly. You can tell the author has ADHD because this book takes place during Christmas and it's like she forgot that tidbit because the holidays are never mentioned again. I did get this ARC from NetGalley in lieu of an honest review and I definitely liked this book. I was more of the thinking of the police and expected ____ to be the murderer. I was so wrong. Big spoiler: MJ has a lot of cloths. I kept wondering if she had shoes for all the cloths. So much so, that my mind sidetracked and I didn't figure out how MJ got the evidence to find the murderer and had to go back. I did like Ben the trusting lawyer. He has a bit of a mischief side that worked well with MJ's brain.

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