Soldier of Fortune

A Gideon Quinn Adventure (The Fortune Chronicles Book 1

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Pub Date 23 Dec 2018 | Archive Date 07 Sep 2019

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On the planet Fortune, tech is low, tensions high, and heroes unlikely.

Wrongly convicted of treason, Gideon Quinn has spent six years harvesting crystal under the killing suns of the Morton Barrens, until the day a general of the Colonial Corps arrives with an offer of freedom—and a chance to clear his name.

Gideon doesn’t have to think twice. He takes the offer and with his pet draco, Elvis, on his shoulder, boards an airship for the city of Nike in search of revenge… and justice… but mostly revenge.

What he finds is plucky street-thief, a city steeped in corruption, and a trio of assassins bent on stopping Gideon from discovering the menace buried at the heart of the Colonial Corps.

Can Gideon survive long enough to uncover the real traitor before they can bring Fortune's new and fragile peace to an explosive end?

Soldier of Fortune is the first standalone novel in the The Fortune Chronicles, an epic mash-up of science fiction, steampunk, mystery, and humor. If you like down-at-heels heroes, comic banter, and roller-coaster action you'll love this thrill ride to the brave new world of Fortune.

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On the planet Fortune, tech is low, tensions high, and heroes unlikely.

Wrongly convicted of treason, Gideon Quinn has spent six years harvesting crystal under the killing suns of the Morton Barrens...

Advance Praise

What Amazon Readers have to say about Soldier of Fortune

"I'm completely enamored with Quinn and his merry collection of misfits--"

"Everything I want in a book, is here!"

"Tightly plotted, well-written, full of action and adventure."

"This is my third or fourth time reading this story and I still love it!"

Dingy Deb (reader): "This first book was a fascinating peek into the planet Fortune's universe that just resonates with realism (especially if you are a Brit!) I found myself cheering on Gideon Quinn as he planned and executed his adrenaline-infused plans to "facilitate" not only his own problems but those of at least 4 others - all at the same fell swoop. Also, kudos, Ms. McClure for the innovative innuendos to the busy bee society they lived in. I always leave an unbiased review now for every book I purchase or receive from the author, InstaFreebie, ebookdiscovery, etc. I originally received this book free but after reading it, I had to purchase it to make sure it would be there to read again. Yes, it is that good and I didn't even mention the eye-rolling humor! Well, guess I did now."

Self-Publishing Review: "Soldier of Fortune has a lot to offer between its endearing characters and remarkable world, complete with all the little touches which sell the planet of Fortune as an expansive, immersive setting. There's even a cool slang used throughout; a neat touch that is thankfully easy to pick up and doesn't just act as a barrier to entry. An absolutely stand-out little book and a roaring first showing from debut author Kathleen McClure."

What Amazon Readers have to say about Soldier of Fortune

"I'm completely enamored with Quinn and his merry collection of misfits--"

"Everything I want in a book, is here!"

"Tightly plotted...

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Featured Reviews

For a first story in a series this was really well done and I enjoyed reading this, I liked Quinn and his group and enjoyed reading their adventures.

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I absolutely LOVED this book! Gideon, Draco and Mia are like the best team ever. I laughed and I cried. I could not put this book down and ended up purchasing the audio book so I could listen to it on a 6 hour trip. I will absolutely be reading more of this series. I would definitely recommend reading this series.

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I received a free copy of SOLDIER OF FORTUNE (Fortune Chronicles, Book 1; A Gideon Quinn Adventure) by Kathleen McClure in exchange for an honest review. Gideon Quinn spent the last six years imprisoned at hard labor after being pleading guilty to committing treason. Gideon is unexpectedly paroled and released into a city that is the residence of the man who arranged for Gideon to be falsely accused of treason. The General who arranged for Gideon’s parole specifically instructs Gideon that he is to avoid being near the man who the Colonial Corps now suspects of being a spy. Gideon doesn’t have time to decide whether to comply with the terms of his parole. Before he eats his first free dinner in a long time, he’s being hunted. With a little unexpected help, Gideon and his pet draco attempt to evade the hunters long enough to prove his innocence.

I liked this book. The setting is part science fiction, part fantasy, and part Victorian England. A lot of the place names and labels are literary - mostly Shakespearean, but some Dickensian. I’m not going to say what they called money, but I will say that I can see coffee being currency. The story was a pretty good adventure; I recommend it.

#SoldierOfFortune #NetGalley

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Soldier of Fortune is the 1st book in the Fortune Chronicles by Kathleen McClure. Originally released in 2015, this reformat and re-release in 2018 is 318 pages and available in ebook, audio, and paperback formats.

I was captivated by this book. This is runaway fun on a -huge- space western scale. Gideon Quinn is a paladin... a soldier with a conscience who was unfairly imprisoned for crimes he didn't commit. When he gets the chance to investigate what -really- happened, he manages to get involved in saving street urchins and damsels in distress along with routing the rotten and corrupt government officials who allowed him to be railroaded. He also has a travel-sized dragon. A -dragon- named Elvis. Honestly, the author had me at mini-dragon. This is also, however, a really well written book. The characterizations are solid. The worldbuilding is impressive, including self contained, contextually accessible slang and dialogue. It's nonstop action, of course, with lots of explosions, and bar fights, and plasma guns, and shoot outs, and evil powerful antagonists whom I was really really looking forward to watching get smacked down spectacularly.

For Kindle Unlimited subscribers; this title, as well as the much of the author's oeuvre is available in the KU subscription to borrow and download.I binge read the series during a long weekend.

These characters would be wonderfully appropriate for film media as well. It's been a while since I've been totally captivated by an SF/fantasy series. The author writes so visually, it's easy to see the action whilst reading. Please cast this series soon, Netflix or Amazon!

I heartily recommend this book to lovers of space westerns, good-guy action series, and such. It's very fun escapist reading. There's a fair bit of light banter (even the bad guys - maybe especially the bad guys). There were only a few places in the story which felt to me to be a little over the top (almost always scenes with the Ohmdahl triplets...their dialogue made me wince), but they were fleeting.

Well written, humorous, action packed, rollicking, lots of explosions, Elvis (!) the draco. Bliss.

Five stars. I enjoyed this one immensely.

Disclosure: I received an ARC at no cost from the author/publisher for review purposes.

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ideon Quinn was sent to the crystal planets for a crime he didn't commit ...

Imagine a universe in which Earth is dying and sent out ships into the universe to find new planets, one such planet has been settled and the areas are named after Earth companies such as Fuji and Nike. Gideon Quinn was tried and convicted of treason and attempted murder. After spending six years on a prison planet he is released under mysterious circumstances and sent to Nike.

This reminds me very much of Lindsay Buroker, the good guy is charming and self-deprecating and anti-establishment and clever.

I chose this book based on the blurb and I loved it, Gideon is kind and honourable and funny. he wants to hunt down the man who framed him for murder but gets embroiled in all sorts of sub-plots. It's sweet and funny and I can't wait to read the next one.

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in return for an honest review.

Was this review helpful?

Absolutely adored Quinn and his crew - reminds me a little of another favourite set of books of mine and I look forward to seeing how the story develops over more books, so much so that I bought the next one. I especially liked Mia and look forward to finding out where the world goes from here.

Was this review helpful?

Wonderful, binge-worthy, witty, amusing, entertaining, clever, obviously well written... the list of adjectives could go on and on, but the point would remain the same that this is one of the best books I’ve read in ages. I cannot wait to read the rest of this series as well as whatever else these 2 talented authors have dreamed up/will dream up next.

Espionage, retribution, justice, ”the little dog”, friendship, loyalty, bullying, truth, sacrifice, resourcefulness, sorrow, survival, and hope are some of the underlying themes, all served up with a delicious side of snark and a whole lot of brilliant plotting.

I was given a copy of Soldier of Fortune, but that did not affect my review.

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Soldier of Fortune by Kathleen McClure, a great read. Quinn is a convicted traitor for a crime he didn't commit sentenced to a penal world when out of the blue his parole comes thru. He believes he knows who was behind it all and all he wants to do is talk to them.... Really!

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A good entertaining Sc-Fi Fantasy adventure story.
Really liked Gideon ,Draco and Mia.
Had action,drama,laughs,adventure twists.
Enjoyed reading.
Voluntarily reviewed.

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Soldier of Fortune: A Gideon Quinn Adventure provides an exciting and highly entertaining, futuristic, scifi read.
Gideon Quinn was wrongly accused of treason and sentence to a lifetime in the crystal mines when a sudden and unexpected reprieve, poral, sends him hot on the trail of those who framed. Along his journey, Gideon picks up a rag tag team of strays including a pick pocketing young girl and a draco, mini dragon, called Elvis. This team creates an amazing dynamic that pulls the readers into the tale.

I call this a light scifi read, it does not over think or bog the reader down with scientific terms or explanations but is straight up storytelling. I really enjoyed the first in the Fortune Chronicles and will definitely want to read on about Gideon and his collect crew.

I received this ARC copy of Soldiers of Fortune from BooksGoSocial. This is my honest and voluntary review. This is my honest and voluntary review. Soldiers of Fortune is set for publication December 23, 2019.

My Rating: 4 stars
Written by: Kathleen McClure
Series: The Fortune Chronicles (Book 1)
Paperback: 304 pages
Publisher: Fadge Press (July 24, 2018)
ISBN-10: 0996910239
ISBN-13: 978-0996910231
Genre: Scifi | Humor

Barnes & Noble:

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Soldier of Fortune is well a good read and it is hard not to admire and enjoy Quinn and his crew. This book is the first in a series and so worth the read!!!

Tons of action, humor, funny lines, great characters and a mini little dragon named Elvis!!! The opening scene of Gideon and Doc gambling where Elvis is introduced caught my attention and trust me, it gets even better throughout the book!

I received an ARC from NetGalley to read and enjoy. Thank you to author Kathleen McClure, NetGalley and Books Go Social for the chance to read and review this new world that McClure has created. As always, my opinions are my own.

Was this review helpful?

This one was a bit slow for me at first. The action did pick up and the author did a great job working in twists and turns to the story. It did eventually all fall together in a interesting way. Gideon was a likable character and a perfect combo of bad ass and softie. Mia was a cute addition and I liked her cunning. The mix of characters did add to the story well. No cliffhanger but left open for next book.

Was this review helpful?

I enjoyed this book. I wasn't far into the story before it brought the book "Oliver Twist" to mind. Mia was a remarkable dodger. I found her to be blunt but cunning. Gideon astounds in the way he handles himself creating havoc at each turn. The identity of the spy "Odele" was set up extremely well.

Was this review helpful?

Overall a good read if at times a little confusing. the characters are well thought out and the plot moves at a good pace.

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We start this book with the usual character convicted of a crime he is innocent of - that is until he is made an offer - his freedom at a price ?
Gideon Quinn has spent six years harvesting crystal on Morton Barrens - until he is offerred his freeedom and a chance to clear his name . With his pet Draco he takes an air ship to the city of Nike - where he faces assassins bent on stopping his quest and meets street thief Mia .............
With the help of his new friends/crew Gideon is determined to evade those hunting him and find the true spy before iits too late .

This is a fun read , full of interesting , likeable characters , twists and turns aplenty -where the search for justice might just succeed - thoroughly entertaining .
i was given an arc of the book by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

Was this review helpful?

Gideon Quinn was sent to prison on trumped up treason charges. The spy he was accused of being was still out there and active, so when a general offered him a pardon for his assistance, he took it. His return to Nike stirred up a hornets nest. What with his former commander after him, a aristo butler drugging him, a dodger trying to take off with his draco, and just being a guy with a target on his back, Gideon has a hard time keeping to his feet. But then things start to click and he is able to facilitate a happy ending for most of the folks who deserve it. A fun, fast passed action thriller with shades of Victorian England to add local color that provides a satisfying ending and the hint of further adventures for Gideon and Mia.

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This was a really easy read.

Great characters and a well written entertaining plot made this thoroughly enjoyable.

A fast moving Science Fiction Action thriller.

Was this review helpful?

This was a great sci-fi/dystopian/fantasy story, and is a great opener to a new series. I loved the world-building, McClure did an excellent job of bringing it to life. The imagery is so vivid, I felt like I was walking alongside Gideon as he seeks out his revenge on those who ruined his life. The story moves along smoothly and quickly, and it's honestly hard to set it down once you start reading, you get so wrapped up. I cannot recommend this enough whether you prefer sci-fi or fantasy, as there are enough elements of both to say this solidly straddles the line.

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