Alister in Wonderland

Genderbent Fairytales Collection, Book 3

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Pub Date 05 Jul 2018 | Archive Date 30 Nov 2022

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Audiobook version of Alister in Wonderland now available!

A genderbent reimagining of the classic fairytale Alice in Wonderland…

Alister Kingsley is an eccentric, London artist who is famous for his surreal, fanciful paintings set in a land that only exists in his imagination: Wonderland.

Alister’s ‘dream girl’ Madeline Hatter wasn’t supposed to be real. But when the White Rabbit shows up at his art expo, and leads him down the rabbit hole Alister comes face-to-face with the Mad Hatter herself when she rescues him from getting barbequed by the King of Heart’s pet: the Jabberwocky.

As it turns out, Madeline got herself into a pickle, and needs Alister’s help. She has him sign a magical contract that enters him into a tournament to win her hand in marriage. Alister must complete an impossible task, participate in a Wonderland Joust where the rules aren’t exactly normal, and defeat the other contenders: Crimson the King of Hearts, Clover the White King, and Cheshire Cat slave, Chesher.

Madeline isn’t allowed to help Alister, and Crim keeps sending assassins after his head. Will Alister be able to win the tournament so that Madeline won’t have to marry the sadistic, bloodthirsty King of Hearts?

Follow the White Rabbit and find out…


  1. Handsome and the Yeti
  2. Petra Pan
  3. Alister in Wonderland
  4. King of Hearts: A Wonderland Story
  5. Theodore Gale in Oz
  6. Wicked Warlock of Oz
  7. Ashe and the Glass Sword (genderbent Cinderella)

Audiobook version of Alister in Wonderland now available!

A genderbent reimagining of the classic fairytale Alice in Wonderland…

Alister Kingsley is an eccentric, London artist who is famous for...

Advance Praise

I ABSOLUTELY LOVED ALISTER IN WONDERLAND! This take on the original was so unique that I found myself instantly sucked down the rabbit hole along with Alister! The storyline was unlike any other take on Alice in wonderland that I have come across and I think that's why I loved it so much! Kurokoneko took a classic story line that I know like the back of my hand and made it completely new for me.

If you love the original Alice in wonderland then you will love this one, simply because it's so unique!

Alister discovers himself, makes friends with unlikely characters and manages to get the girl... ohhhh and Crimson... I wanna eat him up!

I cannot wait to find out more about Crimson and Katrina! - Amazon Reviewer Amber 

"I really enjoyed this interesting take on the Alice in Wonderland fairytale. The story is captivating, the flow of the tale is so smooth and intriguing that I was unable to stop listening and finished the book in less than 2 days. Alister and the rest of the characters are very well written and I enjoyed their back stories and character development." Audible Reviewer.

"I was genuinely surprised at how immersed I got into the story. The narrator did an excellent job. I knew it was a retelling of Alice in Wonderland, but the twists and turns it kept taking me kept me wanting to know what was going to happen next. I thought the way all the characters stories came together in the end was brilliant!" Audible Reviewer

"Kurokoneko has delivered yet another twist to fairytale story. This time it’s a perfect twist to Alice in the wonderland. The story was interesting and fun with a surprising touch of love story. This is the second time I’ve heard L.A. Johnson ‘s narration and I am absolutely amazed by his brilliance. He was totally phenomenal. He captured the moods and emotions of character and really brought this story to life. It was a delightful listen , I really enjoyed it." Audible Reviewer

"From Alice to Alister the adventure in Wonderland is amusing and will certainly make you laugh out loud! There are many twists and turns in this adventure and will certainly keep you listening to the end! Cheers to KuroKoneko Kamen for her wonderful imagination in rewriting an old tale into something more!" Audible Reviewer

"I really enjoy the adult spin that this author puts on this gender bender version of Alice in Wonderland. You never know what to expect from chapter to chapter and this is the reason the book is so captivating. With all the twist and turns throughout the story it makes all the characters stories come together nicely." Audible Reviewer

"This is a wonderful twist on a great classic! This is my second book by KuroKoneko Kamen and I was, again, not disappointed! I love the way the characters' genders are switched yet their roles are about the same. This is not Alice in Wonderland but Allister in Wonderland so you need to remember that not everything will be the same. This is a more grownup tale of its own and quite enjoyable. I loved hearing the twists, turns, action, adventure, humor and an all around fun time." Audible Reviewer

"I didn’t know what genderbent really meant but in this case, it means that all the sexes of the characters in Alice in a wonderland were pretty much opposite (now the title makes sense- duh! Hah) Alister is drawn into wonderland and has to battle the evil red King for the hand of his love. But the king’s backstory broke my heart. The white king was a pretty funny character. All the supportive characters were well written and the scenery was beautifully laid out. I really enjoyed this book and found it to be imaginative and innovative." Audible Reviewer 

I ABSOLUTELY LOVED ALISTER IN WONDERLAND! This take on the original was so unique that I found myself instantly sucked down the rabbit hole along with Alister! The storyline was unlike any other take...

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Featured Reviews

I actually had purchased this book from Amazon and I have to tell you it is a great new take on the Alice in Wonderland story. The author did a great job in making this story so entertaining.

I highly recommend Alister in Wonderland.

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Alister Kingsley has had a horrific childhood which he escapes from by painting fanciful pictures of Wonderland. His paintings become sought after but his fame and fortune cannot help his fear. He is scared of everything especially women. He is suddenly plunged into the mad world of his imagination when he follows the white rabbit down the hole. It’s difficult not to write in cliches but KuroKoneko has managed to create a brighter 3D sparkier version of Wonderland. The descriptions are rich and detailed. I was wishing this was a picture book. It was fun but not too sweet. The perfect balance. I really loved this and plan to read more. I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Alister in Wonderland is a amusing and unique twist on the story. It was well written and I would read more from this author.

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Alister in Wonderland is a new twist to Alice in Wonderland. Ms. Kamen breathes life and adventure to this new version. Alister finds himself in Wonderland where he has to overcome his many quirks as well as not only meeting new characters, but he's trying to keep his head right where it belongs, attached to his body. I found myself literally laughing out loud at his antics as well as trying to figure out the twists that Ms. Kamen captivates us with. I found Alister in Wonderland to be extremely well written. Ms. Kamen knows how to take a long loved and well-known tale and give it a twist to not only be true to the story but also be able to stand on it's own. Thank you Netgalley for introducing me to a new author. I look forward to reading more of her work.

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Alister in Wonderland is an unusual take on the Alice in Wonderland fairy-tale. Alice is now Alister, the Cheshire Cat and Mad Hatter are female as are other usual female characters.

This is a fun reimagining of the Alice in Wonderland story very close to the original fairy tale but with a modern, gender bending twist.

I read this novel in an advance ARC, and enjoyed it so much I downloaded Theodore Gale in Oz. This market itself I think as Young Adult, but there are scenes of a very sexual nature which surprised me, as I don’t remember those from the original fairy-tale.

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This was a fun read that comes out with a interesting way to retell a fairy tale. I throughly enjoyed reading this and I liked the author's writing style.

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Well, I wasn't expecting this twist in the Wonderland world.

This was cute, adorable, and wildly fantastical. It hit a lot of heavy topics as well, such as child abuse, bullying, death of loved ones - which helped in the backstory of not only Alister, but the King of Hearts, and even Madeline Hatter.

There were a couple twists in the plot I wasn't expected, so that was an interesting surprise. Like the jabberwocky. And even Madeline herself. I like that Alister comes into his own by the end. It makes me feel happy that he pushed past his fears. (He has a lot of them!)

Definitely not for kids. As there is also adult content with some sexy times.

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I love Alice In Wonderland retellings, and this is by far one of my favorites. The author made it not only gender bent but also added a taste of BDSM to it. Alistair being a magical artist and not just some silly girl falling down a rabbit hole really helped the story line. I also liked that she brought in elements from a few other stories/ fairytales. We also got more than just the King of Hearts and Clubs in this one. We also heard from Diamond and Spade. Other than the errors that are seen from the arc copy I really enjoyed this book. Highly recommend if your a fan of retellings.

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The audiobook, "Alister in Wonderland" is an exciting retelling of "Alice In Wonderland," that even includes our favorite characters from many classic fairy tales. This is a gender bent story, so many of the female characters are male and vice versa in this book, and I very much enjoyed that aspect. The author did a wonderful job in creating characters that were different from the original characters, but also managed to make them similar enough that it was easy to tell who they were compared to the original characters.

The narrator did an amazing job! He really sounded like he was enjoying himself and put himself right into the story. I like it a lot when you can tell that the narrator is a fan of the story, himself.

As you may have notice, I did not give this audiobook five stars. Let me explain my thoughts on why I decided to give it four.

First of all, I don't think four stars is a bad rating at all! I didn't give it five, because of my own personal opinion on certain things, but that in no way should make you decide not to read/listen to it. This is only my opinion. I am only saying what I had a problem with, but if you don't have a problem with the same things I do, then by all means, you should read/listen this book!

Okay, so even though I really did enjoy listening to this audiobook, I did have couple problems with the writing. I might just be picky, because I'm a writer as well, but I cringed whenever the author used a word several times in one paragraph. I noticed this happening twice in this book; one time in particular really bothered me. I do understand why she needed to portray that description several times, as it did make sense to do that. However, I feel like she could have used a different word a couple of times to say the same thing without using the same word over and over again. I realize that may not bother many people, but it did send a shiver down my spine that I didn't appreciate. Lol.
My other, very small problem, was that for the first half of the book, the author tended to tell the story instead of show what was happening. "Show, don't tell," is a writing term that many authors feel is an important way to write books. I do, personally, believe that many times, it does work out well when an author "tells," and not "shows," though. While listening to the first half or so of this book, I felt like I wanted more of the description of the character's feelings, instead of being told how they felt, BUT after the first half, the book took a drastic turn for the better! It became more "show" and less "tell," and the story itself became more interesting, and exciting. I stayed up until 3 in the morning last night, listening to the last four hours. I could not just go to sleep and not know what happened!

The last three hours, in particular were amazing! Not only was the plot explained more through very well written backstories, but new characters were introduced into the mix that changed everything I though was going to happen. The conclusion was very satisfying, but also made me so glad I have the next audiobook to listen to today!

There is one, explicit adult scene that includes sexual content, so be warned for that. It was, though, well written, but definitely not for a younger audience, so please use your own judgement with minors.

All in all, I loved this book! This is my first fairy tale retelling that I've read, and it definitely makes me want to read the rest of this series. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves retellings and who love to read a good adventure. It was a wonderful read, and I look forward to reading the next book.

Thank you very much to the author for giving me the chance to review this audiobook for her. You are a fantastic author, and even though I did complain a bit about your writing style, it's not because I think you're wrong! It's just a different style than my own and what I typically give five stars to.

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