The Boyfriend Project

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Pub Date 09 Jun 2020 | Archive Date 10 Aug 2023

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Publishers Weekly's Spring "Top 10 Romance/Erotica" list.

Bookpage's Most Anticipated Romances of 2020's 22 Romance Novels That Are Set to Be the Best of 2020

Samiah Brooks never thought she would be "that" girl. But a live tweet of a horrific date just revealed the painful truth: she's been catfished by a three-timing jerk of a boyfriend. Suddenly Samiah-along with his two other "girlfriends," London and Taylor -- have gone viral online. Now the three new besties are making a pact to spend the next six months investing in themselves. No men, no dating, and no worrying about their relationship status . . . 

For once Samiah is putting herself first, and that includes finally developing the app she's always dreamed of creating. Which is the exact moment she meets the deliciously sexy, honey-eyed Daniel Collins at work. What are the chances? When it comes to love, there's no such thing as a coincidence. But is Daniel really boyfriend material or is he maybe just a little too good to be true?


Publishers Weekly's Spring "Top 10 Romance/Erotica" list.

Bookpage's Most Anticipated Romances of 2020's 22 Romance Novels That Are Set to Be the Best of 2020

Samiah Brooks never...

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When three strong women discover they’ve all been duped by the same man, they make a pact to swear off men for six months. Of course, this is the exact moment Samiah, a talented coder and developer, meets Daniel at work and is immediately drawn to him. Is Daniel all she’s been waiting for, or is he a little too good to be true? And what about her pact?

The Boyfriend Project was a true standout to me in that the women were all strong women who knew they needed female support in their lives - something that I wish more novels addressed - the importance of female friendship. We already have the enviable heroine, the gorgeous hero, but where's the friends with a shoulder to cry on...I loved that Samiah found friends close enough to want to honor her pact despite falling in love simulaneously. Rochon has written a wonderful novel with some unique twists and turns along the way.

While not a debut novel, this is the first of Rochon's books I've read and I'll certainly be looking forward to more in the future from this talented voice!

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My favorite part of THE BOYFRIEND PROJECT came at the beginning of the novel. Our protagonist Samiah Brooks discovers the man she's been tepidly dating is ALSO dating two other women. She finds out on Twitter of all places and when she goes to confront him, she and the other women band together to take him down. They go viral, and all three must now contend with the ramifications.

Seeing these characters become friends is almost better than the romance, which for me was lovely, but not what drew me to the story. There's also a bit of a suspense plot involving why Daniel Collins is now employed at Samiah's work. Samiah is also developing an app and I enjoyed seeing her work and her passion for her career.

A great start to a series and I'm looking forward to more.

Thank you to the publisher for the review copy.

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Samiah is an intelligent black woman in the tech world, but she discovers via twitter that her along with two other smart women have been conned and duped by the same guy. They make a pact to focus on themselves and not to date anyone, but literally a day later and a new guy Daniel starts working with Samiah. Daniel is not only a good looking man but he begins flirting with her a little bit, and now Samiah is trying to avoid starting a relationship while staying true to her pact with her new found friends, trying to focus on her job, and creating an app that she is passionate about.

I adored this book! And I'm so excited that her friends Taylor and London will have a story as well!!

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Samiah and Daniel are just...just perfection! I love the way the girls met and bonded, and can’t wait for their books! But, Samiah and Daniel own their book. They’re super smart, funny, sexy, and just awesome! You need to read this book to appreciate all the awesomeness!

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This book is so much fun, and I can't wait for the next in the series! Believable characters and the obstructions in the way of the romance were believable (as much as possible in a romance, at least). Excellent readalike for fans of Jasmine Guillory, with better writing and stronger plotting.

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This was my first Farrah Rochon book and I enjoyed it! It was a fun romance with layers, and I anticipate it could be the start to a new series following some side characters? Samiah and Daniel's chemistry was palpable and Samiah's platonic relationships with Taylor and London just as memorable. Rochon deftly tackled some heavier issues like sexism and racism in ways that felt smart and natural. I didn't fully connect with the side plot of Daniel's work/the corruption at Trendsetters and never fully understood what was happening there, but it also didn't detract from my enjoyment of the love story. Hoping for future books following the other women involved in the "boyfriend project"!

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I would like to first thank Forever Publishing and NetGalley for allowing me to read the e-arc of The Boyfriend Project. This was my first time reading a book by Farrah Rochon and I was not disappointed.
The book synopsis is
Samiah Brooks never thought she would be "that" girl. But a live tweet of a horrific date just revealed the painful truth: she's been catfished by a three-timing jerk of a boyfriend. Suddenly Samiah-along with his two other "girlfriends," London and Taylor -- have gone viral online. Now the three new besties are making a pact to spend the next six months investing in themselves. No men, no dating, and no worrying about their relationship status . . .

For once Samiah is putting herself first, and that includes finally developing the app she's always dreamed of creating. Which is the exact moment she meets the deliciously sexy, honey-eyed Daniel Collins at work. What are the chances? When it comes to love, there's no such thing as a coincidence. But is Daniel really boyfriend material or is he maybe just a little too good to be true?

What I loved about this book was the witty humor that Farrah used in this book. I loved the friendships that were formed and I really enjoyed how she used Samiah's voice as a strong, smart woman of color in the tech industry. She articulated just how hard is it for a woman in that field but how especially hard it is for a minority. The steamy chemistry between Samiah and Daniel was just the right amount of sexy. I would highly recommend this for your next TBR when it's published in June making it a Summer Must Read.

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Thanks to social media, three women discover they’ve been dating the same lowlife guy. While one woman is livetweeting her terrible date with him, the other two go to confront him and his cheating ways. Strangers capture the shero moment and the video goes viral.

The three agree to swear off men for at least six months. They decide to focus on themselves, their careers and their budding friendship.

That’s right when Samiah, a super-smart tech whiz, notices how gorgeous Daniel, her new coworker, is. She’s drawn to him but what about the pact? Even if she breaks the pact, does she have time for a new relationship, her intense career and the new app she’s creating as a side project? Daniel seems too good to be true – is he?

I appreciated that Rochon didn’t focus solely on the romance. Watching three strong and smart women support and encourage each other was fantastic and I’m here for it! So glad that her friends, Taylor and London will have their own books in the future.

This is the first book by Farrah Rochon that I’ve read but it certainly won’t be the last! It was fast-paced, sparkling and hot – the perfect combination.

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Three women, after being duped by a scrub of a man, come together and form a pact that they call the 'Boyfriend Project'. Their agreement is that for the next six months, they focus on bettering themselves and staying away from men.

Samiah is all for it until Daniel enters her office, all dimples and charm, making it a little more difficult to stand by her new friends in this plan they've made up. Pact aside, she is an accomplished tech genius with a lot on her plate, and maybe a potential relationship is just not in the cards right now.

Except Daniel is feeling all the things Samiah is feeling and the more the two talk to each other, the more involved in the other's life they want to be.

I loved this. It was cute and fun and Samiah was just kick ass in being great at what she does. I loved her and I loved the little bond her, Taylor and London form after Craig turns out to be a mutual dumb dude in each of their lives. This one was as much about women supporting women as it was about the romance between Samiah and Daniel and it made me love the entire story even more.

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I am new to Farrah Rochon’s books, and I really like what I read in The Boyfriend Project.
Farrah Rochon has the sass of Alexa Martin and the heart of Jasmine Guillory. (two of my favorite contemporary romance authors) The Boyfriend Project’s initial concept reminds me of Lauren Layne’s Central Park Pact series and then moves forward in its own unique way.
Three women meet because they have all been dating and been lied to by the same man named Craig (if that’s even his real name). When a bad date gets live streamed, all three women descend upon him and become Internet famous. They become friends through this “accelerated sisterhood-development process.” They decide to work on themselves; focus on a hobby, pursue a dream or grow their business, instead of wasting time with the dating scene. That is the Boyfriend Project, to become their best selves and then at the end the boyfriend will be the bonus.
I loved the character of Samiah. She was so competent and bad ass in her job. She is a trailblazer and role model even though she didn’t seek these titles. She has them by default as a woman and POC in the tech industry. This causes her to be a little hard on herself and adds to her stress when making important career decisions.
Daniel does seem too good to be true, he is that dreamy. I was glad to get inside Daniel’s head and hear his conflicting thoughts about falling for Samiah and his duty to his undercover operation.

The budding friendship between Samiah and the other two woman seems authentic. These characters are fully developed, as is Samiah’s sister and brother-in-law.

I will definitely seek out more Farrah Rochon books and am looking forward to Taylor and London’s stories.

Thank you NetGalley and Forever Publishing for the ARC

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The Boyfriend Project by Farrah Rochon is a funny, sweet, empowering, and enjoyable story about friendship, loyalty, being true to yourself, and of course about romance.

I loved all the characters in this book. Pairing this with the awesome plot, this is most definitely a winner.

I enjoyed the pact and friendship that develops between the three women that were wronged ( Samiah, London, and Taylor) by the skeezebucket. Samiah could have most definitely went another direction after finding out she was being cheated on by her bf on Twitter no less, but instead banded together with the other gals to swear off men for 6 months and support each other in the process. I love that these are strong and passionate women, and I enjoyed this aspect of the plot most of all.

That is not to say I did not love the romance aspect between Samiah and Daniel as well, because I do and it makes the book that much better. Of course he would enter her life during this hold-out, and of course she is torn between what she feels and how she might affect her friends.

This is an excellent book, with excellent characters, and an amazing and creative plot. This is the first in a new series, and it is off to a great start. I can’t wait to read the subsequent books.

5/5 stars

Thank you NetGalley and Forever(Grand Central Publishing) for this ARC and in return I am submitting my unbiased and voluntary review and opinion.

I am posting this review to my GR and Bookbub accounts immediately (Links to both are attached) and will post it to my Amazon and B&N accounts upon publication.

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The concept of this book and its execution were equally wonderful. The focus on the value of female friendships and the support women can provide for one another was really lovely to read about. It helped the romance unfold more naturally and I felt as though I really got to know Samiah as an individual, not just her interest in Daniel. Moreover, the discussion on setting goals, pursuing dreams and not letting yourself fall to the backburner in a relationship was important and well integrated into the story. Samiah felt really relatable as a character and it felt comforting to slip into her world and read the way she articulated her desires and needs to those around her. In summation, I not only loved this book as a romance (which was very cute and well developed), but also as a story of women of color supporting one another and figuring out how to triumph over many layers of adversity in the professional world (particularly in tech). This felt like a book I'd never read before and it was wonderfully refreshing.

Was this review helpful?

The Boyfriend Project by Farrah Rochon is a wonderful contemporary romance about love, friendship, and putting yourself first. This is my first time reading a book by Farrah and I really enjoyed her smart and sassy writing style.

The story follows Samiah Brooks, a smart tech genius, as she finds out that her boyfriend Craig has been catfishing her and a few other women. When a woman starts live-tweeting a horrible date, she realizes the man everyone is talking about is Craig. She and the other women confront him and it's all caught on camera. The video goes viral and the three women end up forming a unique bond.

The girls decide to make a pact to not date or focus on relationships for six months and take this time do focus on themselves. They are going to meet every Friday to keep each other updated and make sure they are sticking to it.

Of course, this is when Daniel Collins walks into the office. Samiah and Daniel have instant chemistry with their witty banter. Daniel has to focus on business but he is finding it hard to stay away from Samiah. He is seriously so kind and sweet to Samiah that I was waiting for them to realize it.

Will Daniel and Samiah keep things professional? You have to wait and see.

I give The Boyfriend Project 5 stars. At the heart of this romance is a beautiful story about the importance of friendships and how hard it is to find loyal people you can trust. Farrah Rochon gave this book her all and I felt it with each of her words. I am looking forward to reading more from this author in the future.

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Just look at this gorgeous cover. I follow Farrah Rochon on twitter, where she is a delight. I have been hearing excellent things about The Boyfriend Project, so I was excited to see it available for request on NetGalley. This is an honest review in exchange for an arc.

Often when starting a book by a new to me author, it takes me a bit to get into the rhythm of their writing. I didn’t have that problem with The Boyfriend Project. Samiah Brooks is getting ready to go on a date while her sister is waiting for her husband to come pick her up. Her sisters starts to entertain them both by reading the tweets of an awful first date aloud. Samiah realizes that the man in question is the boyfriend she’s getting ready to go out with and she knows exactly where he is – the sushi restaurant where they went on their first date. Samiah leaves to go confront the liar and while the confrontation is happening a third woman walks up and confirms she has been dating him too. The three women get sushi to go and leave the cheater with the tab.

Samiah, London and Taylor form a friendship pact in which they will refrain from dating and take care of themselves – find some hobbies, grow their business, and pursue their passion projects. Samiah is in research and development at a tech company and is one of it’s rising stars. She has put her own app project on hold, and decides to use the time she would spend on dating apps working on her own app. Into this no dating zone walks Daniel Collins a Fed who has gone undercover to find out who is laundering money using the company’s proprietary software. The attraction is instant, but they take their time going from flirtation and friendship to sex.

There was a moment when Samiah is getting sexy with Daniel and she calls him “Mr. Collins.” I cracked up, because of course, I think of the smarmy reverend in Pride and Prejudice. I am all for reclaiming the name of Collins for misters who are not oily and obsequious. Daniel Collins is not Jane Austen’s Mr. Collins in any way. He looks out for Samiah as best he can while also lying to her (because he’s an undercover Fed). He encourages her to keep working on her own goals, offers to help, and then backs off when she says no thank you. He apologizes for his transgressions and shields her in ways that are appropriate. His instinct is to appreciate her and make her path smoother.

As much as I love Daniel, the heart of this story is Samiah. She’s a perfectionist because she has to be, Not only is she fighting for her own recognition as a Black woman in tech, she is smoothing the path for the Black women who come behind her. I loved that she struggles with workaholic tendencies and has to talk herself into making friends and leaving the office. She knows her value, but also what she’s up against. She points out to Daniel a couple of times that she is not looking out for just her career.

Women are often expected to sacrifice to make other’s lives easier and are often made to feel guilty for reaching for their own dreams. Samiah devotes more of her time and energy to her job than she would like to continue to be an asset to her company, to be a team player, and for those future Black women in STEM. As Samiah develops friendships with Taylor and London and a romance with Daniel, she prioritizes herself higher. She takes time to form friendships, she rethinks her goals, and she makes time for her own dreams. She makes a choice to grow and letting new people into her life is both a result of that and supports her growth.

I have quibbles (there hasn’t been jacket weather in Austin in August in over a decade, though you might take a parka for your hours inside), but they are so minor and I loved the characters so much. I am very much looking forward to Taylor and London’s books. I can’t wait to watch Taylor come into her own and see someone appreciate London.

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Ahhhh, what an amazing read! Such an engaging, fun novel full of laughter, bonding, and deep connections with the characters laced in every turn of the page. I was hooked when the characters merged into real life for me, as if we were having best-friend date night, with our killer smokey eyes, sharing stories over a bottle of wine in our over sized HBCU sweatshirts, as we chatted about our first dates with guys who so tried to impress us with his “women are equal routine,” but failed because he told the waitress, “ separate checks,” when it was time to pay for dinner!! Such a captivating plot with characters you will truly fall in love with from the beginning to the end!! This is such a highly recommended read!!! Praise to Farrah Rochon for creating this novel of love, light, and laughter!!

Was this review helpful?

A new to me author that I found through an online book club. I loved this book. I found the characters enjoyable and the plot thoughtfully developed. I enjoyed sitting and reading this book over the course of an afternoon and I would recommend this book and author to others.

Was this review helpful?

I adored this book, it was a definite binge read. Features computer geekery, espionage, a feisty, take no shit heroine, and a delicious romance. Also of note: enthusiastic consent! I can't wait to read more from this author.

Was this review helpful?

Glorious!!! Ownvoice black rom com is sometimes all you need to ignore everything.

Boyfriend project follows Samaiah Brooks who has found out she's been catfished after a viral tweet and meets her scum bag boyfriend to give a verbal bashing. Turns out he's been doing this to three other women. This verbal bashing video goes viral and Samaiah is a rising star of Austin.

After this incident all the women meet up and form a sisterhood to catch up with their dreams and hobbies they put on hold to date.

-Samaiah is the witty and loveable mom friend every group has. I fell in love with her in the first page. She's a queen. She's workaholic , beats herself down for others being douche , and has the heart of gold.

After the sisterhood creates a pact , (i.e , The Boyfriend Project ) not to date for atleast 6 months and use those six months to get a hold of their lives , ... BAMMM🎇🎇🎇🎇 Daniel enters.

-Daniel is hot , sweet and sensitive. He is the new hire for Samaiah's tech company and he asks after her metal health while everyone else doesn't.

The plot takes on a mystery element along with the romance which makes the book even more interesting.

I thank NetGalley and Forever for granting me with the e- ARC in exchange of my honest opinions. This hasn't affected my opinions.

Was this review helpful?

This was a book that left me smiling after reading it. I loved these characters. They are all strong well developed characters that I find myself rooting for. I loved the different relationships in the story and I thought the storyline was so much fun. I am new to this author, but I will definitely be reading more from them.

Was this review helpful?

This was a really superb, unique and engaging read. It is exactly the sort of book that I needed to read in today’s climate, Miss Farrah has done an amazing job of creating characters that are flawed but still so easy to root for. 5/5 for me.

Was this review helpful?

I found this wonderful book on Netgalley courtesy the author's tweet and it was the best decision I made this entire week. I can't stop raving about this book and the sheer joy with which it embraces, uplifts and celebrates women.
Samiah discovers via twitter that her recent boyfriend is dating two other women. When she goes to confront him, these 3 women form an unlikely friendship that changes all their lives.

Seriously, Samiah might be one of the best poc characters I've read. She is unabashedly proud of her success, while still deeply aware of where she came from and the micro-aggressions she has to face on a *daily* basis. And while her and the the other 2 women (London and Taylor) start an unlikely pact to help each other achieve their goals, it is her new co-worker Daniel that kickstarts her way back to love.

Daniel is just swoony. I can't begin to tell you how much. How utterly aware he is of the deception he is carrying out, how tortured he feels when he lies to her and how lucky he feels when she looks at him, laughs with him, spends time with him. If this isn't wish-fulfillment, I don't know what is.

Plus that ending!! Perfect.

Please go and find this book however you can because your life will be better for it.

Was this review helpful?

Oh, I LOVED this one! A fierce and brilliant female tech lead combined with a secret agent male tech-y love interest equal a wonderfully smart romance. I loved the Austin tech scene setting and the Boyfriend Project friendship storyline was a lot of fun - I'm hoping the series continues following Taylor and London!

Was this review helpful?

So this book is about this girl Samiah Brooks who lives tweets about a horrific date *smile* (we all been there) only to discover her horrible date has duped two other girls and they end up becoming friends. So they make a pact to stay off men and work on themselves but we all know how that goes (Cupid pretty much likes to make a difference). It’s such a feel good book y’all

Was this review helpful?

The struggle Samiah faces is so relatable - when to make a relationship a priority over professional goals? Daniel's dilemma echoes hers, pitting work versus love. The relationship development felt natural and the resolution satisfying. The establishment of Samiah and her friends as strong women in their own right is exactly the format needed in our current culture. Wonderful representation of a modern relationship!

Was this review helpful?

This is my first Farrah Rochon book and will not be my last. Vivid characters, strong emotions, and a solid plot lead to a fantastic debut in this new series!

Was this review helpful?


What a treat to watch a woman of color work her way up in a tech firm and to be respected. Love the financial crime plot which I learned so much from it. The friendships where everything. I really loved this book so much.

I will be sharing this book in the Summer Reading Guide.

Was this review helpful?

The Boyfriend Project starts of with something that has become very common in our society--the viral video. Samiah finds out the guy she is dating has also been dating other women and confronts him about it. Samiah's biggest humiliation is filmed for public consumption, and as I was reading, I realized that if this was real life, I'd definitely have watched that video. I'd have probably cheered her on.

But our entertainment is Samiah's agony, and Rochon does a great job of setting the stakes by showing how angry & vulnerable Samiah is. She is not going to trust easily again--and after reading the first bit, who can blame her? Enter... Daniel!

Pheeew Daniel. Even reading about him gave me hot-flashes, and the chemistry between them leaps through the pages. The realistic high-stakes plus off-the-charts chemistry makes for a promising story and Rochon delivers. Watching Samiah and Daniel interact were arguably the best parts of the book, maaaaybe tied with Samiah's interactions with her new friends.

There were some issues that I didn't love. Daniel's part of the plot, and his subsequent wishy-washiness about being with Samiah was not my favorite. It dragged on for too long. I could understand it because Rochon did an excellent job of setting up her character's motivations, but I didn't enjoy it. But in the end he more than made up for it and I loved watching these two work towards their HEA.

I also really appreciated the discussions around race & gender in the tech industry/STEM. Samiah as a Black woman has a completely different experience than Daniel, who is half-Black, half-Asian, and I appreciated that reality & those conversations being part of their relationship.

Read The Boyfriend Project for great female friendships, a strong MC who is not afraid to be vulnerable, and fantastic chemistry. I am looking forward to the next books in this series.

**Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for providing an advanced ecopy in exchange for an honest review.**

Was this review helpful?

THE BOYFRIEND PROJECT by Farrah Rochon is a smart contemporary romance about female friendship, workplace romance and putting yourself first. This was my first Rochon title, but it won't be my last.

SETTING: The story felt current- someone live tweets a date that results in our feisty heroine learning that 2 other women are also dating the same loser. The Austin tech scene.
DIVERSE: #ownvoices author with diverse, authentic characters. I love how Rochon addressed what it's like to be an African American woman in tech.
FRIENDSHIPS: I loved how Samiah, London and Taylor supported each other. I'm hopeful that this is the start of a series so I can read their stories.
CONSENT: When an author intentionally incorporates consent I always swoon a bit. The consent in this story was perfect.
READABILITY: It was quick paced and kept me engaged enough to keep flying through the pages. It was a balanced mix of light (romantic chemistry) and heavy (corporate spy).
EGGPLANT: 4 out of 5. Ahem- my 10yr old daughter MAY have been reading over my shoulder during a particularly steamy passage. She MAY have said, "OMG Mom- I mean. What? Too much!" I MAY be incorporating sex-ed to our Distance Learning curriculum sooner than I'd planned. Parenting- not for the weak of heart.

Was this review helpful?

I enjoyed this book so much. There’s something so soothing about a circle of girlfriends, old or new, gathering together to to help and support each other. So, I’m 34 and I’ve been married for ten years at the end of this month. I completely missed the dating nonsense of the social media age and reading about the crap singles of today deal with is always a crash course in BS. But this heroine, Samiah handles with it with it like a rock star. The revenge scene that happens early in the story is PERFECTION. So satisfying.

I don’t always love it when a romance involves one live interest being less than truthful with the other but it works in this book. I loved Daniel and Samiah together.

Thank you Netgalley and Forever for the chance to read an advanced copy. I voluntarily read and reviewed this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Was this review helpful?

I was pleasantly surprised by THE BOYFRIEND PROJECT. I went in blind, not knowing anything about the book's premise or the author, but just trusting that the Book of the Month gods knew what they were doing when they selected it.

The story starts with Samiah Brooks, a successful, driven, woman who finds herself catfished by her boyfriend. She forms a bond with her ex's two other women -- London, and Taylor -- and the three make a pact to spend the next six months focusing on themselves instead of on men.

Samiah is focused on developing an app she's always wanted to create. However, suddenly she finds herself enthralled by a new employee: Daniel Collins. He is smart, sexy, confident, and witty. She's supposed to be focusing on herself -- but is Daniel actually boyfriend material?

What I liked about this book was the strong foundation of female friendships. I really enjoyed the start of the book -- it pulled me right in. I also loved the way the book portrayed black and Asian characters in a non-stereotypical and incredibly empowering way. I loved the book's supporting characters and hope Rochon comes out with spin-offs telling their life stories, too!

I have never read anything by Rochon before, but she was whip-smart and the dialogue was hilarious. I enjoyed her writing style, and I felt like I much...from Googling all of her character's incredibly impressive job descriptions.

This book is powerful, thought-provoking, and adorably cute, while carrying important messages about racial and gender equity and empowerment. I recommend it to romance lovers!

Thank you to NetGalley and Forever (Grand Central Publishing) for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Was this review helpful?

Honestly, I was super excited to start reading this book and I am so glad that I did.

This was not my first book by Farrah Rochon but it honestly is now my favorite of hers. I love when books about black characters from black authors get so much attention. It warms my heart. I also enjoyed that it featured a strong black independent woman who was working in the tech field. I don't think there is nearly enough about women of color who work in the tech field. So overall I enjoyed reading this book so very much.

The book is about Samiah Brooks who goes viral after finding out her boyfriend is cheating on her with multiple women. Those women get together and bond over their shared experiences and decide to take 6 months off from dating until they are able to accomplish some of their other goals without men taking up space in their mind.

Samiah decides to use this time to work on an app she has had dreams of creating for a while. But incomes handsomely as sin secret agent Daniel Collins, who is now working at her job to solve a case. While he knows he should not get involved with Samiah but who can resist such a beautiful and smart woman. Not Daniel, he finds himself falling for her, and even though Samiah has taken a vow to not date for a while she finds herself falling for him as well.

The Boyfriend Project teaches us more than just romance, it touches upon the sexual and racial inequalities that face women and people of color who want to go into the tech field. It gives us an insight into how much pressure women of color want to be in the tech world face.

The Boyfriend Project shows us what happens when women of color stick together and encourage each other, the realities of what it's like to be a minority woman in tech, as well as provide us with a real love story.

I loved this book and hope others love it as well. Thank you so much to NetGalley and Forever Publishing for the ARC of this book. I hope this becomes a series and we get a book about London and Taylor soon.

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This is one of those romances with a group of friends where I wish they were real-life people so I could hang out with them in person. I was so caught up in the beginning and watching a new friend group find each other that when the hero showed up I was a bit surprised — like “oh yeah, I forgot this is a romance!” Farrah Rochon’s gifts for realism and vividness of setting are unmatched, and I cannot wait for the next in the series. The book’s climax irked me a little—I will spare you my several pages of me yelling at Daniel for his foolishness—but on the whole this is a solid summer read and a great escape. Bonus points for being the first romance I ever read with a programmer hero that actually mentions GitHub!

Was this review helpful?

Despite three smart women discovering they have been duped and 'three-timed' by the same man the feelgood factor coms more or less at the start when the women make a pact not to date anymore They become friends and basically have a load of fun. A brilliant summer (and lockdown) read!
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The first (I don’t know HOW) I’ve read from Rochon, this story was exactly the sort of read I needed right now. Three women, bonding over their mistreatment at the hands of an unworthy man brings their support and friendship to the forefront. From talking through questions of ‘what’s next’ career-wise, to shoring up the momentary confidence wobbles, and even simply enjoying and anticipating their time together, Samiah, London and Taylor are people you want to know and are facing the issues that many women face with career, life and romantic options.

Daniel is a newly hired employee at Samiah’s workplace, a tech firm with a solid reputation and where she’s shined for more than three years. Aside from being gorgeous and instantly intrigued by Samiah, he’s also kind, offering her solid words and asking how she’s holding up in the aftermath of the viral video. But Daniel’s got a secret: he is working undercover at the company, as some of their software appears to be utilized for money laundering, with ties to a larger organization that the feds have been following. While Samiah isn’t on Daniel’s investigative radar, she is on his, and the two are drawn together with an electric chemistry and compatibility that allows them both (even he slips) to be more themselves and honest with that than ever before in relationships.

Rochon has dealt with the struggles of ‘office relationships’, Daniel’s actual purpose in being in Austin, Samiah’s struggles and determination to be “the best” so as not to close doors on other minority women entering the tech field (or STEM-based employment), as well as her own struggles with finding time to cultivate her own dreams, make friends, be a friend and find who and how she wants to be moving forward. From addressing the ‘women in tech’ issues, to regular workplace kerfuffle, struggles with work-life balance and even the fallout when Daniel’s true purpose is unveiled, the story is quick to read, with easily accessible emotions, characters to love and plenty of moments to recognize events that are familiar - I whipped through this book in hours, and wanted it to go on for more.

I received an eArc copy of the title from the publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

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The Boyfriend Project was such a wonderful surprise! It was smart, fun, and even had a little suspense thrown in. I found that it actually fell more into women's fiction territory for me, but there is also a sweet and sexy romance too.

The book starts off with an incident that sets up one of the most epic friendship meet cutes ever. I loved the sisterhood and camaraderie that developed between Samiah, London, and Taylor. They may have been brought together under less than ideal circumstances, but I appreciated that they didn't tear each other down and actually lifted the other up. So often characters (especially women) are pitted against one another, and it was beautiful to see these women respond in such a positive and supportive way.

Samiah was such a fantastic heroine. She was smart, driven, knew what she wanted, and didn't compromise her beliefs. Her struggles and concerns about perfectionism and leaving no room to question her abilities opened my own eyes and I applaud the author for highlighting these issues. Another one of my favorite parts of the book was the flirting and sexual chemistry between Samiah and Daniel. The little gestures and moments as they circled each other really added to the build up. The romance isn't super heavy in this one, but there are still some very sexy and steamy scenes. I may not agree with how things all came to a head, but I understand why our characters made the decisions that they did. The mystery/suspenseful portion of the book wrapped up a little too neatly and quickly after the amount of build up, but I think Samiah really shined and showed her maturity in these final chapters. I appreciated that Farrah Rochon allowed Samiah the opportunity to take the time she needed to reconcile her feelings and didn't force the ending into a tidy little bow. I'm really looking forward to reading Taylor's story next!

*I voluntarily read an advance review copy of this book*

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For fans of Jasmine Guillory and Christina Lauren. I absolutely loved this debut book from Farrah Rochon! The perfect mix of "I'm a strong, independent woman" meets unexpected love. I love how this book is a good mix of thought-provoking points on race and the patriarchy, but most definitely a romance. This would have been a higher recommendation for me, but Daniel's betrayal wasn't my favourite trope. 4.25/5 stars

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