A Directory of Over 70 Healing Herbs for Energy, Stress Relief, Beauty, and Overall Well-Being

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Pub Date 18 Aug 2020 | Archive Date 04 Jun 2020

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Harness the ancient healing power of adaptogens: herbs, roots, and other medicinal plants that help the body function better than its natural capacity. Learn all you need to know about over 70 of the most common healing herbs and how to make delicious, nutrient-dense recipes to have you functioning at a higher frequency.

The modern world is loud, messy, and oh so stressful. Whether the stressor is environmental (originating in your body) or psychological (triggering your fight-or-flight response and causing the release of cortisol), adaptogens are packed with amino acids and/or vitamins that help manage the harmful effects stress has on the body. While relatively new to the western world, adaptogens are at the root of many things in western medicine. Did you know that aspirin comes from willow bark?

Adaptogens is divided into three sections. The first is an easy-to-understand breakdown of the history and science behind these wonderful herbal remedies. The second, and the bulk of the book, is the adaptogen comprehensive directory so that you can figure out which products and powders will best work with the stresses of your life. The last is a slew of delicious and nutritious recipes.

Nature has gifted us with many plants across the globe that are talented at growing in stressful environments. They pass on this talent once consumed. Some of the common effects are:CalmingMediating cravingsWell-being and happinessHomeostasis through self-regulationStaminaWeight lossAnti-inflammationImmunity boostingSkin issuesSharpening the mind out of brain fogThese plants are not a quick fix for a stressful situation. Rather, they are a way to help the body better deal with the higher amounts of stress we seem to be seeing a lot of right now. Learn about what plants can do for you as you harness nature's power. Learn how to find the appropriate adaptogenic doses to keep yourself in perfect harmony.

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Harness the ancient healing power of adaptogens: herbs, roots, and other medicinal plants that help the body function better than its natural capacity. Learn all you need to know about over 70 of the...

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I am really excited to add this gorgeous book on Adaptogens to my collection! I plan to buy a hardbound copy upon its release to use as a reference on my bookshelf. The photographs and descriptions of the herbs are gorgeous. Though I have been working with an herbalist for awhile now, the descriptions of the adaptogens are both clear and easy enough for a beginner, and detailed and valuable enough for experts. I learned new things about my two favorite adaptogens that I already take, Eluthro and Astragalus, and also got some great new ideas. This book is especially useful right now in the time of COVID-19 and is very science-based and straightforward. It also contains every warning you might need to read about interactions and precautions and is much more detailed and accurate than what you might find when frantically googlilng Web MD before taking a supplement. I recommend it to anyone interested in herbalism and alternative health. I really cannot overstate the usefulness and beauty of this book!

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Throughout human history, there have been herbs and plants that, as we discovered, helped us humans maintain a good health, and even enhance it. These are called adaptogens.

In this great book, the author has collected the most important adaptogens from all over the world. You'll learn what they're called, how they've been used through centuries of human history, what their benefits are, and how to use them yourself. But wait, there's more! There are also a lot of enjoyable recipes that involve these ingredients. Try one or two (or all of them) out, you won't regret it!

Adaptogens is an amazing and informative book that you'll definitely want in your nutrition/health collection. Highly recommended.

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I love this book about adaptogens. The design and photographs are very well done, and the content is organized nicely. The book contains quite a few adaptogens. A lot of those I never heard about, but there are some that I know and have used before.

Each adaptogen contains information about benefits, safety, and dosage. I like the icons that hold information about benefits. There are also impressive recipes included at the back of the book.

It is suitable for beginners and those who need a beautiful reference book about adaptogens.

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This is a beautiful book on adaptogens! There are countless tips, ideas, and advice on ways to implement adaptogens into your everyday life. The images are beautiful. It’s one you’ll return to
again and again.

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BEAUTIFUL BOOK! I have always been interested in learning more about adaptogens and it seems like there is so much out there that I am never really sure what is correct. However, this book breaks down each one and talks about the importance of them. It also gives suggestions on the best way to supplement them into your diet. So great for stressful times like this. Thank you so much Netgalley and Quarto Publishing Group.

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"Adaptogens" is a short book about herbs, foods, and supplements that help your body deal with stress when taken over time. The author started by briefly describing what an adaptogen is, then there's a directory of adaptogen profiles. Each profile gave the common and scientific name, a brief history of its use, the health benefits, any safety concerns, and dosing information (though this was sometimes merely a recommendation to ask your doctor). There were about 40 full adaptogen profiles plus about 10 brief superfood/powder profiles. The author also included some recipes for drinks, soups, spreads, and more using combinations of these adaptogens. The book doesn't actually include a lot of information as one page of each profile or recipe is simply a full-color picture of the herb or recipe. But it might be good for a beginner who would be overwhelmed by more information. I'd recommend this book to those who don't know about adaptogens who are specifically interested in these herbs rather than medicinal herbs in general.

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I am a little bit torn how to rate this book. I would like to go 3.5 stars. The photos are AMAZING, especially of the drinks and anything blue or purple. Everything glows!
I see the best format for this book would be oversized coffee table book, but I did review it via Netgalley in digital format. I have not yet had the opportunity try try most of the recipes, so am rating this based on text presented and images. I can not vouch for the results or taste.
Many of the measurements are given in metric form.

The history, benefits, safety or warnings and doseage given are all minimal and brief.
I call it a good jumping off point, for the reader to use to research further.
The author does seems to know her topic well.

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The first portion of the book gives overview of adaptogens and Ayurveda. The next portion looks at some specific ingredients and their benefits for use in wellness. The ingredients are arranged alphabetically but there are symbols so that you can look for ingredients for a specific need. The last section of the book contains ingredients that can be made using the ingredients discussed and what they treat.

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This book is absolutely stunning the pictures and descriptions are amazing! I have always been interested in learning more about adaptogens and it s so hard to know what information is correct. However, this book really breaks down and explains each one and i feel like it was incredibly well presented and laid out. It also gives suggestions on the best way to supplement them into your diet. If you are interested in adaptogens this is a great find and the presentation makes it a fantastic conversation piece to be enjoyed!

I received this book from NetGalley and Quarto Publishing Group for an honest review.

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The images on the cover of this book as well as the promise of "...Energy, Stress Relief, Beauty, and Overall Well-Being," intrigued and appealed to me. It did not let me down. The book is well laid out text on the left and brilliant colourful HD photos on the right.

Having not heard the word 'Adaptogens' before, I welcomed the easy to understand definition history and the benefit of including them into our diets. A directory was provided, placing the adaptogens into categories that covered stress reduction, immune boosting, and increasing energy levels plus more in between. The 70 Adaptogens were then listed covering berries, roots, herbs and powders from all over the world, readers are told where they come from, the benefits, and how to use them safely including in what dosage. Again these pages are well laid out, and the bold colourful photos will help even a novice like me in a busy market place. The recipes were a nice touch.

However, I would have liked the Adaptogens to be listed in alphabetical order or in line with the directory. Also as lovely as the recipes looked, sadly, I think most people will find it a challenge to find fresh and genuine Adaptogens.

Overall, I liked this book, it was lovely to look at and informative. It will make a great coffee table book or something to bring out when I want to show off my plant-based wellness knowledge.

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I am always interested in improving my health, especially increasing energy and better managing stress. I was so excited to see this book and appreciate that it is written by a Registered Dietitian! This was an informative book yet also simple and not overwhelming. It reviews a variety of adaptogens and their health benefits and is followed by the loveliest recipes. The book was also beautiful - each page had the most gorgeous photographs. I highly recommend this book!

Thank you, Quarto Publishing Group and NetGalley, for a digital ARC!

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