No One Will Hear Your Screams

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Pub Date 19 May 2020 | Archive Date 04 Aug 2020

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Is there a sociopathic killer on the loose and murdering prostitutes in New York City? NYPD’s top cop, Homicide Commander Lieutenant John Driscoll, believes there is. Someone who calls himself “Tilden” and claims to have been sexually abused as a child by his mother’s john. But what could have triggered Tilden’s rage that has him on a mission to eradicate all the women of the night in The Big Apple?

More importantly, will Driscoll put an end to the madness? He soon discovers Tilden’s not the run-of-the-mill sociopath. After all, would a common murderer have taken the time to embalm his victims, which the New York City chief medical examiner determined was the cause of their deaths?

Driscoll, a man haunted by the events of an unstable childhood himself, must put aside any sympathy he may have for Tilden and put a stop to his murderous rampage. Teamed up with Sergeant Margaret Aligante and Detective Cedric Thomlinson, who have their own issues, the commander sets out to stop the killings and bring Tilden to justice before he kills again.

Is there a sociopathic killer on the loose and murdering prostitutes in New York City? NYPD’s top cop, Homicide Commander Lieutenant John Driscoll, believes there is. Someone who calls himself...

Advance Praise

“A fast-paced and compelling read. O’Callaghan depicts a serial killer like no other. Imagine Jeffrey Dahmer, Ed Gein, and Bible John, fused into one heinous beast.” – Anne K. Howard, 2020 INDEPENDENT PRESS AWARD and 2018 LITERARY EXCELLENCE PENCRAFT AWARD winning author of HIS GARDEN

“A fast-paced and compelling read. O’Callaghan depicts a serial killer like no other. Imagine Jeffrey Dahmer, Ed Gein, and Bible John, fused into one heinous beast.” – Anne K. Howard, 2020...

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Featured Reviews

Who is embalming prostitutes while they are still alive?

That's the question that keeps Lieutenant John Driscoll awake at night. There's a name for the killer ... Tilden. But who is he? What's motives of these killings?

He and his team, Sergeant Margaret Aligante and Detective Cedric Thomlinson, set out to stop this vicious killer before he kills again.

"Tilden" may not be so easy to catch. He claims to have been abused when he was a child. He obviously has at least a little medical knowledge. He is definitely not your average serial killer. And he gets more creative with each killing. Is there a method to his madness?

This author has pulled together a tightly woven plot with skillfully drawn characters, warts and all. The killer is unique in his quest to rid New York City of all the ladies of the night. There are some twists and turns that lead to a surprising ending. I look forward to the next adventure for Driscoll.

Many thanks to the author / WildBlue Press / Netgalley for the digital copy of this crime fiction. Read and reviewed voluntarily, opinions expressed here are unbiased and entirely my own.

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What I Loved:
No One Will Hear Your Screams had an excellent plot that had some great twists that kept me on the edge of my seat! I loved how the pieces all fell into place rounding out the entire stories and leading to those great “AH HA!” moments as the book wrapped up.

How I Felt:
This book had a great plot that I felt was really well put together. All the pieces fell into place and there was a good amount of suspense and surprise throughout the story.

The character Tilden was so awful. I applaud Thomas O’Callaghan for creating a character that I just completely despised. He was such a disgusting person, it was hard to read the portions of the story that were from his point of view. I would have liked him to be focused on a little less, or for his character to have had some other dimensions that would have fleshed him out a bit more.

Driscoll’s character was really well-built and I enjoyed reading about him. I liked that he was flawed, it made him very real. He struggles with issues from his own past and works to put those things aside to focus on the capture of this sociopath.

Overall, I really enjoyed this story. I liked seeing the clues that led Lieutenant Driscoll from point A to point B in the story. I enjoyed his character as well as his sidekicks from the department. The plot was exciting and had great twists to keep me on the edge of my seat!

Content Warning:
Prostitution, stalking, abduction.

To Read or Not To Read:
I would recommend this to readers that enjoy a dark mystery that provides a lot of insight into the mind of the killer.

No One Will Hear Your Screams is the third book in the John Driscoll Mystery series, but I felt that this could be read as a stand-alone if you have not read the rest of the series yet. This book does reference previous cases that Driscoll has worked on, but it did not affect my ability to understand the story in any way.

I was provided an advanced reader's copy of this book for free. I am leaving my review voluntarily.

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This author has a very vivid and scary imagination that will terrify you. It’s one of those books that you can’t put down! The story unwinds and has a cast of characters all entwined together. You have to keep track and pay attention from word one through the end. The author, Thomas O’Callaghan has done his research, all of the religious details are on point and accurate. The way he tells the story with short chapters jump from topic to topic, but he pulls it all together in the end to give the reader the true experience. It feels like your living in the moment and feeling what the victims are feeling. I don’t want to tell you any story details, that would ruin it for you, so I will preface it this way, you won’t want to put it down, but you will be repulsed at what your reading, in a good way!

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Before I tell you what I thought, I will throw up a trigger warning this book is dark and does contain reference to Sexual abuse and rape.

No one will hear your screams is book three in the John Driscoll series, I haven't read the others but would like to now however that didn't impact this book and it can be read as a standalone, past cases are referenced too but with enough detail that you get the jist.
Driscoll is a man I actually felt sorry for, and was keen to get inside his head and one of the reasons I want to read the previous books, as well as O'Callaghan knows how to draw you in with a dark and twisted mystery that looks inside the mind of a twisted killer. A great plot and some real edge of your read but with a dark disturbing theme. Which is kinda my thing. A well thought out and well written book and I enjoyed how all the pieces of the jigsaw slotted into place as the book started to come to an end.
Tilden is a creep of a guy, the mere mention of him sent chills down my spine and I just despised him. Not someone you would ever want to meet on a dark night that's for sure.

A great read and looking forward forward to seeing what else is in store for Driscoll and his team.

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An excellently written crime thriller. There is plenty of gore in it, the stuff of nightmares and the devolving mind of a serial killer keeps the reader captivated. I was a little disappointed to not know why Tilden was the way he is, but I guess no one can point out a single point at which the human mind turns bad.

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A very creepy mystery. This was very well done. I will read more of this author. The book has a lot of action and is very well written.

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The first note I wrote while reading No One Will Hear Your Screams is “modern-day Jack the Ripper” but this book turned out to be much more than that. For one thing, we know who our killer is. It’s Tilden and he is one sick man. We learn this via chapters from his perspective, via his thoughts and the cruel acts he carries out on his victims. This is not a book for the faint-hearted.

On the flip side, there is Homicide Commander Lieutenant John Driscoll. Tilden and Driscoll are like polar opposites. Driscoll is a caring man and a damn good cop. He has a close circle of friends and he is not afraid to show his more sensitive side. This is not only a good balance to our murderer, but to other police dramas out there where the cop is the ultimate tough guy.

The relationship Driscoll has with Sergeant Margaret Aligante and Detective Cedric Thomlinson is actually quite sweet. It is apparent they have been through a lot together and make a great team. However, you do get the feeling you are missing something by jumping into this series in the third book. By all means, it can be read as a standalone but if you are big into character development, you will miss out a bit.

My last comment on No One Will Hear Your Screams is that while I really enjoyed that it was fast-paced and full of action, sometimes it was a bit fast-paced and full of action, if you catch my drift. The story ended a bit too abruptly for me and there were some loose ends regarding Tilden that could have been better tied up. Still, it was a good read and an insight into another great police drama series.

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When I first started reading about the crimes perpetrated by Tilden, a sociopathic, sadistic serial killer I thought this had to be one of the most savage, brutal deaths ever thought up. There can’t be many ways that would be worse to die than being embalmed while alive. This serial killer wears more than one hat, and each victim is killed a different and brutal way. On his trail is Lieutenant Driscoll, a battle hardened detective who has encountered savage serial killers before. I didn’t read book one, so I can’t say if this one holds up, but I can say this one holds it own and is fairly entertaining. It did sag just a bit in the middle, but it had a strong start and a strong finish. Review posted to Litsy, LibraryThing, Amazon, Facebook and Goodreads.

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This book took me a while to get into because at the start it is extremely disturbing, detailing one of the crimes being committed by the killer. Once the police officers and other good guys are introduced it is much easier to get into the plot. There are many subplots spreading from the main plot which ensure one has to keep concentrating at all times. It is worth concentrating though. The crimes impact the police officers deeply and the history of this is well explained which ensures buy in by the reader. By half way through one is hooked and wanting to know more about the characters which is a sign of a good read. This is not normally a genre I would choose as it is quite disturbing in content but I enjoyed the read. Highly recommended.

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