Let's Save Our Planet: Forests

Discover the Facts. Be Inspired. Make A Difference.

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Pub Date 06 Oct 2020 | Archive Date 03 Nov 2020

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This book is printed on responsibly sourced, 100% recycled FSC paper and using soy inks.

Do you want to make a difference and help change the world? If the answer's yes then this book is for you!

Turn the pages and discover everything you need to know about deforestation and the ways we can tackle it. From scientists and conservationists helping to protect forest creatures to tech inventions like robot tree-planters, this book helps children aged 8 and up to discover the incredible solutions to deforestation that are being worked on around the world right now. 

Readers can begin by exploring different forest types around the world, discovering what makes each of them precious and unique, before taking a look at the causes, effects, and solutions to deforestation. The final section explores what readers can do to help. Filled with guides, tips, and lessons in how to use your voice and change your habits, these pages help readers learn how they can make a difference.

With engaging text by Dr Jess French, presenter of Minibeast Adventure with Jess on CBeebies, and stunning artwork by Alexander Mostov, illustrator of D-Day: Untold Stories of the Normandy Landings Inspired by 20 Real-Life People, this book will teach readers young and old how to better protect and conserve our forests.

"What an inspirational book this is, packed with foliage facts and verdant images. There is extensive information on how readers can help save forests now, and in future." Marianne Levy, The i Paper
This book is printed on responsibly sourced, 100% recycled FSC paper and using soy inks.

Do you want to make a difference and help change the world? If the answer's yes then this book is for you!


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Thanks NetGalley and Quarto Publishing Group – Ivy Kids for an ARC copy to read in exchange for an honest review.

I enjoyed this, what a novel approach to making a difference aimed at younger children on what they can do to make a changes in the world to save the planet and the animals.

This book is a child’s version of David Attenborough’s life story. I feel active about this kind of thing and saving the earth..

Well done on breaking it down for a new generation.
I can’t wait to read this to my nephews and try and get them in habits to do our bit.

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I really love this book! First of all the beautiful illustrations are all full page spreads filled with colorful depictions of forests and the plants and wildlife that can be found there. The artwork is sure to catch the attention of a young reader.
The writing style is fun and uses lots of descriptive words to enhance the factual statements provided (nothing is more boring to a kid or an adult when the author spews out information and facts in a bland way).
Starting off in chapter one we learn about the 3 different types of forests: tropical rain forest, boreal, and temperate deciduous. With the map of the world provided you can see where to find each type.
Chapter two talks about the problem of deforestation and what are the causes. Then chapter three goes into the sad effects it has on our natural resources as well as the planet as a whole (including it’s inhabitants).
Chapter four shows what solutions we have come up with to combat what’s happening and the last chapter ends on a positive note showing what kids can do to help out.
I especially liked that the author used different professions to inspire the kids. Some are more obvious like a conservationist, but others were ones you may not have thought could contribute yet clearly can like an artist or writer!
I think this book is a must have for school libraries, classrooms, and homeschoolers. But it’s also a great book for parents to teach kids about this important topic!

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I truly enjoyed reading this book to my children! And they have asked to look at it again & again. I look forward to purchasing a print copy!
The beautiful cover art drew us all in from the start, and we were interested in learning how to help take care of our planet. The book's illustrations are just wonderful, and really complement the text of the book. You start out by learning why forests matter, and then go on a journey learning about the earth's forests, deforestation causes & effects, and plenty of solutions & ways to lessen the impact of the things we do on the earth's wellbeing. The book is very engaging! A crisp comprehensive glossary is listed at the end. I enjoyed reading this as an adult, and would imagine other adults would be able to learn from it as well along with their children!

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This engagingly illustrated title for kids will inspire them to care about the environment. The subject here is deforestation and the importance of our forests. Kids will learn about some of the many ways that forests are critical to the ecosystem; there is everything from their beauty to the role of forests in climate change. Readers will also become knowledgeable about the many types of forests there are including tropical rain forests, boreal forests and temperate deciduous forests.

After reading about the causes of deforestation there is a section on the effects of deforestation followed by some more optimistic chapters. These include solutions and a “what you can do,” thus helping the young to become engaged and to not feel hopeless about their world. This section includes a number of possible career choices related to the environment.

The children of today will inherit the beauty of the natural world and the calls to care for it. This title will help them to understand the stakes but not to panic.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this title. All opinions are my own.

Was this review helpful?

Phenomenal resource for kids and grown-ups alike. What a gift it would be to share this gorgeous book with children, educating them on what’s happening to our planet and exploring ways they can help. Everyone should be aware of these problems, and this beautiful book is the best I’ve seen. This should be in every classroom and in every home in the country.

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Let's Save Our Planet: Forests
by Jess French
This was a really cool book. It was thorough and understandable to read with my 9-year-old as we study world geography. The book was well organized and easy to read. There was just enough information to be thorough while also sparking interest to research more if desired. As a homeschooling parent, I give this a thumbs-up as a resource.
I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review shared here.

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There is so much information in this book.
Pages are dedicated to a type of forest.
The information is presented in a smart, concise format.
It is easy to read, with the ability to pick up and put down and come back. You'll want to read all the diverse points of view. Saving the forests is a main topic, but there is so much more, including careers. Not just the normal careers associated with forests. Libraries will need multiple copies!
If you have interest in forests (or even if you don't) this book is sure to become a favorite.

Was this review helpful?

One of the Best Books for Kids on Forests and Deforestation

Oh, my gosh, is this a fantastic book for children about the importance of forests and what they can do to help with the problems facing the globe’s forests today. This is an information-heavy picture book that uses big words (but explains them), so it is ideal for children aged from 8 to 13 or so. The book covers the topic very logically, starting with looking at why forests matter and the types of forests (boreal, tropical, and temperate). Then the book looks at deforestation: causes, effects, and solutions. Throughout the book, small callouts give options for what one person, often even a child, can do to help the problems, but there's also a final section that is specifically about what we can do to help on an individual level. So many books like this can be preachy or make a big problem like this one feels impossible to conquer. But this book has neither fault; respect and hope ring from every page. It is not preachy at all; it is strictly informational. The author does try to avoid any sort of shaming of those who cannot do the beneficial things suggested because of economics and local opportunities/options. I think that's so important in a book like this. I wish there had been a section at the end with photographs of actual trees, especially ones North American or European children (the most likely reader of this book) may not commonly see. I thought it was strange, too, that the author only discussed temperate *deciduous* forests, as there are certainly temperate forests that are not; I live near a lot of evergreen forests here in the Pacific Northwest. The world map in the first pages that depicts Earth's forested regions showed my area as having a temperate forest, but then its type was not discussed. But, all in all, I think this is a fantastic and even amazing book to help children appreciate what forests do for us and the current problems with them, all the while empowering children with a lot of options to make a difference. Frankly, this book should be read by adults as well!

Was this review helpful?

Let's Save Our Planet: Forests by Jess French is a touching and visually stunning book. The graphics make the book enjoyable to view and super easy to follow. The information was presented in a clear and concise that is understandable to young children (I'd say 6+) as well as teenagers and adults. The information presented goes over how things got to the point that they are and how we can help fix it even in very small ways. This is a great book for teachers to keep in their classroom libraries or even just for a family to have on hand and review with children as they grow.

*I received this book as a electronic ARC in exchange for my honest review*

Was this review helpful?

We need more such books to educate people about forests and raise awareness about protecting the environment.
Plus we can read the books only for the colour scheme, which was very nice.
(Thanks to Quarto publishing for the e-ARC)

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I guess this is or will be part of a series, but this is my first evidence of it – however on this evidence I can give the whole set a thumbs up. We start with tropical rainforest, before having a double page spread in the Siberian woodland, and temperate forests, and the captions detailing the many animals and flora are second in my mind to the reminder of what we get from each kind of habitat, whether it be cancer medicines, book paper or chestnuts. We then get shown galling details about deforestation – woodland the size of Germany gone in Canada alone, in just twenty years, and the reasons for such tree loss ranging from the sinful (mobile phone components being mined) to the unforgivable (palm oil) (or is it the other way round?). Luckily we're not allowed to feel depressed for long, as we get chapters devoted to a more optimistic outlook, with what scientists, conservators, lawmakers and activists have done, and what the target schoolchild might manage to do, too. A strong four stars then – but hey, consider sticking to the digital edition like me, no?

Was this review helpful?

Wow! What a fun fact filled book! The graphic design is perfect, paralleling what an infographic might look like. All of the information is presented exquisitely and clearly. Overall, the book is informative and engaging; moreover, it is an exemplar nonfiction book for all ages. It piques curiosity. The book is also formatted in a way that gives information, states the problem, and provides a solution. I loved how certain pages would reference other areas of the book if someone was interested in one specific issue and solution.

Was this review helpful?

Let’s Save Our Planet: Forests is a really great book. As a mama, and a teacher, I need to own this one for my home and my classroom!
I love the visuals in this book. The illustrations are a beautiful, sharp, and really help explain the facts the book. They aid in the understanding in a way that is very clear.
It’s really helpful that the book starts by explaining what a forest is, and then tells us the three different kinds of forests. Then goes into a quick summary of what each forest is. I like that they give two pages per forest because I imagine that the book would lay flat nicely when looking at each forest in turn.
The rest of the book gives straight forward information about what deforestation is, why it happens, the effects of it in the world, and what we can do to change it. It even gives some careers that exist that help solve the problem of deforestation, which I thought was really clever.
The book is laid out well, clear, informative, and illustrated in a way that isn’t too distracting for kids. You can really tell there was a lot of thought put into this book and it’s layout so that it would make sense to children of many ages.

Was this review helpful?

This may still be a bit advanced for my little ones but I'm definitely going to get a copy for when they get there!

Was this review helpful?

Needing to update our children's non-fiction section and this is a very thorough and insightful book. Children will love the colorful pages and parents will love the questions children will ask throughout.

Was this review helpful?

Such a great picture book!

Reminds me of my childhood, school days filled with geography and fun study times!

More awareness regarding our environment, specially the dying forests.

I love the distinct contents of this book. Divided into 5 chapters with separate subtopics, I can see this book has been planned so well and presented with utmost care and brilliance!

Try knowing the different types of forest distributed around the world. Let's know a bit of their history. Let's become more informed about deforestation and how it affects the lives in general. Let's know more about its causes and effects; how we are endangering other species and what could be the possible solutions; what we can do about it and what have been done already.

Love it!

Thanks publishers and the authors for the copy.

Was this review helpful?

This is a fantastic book for teaching children about our precious forests and how important they are to our planet. The book introduces us to all of the different forests on the earth and the amazing creatures and plants that live in each one. The format of each page draws the reader in as they explore each short excerpt. The illustrations allow the text to flow and create engagement and curiosity. The complex theme of deforestation is explained in simple terms and the book wraps up with suggestions of ways that we can all help maintain and protect our planet and keep forests alive and growing. This is an excellent informational text to add to a classroom library.

Thank you to NetGalley and Quarto Publishing Group – Ivy Kids for the ARC copy to read in exchange for my honest review.

Was this review helpful?

Forest matter is the message for young people and for parents. As the title suggests- the first part is uncovering the facts. The different forests and the problems they face. Each is different. The second is be inspired. Once you know the facts, you can be inspired to make changes that make a difference.

This helpful information and alot of information. Facts that make sense and changes that are doable. We bring ownership to our most natural of resources.

A special thank you to Quarto Publishing and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review.

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