The Car Share

An absolutely IRRESISTIBLE feel-good novel about second chances

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Pub Date 03 Jun 2021 | Archive Date 30 Jun 2021
Hodder & Stoughton, Hodder Paperbacks

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***** 'I LOVED THIS BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' Amazon reviewer
***** 'Outrageously funny!' Amazon reviewer
***** 'Extremely touching' Amazon reviewer
***** 'An absolute delight' Netgalley reviewer

The PERFECT Christmas gift!

A ninety-year-old woman with Alzheimer's and a heartbroken young man share a ride to Brussels that ends up changing their lives forever.

When Alex pulls up to meet "Max", he expects everything but a ninety-year-old lady who has her heart set on getting to Brussels by carpool.

As for 'Max', who is actually called Maxine, she could not be more ill at ease when settling into the seat next to this young man with bloodshot eyes. God help her if he turned out to be a drug addict who hasn't slept in days!

When it becomes clear that Maxine is suffering from Alzheimer's and wants to take matters into her own hands while she still can, and that Alex battles severe depression, a wonderful friendship starts to form between the unlikely pair. Before long, their travel plans take an unexpected turn...

Translated from the French by Kelly Lardin.

***** 'I LOVED THIS BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' Amazon reviewer
***** 'Outrageously funny!' Amazon reviewer
***** 'Extremely touching' Amazon reviewer
***** 'An absolute delight' Netgalley reviewer


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This was an absolute delight to read, funny, heartwarming, emotional. The characters were so lovable, especially Maxine with her overly exaggerated mannerisms. The Prada shopping scene was pure class...think Pretty Woman soundtrack 🎶

A heartbroken Alex is on his way to Brussels, but first of all he has to pick up Max who's to be his car share partner. Meet Maxine, a ninety something on her way to Brussels to end her life. As their journey progresses, so does their friendship. The antics, escapades & banter between the new found friends was full of hilarity, charm & wit.

Many thanks to Netgalley for my ARC in return for my honest review.

𝗜 𝗴𝗮𝘃𝗲 𝘁𝗵𝗶𝘀 𝗯𝗼𝗼𝗸 𝗮 5 ⭐ 𝗿𝗮𝘁𝗶𝗻𝗴

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Maxine and Alex meet on a car share app. Alex is driving to Brussels and Maxine needs to get to Brussels. After an initial mmisunderstanding they are on their way, but each has their own agenda that changes as the journey progresses. They are only together a short time, but make a big impact on each other. When it turns out everyone thinks Max has been kidknapped by Alex, it still doesn't stop them in their quest to get to Brussels - but will they meet their final destination.

A great read - but I would have liked more of an epilogue to see what happened for Alex.

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An old lady suffering from Alzheimer's , a young man suffering from depression, a shared car ride to Brussels and you are off to an epic humorous episode which entertains you on each and every page. Maxine the old lady with her panache to jumble up quotes, "You must steep things in perspective.” & "No, I would remember that. I have the memory of an alligator.”, is simply the grandmother one needs in their life.
One of the books which I just couldn't put down and one which I wished would never end. Absolutely the book to pick up to get the happy thoughts in your mind and jump start your life with positive energy. Highly recommended.

I recieved a copy of this book via Netgalley for a honest review of the book.

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Oh my what can I say about The Car Share??!
It is one of the funniest books I have read. Based on a road trip which brings manic depressive Alex and a very lively, eccentric 90yr old, Maxine together - we follow their crazy trail as they try to get to Brussels.
The book reminds us that everyone has a story and the best thing we can do is share it with others as it can be life-changing. The author has built a very good rapport between our 2 characters with both of them trying to save the other ones life.
I absolutely loved this book and would highly recommend it.

#fun #life #love #laughter

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I really enjoyed this story about Maxine & Alex. My mum has Alzheimer’s so it made it all the more real for me. Loved the characters. Thanks for the opportunity to read and review this book.

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I received an advance copy of, The Car Share, by Zoe Brisby. I loved this book. The characters are great, young and old, depressed an dementia, taking a road trip. I laughed and cried. What an engaging book!

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4 stars ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️

A joyous, uplifting and humorous read about an unlikely pair who learn that it was fated that they should meet. It is crazy to think a book can be about depression, loneliness and heartbreak and still be a fun and heartwarming read – but that is exactly what this book is.

Ninety year, old honest to a fault, Maxine, (I pictured the indomitable Betty White throughout the book) and Alex, a young man with major self-confidence issues, meet to share a car ride to Brussels. The book follows the outrageous escapades these two fall into in as they run from the police and toward a friendship built on respect and encouragement.

The friendship is unexpected, and comes at the perfect time for each of them. Alex is fleeing from an embarrassing heartbreak, while Maxine is dealing with loneliness as her life in the retirement home is depressing and her loves and most of her friends are now deceased. She has a heartbreaking line in the book that I loved, “She had opened the floodgates of her memories and didn’t know if she could close them up again. They were like precious treasures that you were afraid to take out of the cabinet for fear of breaking them.” To temper the sadness, the author does a great job at injecting humor at just the right places.

Maxine constantly mixes up common phrases and it was fun to catch them all. She is such a quirky, smart and sassy character. Her years of experience and heartbreak of her own make her the perfect person to help Alex out of his fog. I felt sad for the relationships in Alex’s life as it seemed that no one, not even his parents, ever quite believed in him until Maxine. Luckily, by the end of the book, I saw Alex with faith, knowing he would be able to lift himself up and become all that he was meant to be.

“There will always be one crisis after another, and if you don’t take the time to stop and do what really matters, life will pass you by. Maxine’s late husband, Charles, from The Car Share.

Thank you to NetGalley and Hodder & Staughton for the ARC copy of this book.

I recommend this book as a light, uplifting and very enjoyable read!

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A wonderful bread with great characters a young man with depression a 90 year old woman with dementia,.A relationship that will have you turning the pages enjoying every moment.#netgalley #the carshare

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Really loved all the things that Maxine brought forth from her purse. This was a really cute and fun book; it constantly brought a smile or chuckle. Loved Maxines wacky expressions. Stubborn as a mole.

I feel sorry for Alex, no wonder the poor man has been feeling depressed.

This looks to be the authors first English release. All the best!

Thank you NetGalley, the publisher and the author Zoe Brisby for the opportunity to review the advance read copy of CarShare in exchange for an honest review.

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Thank you Netgalley and Hodder & Stoughton for accepting me to review The Car Share by Zoe Brisby.

A ninety-year-old woman with Alzheimer's and a heartbroken young man end up sharing a ride to Brussels that changes their lives forever.

This was a loveable easy read exploring the relationship that builds between 2 very different people.

I really enjoyed this book especially the way Maxine and Alex develop as characters throughout the story. Their friendship grows as the trip progresses and left me with a warm glow at the end.

Thoroughly enjoyable 🌟🌟🌟🌟

The Car Share by Zoe Brisby is released on 3rd June 2021.

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Touching story where an unlikely friendship grows... Great Read 🚗

Alex has recently been diagnosed with depression, to try and help his mental state and to be cost effective, he's decided to do a car share to Brussels. Challenge one decided, to the online car share form to complete, which is another challenge in itself, what restrictions to give his potential passenger...

Max, Maxine in her 90's currently living in a care home/assisted living accommodation, wanting to do the trip to Brussels for her own reasons.

Both assuming on the christian names, the opposite gender, no connection with age. On eventually realizing that the person is not who they perceived them to be, eventually decide to commence their journey anyway.

What would appear to be an unlikely partnership for a car share, their opposites, age, gender, issues, almost complement each other. Whilst Alex may feel frustrated at times, due to his respect for Max's age, he thinks a bit more before he'd say what he was really thinking. Once Max understands Alex' depression, whilst being to the point, at times a bit too much, which she would often reflect swiftly on what was said and take on board his own worries. An opportunity to be themselves and actually share their concerns, which they've not felt able to with others, whilst taking a trip to remember.

A great read, Max has that way where she can almost get away with most things she says and does. An eccentric lady, who is game to try most things... life's too short eh. Lovely how they bond and a close friendship grows, which helps both of them. Thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, I've not read any by this author before, but look forward to reading more.

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What do you get when you cross a pleated skirted , lavender cardigan and pearl necklace wearing nonagenarian with a twenty five year old hopelessly depressed lawyer? You get two wonderfully entertaining characters in the form of Max and Alex who are both escaping from the confines of their current circumstances in search of freedom. Max is breaking out from the prison like Pleasantstay retirement home in a preemptive strike against her declining mental health whilst young Alex is on the run from a broken heart, suffering from a most chronic and debilitating bout of unrequited love. Together, accidentally but fortuitously, they are car sharing on a trip to Brussels with Alex behind the wheel of his trusted Twingo, not your usual type of getaway vehicle by any means but barring a few mishaps one that will get them to their final destination. In a classic case of the young learning from the old, this storyline mixes laugh out loud silliness with pearls of wisdom relating to depression, loneliness, loss and heartache. Buckle up for a car journey like no other, as these two unlikely friends experience an adventure of a lifetime. Their jolly japes and dare devilish escapades will banish the blues, turn any frown upside down and possibly give you belly ache from laughing at such silly scrapes and shenanigans. So with the engine revved up and raring to go let the action begin in earnest!

The title of this sweet, humorous and hopeful novel immediately conjured up visions of Peter Kay’s TV Car Share but there the similarities end (unless you take into account some carpool karaoke that has Alex and Max belting out Gloria Gaynor’s legendary anthem I Will Survive at the top of their lungs!) Their initial impressions of one another have Max, full name Maxine, assuming Alex is some sleep deprived drug addict going by his appearance whereas Alex is taken aback that Max is actually a woman, and a deranged one at that! Certainly her constant use of malapropisms grates on his nerves like a grinding gear lever but which is really just one endearing characteristic of this pint sized granny figure. As they settle into their 500 mile trip it’s obvious Max and Alex will form a heartwarming friendship as two improbable fugitives on the run, their hijinks threatening to land them in hot water on numerous occasions. It’s fair to say Alex is definitely your glass half empty kind of character whilst Max is the complete opposite but as the car share confessions spew forth, Max just might have a few tricks up her sleeve to help convince Alex life doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. No stranger to loss and heartache herself, Max, with the aid of a multitude of random belongings in her tardis like Mary Poppins bag is determined to prove to Alex life is worth living (even if this is at odds with her own final destination!) Alex needs some chaos in his life and Max is the perfect woman for the job!

The Car Share is a welcome antidote to reality in which the subjects this storyline tackles, particularly depression, is on the rise amongst the younger generation. Instead of focusing on the serious nature of these problems, the author writes with a lighthearted touch so that much of what Max and Alex encounter is completely bonkers but utterly hilarious. I think the petrol station scene is comedy gold so all in all this feel good novel is harmless frivolous fun, shenanigans that can simply be taken with a pinch of salt. Max is definitely a wise old bird so in amongst all the riotous and raucous behaviour Alex is treated to numerous motivational speeches and inspirational quotes courtesy of her deceased psychiatrist husband Charles and Kung-Fu Panda. I often felt as if I was reading a self help manual as well as a humorous piece of fiction but in a good way! It’s impossible not to cheer these two on from the sidelines, willing them to stay one step ahead of the law despite concerted efforts of others to bring a halt to their hijinks. However I do think whilst Max is a well fleshed out lovable rogue it’s to the detriment of Alex’s character who is in need of a friendly but firm kick up the backside! I loved how the narrative is interspersed with snippets from news bulletins alerting the public to Max’s escape, each one growing more fanciful thanks to the Chinese whispers feel to the reporting of events. The assumptions made by those in authority as to who is responsible for Max’s unauthorised absence are an absolute hoot!

Will this pair make it to Brussels unscathed and if so will Max carry out her decision that first prompted her to make her getaway from the retirement home? Or will the police finally apprehend this modern day Bonnie and Clyde, flinging Alex into prison and leaving Max to die a slow lonely death, subjected to a loop of Going for Gold repeats, too many spaghetti filled Tuesdays and a general manager who is more suited to the role of a prison officer? If you fancy an exhilarating journey, from the comfort of your armchair , in the company of this formidable nonagenarian and her (hopefully less depressed by the end!) sidekick then I can highly recommend this novel. My only criticism is it does end rather abruptly with issues in Alex’s life still to be resolved compared to the lovely surprise that awaits Max. Needless to say, as this car journey is brought to a standstill both characters lives have been enhanced by their meeting with hope rather than despair on horizon. Apparently there is a final chapter involving our calamitous duo five years on from their 48 hour car share which I would absolutely love to read (hint to publisher, the online form to read this doesn’t work despite me trying a multitude of times!) My thanks as always to the publisher and Netgalley for giving me the opportunity to read.

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Thank you to NetGalley and Hodder & Staughton for the ARC copy of this book.
This book is a little gem that kept me smiling and at times laughing out loud throughout the entire reading experience.
The story follows nine years old Maxine and her young car-sharer Alex, a depressed twenty-five-year-old. Maxine is a force to be reckoned with who upon seeing how sad and depressed Alex is, takes it upon herself to restore his will to live. When Alex finds out the reason behind Maxine’s trip to Brussels, he decided that he must do something and ensure she does not follow through with her euthanasia plan. Maxine suffers from Alzheimer’s and she is traveling to Brussels to commit assisted suicide while she is still in control of her faculties. In their attempt to save each other, the two unique characters develop a strong and intimate friendship that takes them to unexpected places.
This book had me laughing out loud, smiling during each chapter, and sighing at the hidden gems of wisdom dotted around. Absolutely loved it.

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Thanks Netgalley and the Publisher. How this book made me smile and laugh out loud, it was just what the doctor ordered. Great storyline and great characters, loved it

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The car share by Zoe Brisby is an emotionally touching and outrageously funny read. I was in a reading slump, after having struggled with a few not-so-great books. The Car Share was the perfect breather. I laughed out loud so much while reading this book, my family thought I might need a visit to the doc!

The story set in France is about the unlikely friendship between two completely opposite strangers–Alex and Max.

Alex is a 25-year-old heart-broken man. Rejected by the ‘love of his life,’ he is lonely & moderately depressed (as diagnosed by his doctor). He decides to take a road trip to Brussels, and in order to reduce his travel costs opts to take a passenger along. His co-passenger is Max, a non-smoker who is fond of mechanics, whisky and Tour de France (according to profile.) Max is on an extremely important trip to Brussels to meet up with doctors.

Imagine Alex’s surprise when Max turns out to be Maxine; an almost 100-year-old purple haired lady. And Max is equally shocked, for she had assumed Alex to be a young lady.

The road trip to Brussels is full of funny and emotional moments. It is also a life-changing trip as both Alex and Max open up and share their deepest fears and secrets with each other. The story becomes thrilling when Alex is suspected of having kidnapped the old lady from the retirement home. With the cops on tow, the duo experiences an adventurous escapade. However, instead of Brussels, the trip ends up in a hospital.

I loved the way the author has sketched the characters. Max is quirky yet loveable; not perfect, but her flaws make her even more interesting. Alex is kind and considerate; yet lonely and suffering from major self-doubt.
It is human nature to fear failure, but a second chance is all we need. A second chance–be it at love, or at life. The Car Share is all about being kind and forgiving towards one’s own self, and be brave to take the second chance.

I would definitely recommend this book to all those looking for a funny yet emotionally touching read. It’s sure to make you happy!

Thank you to NetGalley Hodder & Stoughton and Zoe Brisby for the ARC in exchange for my honest review.

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Overall this was a good book, Maxine was a fantastic character, funny, fierce and caring, Alex was a hard character to warm to, but he did hold his own against Maxine. The story was engaging and I enjoyed it. The only thing that let it down was the layout of the writing. There was no pause between the two characters, which made it at times hard to know which characters POV you were reading. Now I'm not sure if this was because it was an advanced read, maybe it will be changed before release day

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With thanks to #Hodderandstoughton for an early copy in return for an honest opinion.
Firstly I would just like to say what an amazing read, its a book filled with positivity laughs a minute heartache and Compassion ❤ I truly loved the tale of Alex and Max age has no barrier,do what makes your heart sing life is for living.
Two lost souls 1 car 🚗 and an outstandingly escapade await you.

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Where to begin with how much I enjoyed this book? I'd give it 5+++stars if I could.
Alex and Maxine are two strangers who meet up for a ride share to go to Brussels from somewhere in France. Alex is a depressed young man who wants to find an old crush. Maxine is a senior citizen in her 90's who wants to get to a clinic for a special treatment.

I was hooked from the first paragraph. It was hysterical. How can you not love a spunky old lady?
And while Alex wasn't the happiest person, he was witty & patient with her.

Sample quote:
"He hadn’t even been able to keep his Furby alive . . . His goldfish had died of boredom. When he was a child, his turtles had exhibited kamikaze tendencies, jumping from the small palm tree in their tank on top of the chest of drawers because life with him had seemed so unbearable. His hamsters were long gone. They escaped, and he never saw them again. If he hadn’t been able to save his own pets, how was he going to save this old lady?"

This is a translated book but there was nothing lost in the translation. And as with most translations, the English version can be a bit longer or wordier. This was not the case with this book. The chapters are short and moves at a quick pace. And just how big was Maxine's bag? It was epic Mary Poppins! I want to be on a trip w/someone carrying that bag.

One of the best long-running joke is that Maxine is charming with her zest for living life as she doesn't feel her age nor act appropriately. (ie. as a younger senior citizen instead of someone in her 90's) And the way she messes up colloquialisms.

An example quote of that:
"So I'm sensing that something has got your boat. Tell me what it is; we need to clear the bear."

"People in glass houses shouldn't throw bones."

Some of my other favorite sample quotes:
"What's going on? Why are you panicking? Where are the drugs?"
By now Alex had retained his wits a little. "What drugs?"
"We don't have time to play games. Just tell me! We need to hide them. If necessary, we can each swallow some, but I must warn you that I didn't have any prunes today, so you might not recover your merchandise right away."

"No, gay gay! Homosexual, I made a fool of myself. I lectured him about respect for others. I think I even ended with 'Long live free France."
"That does sound like you crossed the wine."

"He asked me point blank, 'Are you married?' 'No,' I replied. 'Good, then I won't have to fight a duel. I'm terrible at fencing, and it's difficult to find a musket these days. We'll be married within the year!".....Six months later, they were married.

Overall, it was sweet story with laugh out loud clever writing. Charming characters and an engaging story.

FYI: At the end of the ebook ARC, there is info to click on a link to receive an epilogue chapter. When I contacted the author, she mentioned that it will not be included in the print version of the book but it will still be available and there will be info in how to retrieve it. I encourage everyone who enjoyed the book to check out the author's website, Facebook page or if provided; the email in order to get that bonus chapter. It was well worth it!!!!

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This is a completely different type of book than I usually read and I was not disappointed. What a story of unlikely friends that meet after applying to car share, completely unaware of who each other are, totally not what either of them expect each other to be and then go on a journey together. A journey in many different ways.

One of them suffering from depression, the other from Alzheimer's, they both have completely different reasons for travelling to Brussells. It will make you laugh at the situations they find themselves in together, as they get to know each other and form such an unusual friendship. It shows what generations can learn from each other if they get to know each other. One person who is really starting out on life, the other who's life is coming to an end. A story of 2 friends trying to save each other.

This is a story containing heavy topics, ie depression, Alzheimer's, loneliness and heartbreak but is written in a respectful light hearted way without taking the seriousness of it all away. If you want a different type of read from your usual Rom-Com, this is the book for you

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Alex and Maxine are both suffering from loneliness and depression and now they sharing the ride to Brussels from France. Here's the thing- he's 25 and she's in her 90s. Talk about a odd couple! They do, however, as it turns out, have more in common with one another than you, or they, might think. Maxine is coping with Alzheimer's and while Brisby doesn't make light of it, she does go for the lighter side. The same is true for Alex. This is one of those reads where there are small surprises. It's obviously character driven but the fact that the chapters are short makes it feel lighter somehow. Thanks to netgalley for the ARC.

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Alex and Maxine meet by agreeing to car share to Brussels, both are expecting someone completely different. This starts a book about a funny, touching story of two people at totally different times in their lives Alex struggling with depression and his place in the world and Maxine convinced she has Altizimers, wanting to end it all on her terms. Well written the book pulls you along on the strange journey of two strangers trying to save each other.

Reviewed on Facebook too

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Alex advertises for a car share from Paris to Brussels and Maxine is to be his companion. He’s young, very depressed, she’s 90 something but young in her head. He’s going to Brussels to find a friend from a while ago and she’s going to end things before Alzheimer’s renders all lost. So fasten your seatbelts folks as this is like no other journey, possibly ever!

I absolutely love this book - what a mad caper as the pair cause utter mayhem which leads to a huge amount of laughter. I don’t think I have ever laughed as much during the course of a book as I have with this one, it’s joyful genius. The intrepid pair are polar opposites. Maxine is adorable, she’s incredibly creative, her wit is razor sharp and she sure thinks very calmly on her feet. She’s like no other 90, 80, 70, 60 year old .... whatever age she feels in her head, I mean she knows who David Guetta is!!!! Alex starts out so depressed, he looks shocking, in fact Maxine thinks he looks like a ‘druggie’. Their dialogue is witty, clever, and hilarious. Alex feels old in Paris whereas Maxine feels young, he sees the world in black and white while she sees it in Ultra HD despite the sadness and tragedy in her life. She’s wise and knowledgeable although she could be making stuff up, it’s entirely possible!! I love her malapropisms and somehow her expressions fit better such as Fascist- Sisters (Fashionistas. See? Way better). The car becomes a kind of confessional for both of them as she brings him back to life and he learns joy and zest for life through their mad escapades. How big is Maxine’s handbag? It must be humongous with all the amazing objects she produces for it. Especially useful is the rotating beacon which they put to excellent use in a traffic jam.

Overall, just read it! It’s fantastic and life affirming, it’s funny, a little bit sad and emotional in places but some tears are happy tears especially at the end. Maxine is a gift not just to Alex but also to us though he gives her the greatest gift of all. I love it - can you tell??!!

With thanks to NetGalley and especially to Hodder and Stoughton for the much appreciated arc in return for an honest review.

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Great characters, great read, if you want to smile and laugh then this is the book for you. Well written and a real pleasure to read. 5 stars.

Thanks to Netgalley and publisher for this ARC

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I would like to thank the author, the publisher and NetGalley for giving m the opportunity to read an ARC of this book. I loved this book it made me laugh out loud, the characters were great and it was also thought provoking.

Was this review helpful?

Absolutly brilliant. A must read. Two great characters. I loved Maxine . She was one amazing woman and it does make you think about assisted dying. Alex was lovely. The yurt part was lovely and the pizza delivery. I won't spoil the ending but I think it was perfect

Was this review helpful?

There is nothing more an adventure/mission needs than a Prada shop, an armed robbery, kareoke, Mongolian head wear and dodgem cars!! I adored Maxine and her expressions. This may be a work of fiction but Maxine gave me inspiration for my own life. I simply adored this book!!!! Thanks you to the publisher, Netgalley and of course Zoe for taking me on this car share road trip!!!

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Thank you to NetGalley Zoe Brisby and Hodder & Staughton for the ARC copy of this book. This is my personal review.
Alex and Maxine are to people unlikely to ever meet in life until they share a ride to Brussels.
Alex is 25 and Maxine is in her 90’s. Nothing in common to share while on this trip and yet they have a ride that will forever change their lives.
This book has everything a person could want to read in a book. It is heartwarming, heart tugging, hilarious, and one that will stay with me forever. It sees a true friendship between Alex and Maxine grow that is wonderful.

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When Alex pulls up to meet ''Max,'' he expects everythng but a ninety year old lady who has her heart set on getting to Brussels by carpool. Max (Maxine) could not be more ill at ease when settling into the seat next to the young man with bloodshot eyes. God help her if he turns out to be a drug addiict. Max is suffering from Alzheimers and wants to take matters into her own hands while she still can. Alex battles severe deresssion. A wonderful fiendship starts to form between the unlikely pair.

Aalex and Maxine are sharing a car ride from France to Brussels. He is twenty five and she is ninety. You'd think they wouldn't get on, but it soon becomes apparent that they actually ave a lot in common. We join them on thir hunorous journey. Max always manages to get her quotes mixed up. This is one of those books that make you feel good even though it deals with health issues. Alex and Max are great characters. Loved this book.

I would like to thank #NetGalley, #HodderStoughton and the author #ZoeBrisby for my ARC of #TheCarShare in exchange for an honest review.

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It is a heartwarming story about two very different people having a great adventure together. With carshare you never know who you end up with as a travellling companion. Both Alex and Max had expected someone different from the person who turned up so they nearly missed each other. But soon the awkward situation begins to change and in the end they get really fond of each other.
They both are very likeable people and they have hilarious adventures on the road. Older people are often invisible in a our society. However, although Maxine is an old lady, she proves that the elderly can be just as interesting as the young and they can teach a couple of tricks to the younger generation.
I wasexcited to read in the author's note that there is an extra chapter that shows the characters five years later. I wrote to the e-mail address given and got Chapter 64 from the author -thanks again, Zoe Brisby. I loved it just like the whole story.
I can recommend this book to everyone who likes reading about the oldaer generation and quirky characters.

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“The Car Share” by new to me author Zoe Brisby was a wonderful, delightful and entertaining read. On a recommendation from a friend, I was glad to be extended an opportunity to read this story.

Alex and Max both want to drive to Brussels for their underlying causes. When Alex, a 25-year-old student riddled with depression arrives in front of retirement home, little did he expect that his passenger would be 70-, 80- , oh well 90-something Max and thus the journey begins. On the carpool to Brussels to complete their self-serving missions, they become therapists for one another’s problems and wind up opening and putting all on the table…he going to find a friend and she is ending everything before Alzheimer makes her whole world at a loss. Unaware of Max’s intent, Alex finds himself on a whirlwind adventure when they are wanted by the police. He is presumed to be a druggie kidnapper who has deep depression problems out to end everything and taking with him a well to do member of society. Although this story was translated from French, it did not lose its intent or savor although I did find it quite a bit longer to read than I usually do with other books. Oh, how I loved Max and the handbag that had everything but the kitchen sink and the way she puts her own spin on quotes or phrases.

You got to love this book as it will make you laugh and make you cry. It is a story that brings two people to life and each learning to enjoy life for what its worth. So funny but heartfelt. This was a page turner for me and unfortunately, had to put down to sleep. Highly recommend the read.

Thanks to Hodder & Stoughton and NetGalley for this ARC in exchange for my honest review of this book.

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What a lovely life affirming story .It is funny ,sometimes sad but oh so uplifting !.Maxine and Alex are car sharing as they both want to go to Brussels but for very different reasons ! Alex is young ,depressed an old soul and Maxine is 90 going on 50 very wise and full of energy and life .The pair of them form a very unlikely friendship and change each others lives for ever .There are escapades and fun along the way this is such a lovely sweet book .Many thanks to the Piublisher ,the Author and NetGalley for my copy in return for an honest review .

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Love, love, love this book - pure joy! What an epic adventure with a 25 year old depressed young man and a 90 year old escapee from a retirement home! I didn't want the book to end. Besides the pure hilarity of the situations that these two find themselves in, there is a more serious undertone about depression and how we treat the elderly in this society.

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A brilliantly funny read with great characters and a madcap journey to Brussels. I loved Maxine and Alex and felt they had a wonderful chemistry between them. This is a story of unexpected friendship. As we join Alex and Maxine on the car share journey we learn more about their lives and the reasons for the trip. We learn of their hopes and flaws and see the two them open up to each other in a way neither has before. A feisty 90+year old woman and a lacking in confidence young man seem unlikely friends but end up taking you with them on a journey full of laughter and tears.

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A delightful book which I found totally engaging. A good amount of humour developing slowly to be an absolute winner. Quirky characters conjured up and even bizarre situations but at the heart is a wonderful story of a developing friendship over the generations and totally heartwarming. Easy read that gathers momentum drawing the reader in as the two main characters get to know each other. I understand the book was originally written in French so I shall be looking out for more from Zoe in French or English.

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4.25 super cute stars

This book has some fun characters (and a beautiful cover!) that will be sure to bring some sunshine to your life. You never quite know how things will go when you share a car for a road trip with a stranger. In this case, Alex is headed to Brussels and wants to save a bit on the expense, so he agrees to bring Max(ine) along for the ride, picking her up outside her retirement home.

You need to know that Alex is a young man struggling with depression, anxiety, and heartbreak and Max is a 90-year-old woman suffering from Alzheimer’s. Together they are quite the pair! They get into a load of trouble along the way, and I loved how Max seemed to have an amazing collection of things they would need in her handbag! This one made me laugh with how ridiculous a few situations turned out.

The two develop an offbeat friendship and turn out to be really good for each other. Max has some trouble with expressions, she says “it’s running like dock work” for example and takes pains to explain to Alex that this is so much more correct than “running like clockwork” as dockworkers need to work as a team. The two have a great banter throughout the book.

This one was a quick enjoyable read that left me uplifted at the end!

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Fanciful and all the best ways!!

Alex is an “old soul” trapped in the body of a depressed 25 year old.

When asked for three interests on the website, he thinks of Herbal tea, camels and American soul music. But, he can’t say that! So, he goes with Museums, traveling and literature-hoping to attract a young lady to accompany him on his trek to Brussels.

Max is age “none of your business” and enjoys mechanics, whisky and the Tour de France.

In reality, Maxine is a spry nonagenarian, who claps like a little girl when she gets excited, and who loves to make an entrance! She thinks that she has Alzheimer’s and needs to get to Brussels. Alex sounds dull, but since SHE seems to be the only one offering a Carshare to Brussels, Max accepts the offer and pays the fee.

She soon realizes that Alex isn’t a young lady, nor the “drug addict” she feared he might be, when she buckled into her seatbelt, but rather a shy lad lacking in confidence who needed to be coaxed out of his bell. (Or is it, out of his shell?) Maxine is always getting the words in common phrases confused!

You never know what might come out of her mouth, or her enormous handbag!

If you enjoyed last year’s “Anxious People” by Fredrik Backman, about a bank robbery gone wrong, you will definitely want to hitch a ride on this road trip, gone awry!!

It is just as humorous and uplifting! 🎈

Also, if you read the AUTHOR’s NOTE, at the end of the book-you will discover one more surprise! 🚗

This book was translated from the French by Kelly Ramke Lardin and will be available on March 25, 2021!

Thank You to Hodder and Stoughton, for my gifted copy, provided through NetGalley!
It was my pleasure to provide a candid review!

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This book gave me Anxious People vibes. I was smiling from beginning to end! It was a feel-good story that had both laugher and pain. Alex and Maxine are such an unlikely pair but turn out to be really good for each other. I loved watching both characters develop throughout the story. The Car Share was a touching story about finding light in the dark times.

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I LOVED THIS BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was in a bit of a book slump. I had just finished reading a very depressing book and needed a lift. My good friend Jayme thought this would be just the cure, IT WAS. I haven’t laughed this hard in a while and it felt good.

Alex is a young man who has always been shy, a bit of an odd guy who never quite fit in at school. He’s an only child, his parents never even went to the few activities that he was involved in. He’s a law student but doesn’t really know what he wants to do with his life. Recently his doctor diagnosed him with depression and told him to take some time off and try to enjoy life. He decides to go to Brussels because he knows that is where a woman he once loved lives.

Here’s where the story takes off. Alex posts a notice on a car share board looking for someone to share his ride to Brussels, to help pay for gas, etc. He gets a notice from someone named Max and arranges to pick this person up on his way out of town.

Max aka Maxine is a 90 some year old woman who has decided to go to Brussels to end her life. She is tired of the stagnant life in the retirement home after having led a wonderful life. She also thinks she has Alzheimer’s even though she hasn’t seen a doctor.

What follows is a car ride, well a car escapade, that will have you laughing out loud, because Maxine is not a typical 90 year old, in her mind and heart she is young. Along the way they manage to stop a robbery in a petrol station, actually Maxine foiled the robbery. They are being pursued by the police because they think that Maxine was kidnapped and the nursing home has exaggerated the situation. Of course social media is all over this making matters crazy and over the top!!

They run out of petrol while being pursued by the police, spend a night in an authentic Mongolian “yurt”, eating some Mongolian food and dressing in some pretty amazing costumes. Alex finds that he hasn’t slept this well in months. Maxine is amazing at bolstering Alex’s view of himself and Alex has grown so fond of her that he is determined to stop her “plan” in Brussels.

As they are getting closer to Brussels Maxine spots a Fun Fair. Of course they have to stop and Maxine encourages Alex to try all sorts of food and relax and enjoy the ferris wheel. The last ride at the Fun Fair are the bumper cars which Alex is terrified of, Maxine of course wins him over.

I will leave you with some of her words of wisdom “Bumper cars are like life. To keep moving, you have to dodge the other cars. You can choose to play it safe and stay at the edge, but that’s terribly boring! To have fun, to live, you have to take risks. You have to get in the thick of it and be ready to take a blow or give one when necessary. Plus, life and bumper cars are both rides that don’t last long, so you have to enjoy them while you can.”

The ending is satisfying and I can’t wait to see what this author will come up with next. If you are tired of the pandemic, the weather or just day to day life, pick up this book and you will feel a whole lot better!!

I received an ARC of this novel from the publisher through NetGalley.

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The Car Share by Zoe Brisby

I mostly read heavy themed books so The Car Share was a wonderful change of pace for me. Ninety year old Maxine needs a ride from her retirement facility to Brussels, where she has an appointment to be euthanized. Twenty five year old depressed Alex is fleeing the humiliation of attempting to let his crush know his feelings. Both Maxine and Alex fill out their Car Share forms in such a way that neither of them are expecting the companion that they actually get. 

Maxine is a hoot. She identifies as a twenty, thirty, maybe forty year old. She is a very young spirit in a mature body and she is overflowing with self confidence despite several heart aches in her life. She is one very smart woman even if she does spout malapropisms as if she invented the English language. And my favorite thing of all is that she carries a purse that has an inner capacity the size of the Grand Canyon. If she doesn't have what she needs in that purse, she has something that can pass for what she needs. 

Alex's parents, still very present in his life, offer him no emotional support. They are cold, demeaning, and probably a big reason he's been an old, depressed soul for most of his life. Alex is horrified when he's been matched with Maxine as a car share partner but she is just what he needs and she knows it. She knows she can fix Alex, she knows everything will be okay, and she has me believing her. As their trip of misadventures progresses, Alex starts feeling glimmers of happiness that he can't remember feeling for a very long time. 

The story is simple and silly and I smiled and laughed. I will admit I might be more like Alex than Maxine except that I covet Maxine's purse. A person will never be left in the cold if they have Maxine's purse to save the day. 

Thank you to Hodder & Stoughton and NetGalley for this ARC.

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The Car Share by Zoe Brisby is the most delightful contemporary novel about living life to the full no matter how old you are.
The novel is charming and absolutely hilarious. I was literally laughing out loud at the outrageous antics of a young ninety year old lady as she definitely leads a twenty five year old man astray, whilst simultaneously opening up his life to new possibilities.
Both characters have burdens that weigh them down. As each tries to lift the other up, so their burdens become lighter. They both have hearts of gold.
The misquotes from ninety year old Maxine are gems of pure gold that make the reader smile. I love the fact that in all her years, her true wisdom is from Kung Fu Panda! “The secret to happiness is being content with what you have.”
There is pathos within the novel as Maxine believes she has Alzheimer’s. “I’m getting lost inside myself and soon I will disappear.” Having Alzheimer’s is a great fear as she has already nursed her husband through it.
Maxine is hiding a secret. It is a weighty burden that she has not only carried down the years but has also punished herself daily. She cannot forgive herself. “I didn’t learn to forgive myself… but I did learn to live with it.” The reader’s heart breaks for the young Maxine who is frozen in time. She deserves to let go, forgive herself and live free in the time she has left.
There is a wonderful rapport between the two lead characters. Their verbal volleys were a pure delight.
I absolutely adored The Car Share. It was warm, witty and fun and I cannot wait to read more from Zoe Brisby.
I will leave you with my favourite quote:
“Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.”
I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.

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Zoe Brisby's laugh a minute novel deserves to be a rip-roaring success, the perfect antidote to the misery of our pandemic times. Although it took me a while to immerse myself in this zany comic caper, after that I was all in, as the outrageously unforgettable purple haired 90 year old, Max (Maxine) and the depressed and lonely 25 year old, Alex, embark on a gloriously vivid technicolor car share, a mad cap road trip to Brussels. Alex is fleeing an unrequited love affair that has laid him low and parents that are unsupportive and indifferent, a young man with an old person's heart. Max is escaping a controlling retirement home that treats its resident as if they are children, she has more life force in her little finger than Alex, bursting with a young person's vibrancy and heart, certain she has Alzheimer's and wanting to end things before it destroys who she is.

When they first meet, neither finds the other what they expected, with Max mistaking Alex for a druggie due to his unhealthy appearance. Despite being opposites, they start to let the other into their inner spaces, confessing and unburdening more of who they are and their lives than they ever had to another person. Max takes Alex to her heart, wanting to impart the wisdom she has picked up, relating her action packed adventurous years, her first love, Leonard, who she had lost in the war, and her joyful marriage to her late husband, Charles, a well known psychiatrist. Alex begins to respond to the juggernaut that is Max, finding himself beginning to smile and see his life through a different lens, perhaps life is worth living after all, all culminating in him singing to Gloria Gaynor's I Will Survive on the car radio. Enduring a makeover which has him wearing a Prada suit, Alex and Max come across a service station robbery, stay in a yurt, attend a funfair, have a psychic reading and are rescued by the incredible contents of Max's bag of magic and so much more.

Brisby demonstrates her sure comic touches and wit in this lighthearted and breezy novel that captivates, the highlight of which is a pensioner, Max, who can dance and sing, whilst swinging her hips like a rock star to stunned audiences, with her scream of an alter ego character in Rebecca, and her endearing malapropisms. Despite her charismatic and extrovert nature, there is an inner vulnerability, and fear and here, Alex comes into his own, able to be there for Max when she most needs him, even if she didn't know it. The two protagonists are inspired creations, each locking onto the other, finding a surprise friendship and love, on a hilarious road trip. I cannot see many readers being able to resist either Max or Alex! Highly recommended. Many thanks to Hodder and Stoughton for an ARC.

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Unlikely Friendships....
A journey by car to Brussels changes some lives forever and creates unlikely friendship bonds that won’t be broken. A heartwarming, oft emotional, and engaging read with some deftly created characters and some gently amusing situations.

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PLOT - Maxine, a 90 year old woman with Alzheimer’s and Alex a 25nyear old heartbroken and depressed young man share a car ride to Brussels from France. Both are initially wary of the other but gradually a friendship is formed and their travel plans take and unexpected and an adventurous turn which changes both their lives forever.
• It’s an endearing story which will transform both the protagonist s lives and lead to self discovery and even healing!
• The best part is the hilarious and comical scenes and encounters. Maxine and her tote bag is a world in itself and more than once helps them get out of difficult situations. ( Maxine for her age has more fun than me)
• Both the characterization is SUPERB!! Polar ends of each other!
• A beautiful uplifting story of finding unexpected love and support when one looses all hope!
So if you are looking for a good, funny, feel good, life affirming books then look no further this book is for you!!

Thank you Netgalley, author and the publishers for this e-arc in exchange for my honest opinion.

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Fanciful, farcical, fun, and feel-good. The Car Share by Zoe Brisby is the whimsical, endearing story of the Max and Alex, two strangers at difficult times in their respective lives, who meet by chance thanks to a car share website. From wary first encounters to comical misunderstandings, Alex and Max manage to take a simple ride share encounter and make it a life changing and life affirming road trip that not only irrevocably bonds them but also teaches them both truths about themselves and each other. Maxine’s positivity and zest for new experiences is contagious. Alex not only finds the right roads along this trip—he finds himself. With deft humor and comedic situations the two lead characters take us on a journey of understanding and emotion. Of memory and experience, of empathy, of taking chances and making choices. Max’s malapropisms will make you smile and Alex’s slow emergence from his shell will too. A mismatched pair that find understanding and support in the most unexpected of places—each other.
This is a delightful read—warm, funny, endearing. Highly recommended!
4.5 stars

Thanks to Hodder & Stoughton and NetGalley for this ARC in exchange for my honest review of this book.

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Alex and Max both want to drive to Brussels, so they use an online carshare App to meet up, neither is what the other expects, there's much confusion from the beginning.
So starts an extraordinary couple of days on the road, during which they have adventures aplenty, whilst discovering who they really are.
Quirky, hilarious and very French!
Translated well although some of the humour is more French than English.
An enjoyable read, and a good laugh.
Thank you for the early read NetGalley and Hodder.

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This has got to be one of the most charming books with the most charming characters I will have read this year!

Alex is a young 20-something man who is going through a deep depression. He decides to take a trip to Brussels and try to find a way towards happiness and fulfillment. He makes a profile on a Car Share website to see if anyone else is heading to Brussels. Alex will drive, and wouldn’t mind the company...or the gas money.

Maxine is a (maybe 30,40,50, 60 years old) 90-year old woman with Alzheimer’s. She is living in a retirement home that she rather despises. It feels like a prison, and that doesn’t work for this old lady who acts way younger than her wise years. She decides to go to Brussels, where it is legal to get assistance to end one’s life. She wants the final curtain to fall on her terms, and checks the Car Share website for anyone making the trip to Brussels.

And THAT is how Alex and Maxine end up on the trip of a lifetime. Despite the sad themes that weave their way throughout the plot, this book is a full dose of FUN! Alex and Maxine are opposites in every possible way, but end up bonding while getting themselves into a whole lotta trouble. One humorous shenanigan after another keeps the pace brisk as we learn more about the two characters and their backgrounds.

I had a big smile on my face the whole time I read this, and felt deeply for the Alex and Maxine. Alex is an old soul, and Maxine is way more youthful than he could ever be...but also very wise. It was such a joy to see Maxine bring Alex out of his shell, and for Alex to be a shining light in Maxine’s eyes. Their friendship was hilarious, heartfelt, and legitimate.

One funny thing that runs throughout the book is Maxine’s purse...and how much stuff she has in there. Some of the items include: wet wipes, a corkscrew, feather duster, socks, a huge medicine box, an old brick Nokia phone, an emergency car beacon light, an alarm clock, hundreds of business cards, and some other surprises I don’t want to spoil. What’s even more amusing is how many of the items come in handy on their adventure.

The Car Share is everything The Road Trip by Beth O’Leary should have and could have been. In fact, this fits perfectly in the world of O’Leary’s books when I think about charming and lovable characters who will stay with me for a long time. This was written by French writer Zoe Brisby, and translated to English with ZERO clunk! I absolute loved the brilliant writing, and will be eager for more. Balancing a wild, fun, and uplifting ride with depth has got to be difficult, but Brisby handles it with aplomb.

One last thing: It will be very advantageous for you to read the author’s note at the end. You’re welcome in advance.

Thank you to Hodder & Stoughton and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review. This book is available now.

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Two disparate people take a road trip. When depressed twenty-five year old Alex advertises for a passenger to travel with him to Brussels, he thinks he's getting a man called Max. He certainly does not expect a lively ninety year old lady called Maxine who is going to a euthanasia clinic. As they both get to know each other on the journey, each of them resolves to help the other appreciate the good things in life. With Maxine's mixed up idioms and Alex's new zest for life, this makes for a read that is sometimes touching, sometimes hilarious, especially when they make the news headlines!

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This was the most entertaining book I have read in years! It is hilarious! I laughed out loud so much. More laughter came out of me reading this book than I have laughed in a year!

My heart was (and still is) so full of love for the characters that Zoe Brisby created in this book. I am drawn to stories with a character of the older population, so I was attracted to this book from the summary. Little did I know how much it would lift my spirits.

Along with the many humorous scenes, there is a lot of wisdom. Cherish every day. Support those you love and strive to help them in any way you can. Focus on the positive.

Definitely do yourself a favor and check out this book!

I want to thank NetGalley and Hodder & Stoughton for giving me the immense pleasure of reading the advance reader copy, with no obligation to write a review. My review is written freely as a hobby, and is totally my own opinion, not influenced by receiving the ARC. I also purchased the ebook since I loved this story so much!

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I really enjoyed this! If you are looking for a fun, quirky, charming read, look no further! Alex is a young man struggling with depression and Maxine is a very young woman stuck in a 90 year old’s body and dealing with Alzheimer's. Alex and Maxine both want to go to Brussels for their own personal reasons and this story follows them on their way there. Will one carpool be enough for them to change each other's lives for the better?

This book has really fun characters and even though it deals with some difficult issues, it stays light and inspirational and really shows you that being kind can really make a big difference to someone in a dark place.

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I honestly believe this book should be on everyone's shelf as it tackles issues that we all should talk about it! It tackles the beauty of resilience, new friendships, and belief. I highly recommend this book to anyone in need of a good boo. The plot is awesome, character development is awesome and I look forward to more books by Zoe. Huge thanks to the publisher for my ARC

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Well, that was a delightful read!
The Car Share is a funny, poignant tale about a young man who suffers from depression, and his journey to find a travel buddy, for a long road trip to Brussels. He accepts a request from a Max and only finds out, upon picking her up, that Max is a nonagenarian, actually called Maxine, hoping to go on her own last journey, before signing into a Euthanasia clinic, ending her life with dignity, before Alzheimer's takes her life away.
Through the story that mainly unfolds over a couple of days, the unlikely couple ends up in several pickles, as well as getting themselves caught up in a kidnapping case, so find themselves as fugitives.
So much madcap fun, as well as some wonderfully touching moments within the story.
The only reason I can't give it 5 stars is that there was a lot of POV hopping within chapters which confused me a little.
Many Thanks to NetGalley and Hoder & Stoughton for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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Just what I needed to read, a funny book, light-hearted, feel-good but with a serious message about human behaviour running throughout the book. Maxine is an elderly lady, with a past, who has decided to take her destiny into her own hands, Alex a young man, despondant after rejection. Both set off for Brussels in an elderly car and gain something from the interaction with each other. The humour was Ok, the underlying messages about the assumptions about age, ones parents etc were brilliant. Amazing that so much can happen within a couple of days and that such close relationships can be established , but the book does not seem at all far fetched .
I am still rooting for both Alex and Maxine now I have finished the book. I read that it was originally published in French . Some of the translation in English reads as if it is written by a non-native speaker. For me, this added to the charm
Thank you to Net Galley for the ARC in exchange for an honest review

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Good. Interesting characters and concept. Shows how sometimes the most opposite of people can get along and share something beautiful.

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Thanks to netgalley for the chance to read this book.

My first book by Zoe and I really enjoyed it.

When depressed Alex puts an advert on the internet for a car share for a trip to Brussels he matches up with Max. Little does he know that Max is actually Maxine and is a ninety something year old lady wanting to travel to Brussels to attend a clinic to end her life. When he picks he up from outside a residential home he doesn’t realise she has left the home without telling anyone and a police search is on to find her, thinking she has been kidnapped. Will Alex convince Max not to go through with her plans and will Max rescue Alex from his depression. A beautiful story about friendship with lots of laughs.

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What a fantastically joyful book! I laughed throughout, had the occasional lump in my throat, had a few late nights as I couldn't bare to put it down!
It was MUCH better than I anticipated.
This will go on my highly recommended for an uplifting book list!

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This was a completely delightful novel; heartwarming, soul cleansing, incredibly funny and very touching. Ninety-something Maxine has had enough of life in her care home and fearing she has Alzheimer's, she has decided to take a final trip to Brussels. Alex, a depressed and despondent student, advertises a car share to Brussels and, after some initial confusion, Maxine becomes his travel companion. Their subsequent road-trip becomes a caper through suspected kidnapping and robbery as a beautiful relationship develops between them. Maxine is determined to fix Alex and Alex is set on stopping Maxine's journey being her last one.

The characters are beautifully drawn. Feisty Maxine with her youthful take on life and nervous Alex who lacks confidence and is scared of life. The dialogue between them is witty, laugh out loud and very clever. Their personalities really shone through.

In summary, this is a lovely, uplifting read. Do read the author's note at the end of the book.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Hodder and Stoughton for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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The car share
By Zoe Brisby
Pub Date mar 25 2021
This book made me smile it’s a emotional read. This book is about Alex who is 25 and Maxine who is 90 something and they both share a car on a trip to Brussels. Alex is suffering from depression and Maxine tries to talk and support him they bond great together and try to help each other out in the end. They had great friendship through the book. This is a great book through to characters helping each other out. I smile with some of the conversation they had with each this is a funny book even though it deal with depression I love this book.

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What a lovely story, the friendship between the two main characters grew in a lovely way, they were very well written and I was glad to see that the "older" person was a bright and bubbly, they complimented each other perfectly. The story had me laughing, crying and everything in-between. The only thing I didnt pick up on was that it is set in France, I assumed it was set in the UK and I thought I had missed the channel crossing (LOL) when they were talking about the French countryside.

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Alex and 90 year old Maxine share a car journey to Brussels. He is trying to escape a broken heart, she is on her way to a euthanasia clinic. Both depressed for different reasons, will the carshare help them? Funny and compelling reading, I really enjoyed the book.

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The Car share by Zoe Brisby is an emotional, uplifting read.
Twenty-five-year-old Alex recently diagnosed with depression decides to take a trip to Brussels and advertises someone to car share to split the costs. Maxine accepts so when Alex goes to meet her, he thinks he is meeting a young girl. Only to meet ninety something Maxine who is suffering from Alzheimer’s, on her way to Brussels to end her life.
Although the pair are of different ages, they seem to compliment each other. Maxine an eccentric woman but young at heart seem to believe in Alex who suffers from depression. They both go on a life affirming journey that will change their lives together.
I thank Hodder and Stoughton for ARC of this book. This was a heart-warming, hilarious story that I couldn’t put down and I loved ever minute of it. 5 stars from me.

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This humorous, heartfelt book was just what I needed as a light refreshing story.
It also took me back to my favorite movie when I was younger - Harold and Maude. Here again, we have an unlikely duo of a very old woman, looking to end her life and a young man, suffering from depression. She takes him on as her project. “Sometimes fate was a funny thing: putting someone in your path who needed saving while you yourself were doomed.”
The characters are enjoyable. I even had a real fondness for Marty, who spells out emojis rather than using them. And Max is a piece of work, with her interesting use of language.
The plot is fairly predictable, the only mystery being whether Max will go through with her plan. Having said that, I enjoyed this book and appreciated the sweet messages imparted.
My thanks to NetGalley and Hodden & Stoughton for an advance copy of this book.

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When Alex, a depressed young man, shunned by the girl he's secretly obsessed with, decides to drive across France to Brussels, he advertises for someone to share the cost of the trip on a ride share site. When he arrives to collect Max, his passenger for the trip he doesn't expect to see Maxine, a woman in her 90s with early symptoms of Alzheimers. However, as Maxine will tell him she's really much younger than that, a young person locked in an old person's body. She has her own reasons for going to Brussels and is excited to have escaped from the prison like retirement village she lives in. After she decides he is not the drug addled man he appears to be, Maxine is determined to shake Alex out of his depression and make him see the possibilities life has to offer. And what fun they have on the trip! They fit more unusual experiences into their time together than Alex has experienced in his whole life so far, and he in turn is able to help Maxine find what she most yearns for

Zoe Brisby has written a delightfully quirky and laugh filled road trip by two seemingly mismatched people. Maxine has a handbag that is the size of the Tardis inside and is able to produce pretty much any item needed at any time. She also has a collection of slightly incorrect metaphors which are hilarious. But it's Maxine's wild and free spirit that steals the show and reassures us we are never too old to look for new experiences and take all that life has to offer.

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Thank you for the opportunity to read 'THe Car Share' by Zoe Brisby.

I thought this was a delightful book and enjoyed reading it very much. While it was funny at times, it was also very poignant and the relationship between the troubled Alex and the eccentric Max was beautiful. I would love to have met both of them. I will be contacting Zoe Brisby, as she suggested, for the follow-up chapter! I'll look forward to reading more of her work.

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Thank you to netgalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read this book. WOW this book had me laughing out loud from the first chapter. Characters that I instantly fell in love with a storyline so far fetched it’s believable. I loved this book it’s one of those books that lifts your spirits when your having a bad day. This book has me wanting more from Alex & Maxine. She was such a breath of fresh air, really good sense of humour. Brilliant book. 5 stars and more.

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Gosh this book has taken me ages to read, and I have no idea why, oh but what fun it was!!
Maxine and Alex were perfect for each other on their 'car share' but what escapades they went on!! Just shows you, no matter how or what you are feeling or what age you are, you can have fun, but also help each other with your past experiences, even if one of you is suffering with depression, and the other, well, let's just say has 'Alzheimers'!!
I've had quite an adventure with this book, let alone the characters in it!!

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This book was bonkers in all the best ways...I am totally here for it as it was just the thing I needed, it was light and humorous with a message of hope. As far as the writing, its quick witted and a little corny at times...which I enjoyed. The cover of the book is soooo cute too, I can't get enough of those colourful cartoon covers.

I so adored Maxine and her attitude towards life and refusing to grow old. She has such spunk and I can only hope I get to be that old and stay that feisty. I loved the music that Max and Alex enjoyed in common and while reading I had the tunes going through my head. I lost my hearing a couple decades ago and the old stuff is all I know, so that was a pleasant surprise for me too.

Overall this is a feel good read with a satisfying ending that ties things up with a neat bow. If you like quirky characters, witty writing and reading about characters that get themselves into silly situations it's worth a read. It's a book you don't need to take too seriously, just sit back and enjoy the ride.

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When 20 something Alex gives a ride share to 90 something Maxine, they don’t expect to like one another or have a connection. However Maxine quickly decides she wants to help Alex with his depression and Alex finds a tender spot for Maxine. This was a sweet and funny story about life. I enjoyed Maxine’s spirit and Alex’s heart and the connection between the two, as well as seeing what mischief the two would get into next on their journey to Brussels.

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Harold and Maude Meet 2021
This novel reminded me more than a little of the 1971 cult classic film, 'Harold and Maude'. We have a lovely young man in his 20's put together with a 90-something woman on a road trip. He is clinically depressed and she wants to go to Brussels to be euthanized. The story goes from deep discussion to situational humor and back for the entire trip. It gets deep and philosophical and then goes to almost slap-stick humor. And it works! It is an entertaining book that has the one on death's door teaching the younger one how to live the great life he has before him. And the young man needing her tutelage gives her a reason to live, at least for now. The book is well worth reading, but I needed to stretch it out over several days. I received this ARC book for free from Net Galley and this is my honest review.

Was this review helpful?

Alex, a young man battling depression, decides to take a weekend trip to Brussels. To help with the cost of gas, he puts up a notice on a car share. He meets Maxine, a 90-year old woman, who has an important appointment in Brussels. As they drive, they each share bits of their lives. Can they help each other?

This book was charming, funny, and heart-warming! It is perfect for fans of Harold and Maude! The author was brave in writing a book with such an experienced character. It served as a gentle reminder of all of the benefits that our most learned citizens can offer, the history and life lessons that they can share, not to judge a book by its cover, that we are all only as old as we feel.

This book also contains a hidden secret - there is another chapter written 5 years after the end of this book. If you want to check in with these characters, you can email the author for a copy of the secret chapter. How cool is that!

*Thank you, NetGalley, for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for my fair and honest opinion.

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A ninety year old lady with Alzheimers, also one with decided views and opinions and a mild young man whose heart is broken go on a trip to Brussels, sharing a journey which is rife with so many ups and downs, quirky incidents and eccentricities which add to the story.

The book combines Maxine (Max) who is a thirty year old in an older body. Confident, sassy and bold she is going to Brussels to be euthanized. All this without informing the Retirement Home where she was resident. Alex is escaping the humiliation of a rejection and finds in Maxine a fascinating character who in turn attracts him (for her confidence and sass) and frightens him when he becomes a wanted character for abduction and kidnapping!

The book is charming (for Maxine's malapropisms) her way of handling situations and Alex's manner of a sort of "follow the leader".

Was this review helpful?

Sometimes you meet characters within books that you simply feel sad saying goodbye to.

I absolutely adored meeting Maxine and Alex and sharing their road trip to Brussels. It was full of laughs, reflection, going on the run, making memories and friendship.

A fun portrayal of the power of an unlikely friendship and the impact of strangers on life choices.

My only tiny criticism is that I would have liked more of Alex’s backstory.

Was this review helpful?

I needed an uplifting read, and a freind recommended this book to me. The title reminded me of my husband's Uber experiences,the stories he was told during his rides.
What a humorous positive learning experience we share with 25 yr old Alex and unknown age Maxine.. Alex is an only child and raised in deprived loving nurtured home. Money was there, he even went to college to learn law. SOmehow, he is lacking more in his life. His dr. diagnoses him as a depression going on and to take a few days off and enjoy life for awhile.
He runs a carpool service and needs to find a match to take the ride with him from France to Brussels.
Here he is going to seek the girl who broke his heart because he heard she may be living there.
Physically,Maxine is a 90 year old senior who runs away from her living in a caged retirement home.
Yet,Maxine is wiser and younger than her years.
Maxine,living with Alzheimers , because in Brussels it is legal to end life there.
This road trip turns into a hilarious and emotional car ride. WHat they both don't expect is the retirement home has them as fugitves on the run, Alex as the kidnapper and poor Maxine as the hostage.
The newscast aired on varyiing tvs where they go eat ,has Alex in fear.Now not only does he have to cope with his depression but how to survive in a jail cell.
Thiese announcements during their road trip is a story in itself, how rumors unfold and stretch out the truth of their travels together.
We learn their fears,truths,strengths and weaknesses.
They find a bonding freindship to hold their strengths, weaknesses,fears and joys together.
I held my breath,and gasps in ending chapters.What a surprising outcome and sadness and smiles.
I want to thank Netgally and Hodder & Stoughton for this ARC.

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A lightly amusing book about Max and Alex, lots of emotion to go through and you can see how their friendship was forged.

Was this review helpful?

A wonderfully uplifting, charming, and heartfelt story

Alex, a twenty five year old male, is slowly filling out an online form looking for someone to car share a ride to Brussels as this story begins, his hesitation at each question shows his insecurities and indecisiveness, especially as he is recently diagnosed with depression. The doctor had told him he needed to ’see a therapist, take long walks,’prescribing him antidepressants. He decides to go to Brussels, hoping to find a girl he’d known in Year Five.

Max, Maxine, a ninety year old woman living in a Alzheimer’s care facility replies to Alex’s car share ad, thinking that Alex is short for Alexandra. When Alex arrives Max is standing near where he pulls up, but it takes a while before they realize that they are waiting for each other. What Alex isn’t aware of is why Max wants to go to Brussels, she has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and doesn’t want to spend the rest of her life slowly slipping away. She’s made an appointment to make sure that she doesn’t spend her last good days that way.

’At a certain age, we live more with memories than with the living; friendly shadows inviting us to join them.’

As the drive proceeds, Max’s departure from her care facility eventually comes to the attention of the faculty. Alex is unaware that Max left without ‘permission.’ When someone who had seen her get in his car describes him in an extremely unflattering light, news of her disappearance makes the news, and their innocent drive soon becomes an adventure neither was expecting. Max is quite the character, and I loved the yin and yang of this relationship as their time together brings Alex a bit out of his shell, as Max pushes him to figure out what he really wants for his life. They eventually find their drive fraught with both tension and a growing admiration and love. Maxine also comes a little bit out of her shell, sharing her story more fully as the story progresses.

I doubt I am alone in wanting a brief moment of something lighter, something that offered a brief respite after more this year plus that I’m sure we can agree has been difficult, at best. This was what I was looking for, and more. I hope this is made into a film starring Betty White as Max, something we can see in an actual movie theatre when this is all over.

Published: 25 Mar 2021

Many thanks for the ARC provided by Hodder and Stoughton
#TheCarShare #NetGalley

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What happens when a ninety year old (just barely, more like 50 if you ask her) with Alzheimer's and a 26 year old young man battling depression get together for a car share to Brussels?

An unforgettable madcap adventure with characters you grow to love.

I swear my heart swelled up while reading this. Maxine, you are everything I want to be in life. Oh, how I laughed. I giggled every time she pulled an item for her endless handbag. Alarm clock, shoe horn, taser - you name it and she's got it.

I adored watching her relationship with Alex evolve and grow. I enjoyed watching Maxine transform this young man from near debilitating anxiety to learning how to let loose a little.

We are only one this earth for a short time so stop regretting the past and worrying over the future. Both are out of our control. It's time to live fully in the present. I really love the message Brisby was sending us readers. If you are looking for something to warm your heart and tickle your funny bone then look no further as this is the book for you! Highly recommend. 4 stars!

Thank you to NetGalley and Hodder & Stoughton for my copy!

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The Car Share by Zoe Brisby

This was an absolutely brilliant book. I loved the characters and the witty premise.
The car journey, undertaken by the unlikely pairing of Alex, a young man and Maxine, a much older woman, was totally believable as they share what turns out to be an exciting rollercoaster of events and emotions. With never a dull moment, the author combines warmth and humour to tackle a difficult subject. As the book hurtles along to what appears to be a sad and final conclusion, a sharp twist brings it to a perfect and uplifting ending. Congratulations to Zoe Brisby for creating such a exhilarating and satisfying read. I look forward to her next book. Highly recommended.
Thanks to Netgalley and to Hodder & Stoughton for letting me see an advance copy.

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This laugh out loud book, follows the adventures of an elderly lady Maxine and young but depressed Alex on their adventures when they are thrown together on a car share site, both heading for Brussels. A funny yet moving story of how two incredibly different people, can help each other to enjoy life once more.

Was this review helpful?

Everyone knows the old saying - life is a journey, not a destination. That’s certainly true in Zoe Brisby’s uplifting novel, The Car Share.

Doesn’t the setup sound like the book would be bit of a downer? A 20-something man with depression (Alex) and a 90-something woman with early signs of dementia (Maxine) sign up via an online car-sharing service to travel together from France to Belgium. Well, it’s not a downer at all. In fact, the word that continually sprang to mind while I was reading it was “romp.” Romp (noun): a high-spirited, carefree, and boisterous play.

Other apt descriptors would be madcap, zany, and over-the-top. The Car Share may actually be one of the least subtle stories I’ve read in awhile. As the characters make their way through France, their various stops include a Pretty Woman-esque shopping trip, a holdup, and a trust fall exercise gone awry.

The novel is translated from French, which made Maxine’s frequent malapropisms interesting. It took me a few chapters to realize that the numerous misused words were Maxine’s errors and not the translators.

The end of the book includes Maxine and Alex’s Playlist, and the songs really help convey the overall vibe: Aretha Franklin’s “Respect,” Roy Orbison’s “Pretty Woman,” and Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive” are just a few. There’s also an Author’s Note with a little Easter egg for those who wish to find it.

My thanks go to Zoe Brisby and Hodder & Stoughton for providing me with a gifted copy to review via NetGalley. The Car Share is now available.

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What a delight! When I first started reading I thought it might be a sad story. A young man with depression is looking for someone to share a car share with him. Who signs up? An old lady who has been spending her recent years in a nursing home. What ensues is a beautiful and hilarious story of two people helping each other through their issues. It was tons of fun, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a heartwarming and funny tale.

Thank you to NetGalley, Zoe Brisby, and Hodder & Stoughton for allowing me to read and review this book.

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Another fabulous, easy to read book that I enjoyed from start to finish!
At times this book had me literally laughing out loud and smiling like a Cheshire cat, because I loved the relationship and humour between the 2 main characters. I adore older people so this road trip sounded like great fun!
Great book, that I would definitely recommend :)

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This is such a gem of a book. It is amusing, heartwarming and entertaining. It is very easy to read and well written. It is translated from French, and sometimes things can get lost in translation, and not make as much sense as they would in the original language. This was translated very well. The protagonist Maxine often uses proverbs, this is the type of of wording that often does not translate very easily,but they did translate well in this book.
There are themes of depression, old age and Euthanasia in this book, but they are dealt with sympathetically and with understanding.
I liked the characters of Alex and Maxine, they worked well together. Maxine was eccentric, unique and delightful.
The plot took place over a couple of days, with Alex and Maxine's car journey. There was a lot that happened over the few days though, to fill the book. The pace was steady, and easy to read.
I was eager to find out the outcome of the journey. I wanted them to have a happy ending, but what exactly this would entail changed throughout the story.
I really enjoyed reading this book. thank you to Netgalley and the Publisher for my review copy of this book.

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The story begins with Alex who advertises for a car share from Paris to Brussels and ends up with Maxine as his travel buddy. Alex is going to Brussels to find an old friend and Maxine is going to end things with someone before Alzheimer’s prevents her from doing so.

This book was totally a laugh a minute as the journey goes from chaos to chaos! Alex and Maxine are total opposites in every possible sense but the ride brings them both together in a beautiful, yet hilarious manner.They become each others therapy sessions and help each other to grow as the novel progresses.

Overall, this is such a light hearted read which I would definitely recommend!

Was this review helpful?

The car share is an excellent read for any age group, i really enjoyed the book and will read others from Zoe Brisby as she really draws you into the story.
This book has sections that will make you laugh out loud and friendships can come from anyone and anywhere when you least expect it.
The story ends perfectly - I do not want to spoil it by revealing too much but it’s definitely a book that’s a joy to read

Was this review helpful?

Maxine, a nonagenarian escapes from the retirement home to go to Brussels and meets Alex, a heartbroken and depressed guy on a car-sharing website and they go an adventurous journey to Brussels.

Their first encounter itself is so damn funny. Max is determined to change Alex's perspective towards life and bring him out of depression. Whether she will succeed in her mission and Why did Max escape from the retirement home is something you will get to know only if you read the book.

What a humourous, adventurous and fun-filled story this was. I absolutely loved Maxine and Alex's relation. Max is a grandmother that everyone needs to make their life fun and happening. She is so lively and optimistic about everything that makes the readers love her character more.

I loved how Max jumbles up the expressions and is so proud of it. And their adventurous journey with her tote bag which has all essentials that help in any kind of situation, Alex's overthinking habit about everything, Max's knowledge of Crime shows and people which puts Alex in an embarrassing situation every time makes it so hilarious that you can't stop reading it and can't help but laugh out loud throughout the story. I just loved everything about Max.

If you love lighthearted, crazy, humourous stories then this book is highly recommended.

Thanks Netgalley and author Zoe Brisby for the amazing book in exchange for an honest review.

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Move over Fern and Wally … Eleanor and Raymond .... Weylyn and Mary … Nina and Tom. Don’t be jealous - I still love you all, but there’s a new delightful duo rocking my world:

Alex and Maxine.

Now hold on, don’t get the wrong idea. These two aren’t a couple - that would be icky: Alex is a down-in-the-dumps 25-year-old young man and Maxine is an energetic, whipsmart 90-year-old woman with the best purse of goodies ever who meet through an app called to rideshare on a trip to Brussels, but in every way that’s important, they stole my heart and put a smile on my face as I watched them bond in friendship over their two days of adventure.

I don’t want to rehash the whole plot since SO many of us have reviewed this book, but the short story is that Alex is deeply depressed and using his trip to Brussels to heal a broken heart and Maxine is a retirement home runaway convinced she has Alzheimer’s and traveling to Brussels to end her life on her own terms. What neither of this unlikely pair expect is how quickly and deeply they’ll come to value each other, and how their newfound friendship will impact their futures.

The madcap, crazy situations and adventures these two find themselves in over two days - and they are doozies - are in turns hilariously comical and sweetly melancholy, with an equal measure of laugh-out-loud moments and moments where I felt genuine tenderness and concern for them. They’re both hurting in their own ways from past and present circumstances, but as they bicker and bond through good times and bad, I felt so invested in how things would play out for both of them. I wasn’t ready for their story to end!

Here’s the good news: There’s a bonus chapter you can email author Zoe Brisby for! I just read it and it was PERFECT. I’m not sure if that chapter will be included when the book is published, but those of you who get the ARC should definitely request it.

If you want a story that warms your heart and proves that age is just a number and family is who you choose, this is just the gem of a book you need!

★★★★★ ❤️
Thanks to NetGalley, Hodder & Stoughton, Hodder Paperbacks, and author Zoe Brisby for this ARC in exchange for my honest review. This will be published June 3, 2021

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“As you get older, I think the most difficult thing to accept is that there are no more prospects. There are no more big projects, no more goals to attain, no more dreams. The only goal is to delay the inevitable as long as possible and to do it with as much grace as possible.”

The Car Share is the second novel by French art historian and author, Zoe Brisby. It is translated from French by Kelly Lardin. Heartbroken and depressed when his crush fails to even notice him, Alex decides to travel to Brussels, perhaps to look up an old school friend, or perhaps just to get away. The Car Share app looks like a good way to share costs and not drive alone, but when he arrives at the address, he wonders if he’s been pranked: it’s a retirement home.

Max has to get to Brussels for her final life project, and luckily, there’s someone on Car Share going that way. The person that turns up, though, is nothing like she’d expected. Alex is not Alexandra, as she had imagined, and looks, frankly, like a drug addict. To be fair, he was expecting a Max, not a Maxine, but after the initial confusion, both decide to give it a try.

Tentative exploratory questions from each of them gradually reveal Alex’s depression and its recent trigger, and Maxine’s destination: a euthanasia clinic. Max has (self-diagnosed) Alzheimer’s and, having seen its progress in her late husband, is determined to be in control of her final days.

Soon enough, each is wanting to help the other: Maxine decides her final good deed can be to lift Alex out of his depression, give him some zest for life; Alex is determined to make Max see that life is still worth living, reason enough to cancel her clinic appointment.

Their trip to Brussels turns out to be far from sedate: a Prada shopping trip, pub karaoke, a petrol station attempted robbery, a yurt hotel, fun fair dodgem cars, takeaway in a traffic jam, and a fortune teller, all while the pair are the subject of a media beat up in which the story of a supposed kidnapping gets more outrageous with every bulletin.

Brisby does give her characters some wise words and insightful observations, but this is a sit com with plenty of laugh-out-loud moments, some of which border on slap-stick. There are conversations at crossed purposes, some hilarious inner monologues and some of Maxine’s efforts to cheer Alex up are priceless.

The contents of her capacious handbag, which include a thick wad of cash, are a great source of humour, as are her roommate’s longhand test emojis and her many mangled expressions: “You are bravely mistaken!”, “You must steep things in perspective.”, “I feel like I’m casting pearls before wine.”, “like two thieves in a pod.”, “it’ll go like dock work.”, “Get off your seahorse.”, “like it or rot.” And many more.

And this: “Putting it on silent means it doesn’t ring, is that right? Can you do that?”
“Of course, your mobile will do anything you tell it to do.”
The old lady looked suspiciously at the mobile and brought it to her mouth. “SILENCE!” she shouted at the screen.

A bonus chapter available by signing up to the author’s newsletter provides an epilogue that nicely rounds off the story. A delightful, totally fun read.
This unbiased review is from an uncorrected proof copy provided by NetGalley and Hodder and Stoughton.

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An unusual book, but delightful, witty and emotional in equal measures. There is a light hearted tale of two people sharing a journey, but I think a lot of people will find deeper meaning and wisdom in this book

Was this review helpful?

A road trip that delivers all the feels.

Alex is a twenty-five-year-old man, heartbroken and depressed, he is on his way to Brussels looking to heal his heart.

He fills out a car share form just looking for someone to share the journey with that won’t annoy or worse, end up killing him.

Max is in her nineties. She is feisty (that’s probably how she has made it this long). She feels her time is limited as she knows she has Alzheimer’s and wants to leave this world on her own terms. She has an appointment at a clinic in Brussels. Max fills out her application for a car share too.

As you guessed Max and Alex are paired up for the journey of their lives!

Both are shocked when they finally meet.

Max thinks that Alex is into drugs but maybe she can still help him straighten up before they reach Brussels.

And Alex was expecting a man, not a little old lady running away from life.

Together their journey begins….

And I felt privileged to be along for the ride.

I instantly fell in love with both of these characters. Each displayed their own quirky personalities. The way they played off each other was priceless. Both wanting to save the other before they reach their destination.

Maxine truly stole the show. I loved how she mixed up popular expressions without realizing it (my mom used to do the same thing💝).

And her bag that carried everything but the kitchen sink. Who knows…maybe if she dug a bit deeper she would have found that too!😂

This book touched my heart. I was laughing…I was crying… sometimes both at once!

I absolutely loved everything about this book and never wanted it to end. I highly recommend!

A buddy read with Susanne

Thank you to NetGalley and Hodder & Stoughton for an ARC to read and review.

Was this review helpful?

Thoroughly enjoyed this book, with its crossed wires, ballsy behaviour and social awkwardness. Maxine was a joy with her malapropisms (using the wrong worms). I wanted to give Alex a massive hug. Both character's behaviour have made me think about my own and how I can get more enjoyment from life.

Was this review helpful?

If you need an escape from your everyday life and worries, please join Alex and Maxine on their road trip. You will definitely have many laughs and also shed a few tears.

Alex needs to get away, so he decides to drive to Brussels. He advertises for a companion to share the cost. He has just been diagnosed with depression. He asks the doctor: "Is it serious?" and the doctor says," Everyone is depressed these days." Ain't that the truth.
Max (Maxine) replies to Alex's ad. She lives in a retirement home and has her own reasons for wanting to go to Brussels.
Both are surprised at who their companion will be during this trip. The bond that develops between the two of them is priceless. Definitely a book that had me smiling frequently.

This is a life affirming book. Maxine, whose zest for living is abundant, is trying to make Alex see that a person has to make the most of each and every day. Life is a gift that can't be taken for granted.

This is a quick, light read that will inspire you to look on the bright side and just live the best life you can.

Was this review helpful?

Maxine is a resident in a Parisian care home who decides to go to Belgium so that she can be in control of her own demise as she thinks she has Alzheimer’s. Alex is a deeply depressed young law student who advertises for someone to share his car journey to Brussels; he is expecting a young man called Max but gets a lot more than he bargained for.
The unlikely friendship that develops between these two very different characters forms the basis of this charming and witty tale. I love a road trip theme in a book or film and this does not disappoint. Maxine and Alex are both on the run from the lives they currently find themselves living. Over the space of a few days, Maxine helps Alex much more than his emotionally unsupportive parents have ever done; she is like the grandmother he never had. And Alex is determined to make Maxine see that she has so much living still to do.
The Car Share is translated from the French though it is not obvious when you are reading it. It deals with some serious subjects, such as depression and our attitude to the elderly, but they are woven into the story and dealt with in a sensitive way. There are numerous music and film references to spot, and every woman surely needs a handbag like Maxine’s.
The characters of Maxine and Alex are well drawn and believable, the mood veers between really sad and very funny, and I can see it being perfect material for a film script. The overriding message is that life is short, and age is just a number, so make the most of every day while you can. If you are curious as to what happened next, at the end of the book is a link to a bonus chapter set five years after the events of The Car Share. I really enjoyed this uplifting story and look forward to reading more by this author in the future. Thanks to Hodder and NetGalley for a digital copy to review.

Was this review helpful?

The Car Share follows the journey of Maxine and Alex, both of whom are headed to Brussels and find themselves as unlikely travelling companions. They are two strangers, two very unlikely travelling companions both with a purpose, both choosing to carpool but for very different reasons. One wanting to end it all whilst they still could make the decision for themselves and one running from the embarrassment of unrequited love. From the get go I loved their interactions, blunt talking and gentle humour. Max aka Maxine, a 90 year old lady with the vigour of a 20 year old continually gives her driver and travelling companion Alex the what for - he really does wonder what he’s let himself in for. I found myself sitting smiling as I read, my grin getting bigger and bigger. I could tell this book was going to be full of fun and I came to expect the unexpected - it was perfect reading for the sunny Easter Sunday afternoon where i had curled up on the sofa with my kindle.

The Car Share turned out to be an absolute tonic of a book, there are serious undertones but the humour is infectious, I choked laughing on more occasions than i could count. Alex and Max - aka Thelma and Louise as i dubbed them were hilarious - I don’t know who I loved more. Their verbal interactions and inner conversations were a joy to read.

The ripple effect of Alex and Max’s journey together is felt far and wide. With stereotypical descriptions of “themselves, character and situation” bandied about and distorted out of context and reality. I loved the direct observations - delivered frankly and without thought, the laugh out loud turns of phrase and out there characteristics of a person who has settled into, and is comfortable in their self. A totally uplifting, fun, at times hysterical, and at others somber read.

I’m glad I suspended belief and went going along for the ride, feeling part of the numerous, hilarious encounters, the heartfelt memories shared and the sad reality of why they were each taking the journey. And boy it was one hell of a ride, bumpy, filled with nostalgia and the unexpected. Alex and Max proved to be Yin and Yang to each other, bonding without realising and as a reader I came to expect the unexpected from them, particularly from Max.

Their closeness and exhilaration inspired by the journey was infectious, the simplicity of experiences shared bonding them and me together, sitting on the periphery of their life was heart warming - it really was such a wonderful book to read that totally hit the spot - feel good, uplifting and just simply delightful.

Was this review helpful?

Alex makes plans to visit Brussels to get away from his depressing life. At the same time, Max (Maxine) decides to leave her prison-like retirement home and travel to Brussels since she believes she has Alzheimer’s and wants to end her life on her own terms.

The story starts out with so many misperceptions between the two, it’s almost a slapstick-style comedy. Alex, in his twenties and in college and Max who’s in her 90s, aren’t quite sure what to think of each other. As Max and Alex learn more about other during the long drive, they start to trust and share various parts of their lives. They both become so attached to each other and want to help with their various concerns and issues.

They have various adventures on their travels and each scene is laugh-out-loud funny. I would love to travel with Max with her optimistic attitude and her joy at the smallest things.

Every time Max rummages through her purse, I’m just amazed at what she pulls out but it’s always what’s needed at that time. The way she messes up various well-known sayings, is just so hilarious. Alex finds himself correcting her and explaining and finally just shrugs and lets her say what she wants. I found myself highlighting each one, laughing again and again.

As you learn throughout the story, Alex has one of the worst set of parents ever who are unsupportive and indifferent. They don’t have time to attend his school events, they want him to stay quiet and not cause any upheavals. They’ve made him feel that he can’t do anything right and his depression is overwhelming. The way they react to the over-the-top news reports causes Alex more heartbreak.

Max gives Alex courage and confidence and changes his life in so many ways and Alex provides her with an unbelievable gift.

Make sure to read all the way to the end to access a bonus chapter which I loved!

Thanks to the author, publisher and Netgalley for the opportunity to read this charming story.

Was this review helpful?

Oh my days - how I love this book. It’s witty, funny and charming. I found myself laughing out loud several times.
And I defy anyone not to fall in love with Maxine.
This is the story of 25 year old depressive Alex who after having his heartbroken decides to go to Belgium so he advertises online for someone to share his journey with him, only the man he is expecting to pick up - Max - turns out to be a 90 year old woman running away from her care home with her own agenda.
What follows is much hilarity and the unlikeliest of friendships formed when this formidable amazing woman helps Alex see the error of his ways and turns his life upside down.
A truly brilliant book, which I can’t praise enough.

Was this review helpful?

A story about a road trip with two characters, Alex a guy in his 20’s suffering from depression and Maxine a woman in her 90’s with Alzheimer’s.

On their way to Brussels, these two strangers who have never met but are car sharing, have quite the experience as they travel together.

The story is endearing and told wonderfully where you feel the characters emotions and feel part of their journey.

Alex is super likeable with his awkwardness and anxiety and Maxine is basically a super hero who has lived many lives.

A lovely read that has you feeling all emotions from sadness to laughter and the ending just makes you smile and feel all levels of warmth and comfort. I highly recommend!

Was this review helpful?

A road trip with a depressed young man and 90 year old woman with Alzheimer’s doesn’t sound great but it was so much better than you’d expect. Funny at times but also some poignant moments. I really enjoyed it and was sad when I got to the end. I wanted it to go on and on.

Was this review helpful?

i am so glad i got to read this book early, thanks so much to netgalley and their amazing website!!!! this was such a fun and pure book. it was awesome and i suggest you grab it today!!

Was this review helpful?

I loved this book. A really uplifting story. The characters are great- so well written. I would highly recommend this book.

Was this review helpful?

Thank you Netgalley and Hodder Books for the ARC. I absolutely adored this book. It is the perfect feel-good read mixed with dark humor, suspense, and wisdom that I feel everyone can take lessons from.

‘The Car Share’ follows a 90-year-old spunky, eccentric woman and a heartbroken, depressed 25-year-old man who through an online car share service are traveling together to ride to Brussels. They each have their own reasons for their travels but this matchup ends up turning into an unexpected adventure and the start of a beautiful friendship that will change their lives forever.

This story at its core is about rediscovering the joy of life and how no matter how old you are, there is always more life to live and dreams to be had. Maxine and Alex’s friendship was so fun to read and see evolve. I loved their dark humor and Maxine’s eccentric and sometimes strange yet heartwarming personality. I don’t want to give away their reasons for travels because I didn’t know beforehand and I appreciated the added suspense to see how their journey ends. It was a great surprise with plot twists I did not predict but was happy at the end.

Alex sees everything in black and white and is worried and doubtful about the future. Maxine is filled with joy, youth, and wisdom, some she stole from Kung Fu Panda or the Dalai Lama. As well as a problem with expressions like saying “You sound like you have a dog in your throat” or “You must steep things in perspective”.

These two make a unique yet charming pair that fights, forms a deep connection and understanding and love for each other while pushing each other to see their life beyond their own restrictions. I learned some life lessons from them both and had many laughs.

One of my favorite quotes from Maxine was “Let the normal people do their own thing! They’re boring! Stop thinking that others have it better than you; you don’t know anything about it”. We all need a Maxine in our life.

I hope you all pick up a copy and love them as much as I did.

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"The Car Share" by Zoe Brisby is a ride of a lifetime!

A ride to Brussels has never been so crazy and exciting!

Maxine, 90 years old, fresh from life in a retirement home, is expecting to be picked up by a young lady called Alex. Alex is interested in: Museums. Traveling. Literature.

She sounds dull! But she's driving and it's a ride to Brussels. So...

Alex, 25 years old, fresh from his parents' house, is expecting to pick up a man called Max. Max is interested in: Mechanics, Whisky and Tour de France.

Instead of finding 'Joe the Mechanic', Alex finds the ride of his life, Maxine!

Both have reasons for going to Brussels...

Maxine knows she has Alzheimer's, doesn't want anyone at the retirement home to know and has an appointment to be euthanized. End of life on her terms...

Alex has depression. The humiliation of an unrequited crush. He's running away! Alice from way back lives in Brussels. She might not remember or recognize him. She might be hideous. He might not even see her. Still, a reason to go. You never know, right?

Although Maxine and Alex get off to a rocky start with each expecting someone other than who they met, off they go to Brussels!

Maxine thinks she's much younger than she is. She's young in her head and in her heart. She's worried that Alex is a druggy! Or a dealer!

Alex feels much older than he is. He feels slow, heavy, broken. He thinks Maxine is off her rocker, literally!

And, then they tell each other their story and the most amazing things begin to happen...

I love watching these two very different individuals getting to know each other, become taken with each other, begin to care about each other. A few short days together in Alex's Renault bridge a gap in their ages, their thinking, their feelings!

Empathy is ever present! And, the socially relevant issues are handled with humor, honesty and (dare I say it?) love! The need to help the other person in the car is the beginning of, what I expect to be, a beautiful and a lasting friendship!

Oh, I almost forget to mention Maxine's bag! Holy-Moly! What isn't in that bag! The bag is the third character in this story, for sure!

This super-sweet-feel-good-experience of a book gets all the stars! And, it's available now!

Thank you to NetGalley, Hodder & Stoughton and Zoe Brisby for an ARC of this book. This is my honest and voluntary review.

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🚘This book had had me laughing out loud from the start! Alex, 25, depressed seeks a car share partner to ride with him to Brussels. Max, 92, needs to get to Brussels and finds a willing driver in Alex. You will fall in love with this unlikely pair!

Thank you NetGalley, Hodder & Stoughton and Zoe Brisby for this advanced copy!

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This is a perfect heartwarming read which has provided a great escape. I love how this has been written and cannot wait to read more by this author.

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Pure escapism. An unlikely pairing of two travellers sharing a car journey through France to Brussels. Max, a lively nonagenarian, who is seeking euthanasia and Alex, a highly imaginative law student nursing a broken heart.
A story full of humour and compassion, but a story that beggars belief. An ideal Summer beach read that would easily translate onto the cinema screen.

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