The Bachelor

A Novel

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Pub Date 20 Jul 2021 | Archive Date 30 Nov 2021

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An incisive, witty, and tender debut novel about love and commitment, celebrity and obsession, poetry and reality TV.

“This unassuming, sharp novel quietly questions love and the nature of perception in an overconnected world.”—The Seattle Times

Reeling from a breakup with his almost fiancée, the narrator of Andrew Palmer’s debut novel returns to his hometown in Iowa to house-sit for a family friend. There, a chance flick of the TV remote and a new correspondence with an old friend plunge him into unlikely twin obsessions: the reality show The Bachelor and the Pulitzer Prize–winning poet John Berryman. As his heart begins to mend, his fascination with each deepens. Somewhere along the way, representations of reality become harder and harder to distinguish from real life. Soon he finds himself corresponding with multiple love interests, participating in an ill-considered group outing, and trying to puzzle through the strange turn his life seems to have taken.

Intellectually ambitious and keenly observed, The Bachelor is also an absorbing coming-of-age tale that tells the story of finding one’s footing in love and art. If salvation can no longer be found in fame, can it still be found in romantic relationships? In an era in which reality TV can make two dozen women fall in love with one man in six weeks, where does entertainment end and reality begin? Why do we, season after season, repeat the same mistakes in love and life?
An incisive, witty, and tender debut novel about love and commitment, celebrity and obsession, poetry and reality TV.

“This unassuming, sharp novel quietly questions love and the nature of perception...

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Will this book except my final rose? Absolutely love this book about a main character obsessed with the bachelor. An interesting touching story about finding yourself and love. I highly recommend this read.

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I love the Bachelor, so definitely identified immediately which season was the inspiration for the Bachelor portion of this book. I was expecting a different style of book than what this ended up being. I was expecting a light read in line with The Bachelor, but instead, this was much deeper than that. The Berryman portion of the story was hard for me to follow and grasp and I contemplated not finishing a few times at the beginning of the Berryman storyline. Overall, it was interesting, even though it was not what I expected going in! It's a solid debut novel and I can't wait to see what the author writes next.

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Okay, I LOVED this book.. I’m an unapologetic fan of The Bachelor, I I run a pretty large Bachelor/bachelorette group on facebook, So when I saw this on NetGalley I knew I had to request this book.. Thank you NetGalley for allowing to read this before it comes out! The Bachelor is a very unique concept, And I was surprised because I thought the book would be about the main character wanting to go on a reality show after watching The Bachelor, instead, the book is basically styled like a memoir, and the main character's life is paralleled with his reflections of watching the Bachelor. I'm so glad that it wasn't about someone wanting to go on the bachelor, We have a few of those type of novels and they are vapid and boring. I have Been watching the bachelor since 2002, We used to VHS and watch them the next day with my friends after Elementary school.. The only thing that I was confused about was when Andrew Palmer wrote this book,because the season the author used was Brad Womack's second season and that was in 2011 and I remember watching when I was a senior in High school! Oh Emily and Brad...

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