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Pub Date 18 Oct 2020 | Archive Date 14 Jun 2021

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Time travel, science, history, and romance come together in the bestselling first novel in the Defenders of Time Series. 

When two scientists at a symposium on time travel are killed, followed immediately by the shocking detection of a time displacement wave, or TDW—the science world is shaken by the signs of someone traveling back in time to change the past. While their identity and goals are unknown, it’s clear that they’ll have to be stopped before they change the pattern of history.

Special Agent Lou Hessman and his team are tasked with going back to the New York City of the year 1919 to find and stop this TDW. Not an easy task under any circumstance, but the question remains: Are these changes something they want to fix?

Look for the Defenders of Time series to continue with Kidnappers from the Future, coming October 8, 2021.
Time travel, science, history, and romance come together in the bestselling first novel in the Defenders of Time Series. 

When two scientists at a symposium on time travel are killed, followed...

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A solid indie published title. I skimmed through this quickly, which is a credit to the writer and the ease of prose. The banter and characterisation between the agents was fun and the plot intricate enough that I didn't lose my place or interest. I feel this could have had another edit (repetition of abrupt/abruptly in the first paragraph) to remove some of the padding but the formatting and overall feel was great. A nice production

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Cool story! This totally reminded me of 3 things: Timeline by Michael Crichton, To Say Nothing of the Dog by Connie Willis and a Star Trek episode called The City on the Edge of Forever (love all three). I love a good time travel story and this one was good! A team travels back in time to 1919 New York City to determine what is causing a change with historical events. The team is made up of professors, historians and military personnel. There is plenty of action as the team tries to determine what events could change what would eventually alter history. There is a smattering of romance. There was no dominant voice amongst the characters. They were all important to the mission. But there were heroes worth noting - there was a black woman military team member who was kickass and really suffered the time period but refused to put up with any BS and there was a woman reporter who idolized Nellie Bly. Both the women characters were strong and I really felt connected to them. The plot was contained and did not ramble. The historical aspects addressed adequately. I gave this story 4 stars and can recommend to others who love time travel.

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Gene P. Abel weaves in science concepts with fiction for an example of what works best in this genre. Going Back was intriguing, and sure to please sci-fi fans.

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Time travel, paradoxes, romance out of time...Very well written story, with a nice cliffhanger for a new series. The science is a little wonky, but such is life with time travel stories. Well fleshed out characters, but world building was hit or miss. I was being told what 1919's New York City was instead of experiencing it, if that makes sense. Overall a great read. Thank you Netgalley for providing a free copy for an honest review.

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I liked this. I'm a time-travel story fan, and thought this was well written overall. I'm not a fan of cliffhangers, so I'll ding it for that and for some minor repetition. Since actual time travel doesn't exist, the science is always questionable. Nonetheless, it is a fun story, and I stayed mostly engaged. I really appreciate the review copy!!

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This was a fun book to read with fine travel at its core. I liked the space time dimension being explored by author Gene Abel. Something had changed in the past as shown by the disruption of the temporal wave seen in one of the new gadgets invented. If the past changed what would happen to the future? To protect life as we knew it, a team was sent into the past to prevent that event. My first book by this author, there was quite a bit of scientific explanation which soon embellished into an adventurous travel, bringing out the thrill at strategic points. The team had great camaraderie and worked cohesively. Having an enterprising journalist from the past, acting as a guide to this eclectic team of agents and professors, the book soon became a race against time to save the world. The action scenes were well described. The book had a tinge of movie Avatar which made me happy. I loved that movie. The suspense about the perp had me tapping on my kindle fast and furious. At 200 odd pages it packed a punch with a good twist in the end. Book 1 in a trilogy, this was an entertaining breakfast read.

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I absolutely loved reading Going Back by Gene P. Abel. It’s a science fiction book which is a genre which I don't read enough of. I was always fascinated by scifi and I was so happy that @bookstagrammerscom gave me the opportunity to read this book as part of their campaign. A short description of the story is that there is a team which have to go back in time to stop another team of people from changing the past and to avoid make irrevocable changes in the future and the timeline which the book is set in when they go in the past is after the first World War back then known as the Great War. A 5 star read for me, make sure to get this book now as the second book will be out in October 🌟

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“Leave everything as you found it” - proceeds to make the biggest mess with shootouts, chases through Central Park Zoo, and dumping half a kitchen out a window. 😂 Going Back was a bit of a different read for me. The third person narration which didn’t focus on any particular character threw me a little at the beginning, but as I grew to learn the characters I got used to it. The second Claire was introduced I knew she was going to be my favourite character, and I liked her the whole way through. The rest of the team grew on my as the story progressed. This was very science and history heavy. The focus was mostly on explaining the science of how they were time travelling and the history surrounding their mission. I don’t overly know a lot about this period of history, especially pertaining to the Americans, Germans, and Japanese, so that was interesting to see. And we got to essentially go on a trip around New York and hit all the big attractions.

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i really enjoyed reading this book, it was a great start to a time travel series, the characters were what I wanted and this was a great story. I look forward to reading the sequel.

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