A Quick History of the Universe

From the Big Bang to Just Now

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Pub Date 06 Apr 2021 | Archive Date 22 Apr 2021

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Strap in for a rip-roaring ride through the history of the universe, starting with the Big Bang, and bringing us right up to present day.

What was the universe like when it was a few seconds old? How had it changed by its millionth birthday? And when did time even start, for that matter?!

The story of the last 13.8 billion years in one handy volume, you can read about the start of stars, the growth of galaxies and the production of planets. Plus, there are some great dad jokes. Hold on tight...
Read the story of how the universe developed, and discover: In the beginning there was... what exactly? What was the beginning of the universe actually like?Some suns have just got that star quality... but which stars are really hot stuff?Who’s who in the galactic zoo?There are several different types of galaxy in the universe. How do they form?The tragic death of the star – how do stars die, and why?What’s blacker than black… a black hole!Peek into the future – what will the universe be like in the next few billion years?How do we even know this stuff? Read about the scientists who are figuring it all out.  
Packed with fun cartoons and facts, A Quick History of the Universe tackles the biggest topic in the universe – literally – in chronological order. Before you know it, you’ll be an expert on the history of space, the universe and everything. 
Strap in for a rip-roaring ride through the history of the universe, starting with the Big Bang, and bringing us right up to present day.

What was the universe like when it was a few seconds old? How...

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This book was fun to read! I was anticipating it to be a picture book for younger children, but it was more like a Middle Grades book. It was very informative and fun to read. The pictures helped to make it more appealing and broke the text up nicely. I’d definitely recommend this for older students.

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This book belongs in every home and every classroom in America! Chock full of useful and important information, A Quick History of the Universe is like an encyclopedia for the 21st century. Every person lucky enough to read this book, will definitely be smarter, more informed and able to carry on interesting conversations.

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Thank you to the authors, illustrators, publisher, and NetGalley for an ARC of this book in exchange for honest feedback. I will be cross-posting this review to Goodreads, as well. This educational read is targeted at young readers, which I would reckon would be best in the 3rd-5th grade range, but I could be wrong. This book contains a range of information, including space, physics, planets, stuff in space (stars, astroids, moons, aliens, etc). The layout is 2 pages per section pretty much, so you get essentially about a few sentences then an illustration, followed by another few sentences. I say this because it's important to have an idea for the reading level and for the "entertainment value" (keeping attention). I think it's a good range of info with a decent layout. The illustrations are comic style characters. One of the unique features of the text is different font choices, which I am on the fence about. I see the reasons why, they are going for a quirky feel and the font changes emphasize certain words, but I just find it hard to read in some areas (and I'm only in my 20s). Either way, I see the point of the different sizes, fonts, and other stylistic choices. A couple other features that I think are worth mentioning are the resources at the back of the book, including a timeline, a list of "space places" and websites, books, a quiz, and the glossary. I think the quiz is a fun added feature (it includes the answers a page or so later). I would've really enjoyed that as a kid (nerd alert) but still it's fun to have something extra plus it's added benefit for the cost.

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A Quick History of the Universe by Clive Gifford provides a simplified overview of the universe covering billions of years, from its inception to the possible end of our planet. This book is incredibly informative, but thorough and simplified. Each page features vibrant, fun illustrations and would be best for children in later elementary school. Even adults will find this incredibly informative! Thank you Quarto Publishing Group – Wide Eyed Editions and NetGalley for providing this ARC.

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I love Wide Eyed books so much! The pictures were interesting and funny. The text was informative but not too long. I think this book was wonderful and I would definitely recommend it!

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Much like the maths book in this series, the author uses humour and illustrations to help explain elements of the universe. He doesn't shy away from challenging concepts, but makes these accessible and really engaging. This would be a lovely book for any classroom.

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I really enjoyed both the design and content of this book. I think it will be a great resource for children and educators alike. I also like that it was diverse and easy to understand.

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Brilliant graphics, insightful humor, interesting facts about the universe. This introductory book about the history of the universe is a true delight, and I’m impressed by the witty dialogue and humor that I read! Couldn’t help but laugh at some of the parts. For those wishing to know about the universe, I highly recommend this start up book.

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Author and illustrator in perfect harmony. Delve into a somewhat simplified history of exploration of space and space travel from the Greeks till now. Probably aimed at middle grades but easily enjoyed by ESL and anyone who wonders about astronomy and space exploration regardless of age. Love it! Great gift for the local library or even your school! I requested and received a free temporary ebook from Quarto Publishing Group – Wide Eyed Editions via NetGalley. Thank you!

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This was really interesting to me as an adult! I think it might be still be a little too old for my kids, but a cool resource to keep in mind for when they’re older. The art style was fine, and I liked that the important words were bolded to make them easier to spot.

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I loved this?! Wow, I wish I were a kid again and have that book in my collection. So well written, making chemistry astrology, weather, geology, you name it, so easy and fun to read! The illustrations worked so well and they were so so well made, and I loved the different fonts used to convey the tone of the prose. I simply adored it and I can imagine how awesome it may be to have that book in one's library, big and small! I even learned something I had never read about before, and that is the Plank Era! so fun! I used to devour science non-fiction as a child and I would love for my daughter to read this too one day. Thank you Netgalley for providing me an eArc in exchange for an honest review.

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It is a science book for kids. It explains mysteries of space and early universe with colourful diagrams. It covers all relevant topics to introduce universe and galaxies to the kids. It is very well structured and divided into relevant sections. Captions are interesting and artwork is very good. A good science book for kids who like to read about physics.

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