A Child of God

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Pub Date Sep 07 2021 | Archive Date Sep 30 2021

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A rhyming, read-aloud book with warm illustrations conveys a comforting, faith-filled message from a Black father and mother to their children who see visual representations of their Christian faith, but question what it means when they don’t see their skin color, their physical features, or their gender portrayed.

“What about the angels, will they stop and stare, when they see that I may not have their same color hair?” asks the girl.

In soothing verse, the father assures his children that everyone looks like Jesus and the angels by the things they do. As the family walks through their neighborhood, the father points out the beauty in God’s creations, from flowers, all unique and different, to all the children in their community “each with skin a different shade.” He reminds his children that pictures of faith such as angels were drawn by someone and encourages his children to draw their own pictures so angels look like all of us.

A rhyming, read-aloud book with warm illustrations conveys a comforting, faith-filled message from a Black father and mother to their children who see visual representations of their Christian faith...

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Featured Reviews

A great book explaining to children how we are all made in the image of God, but that doesn't mean we all physically look the same.

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An exceptional book for all children
Although this book was written by a Black mother and father to help their children, this book has the ability to reach to all children. All children will at times wonder if or where they fit in religiously. This book lovingly and gently explains how all children and people are God’s creation regardless of skin tone name or traditions. Such an important concept for children to understand about themselves and others.z I received an early copy and this is my honest review. I highly recommend this book.

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This book is adorable!! It helps kids recognize that God loves us all, no matter what we look like and that we all have differences that are beautiful and make us unique. We are all God's children and treat each other as such. My kids and I both really loved how uplifting and diverse this book was.

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This is such a cute book that helps kids realize that God loves everyone, no matter your ethnicity! I love that everyone was included.

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This was a lovely book that attempts to grapple with a weighty subject, the point of many heated debates even in the world of adults. I for one, am greatful for the message of oneness and unity that it shares. That we are all children of one God and how the drawings and imaginations of people before may have had us beleiving that there is one way that being Holy looks like, we are learning that we all have something to contribute and that in fact our strength comes from our diversity. I for one, hope that children reading this book be inspired to create a world that is as beautiful as a garden with many different flowers and plants.

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The Bonners did a great job of conveying the fact that diversity is a part of life, community, and best of all, family!

This engaging story is derived from the first book of Genesis.
The point of view is conveyed by the roles of the parents and children, and their back and forth questions and answers.

The dialogue is magical between the parents and children, and it is what makes this book extraordinary!

It is a must read because the topic is essential to children's friendships and to the greater community. The questions are sweet and simple, yet the warmth particularly between the adults and their child or grandchild, relays the parent's charisma.

It is that spiritual insight that propels the story forward and raises curiosity in the minds of a child reader. The fact that the overall theme is children need to treat each other as equals, like they would a family member, because after all, we are all part of God's family, is conveyed throughout the story.

Highly recommend this as a book to be read aloud, or independently by a child or adult of any age!

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A Child of God teaches children that we are all created in the Image of God. I appreciated the message of the book and believe it’s a good message for all of us. It also has a discussion guide in the back of the book to help families and teachers teach children that we are all created uniquely by God’s design and includes Biblical references to back up the points in the discussion guide. Thank you to NetGalley and the Publisher for the opportunity to read this book! (This review is also on GoodReads.)

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The message of this book is beautiful and vital. It asks questions that child desperately need answered about God and how God sees and loves them, no matter who they are or what they look like. And it does so in a loving and simple way. I also love that at the end of the book, it includes children of all different ethnicities (and possibly even religions, considering the girls in the hijab...even though I know some Christians wear head coverings as well) and how Jesus loves them all and wants us to as well.

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What a sweet book about God's love for all people no matter what. I love the cartoon illustrations and the story. I wish it didn't use masculine language for God, but the story is so good I will still recommend it to the families I know.

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This was a beautiful book that shares a universal truth.: We are all God's children. You may cry as you read it to your children.

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This is a beautiful book written to help us understand that we are all God's children despite our race or gender. The authors do a great job of portraying how we are all unique and that that there is diversity in all of God's creations. I can't wait to buy this adorable book for my children. #NetGalley

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#achildofgod #netgalley

Such a sweet reminder that we are all children of God. Loved this sweet book!

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I don’t normally read and review many children’s books but when @shadowmountainpub sent me this book I’ll admit it piqued my interest!

This book was charming and catchy with its rhyming words and incredibly well done.

“You will look like Him by the things you do.” As a deep-believing Christian this message really stood out to me. It’s not what we look like, or even say that makes us look like Him. It’s what we do that makes us look like Him❤️

If my kids were still little this is one I would add to my collection!

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This is one of our favorite children's books of all time. My daughter (age 6) has asked for us to read this book over and over more times than I can count. It is a wonderful story, the pictures are beautiful and the message is clear. This book is great for every child's library and would make a wonderful gift.

The publisher made a copy of this book available via Netgalley for review. This is my honest opinion.

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This is a lovely book about how we are ALL children of God, no matter what we look like. It's an engaging book that deals with real concerns, has great illustrations, and includes a discussion guide to facilitate conversations with children. My children all enjoyed this story; my baby (20 months) saw it on my bed and wanted me to read it to her--and immediately upon finishing it wanted me to read it to her again and again. I also read it with my 8-year-old twins (boy and girl) and 4-year-old son; they all listened to it and wanted to look in-depth at each picture and talk about different things they noticed. When we finished, I used some of the discussion questions to engage in more conversation right away, and then brought up other questions from the guide later on. This is a book with a very important message, and I highly recommend it!
I read an ARC provided by the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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Wow! What an incredible book. It teaches about race through a gentle voice, promoting love and inclusion and understanding for all. I appreciate the testimony that we are all beloved children of God.

Thank you to NetGalley for a magnificent read, and to Mauli Junior Bonner and Chantel Bonner. for doing what they can to make the world a better place.

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A sweet story about what it means to be a child of God. I love the illustrations and the discussion topics that are included at the end of the book. The story flows nicely and teaches a great lesson about how we're all a part of God's family, no matter where we come from or what we look like. I think that this book would be a great addition to any children's library collection.

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What a sweet picture book for children of all ages and adults as well. The illustrations were darling. The book follows a brother and sister on their way to school with their dad. As they say goodbye to their mom and walk to school they ask the question, if I am a child of God does he look like me? Subsequent questions follow as their dad answers them.

I loved the rhyming questions and answers throughout the book. My children and teenagers enjoyed it as well as we read it. Ultimately these children learn that no matter what anyone looks like, we are children of God and by our actions and goodness we all can be like Him. I love the sweet faith and questions of children. We can learn so much from them and their love and acceptance of everyone.

I received a copy from the publisher, Shadow Mountain Publishing, Ensign Peak, via NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions in the review are my own.

Happy Reading!!!

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I received an electronic ARC from Shadow Mountain Publishing through NetGalley.
Beautifully illustrated story about how much God loves each child. No matter what they look like, they are His children. The children ask questions that many wonder and the adults in their lives offer answers that affirm that each one is special and important. The Bonners use simple language so children of all ages will understand the message. Love the character expressions Bissant has drawn. Readers will recognize what each is thinking and feeling.
Families will appreciate the discussion topics provided at the end of the book. A great starting point for listening to and reassuring children that they are special and loved.

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This is a wonderful little picture book. The illustrations are adorable. The message is sweet and important. And it rhymes which is always helpful for little ones.

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This was such a delightful honest approach to the idea of being a child of God. Children are actually going to have questions about differences of skin color and depictions of the Savior and angels. This was a beautiful straightforward approach with excellent illustrations. It is very inclusive of ALL children of God.

I was able to read an early copy of this through NetGalley and this is my review.

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This is such a sweet picture book with a beautiful message. I loved the lessons taught through rhymes and lovely pictures. It reminds us that we are all children of God, and nothing changes that- not what we do or how we look. I loved the line, “When I look into your eyes, I see God in you.” My kids love reading this, and it sparks some really great discussions. Thank you to @shadowmountainpub for the copy, all opinions are my own.

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Inclusivity and diversity are important Christian values that are the foundation of Chantel and Mauli Bonner’s A Child of God. But more fundamentally and impactful is a message for those who don’t “look like” the pictures of Jesus or the angels. How can children feel like they’re made in the image of God if they don’t feel they look like Him? A Child of God tackles those questions with excellent insight that would satisfy and soothe little learners.

As a father explains these things to his two children, we see a diverse group of school friends that are used as an example of being a “family with different color skin.” Morgan Bissant’s illustrations bring a strong feeling of love to the reading experience.

The near-rhyme story flows pretty smoothly and covers a lot of topics fluidly. The satisfying, lasting message is of God’s love for everyone. We are all children of God. A Child of God is perfect for teaching diversity, inclusivity, and Christian values.

The book reviews at Finding God Among Us focus on Christian books – adult and children, fiction and nonfiction. Our specialty is books on faith and new Christian book releases. We’re proud to be included in the Top 20 Christian Book Review Bloggers. I chose to read this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

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This cheerful picture book provides an easy way to start a conversation with children about including people that look different than they do. It even has a list of discussion topics at the end. The message is that we are all unique and that is a good thing. We have many differences, but we are all part of one human family, and God loves us all the same. Our actions are what make us like Jesus, not our appearance.

The illustrations are friendly, welcoming, and portray children with a variety of skin and hair colors. The text is written in verse as a gentle conversation between an adult and two children, a boy and a girl. The last page was so sweet it brought tears to my eyes. I love this book and highly recommend it for all children. Thanks to Shadow Mountain Publishing for an ARC to use for my review.

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I love, love, love this story. It is beautifully told.

The story begins as young children are questioning how they can be a child of God when they don't have the same skin color. I love how patiently and eloquently the authors explain how even though we are all different, God is in us making us His children.

This book is one that I am keeping, even though my children are grown. Someday I hope to have Grandchildren and would love to sit them next to me and talk about the message and read the book together. The illustrations are cute. I would recommend everything about this childrens picture book.

Source: I received a complimentary copy. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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This is a wonderful children's storybook that tells the story of a Black mother and father talking to their children about how everyone, no matter their nationality or skin shade, is a child of God. It is a wonderful way to teach everyone that there is beauty in everything and everyone. I'm definitely buying this book for my future grandchildren to learn from.

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