Courageous Faith

A Lifelong Pursuit of Faith over Fear

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Pub Date 24 Aug 2021 | Archive Date Not set

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When you feel like giving up, seek God and ask for Courageous Faith. Set-backs, failures, and fatigue impacts us all. And at times we don’t feel like going on. But we must! In this book you’ll discover faith-filled principles to use as a blueprint for perseverance, and a new definition of success for your life.

When you feel like giving up, seek God and ask for Courageous Faith. Set-backs, failures, and fatigue impacts us all. And at times we don’t feel like going on. But we must! In this book you’ll...

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"An inspiring page-turner about faith, resilience, determination, and courage." T.D. Jakes Sr., CEO of TDJ Enterprises, LLP; senior pastor of The Potter’s House of Dallas, Inc.; and New York Times best-selling author

"For restoring us, revitalizing us, and reminding us that faith is always over fear." Suzan Johnson Cook, ordained minister; US Ambassador for International Religious Freedom, the Obama Administration; author of Rhythms of Rest: 40 Devotions for Women on the Move and My Fabulous Fifth Chapter: It's My Turn Now

"An honest account of one woman’s journey in learning how to not only hear but to trust God’s voice and direction in your life." Carla A. Harris, vice chairman and managing director at Morgan Stanley, speaker, and author of Expect to Win and Strategize to Win

"Debbye is the real thing: honest, determined, broken, and redeemed . . . A good read that will strengthen your soul." Elisa Morgan, speaker; cohost of Discover the Word and God Hears Her; president emerita, MOPS International; author of When We Pray Like Jesus and You Are Not Alone

"A poignant and deeply personal journey . . . truly an inspiration . . . a masterpiece of determination." Candace S. Matthews, CRO, Amway Corporation

"Affirms God’s loving mercy, proven faithfulness, and limitless power, while inspiring readers to walk with bold faith and perseverance fueled by a Spirit-led prayer life." Xochitl Dixon, author of Different Like Me and Waiting for God: Trusting Daily in God’s Plan and Pace

"An inspiring page-turner about faith, resilience, determination, and courage." T.D. Jakes Sr., CEO of TDJ Enterprises, LLP; senior pastor of The Potter’s House of Dallas, Inc.; and New York Times...

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Featured Reviews

At first, I would like to thank Netgalley and Our Daily Bread Publishing for allowing me to review this book. Keep in mind that my review, however, is my true opinion on this book. When she won Miss Arkansas for the third time, she cried harder than ever. She was a mess. And that is when she heard God's calling for her. And her life changed. You can feel like a failure even when other people see you as a winner. But everyone fails sometimes. And we have to accept that we sometimes do. So how do you become successful? And what does it even mean being successful? You might get an answer in this book. You might have to figure out yourself, what you believe to be success. We hear about pageants in this book. What does it feel like to be Miss America? Well, our author knows. And she is willing to tell you. But it is not only a pretty story, so be prepared! In the book, you are furthermore asked some questions to consider yourself. Sometimes, you are given opportunities in this life. And it can be hard to figure out, if you are to take those opportunities or not. Debbye Turner Bell furthermore tells her story of miscarriages and the hardness of those. The pain she went through and how hard it was for her. It is so sad and you can not help but feel sorry and sad, when you read that chapter - so be prepared with some kleenex. But even in this hard time, faith was what got her through.

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Courageous Faith A Lifelong Pursuit of Faith over Fear by Debbye Turner Bell Our Daily Bread Publishing Christian | Multicultural Interest | Religion & Spirituality Pub Date 24 Aug 2021 I am reviewing a copy of Courageous Faith: A Lifelong Pursuit of Faith Over Fear through Our Daily Bread Publishing: In Courageous Faith we are reminded that getting up after failing is the hardest when we least expect that failure. But when the Lord tells us to get up, we need to do just that. We are reminded too that everyone fails, but it’s not the failure that counts, it’s what we do with that failure. Debbye Turner Bell reminds us too that determination is crucial in order for us to have success. Courageous Faith also reminds us that everything we do requires Faith. We are reminded that most people who have experienced great success has also experienced crushing defeat. It is pointed out too in this book that Courage is not the absence of fear but being able to move forward in spite of that fear. Courageous Faith is a wonderful book for those who are looking for encouragement. I give Courageous Faith five out of five stars! Happy Reading!

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A huge thanks to Daily Bread Publishing and NetGalley for my ARC in exchange for an honest review. This book is an honest take on faith,fear and trust from Miss America 1990. She gives an honest take on her relationship with God, the humbling of life and finding the will to trust God and not waver in faith. Every Chapter is divided into topical chapters that speak to that particular theme. One of the chapters was titled determination and it documents how she continuously failed even though her faith and believe in God's promise . I enjoyed meeting her mother (in the book obviously ) and watching her instill faith in her child was quite a heartwarming moment and a clear representation of how parents can help their child grow in faith. I thoroughly enjoyed the honest encounter of failure,miscarriage ,fear and how God will never leave nor forsake you.. If you need some encouragement and inspiration I recommend this book

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Very nice story about a girl who has to struggle to win in life, against all odds. I like the clarity of how is written, ten reasonable steps, and well described.

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I grew up watching pageants with my grandma, and I remember seeing the author, so I was excited to read her book. Chapters include inspiring topics such as Faith, Determination, Purpose, Patience, and Perseverance. The author shares her personal story, particularly the importance of prayer and faith in dealing with life's struggles. The theme of moving forward despite fears is encouraging.

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I almost put this book aside but am glad I finished reading it. To me it seemed a cross between a memoir and a devotional sermon. I do like memoirs a lot but some of the sermonizing seemed a bit more than I wanted to read. My favorite parts were her description of her mother’s prayers and how they affected her, her time in the pageant world and especially her time as Miss America, and her longtime-coming of her falling in love with her husband. She has lived an amazing life! I received this book from the publisher via net galley in exchange for an honest review.

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This was an interesting and inspiring read about one woman and her journey and having to hold on to her faith through it all. There are parts that resonated with me and my life, and other parts that will have you in tears, at least it did for me. It has great lessons woven through out the book that are great life lessons for everyone, especially christians.

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This was a really good and inspirational read. It really hit home and I was so happy to have the chance to read this. I do recommend this book for sure.

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Courageous Faith by Debbye Turner Bell Pub Date: August 24, 2021 Daily Bread Publishing I enjoy reading true stories and inspirational books about how faith changes us! Thanks to Daily Bread Publishers and NetGalley for the opportunity to read this book before release day. I honestly didn't know much about the author and she did a great job writing this book. Some of the chapters that I liked were "Failure" to "Faith," "Determination" to "Excellence," "Overcoming" and finally to "Perseverance." I highly recommend this book for readers who want to be inspired by faith in God. 5 star

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Thanks to Our Daily Bread & NetGalley for a digital advance reader copy. All comments and opinions are my own. I didn't know who Debbye Turner Bell was before reading this memoir, but now she feels like a friend. She honestly and authentically tells her own story of how she depended on God throughout her life, highlighting her odyssey in becoming Miss America, her broadcast career, her marathon running, her search for a husband, their determination to build their family, and above all her spiritual growth and her "pursuit of faith over fear." Throughout the book Debbye describes how she listens to and trusts God, and quotes scripture as evidence of the foundation of her faith. Each of the book's ten chapters explains another stage in her life as she grows stronger: from "Failure" to "Faith," "Determination" to "Excellence," all the way to "Overcoming" and finally to "Perseverance." Debbye returns again and again to the qualities of the title and how she couldn't have achieved the successes without the "Courageous Faith" from God. Debbye's story is an encouragement any reader will appreciate. The book includes a short series of questions in each chapter that can be used as discussion questions for a group, or a way to pause and think about how God may be working in the reader's life. This book would make a nice gift for anyone who wants to pursue a life of "faith over fear."

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