The New Civil War

Exposing Elites, Fighting Utopian Leftism, and Restoring America

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Pub Date 22 Jun 2021 | Archive Date 01 Sep 2021

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We are living through a national trauma. The United States has jettisoned the rule of law and ceased functioning as a republic. Battle lines have been drawn. Progressives are moving quickly to cement their transformation of the country’s beliefs, attitudes, values, social structures, economic models, and government organizations. Patriotic Americans are waking up to recognize that conservatism failed to conserve much of anything. Progressives control academia, media, the civil service, and several of our country’s most important industries. 

Americans who support the constitution have become counterrevolutionaries. Their challenge is nothing short of the restoration of America’s institutions. Such a restoration is achievable, but you can’t defeat what you don’t understand. Every good restorationist must study progressivism: where it originated, how it grew, what it preaches, how it operates, and what it hopes to accomplish. The New Civil War provides that understanding. It exposes the mechanisms progressives have used over the course of decades to seduce millions of decent, well-intentioned Americans into a dangerously anti-American movement. More importantly, it maps out a nonviolent strategy for an effective restoration. 

The New Civil War is not a call for war. It is a recognition that war has been declared on us. Our sacred love of liberty is under attack. Unless we defend it, the America we love may be lost. This book is for every patriotic American eager to defeat the utopian left—and restore America.

We are living through a national trauma. The United States has jettisoned the rule of law and ceased functioning as a republic. Battle lines have been drawn. Progressives are moving quickly to cement...

Advance Praise

“Bruce Abramson has witnessed firsthand the hollowing out of scholarship in the American academy and watched as clichés and credentials became substitutes for intellect and evidentiary argument. The New Civil War is the best account to date of how the empty claims of expertise have led America into a political cul-de-sac.” 


“Americans face a bizarre new political landscape. A supposedly ‘moderate’ president, who ran on promises of ‘unity,’ is pursuing a radical left-wing agenda. These challenges call for principled, effective opposition. The New Civil War will help start a conversation about how to push back.”


“As a lawyer who defends the victims of progressivism every day, I have looked into the eyes of the thought police. The New Civil War provides the wake-up call America needs and serves as a self-defense manual for patriotic Americans.”

- Harmeet Dhillon, CIVIL RIGHTS LAWYER

“Bruce Abramson has witnessed firsthand the hollowing out of scholarship in the American academy and watched as clichés and credentials became substitutes for intellect and evidentiary argument. The...

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After completing “The New Civil War,” I found myself doing what I seldom choose to do after completing a book…I immediately returned to read the highlights, which caused me to reread several of the passages. This provided a greater understanding of the principles author Bruce D. Abramson lays out in his book. I was already aware of WHO (both individuals and organizations) were participants as well as WHAT they wanted to accomplish. What Mr. Abramson also detailed in his book was WHY followers of Progressivism would follow principles radically different than the Constitution and HOW the American Republic is dangerously close to being changed to something we will soon not recognize. In the preface, Dr. Sebastian Gorka notes that the book is not a call for war; rather, it is a passionate outcry for American Patriots to stop this transformation before it is too late. The author outlines the issues and then takes us on a journey of understanding, beginning with his own experiences in academia. As both a student and former teacher in some of our major colleges, Mr. Abramson is well-positioned to be able to describe what is going on in our schools of higher learning, the progression to today’s situation, and the impact those who graduate from these schools have on society. He then moves on to government and the deep state, outlining the incremental steps that have slowly led us to today’s cataclysmic events. Perhaps to lessen the pain and sadness of the topics discussed, the author injects a dry sense of humor throughout the book. Entrenched academics become the Credentialed Elite and the continuous small steps away from reality become Incremental Outrageousness. The book does not neglect what one can do when confronted with progressive arguments. Armed with facts and the knowledge of the verbal and written weapons used by the Far Left, it is possible to shred their arguments. While you may not convince them, there are others listening who may also be questioning the same dogma you are battling. Is this a book that will infuriate the Far Left? Absolutely, although that is not the author’s intention. This book is a call to action for all American Patriots and serves as an instruction manual so they will not approach this struggle blindly. Highly recommended. Five stars. My thanks to NetGalley and RealClear Publishing for a complimentary electronic copy of this book.

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Net Galley has provided me with a string of books that examine the current political situation in America and while most were authored by left-leaning scribes "The New Civil War" is composed from the right. If you want a complete view of the existing battle of ideas you should read this book and any one of those written with a collectivist bias. Together is will paint the full picture.

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You need to start this book with an open mind. You can’t sit yourself down on “your” side of the fence without hearing what he has to say. It’s well done but a bit preachy at spots.

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Definitely an interesting take on what's going on in America. I get nervous when the name Sebastian Gorka are connected with a book because he is such a polarizing figure on our side of politics. I thought the points made were interesting.

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I received this book from the publisher through Netgalley for review and all thoughts and opinions are my own. Whether you're shaking your head, perplexed by current state of the union, or you're appalled and shaken by what you are seeing happen to this country; reading this book will clarify some background for you as a reader. Conservative or progressive personally; it will state common sense truths for a better understanding of what we are going to face in the future. Although it was hard to read at times, as truth always demands a response, I found this book to be one of the best in the topic of progressive politics. Highly recommend.

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Bruce Abramson has made a career out of studying and teaching in higher academia and thus has witnessed what he views as the hollowing out of American scholarship and the substitution of credentials for intellect, merit, and argument. In his latest book, published in 2021, post-2020 pandemic, Abramson looks back and sees how the hollowing out of universities has spread like wildfire across American institutions and corruptly compromised those institutions so that now we are locked in a civil war between a corrupt progressive elite and ordinary Americans. As Abramson explains, studying at our elite universities has often resulted in checking your common sense at the door. Academic excellence stopped mattering and the rules changed depending on where you were in the pecking order. For instance, in law schools, there is nothing more impressive than echoing the enlightened views of one’s own professors rather than questioning them. The rules of this new enlightened credentialed order are thus clear: Those who have been promoted are always right and if you refuse to follow their lead, you will be booted out. The fear of challenging ideas is baked into the academic incentive system. This problem of following so-called experts who refuse to stay in their own lane, it is explained, has now spread across society. And the progressivism that has emerged is anticapitalist, antisemitic, Marxist, and authoritarian. It is run by experts who define what is good and what is not just like a Communist Central Committee of truth. This has expanded, Abramson notes, across society where the progressive elites no longer call for a color-blind society as Dr. King did, but for defining everything in terms of so-called structural racism. The tragedy is that so-called progressives now support organizations and candidates whose goals are racist, antisemitic, and anti-family. “In short, progressives have been seduced.” The reality is that progressive goals now are all about entrenching the elite status of the ideological progressives. Weaponized deconstruction, Abramson, has handed progressives control of language and, as such, they have redefined terms of the debate so that facts have little to do with their arguments. His solution: insist on defining terms so that they do not change with the weather. If what progressives are saying makes no sense, ask them to define their terms. “Once people see how wacky progressive definitions are, they’ll be able to see through the lies.” The New Civil War is a fairly short treatise that can be read in only a few hours, but it is an invaluable treatise in sorting through today’s exceedingly wacky political discourse and how to address arguments that are being made.

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