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Discover Your Chakras for Healing & Balance

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Pub Date 27 Apr 2021 | Archive Date 02 Jun 2021

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Awaken your true potential by unblocking your chakras and letting energy flow through your mind, body, and soul.

In The Chakra Directory, get familiar with the seven points in our bodies through which energy flows. Perfect for beginners new to the discipline, this directory has all the information you need to use ancient knowledge and practices to find your inner peace. Each chakra has an associated healing, emotion, and physical action. Utilize this knowledge to truly be in tune with yourself and take control of your life.

The pages of this directory hold the keys to understanding, assessing, and healing your chakras. This directory is brimming with helpful tips and methods to learning what chakras are and how they influence our lives, and also teaches you how to work with your chakras to create a life that you love. You'll find in-depth lessons and information on each individual chakra in the three parts dedicated to each stage of understanding, assessing, and healing your chakras.

Learning to heal and unblock your chakras can help you reach your full potential as energy flows through you unhindered. Being in tune with your chakras also includes using other techniques such as crystal healing, aura reading, and aromatherapy. Everything you will need to know is outlined in this gorgeous full-color book.

Originally published in 2014 as The Secret Language of Fortune Telling.

The Spiritual Directories series offers concise handbooks on a variety of spiritual and new age subjects. Written by experts in their fields in easy-to-understand language and beautifully presented in a visually driven format, the directories are essential guides for beginners. With practical and simple step-by-step instructions, you’ll discover how to interpret the secret languages of the universe to create a happy and positive future for yourself and others.

Other titles in this series: Astrology Directory, Crystal Directory, Fortune Telling Directory, Spirit Animal Directory, Tarot Directory.

Awaken your true potential by unblocking your chakras and letting energy flow through your mind, body, and soul.

In The Chakra Directory, get familiar with the seven points in our bodies through...

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The Chakra Directory is a tutorial guide and instruction manual for chakra healing by Vicki Howie. Due out 27th April 2021 from Quarto on their Chartwell imprint, it's 192 pages and will be available in hardcover format. The author is a yoga instructor, hypnotherapist, and holistic practitioner. There are a wealth of publications in the alternative genre. If that sounds like this book is full of new age 'woo', well, it is, honestly. That being said, I (firmly 'school of western medicine' and about as non-'woo' as it's possible to be) found quite a lot of interesting food for thought here. This is a well structured and well written book. The author has an encouraging and supportive voice. She's not strident or preachy and I found a lot to like. For readers who are interested in alternative/eastern philosophy & healing, this one is well written and accessible. The chapters present the material in an understandable and logical manner: basic info (what -are- chakras and what readers should know), assessing your chakras and finding potential problems, and finally healing what's wrong. There are tutorials and short guided information blocks in sidebars showing techniques such as EFT, aromatherapy, watsu, touch therapy, and much more. Especially important information is enclosed in highlighted text boxes in the chapters. Key concepts are set apart in the text with a handy key graphic for easy location. Graphically the book is light and clean looking with high contrast text and clear photos. Models in the text are representative and picture a range of ages and ethnicities. It's nice to see representation in media. It's passive in the book, the author doesn't make a big deal out of it, but it is nice to see people who are older enjoying yoga and other forms of meditation and practice. Four stars. Interesting alternative ideas and recipes. Disclosure: I received an ARC at no cost from the author/publisher for review purposes.

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I took my time with this book, as a yogi I’ve always heard about chakras but I never had a good grasp of what they are or what they represent. A wonderfully written book that opens the world to people wanting to learn about the 7 chakras, how their energy can me harnessed best and how they can be healed. One of my favourite chapters in the book was on “tapping” and learning about what crystals corresponds best with what chakra frequency. Was so pleased that meditation and yoga were so deeply connected with the chakras as it made me feel like I was getting in touch with my third eye without even realising it. Loved this book! Would recommend to anyone. Thank you to the publisher for the ARC and Netgalley for facilitating it.

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While normally I'd like to see all the information gathered in one place. However, in this book it's more like here are the basics, and when you're read my to another element. I've been studying Chakras for years and have read a lot about them ,and this book taught me new things! I highly recommend this book.

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I really liked this book. I have always heard of chakras but only recently decided to go deeper. This is a great resource.

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Great book. Thoroughly loved reading it. Great writing style and choice of topics. Enjoyed every moment.

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This book is chock full of information on chakras. I thought I knew a lot about them, but I learned even more with this helpful guide. Would recommend this for people new to chakras, and for those whose who could use a good overview of how to understand and work with chakras to improve your life.

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