A Melody of Magic

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Pub Date 20 Apr 2021 | Archive Date 31 Oct 2021


After being spirited away from the city of Nyril, Rana finds herself sent into the sky to attend the Magical Academy of Sceana. Here she is sent on a mission to learn how to control her mysterious powers. But she won't be alone, here she will be accompanied by her sisters Jacinta and Makeba as they shall be attending as well to pursue magical training.

But while in the pursuit of learning about her own powers, she will meet other magically talented students with goals and machinations of their own. And while the world below was filled with danger and charlatans, one has to wonder what mysteries does the sky hold for these three girls. Because they will soon find out that the Magical Academy of Sceana has more secrets than anyone could have ever known.

Join these three girls on their journey to discover the truth of not only the school, but also themselves.

After being spirited away from the city of Nyril, Rana finds herself sent into the sky to attend the Magical Academy of Sceana. Here she is sent on a mission to learn how to control her mysterious...

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The book follows the adventures of three main characters rana , victor and prince saffron . rana now ishaa is swept away to sceana a magic boarding school with her sisters while victor is investigating a mysterious a jewel incident with a new friend while prince saffron is busy with his wedding. overall enjoyed the book and will definitely continue the series when the next book comes out . Though the ending was a bit unsavoury still a delightful sequel to the first

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Overall an enjoyable read with a good plot and good narratve. I look forward to continuingthe series.

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This book was long. I was reading it until I noticed it was the second book in the series and I was like should I read the first. No way. Because I did not have time. I believe this book was alright. It just needed to be shorter. It took me so long to read.

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A Melody of Magic is a science fiction novel that spans 424 pages and is the sequel to Queens Kings and Monsters. I do want to start by noting that I did not read the first novel, as I was unaware that this was a sequel until I was already relatively far into the novel, I don't think you absolutely need to read the first novel to understand what takes place throughout A Melody of Magic, so if you as a reader would rather jump right into this novel, know you may miss some tidbits but everything is adequately explained. The novel follows several characters, specifically focusing on Prince Saffron, Rana (Isha), Oscar and Victor... and Dessi... and the Sakari... there's a lot of characters in this novel. The premise follows Rana (Isha) as she learns to control her magic, Saffron in a murder mystery and Oscar and Victor in their dubious affairs. The novel does a great job of presenting interesting scenes that keep the reader engaged and has a good amount of character structuring. However, the novel lacks world building, leaving readers rather confused as to the whereabouts of the world and how the layout works. I will, again, note that this could have been explained in the first novel but I can't see these camps and towns and schools. All I see is the names of the places and this is all. There are some questionable topics, such as the Sakari. The Sakari are people from "the wilds" and very much remind me of the concept of an Orc in Dungeons and Dragons, described in the manner a POC would be and then characterized with poor language, a propensity for fighting (and it being traditional and honorable) and learning ever so much from the white folk in the novel. There is in fact a scene in which Oscar declares "Go show those little darkies what my daughter can do" in reference to Rana fighting with two Sakari characters, nicknamed Momo and Jomo.... even though their names are Jacinta and Makeba. I suppose I have some continued trouble with the concept of these two characters, and Jacinta and Makeba note that they were supposed to be taught how to have sex and have children with their mothers late-husband Jasper. And Rana then determines that the same would have been expected of her. This interaction makes little to no sense to me, and seems to add nothing to the overall plot aside from noting that these characters are "wild". Another circumstance that leaves me confused is the state of Rana (Isha)'s age. Each individual character refers to her as munchkin or little one or something noting that she's probably a child. But there is still a scene where Rana (Isha) longingly watches Jacob as he's training with his shirt off, noting his sweat all over his body and the way his muscles move and his abs and the whole circumstance is incredibly uncomfortable in regards to a character that could be, or is, a child. Overall, there was a lot about this novel that didn't make sense to me and there were a lot of glaring plot holes (as well as shifts between characters talking like they're in some old world fantasy and in current day reality). I wouldn't necessarily recommend this novel to someone who avidly reads New Adult or General Fiction, it feels a bit younger to me.

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I began reading this and I realized this is the second book in the series. Since I have not read the first book it would be unfair to rate it.

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An amazing read. Enjoyed from the start . It became monotonous after some time , but at the end again , it was really nice ! On the whole a good reading experience.

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