Chicken Soup for the Soul BABIES: Everyone Shares (Except Cat)

A Book About Sharing

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Pub Date 09 Nov 2021 | Archive Date 21 Sep 2021

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Chicken Soup for the Soul Babies imparts good values through heartwarming and humourous stories to help little ones put their best foot forward. 

All the animals at the playground like to share--just like the characters in their favorite book. All except Cat, that is. Why won't Cat share the seesaw? Maybe he can be convinced to give it a try? Maybe sharing can be even MORE fun than being top dog--er, cat?
Sweet and silly, Chicken Soup for the Soul Babies makes lessons easy and fun for the littlest readers. 
Chicken Soup for the Soul Babies imparts good values through heartwarming and humourous stories to help little ones put their best foot forward. 

All the animals at the playground like to share--just...

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Everyone Shares (Except Cat) is a book for babes and early toddlers, that teaches about the need for sharing. Cat has a little more difficulty than her friends learning the concept of sharing, and the examples that are given are priceless for the age group that this would be targeted at. Eventually, Cat comes around and learns that sharing is the best way to go, despite it being difficult sometimes. I think this would be an excellent book for babies and early toddlers. Sharing is a difficult thing for any child to do, and beginning to introduce the concept of sharing at an early age (before it becomes a bigger issue) helps kids later on, when it becomes a true problem. Children will then have a reference point for the concept, instead of just an abstract idea of what sharing is. This book teaches what it is to share, and how everyone can benefit if all involved share. The illustrations were engaging, and drew the reader (and child listener!) into the story. The words are basic, but that aides in the small child's understanding of the concepts of the book. Highly recommend, especially to those in a day care/school setting, or to parents with young children. Thank you to the author, illustrator, publisher and NetGalley for an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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This cute book teaches kids the importance of sharing. We all need to share to get along with others. The illustrations were adorable!

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I read this with my 9 month old son and he loved it! He giggled at all the characters. The illustrations were bright and it kept him entertained the whole time. I would recommend this book to anyone with children. I will be purchasing a completed book one released. Thank you Net Galley and the publisher for the arc!

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This will definitely help your kid know that sharing is good! It can also be more fun! The pictures were excellent.

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Another excellent Chicken Soup for the Soul BABIES book by Jamie White! Sharing is a hard concept to teach young children because it requires the skill of perspective taking. In this book, Cat learns that sharing is not only caring, but it also results in happiness for him in the end!

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This book is perfect for youngsters. The story is just long enough to prove the point of why sharing is important and what happens when kids don't share.

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"Chicken Soup for the Soul Babies imparts good values through heartwarming and humourous stories to help little ones put their best foot forward." This book is perfect to teach little ones to "use their manners". Little Cat demands a piece of cheese from Mama. Mama asks him to use the "magic" word which the obstinate little guy refuses to do. Instead he stomps his feet, throws a tantrum and expects his cheese delivery pronto. Does his method work? No way. Mama holds her ground and little mouse appears and models the correct way to get that yummy snack. He politely asks using the "magic" word.... please.... and Mama happily gives him some. Little Cat learns a very important life lesson. Patience, politeness and manners will get you things that you desire. Having a meltdown and omitting the manner words is not how it's done. This sweet book board has wonderful expressive illustrations that kids can relate to. Kids will not only enjoy the story but absorb the values that their parents and grandparents want to share with them. I highly recommend this book.

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Very cute! The illustrations are vivid, detailed, and adorable. It would be fun in a one-on-one or small group reading to really look through them and talk about all the things the young reader sees. This would also do fine as a short circle time book that could prompt discussion. The message about sharing is simple and relatable for toddlers/young pre-K and the "lesson" is easy to grasp. There is enough humor to keep it fun and light while still being teachable. This would be a great addition to a home or classroom library!

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The pictures in this book were adorable. I loved the whimsy and the colors. Sure to engage a young child's attention while teaching them the valuable lesson about sharing.

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This was a cute book to help kids learn about sharing. I liked that the back of the book also gives tips on how parents can help their kids become better at sharing. Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for a copy to honestly review!

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A fun little book for teaching little ones manners in a gentle, light hearted way. Great information is included at the end for parents as well.

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Sometimes little ones learn manners when they are the object of impoliteness, they can reason the value of good manners such as sharing. Cat does not share and your child will see the injustice of such an act. The illustrations are child friendly and will help children know the value of good manners. A special thank you to Charlesbridge and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review.

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