The DeathReaper

DeathReaper Series Book 1

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Pub Date 09 Sep 2021 | Archive Date 02 Sep 2021

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Nineteen-year-old Amelie Weathers wishes she could live like a normal girl, yet each day she is reminded of what will never be. In the world of Indivix Corp, powers dictate your entire life—from your job, to how people perceive you—and with Amelie’s uniquely dangerous indiviym, she would be executed on the spot if her secret was revealed.

Still, it grows increasingly difficult to stay in the shadows. When she meets runaway scientist Kane Blackwell, forces beyond her control drive her into the limelight. An evil led by an Omniviym named Alexander Kord will stop at nothing to level and corrupt major cities across the country. Under Kane’s guidance and instruction, Amelie must awaken the powerful indiviym within her to protect the world from the evils that are crawling to the surface.

Nineteen-year-old Amelie Weathers wishes she could live like a normal girl, yet each day she is reminded of what will never be. In the world of Indivix Corp, powers dictate your entire life—from your...

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Ok! I just finish this book and guys; I freaking love it. This book has everything you can ask for and more. The is so well written and the Characters, OMG the Characters I love Amelie and Kane so much. If you're looking for an amazing YA Book with a great world-building, incredible story, and amazing, strong characters this is the book you're looking for. Spanish Review: Una de las primeras cosas que puedo decir de este libro es la forma en la que la historia se desenvuelve, todos los secretos que poco a poco de van descubriendo conforme la historia avanza. Este es un libro que definitivamente tienen que leer, 100% recomendado. ¡Feliz Lectura!

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“Doesn’t matter anyway, because from now on, your life before this will no longer matter. Let me be the first to welcome you to the Isle of Labanan.” SYNOPSIS Nineteen-year-old Amelie Weathers wishes she could live like a normal girl, yet each day she is reminded of what will never be. In the world of Indivix Corp, powers dictate your entire life-from your job, to how people perceive you-and with Amelie’s uniquely dangerous indicting, she would be executed on the spot if her secret was revealed. I really enjoyed The DeathReaper, a lot. This is the first book of The DeathReaper series, written in a modern setting with sci-fi and fantasy. The plot is a fast pace with a lot of twists and turns, it drew me in and kept me going. It has a plot driven narrative (for some who like Character driven more this may not be your cup of tea) which I loved. It had a little character driven enough to keep you reading more to find out more and more about these characters but focused more on the plot driven, the action, cause, and effect. With having a worldwide government that tells you if your indicium(A part of you that lives within you) is too strong or is not a class they want around they will do anything to make sure that you’re wiped off the map. Your main characters like Amelie and Kane, you start to see small changes in their relationship, a softer, kinder side of Kane and you see Amelie change from a soft timid woman to someone who is starting to feel comfortable in her own skin. I cannot wait for the next book, so many unanswered questions I have, and I must know the answers. Thank you NetGalley for allowing me to read this book and give my honest opinion of the book. Thank you, Freya Daree, for writing a great book.

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“Let me be the first to welcome you to the Isle of Labanan.” Synopsis: In this story, we follow nine-teen-year-old Amelia Weathers who wishes to live a normal life. The powers you have can dictate your entire life depending on the type and amount of power you wield. Yet Amelia lives with a secret and if anyone found out, she would be killed without a second thought. As she grows older, her secret becomes increasingly difficult to contain until she meets Kane Blackwell who happens to be on the run from Indivix Corp, the company that would kill Amelia if they found out her secret. I thoroughly enjoyed this book as it was, in a way, different from other fantasy books but contained a similarity at the same time. I found the plot to be (at the majority of the time) fast paced and had a lot of twists that i didn’t expect. For the parts of the story that were slower paced, we get to learn more about Amelia, her power and see more into the relationships between her and other characters. The book was written really well but at times it felt like we were expected to know certain information before hand which made some of it confusing. There are also multiple POVs in this book but sometimes it was hard to figure out who’s perspective we were reading from as there were no titles to same who it was. “My indiviym was a plague.” I love the growth that Amelia goes through from the beginning of the story Amelia didn’t really enjoyed much due to people judging her and intentionally hurting her. Amelia was described as being hollow, numb and a shell of herself. As the story progresses, Amelia begins to feel more comfortable in her skin with the help of Kane, despite others still being horrible. “Death itself followed Kane’s every move.” Kane, our other main character, who happens to come across Amelia while on the run from Indivix Corp, also had a secret which was accidentally discovered. I enjoyed reading about the progress in Amelia and Kane’s relationship and how Kane helped Amelia to feel happier and safer while around him. Amelia’s secret begins to be easier to contain with the help of Kane, who teaches her control over her indiviym. The book ended on a cliff hanger which left me with many questions and i cannot wait for the second book to come out so that i can find out more. Trigger Warnings: - Graphic injury - Thoughts of suicide - Child abuse - Torture Thank you to NetGalley for allowing me to read this book in exchange for an honest review and thank you to Freya Daree for writing a brilliant book!

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A complete rollercoaster of a read. Starts of nice and slow and then you're hit with the deep dive followed by twists and turns. Spectacular in every way!

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The DeathReaper is the first book of a young adult fantasy series by Freya Daree. Raised by an emotionally distant father Julian and a hateful mother Lyn, Nineteen year old Amelie Weathers always found herself feeling isolated and alone. Amelie’s parents are both Indiviym scientists who had been working on a very important project regarding the transferring of indiviyms from one being to another. During the experiment, something bad happens and many people are left dead. Her isolation from normal society stems from her dangerous and powerful indivium, The DeathReaper. One day, they are requested to go to Indivix, a laboratory that studies indiviyms. Julian, Lyn, and Amelie move towns so that Julian and Lyn can immediately start working at the lab. Julian, however, soon finds out that everything may not be what it seems. Amelie feels that finally, she might fit in at this school. However, right before the family moves to Indivix she ends up meeting Kane Blackwell. As Kane explains it, “I was killed. Forced to turn over my soul.” Scared at first, Amelie soon discovers that he may be her only friend in all of the frightful things that start happening. Kane explains that the Death Reaper indiviym lives in both of them and that he needs her because she is the only one who is left. With Kane by her side, Amelie fights for her life as someone out there knows that she is a living Death Reaper. Furthermore, her parents' jobs move the family closer to Cyntro City, where the mysterious headmaster of her new school starts training her to activate her indivium. But her mother's greed for power and fame soon leads people from a company hunting DeathReapers called the Indivix onto her trail. I found The Death Reaper to be one of the more interesting young adult books I have read. The creativity and the action scenes made me turn each page faster and faster. With its interesting characters and their backstories, this book has set the mood for many more books to come. I am looking forward to the next chapter of Amelie Weathers's story coming to fruition. This review was made possible by a copy provided to me by NetGalley.

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This book hooks you right away! The Death Reaper is a wonderful combination of modern world and magic. I love that there is science involved, however, the scientists are largely the bad guys which I feel is fairly typical in mystery style books. There are tons of twists and turns, betrayals and new friendships. This book is categorized as Teen/YA but I feel that people of any age would enjoy it. It's a fun, quick read.

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